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ESMB Legends

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Whattodo, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron with Honors

    I'm newish to ESMB but in my short time I have seen some great posts from some of the people on here.

    I thought it would be good for people to nominate some of your favourite people who you would regard as ESMB legends and even share any links to some of their previous great posts too?

    Sure they would appreciate a little limelight :)

    Also handy for us newbies to cherry pick some of the good threads on here as there is so many to trawl your way through!
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  2. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron with Honors

    One rule - maximum of 3 people
  3. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Based on the stuff they've taught us all and the way they deliver it (and excluding Emma as a special case - founder), I'd have to say my top 3 are:

  4. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Helluvahoax.....for humor
    Veda....for great source docs
  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    Another terminal asked me to post this com particle to the thread:

  6. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Alan Walter and DartSmohen were two ESMB members. They both worked with Hubbard over many years, and were on the first Class 8 course on the ship.

    ____A small sampling____​

    DartSmohen, February 2008:

    I guess it is time to put some truth out about OT3.

    I was there when Hubbard was winding up his research (Las Palmas 67.)

    We were the Sea Project, long before the Sea Org was created.

    You have to understand the level of drugs Hubbard was on at the time. This was well after his cocaine and Phenobarbitone stuff of the 50's. He was heavily into barbituates, codene etc. He had a shore base called "Estrella", down the coast. I saw his pharmecutical store there, it was huge.

    The original 3 materials were handwritten and photocopied backwards, so you had to hold them to a mirror to read them. I read them all when I was Chief of Advanced Courses on the ship. It was just like a 1050's science fiction story.

    We had our first inkling of what was coming before we set sail fom the UK in April/May 67. Hubbard put out a confidential SP declare on one of our staff, John Laurence (former chaplain at St Hill). In it he stated that John was no longer the person we thought he was, having been taken over by another or other beings.

    In Las Palmas Hubbard used to talk quite openly about his "research". He used to say that the main street in Gran Canaria was exactly like it was 75 million years ago, exact in every detail. He got some really funny looks from several members of the crew. I don't think there was more than a couple of members who bought into the story. In order to satisfy the rest of us he added a line about Loyal Officers. This was a clever move as it allowed us to simply say that we never got the implant as we were away at the time.

    Outside the dockyard there was a church. On Feast Days (there were many) an evening service took place. It was dark and there was always a small crowd.

    First there was a candle lit procession, followed by a loud bang, then a series of flashing lights, another procession came out from the church, led by men carrying poles on which figures of cherubs were mounted. Following this came a replica of the ark of the covenant, with a winged chariot on it. The procession traversed around the forecourt. All the time preyers were being said, led by a priest in long robes. Then firecrackers went off and the candles were extinguished, leaving the place in darkness as the processions re-entered the church.

    Hubbard used to say that this was a replica of Inc 1. I wonder where he got the idea of Inc 1 from?

    It is up to each person to decide for themselves if they wish to subscribe to the theory and story of OT3. I just thought that a bit of background info might help you to align your thoughts.

    In case you are wondering whether any of this is true or not, ask Alan. He was there too

    From Alan Walter, February 2008:

    It is true!

    The write up that is of Darth! :)



    From a 2007 ESMB post by Alan Walter, recounting the overboarding of old timer Julia Salmen:

    The scene with overboarding on the Original Class VIII Course was if an auditor did not get an F/N on their pc at examiner - they were thrown overboard.

    We would line up on the well-deck in the morning at 8.00 am - LRH would look down from the deck above and announce who would be thrown overboard.

    He was surrounded by his Aides. Also he was recording all of this on camera....

    I remember looking up at them - I was staring into the face of sheer madness and evil.

    Usually 8 to 10 people were thrown overboard each morning.

    It was about a 30 foot drop into a filthy feces laden water from the other ships and the Apollo directly releasing their sewage into the channel...

    This was October 1968.

    ....Ron had Julia Salmen thrown overboard... terribly overweight and could not swim.

    The people who threw her overboard struggled to get her over the side; she was terrified; she kept crying out "I cannot swim!" On her way down she hit the side of the ship - I could hear her screams - it was obvious she was injured and drowning.

