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ESMB #2 (Wichita Scams)

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by AD1950, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. AD1950

    AD1950 Patron

    Early announcement:

    The next phase of an examination of the 1950-1953 era of L Ron Hubbard, will concern the actions of the Dianetics Foundation and others in Wichita, Kansas.

    A thread titled "Wichita Scams" will appear on the 2nd version of the ESMB board to introduce this topic.

    Many of the accounts of those times, are reflected in the current organization and activity of what eventually became the Church of Scientology. Lots of "new" (un-seen) and controversial materials have been acquired, and samples of those will be featured and analyzed.

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  2. AD1950

    AD1950 Patron

    Question for discussion: Are 70 percent of the insane "mentally competent"?

    If so, by what objective measure can we statistically verify this data?
  3. AD1950

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    Some background material is in the linked 2011 ESMB thread:

    ESMB Thread of 2011 (Don Purcell seizing Dianetics)

    Sources cited in that thread include a timeline of topics from the "Bare Faced Messiah" book of 1987.
    (Some of this material was also covered by Jon Atack in his "Piece of Blue Sky" book of 1990).

    What will be addressed on ESMB #2 will be additional materials relating to this period, with emphasis
    on developments which continue to influence actions of the Church of Scientology to this day.