    The people on the deck all stood around too afraid to do anything. Fearing to originate any action less the become the target of LRH's displeasure.

    I ran and jumped over the side and rescued her. I then pulled her over to the ladder that led up to the ground level of the was about 20 feet straight up. She could not climb the steps. I had my shoulders under her butt pushing her up..... no one still had come to help.......but at the top of that ladder stood LRH filming us.....such evil.......

    Anyway after an immense struggle with Julia's help I was able to push her up to the top of the ladder....finally some help arrived.

    Over the years the unthinkable thought pushed forward more and was "that I observe that LRH was demonic at that time." I did not want to know that, did not want to believe that.......that was too incredible to be believed - even for me - I did the usual make nothing of myself.... "you're seeing things," "what do you know," "you've got overts" - much easier to blame self than confront what is

    _____A change of pace______


    Regarding the open and serious discussion of reincarnation amongst psychotherapists in 1950, and the problem of Jung openly admitting that he consulted earlier lives while giving therapy to others:

    "The zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, doesn't allow it. "



    Quotes assembled by Alan Walter. Videos by me.

    Benjamin Franklin:

    "I look upon death to be as necessary to the constitution as sleep. We
    shall rise refreshed in the morning."

    "And, finding myself to exist in the world, I believe I shall, in some
    shape or other always exist."

    Jack London, author, best known for book "Call of the Wild":

    "I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been
    growing, developing, through incalculable myriads of millenniums. All
    my previous selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me. Oh,
    incalculable times again shall I be born."

    Mark Twain:

    "I have been born more times than anybody except Krishna."

    Leo Tolstoy:

    "As we live through thousands of dreams in our present life, so is our
    present life only one of many thousands of such lives which we enter
    from the other more real life and then return after death. Our life is
    but one of the dreams of that more real life, and so it is endlessly,
    until the very last one, the very real the life of God."

    Henry Ford:

    "I adopted the theory of reincarnation when I was 26. Genius is
    experience. Some think to seem that it is a gift or talent, but it is
    the fruit of long experience in many lives".

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (German poet, playwright and scientist):

    "As long as you are not aware of the continual law of Die and Be Again,
    you are merely a vague guest on a dark Earth."

    Freidrich Nietzsche:

    "Live so that thou mayest desire to live again - that is thy duty - for
    in any case thou wilt live again!"

    Mahatma Gandhi:

    "I cannot think of permanent enmity between man and man, and believing
    as I do in the theory of reincarnation, I live in the hope that if not
    in this birth, in some other birth I shall be able to hug all of
    humanity in friendly embrace."

    Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    "The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary
    abode, and it goes out of it anew it passes into other habitations, for
    the soul is immortal."

    "It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again.

    Nothing is dead; men feign themselves dead, and endure mock funerals and there they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some strange new disguise."

    General George S. Patton:

    "So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see, Where I
    fought in many guises, many names, but always me."

    Albert Schweitzer:

    "Reincarnation contains a most comforting explanation of reality by
    means of which Indian thought surmounts difficulties which baffle the
    thinkers of Europe."

    Walt Whitman:

    "I know I am deathless. No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times
    before. I laugh at what you call dissolution, and I know the amplitude
    of time."

    William Wordsworth:

    "Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with
    us, our life's Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting. And cometh from

    Jalalu Rumi (Islamic Poet of the 13th century):

    "I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to
    animal, I died as animal and I was man. Why should I fear ? When was I
    less by dying?"

    Carl Jung

    "My life often seemed to me like a story that has no beginning and no
    end. I had the feeling that I was an historical fragment, an excerpt
    for which the preceding and succeeding text was missing. I could well
    imagine that I might have lived in former centuries and there
    encountered questions I was not yet able to answer; that I had been
    born again because I had not fulfilled the task given to me."

    Henry David Thoreau:

    "Why should we be startled by death? Life is a constant putting off of
    the mortal coil - coat, cuticle, flesh and bones, all old clothes."


    "I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, that
    the living spring from the dead, and that the souls of the dead are in

    Jesus Christ in Gnostic Gospels: Pistis Sophia:

    "Souls are poured from one into another of different kinds of bodies of
    the world."


    "It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in
    nature is resurrection."


    "God generates beings, and sends them back over and over again, till
    they return to Him."

    Josephus (most well known Jewish historian from the time of Jesus):

    "All pure and holy spirits live on in heavenly places, and in course of
    time they are again sent down to inhabit righteous bodies."

    Honore Balzac (French writer):

    "All human beings go through a previous life... Who knows how many
    fleshly forms the heir of heaven occupies before he can be brought to
    understand the value of that silence and solitude of spiritual worlds?"

    Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosopher):

    "Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be
    forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by
    the incredible delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that
    his present birth is his first entrance into life."

    Paul Gauguin (French post-impressionist painter):

    "When the physical organism breaks up, the soul survives. It then takes
    on another body."

    George Harrison:

    "Friends are all souls that we've known in other lives. We're drawn to
    each other. Even if I have only known them a day., it doesn't matter.
    I'm not going to wait till I have known them for two years, because
    anyway, we must have met somewhere before, you know."


    "Among the ancient Greeks, reincarnation was a doctrine closely
    associated with the followers of the philosopher and mathematician
    Pythagoras. According to Pythagorean teaching, the soul survives
    physical death.

    "After a series of reincarnations each one following a period of psychic
    cleansing in spiritual environments the soul becomes free eternally from
    the cycle of reincarnations."

    Excerpt from 'The Act of Creation' by Arthur Koestler:

    "At the age of twenty-two, he [Benjamin Franklin] composed a Pythagorean epitaph for himself; at the age of eighty-four, the year of his death, he ordered that it should appear, unchanged, on his tomb. It reads:

    The Body
    Benjamin Franklin
    (Like the Cover of an Old Book
    Its Contents Torn Out
    And stript of its Lettering and Gilding)
    Lies Here, Food for Worms.
    But the Work Shall Not Be Lost
    For It Will (As He Believed) Appear Once More
    In a New and More Elegant Edition
    Revised and Corrected
    The Author


    "Man doth not yield himself to the angels, nor unto death utterly, save only through his feeble will."

    Joseph Glanvill
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  7. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Categories, you need categories, no whey I can see that could pick out any three on a general level.

    and I nominate myself as best ass-hat -du-interruptiono :p (joke?)

    And besides, legends don't usually happen until years after the deeds. I think yer trolling us and now my attention is naught.

    It is all a silly thing, your quest fails imho.

  8. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh I love games on ESMB

    Okay - here is one of my favorites:

    Our Comedy Classic Entertainer and All Around SP - let's give a hand to.....

    HelluvaHoax, of course. He is a legend. If you are new - you will blow chunks of that cult "case" you purchased from $cientology - if you read every post and every thread HelluvaHoax contributes to or creates.

    I love stuff that makes me laugh whilst cringing and running out the shame associated with joining a truly diabolically evil cult believing I was helping the "planet". HelluvaHoax has helped me heal with laughter. Thanks HH!!

    Let's give HH a "Meritorious Medal of Valour" and a Big honkin Trophy for his contribution to the board.

  9. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    If I may toot my own horn, I'd like to think that my analysis has contributed something. :) I could say more, but that's enough.

    I hope those who cite contributors will provide samples of their posts. Makes it more interesting, IMHO.

  10. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    3 is too few to limit it to.

    In no particular order:


    There's lots more (Ogs needs a mention:coolwink:) but this is a COMMUNITY, not a bunch of individual stars. I believe that needs to be kept in mind.
  11. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    O.M.X - that was fricken hysterical!! :buzzin::dieslaughing:
  12. ChurchOfCylontology

    ChurchOfCylontology Patron with Honors

    Bea Kiddo's story sucked me into this message board. I'm not sure if she is still around but her story had a major impact on many.

    And I second the vote for Helluva Hoax. Hoaxie always asks the hard questions to get the critical thinking skills of many ex-Scientologists back in working order. Hoaxie brings a sense of humor that some ex-Scientologists have to relearn.
  13. safeweb310

    safeweb310 Patron

    Can't forget dulloldfart.
  14. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron


    A belated "Welcome to ESMB". :clap:

    So Glad you are here with all of Us. :yes:

    I've been reading this unique, organic and irreplaceable Board for nearly 9 years and have participated as a Member for a little over 7 years and read well over a million words in thousands of Posts.

    All Y'all will never know how grateful I am for your presence here, dialogues and personal narratives.

    There are hundreds of Members that have Posted stuff that "spoke to me", helped me and was of abiding value to me.

    There are dozens of Members the have Posted stuff of such acute clarity of thought, gut-wrenching honesty of heart and brilliance of wit that stunned me, disturbed me and moved me to deep self reflection, cathartic self examination and still-in-progress personal closure.

    I'm gonna cheat at little bit as I just can't--from my perspective--"boil it all down" to three names, nor assign any order of importance to those Members for my personal "Legendary" list.

    Alphabetical Order...

    Alan Walter/Dart Smohen...Their Threads and Dialogues together is what led me to ESMB from a Google search. They were there when many of Hubbard's seminal "Tech Breakthroughs" were made and--as an "oldtimer" from that era--I hold their accounts highly credible and reliable.

    Cowboy...Cowboy's "Takes" on his Thread is, IMO (having personally known and interacted with Hubbard and Cowboy) "Gold Standard", firsthand accurate stuff.

    Gadfly...Gadfly's Posts on ESMB are to me among the most intricately detailed, philosophically enlightening and logically reasoned "Takes" re: the "Tech" and Scn "Applied 'Philosophy'" to be read anywhere.

    HelluvaHoax...Hoaxy's voluminous stuff on ESMB never gets stale and is like reading Wilde's/Twain's/Voltaire's "Takes" on Hubbard, the "Tech", SO, Staff and all things re: the Scn experience.

    Veda...Veda's well timed Posts are "Reality Checks" explaining why there was something there of value that attracted Us to Scn, step-by-step walking through the "Source Documents" showing what was hidden from/unknown/glossed over by many of Us and providing quotes from numerous qualified others that renders a starkly real perspective Scn.

    There's at least a dozen other names I could add to the list above.

    There's also another List of a handful of names of Folks whose Posts from early Dialogues with me may or may not be of universal appeal but stewed and brewed in me ole rumen and helped open my can of "squirmin' worms".

    Whattodo, I know your looking for Links...I just don't know where to start (other than Cowboy's stuff). There's soooo much GREAT STUFF that has been Posted on this Board.:coolwink:

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  15. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yep, Feral and Emma for sure.:thumbsup:

    If I was allowed to select my personal "Dirty Dozen" Feral, Emma and you, Scoots, would be on that list. :yes:


    PS: Ogs always cracks me up :hysterical: and brightens my day. :)
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  16. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

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  17. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    Nope. :thumbsup:
  18. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    You just can't limit it. Tip of the iceberg, off the top of my head ...

    Twin A, Bea Kiddo, Scooter, Face, Veda, Feral, Cowboy, Ozzie, Gadfly, Sallydannce, Emma, Hoaxy, Dart, duddins, johnAnchovie, JustMe, Paul ...

    Check out the sub forums under 'People and their Individual Experiences with Scientology'. You can find links to individual members (Member List) via the Community link above and click through to a profile that shows their threads and posts. :)
  19. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Everybody already named (I sure miss Gadfly), but this question only covers one aspect of ESMB.

    Who was there for you at ESMB as a friend when you first came forward or left scn? is a question that comes closer to the mark for me.

    There are so many wonderful people here.

  20. Glenda

    Glenda Crusader

    Too many to name.

    ESMB and its many shades of individuals was truly a beautiful experience for me when I was free-falling after leaving the cult of scientology.

    This cyber venue is dripping with amazing courageous people (and their stories) and stunning wisdom. Many are no longer actively participating on the forum but they have left their legacy.

    In celebration of those that dared to share. :)