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ESMB Legends

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Whattodo, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    That is the only reason I haven't been able to nominate three people as legends. I wouldn't know how to eliminate so many greats that contribute so much here!

    I was tempted several time to come up with 3 but then I'd think of who I was NOT mentioning and so I figured fuggedaboudit! LOL
  2. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yep, there really are too many. I tried to just list regular current commenters, but there are numerous stars who used to be regulars and alas are no longer. Gadfly was one of my faves. And others whose names I've forgotten that we don't see post here anymore, but who really resonated for me when I first dared to step a toe onto ESMB years ago.
  3. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

  4. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    You know one of the legends around here who is never mentioned?

    Communicator IC - who has worked tirelessly for years to bring the news on anything scientology over here. And has probably therefore started more threads than anyone too!
    And Kha Khan did the same.

  5. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    For me what has been most beneficial and interesting on ESMB have been the posts giving the accurate history and timeline of the ubercult to which I gave so much of my life. the top 3 for me would be Veda, Darth Smohen and Alan Walter. If I could have 4 I would add afaceinthecrowd. Cowboy was pretty riveting so deserving of mention.

  6. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    Also, 'the Old Guard' without whom this board would have been much less:


    and more...:yes:
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  7. Operating DB

    Operating DB Truman Show Dropout

    I'm with Hoaxie. It's too difficult to limit it to just 3 and then feel bad that you left out others who are just as awesome.

    Speaking of Gadfly, does anyone know what became of him? I always enjoyed his writings.
  8. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    Do we dare kick a hornest nest and mention...


  9. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    I learned A LOT of how mind control works with the contributions from Arnie Lerma.

    Read everything you can.

    I think Arnie partakes in "keying out" with a little :bong: here and there...

    But Arnie Lerma is one resilient mother fucker - a true humanitarian SP with Honors....

    The "fair gaming" he received from Scientology was beyond was cruel, inhumane and VISCOUS!

    He contributed a lot of missing information as to "HOW DID I GET SO SUCKED INTO SCIENTOLOGY". I did not want to do the Bridge - I was just looking for a cool group to hang with and do some nice things for others....:omg:

    Within 3 years - Scientology Shattered my whole entire family and my life...
  10. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron with Honors

    Did he post his story on here?
  11. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    Arnie Lerma posts under: "Lermanet" and Arnie was banned here - like a lot of others.

    Arnie has his own BLOG and has done EXTENSIVE research...very worth taking the time to dive will blow chunks of that implanted "tech" from Scientology

    It seems to be a common occurrence here on ESMB...perhaps a side effect of Scientology - perhaps the Homo Sap phenomena

    Alanzo and Marty Rathbun seem to have quite a bit to say about it and think they have it all figured out....

    We can be cantankerous mo fo' times...

    Can't help it - after the mind fuck of discovering you were so completely bamboozled by L Ron and his cult - one learns how to finally hold one's position in space....and that can cause you to become an "ethics particle" here on ESMB...

    I will probably get in trouble for saying that.... :smack:
  12. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    These eBooks of selected ESMB posts are available for download free of charge from PaulsRabbit at, in both PDF and .mobi (Kindle) format. Note that they are not simple copy/paste jobs, but carefully edited, indexed, footnoted collections with clickable headings/subheadings.

    • Alan Walter's ESMB posts
    • Dart Smohen: The Real Story
    • Bea Kiddo's story.

    There are some other (free) eBooks there which may also be of interest.

  13. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Personally I have too many favorites to choose just three, but one of the top 'legends' in my honest opinion would be Denise Brennan, a wealth of knowledge on the financial aspects of the cults tax-evasion strategy. I really miss her, we had some incredible talks over the years and had many laughs and cries over the phone. Simply a great human and sorely missed.
    To understand how much he contributed one must read 'The Brennan Affidavit', his account of how he was instrumental in setting up CoS' shell corps etc. is one heeluva read.
    The PDF can be found here (thank you Arnie for archiving this incredible document)~

    RIP Denise B.
  14. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

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  15. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    I'm regretting having Posted my "Short List".

    There truly are and have been soooo many wonderful Folks on this Board--some of whom have been named so far--that my personal "Short List" of "most favorite's" (Folks that I try and read everything they Post or have Posted) would probably be a minimum of 40+ names.

    ESMB is an organic collaborative "Mosaic" still in progress and without the "Tiles" placed down by hundreds upon hundreds of Folks the "Picture" would not have the unique composition, detailed delineation, solid substance and wild west Rodeo style that it has.


    PS: The inclusion of my name on some of the Lists on this Thread is a bit embarrassing and most humbling.

    I came to ESMB to learn, dialogue, "lay down my burden" and tell my fellow Exes stuff I thought they needed to know, had the right to know and deserved to know re: my take on the real El Ron, SO (especially the Apollo), Scn and what I observed and learned as a "Gump" who, by happenstance, was often on the immediate periphery of and sometimes inside the Epicenter, Vortex or "Inner circle" during a number of watershed moments during my Era (mid 60's to mid '80's, or so).

    I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity Emma has accorded all of Us and the kindness, honesty, acceptance and gravitas of all Y'all.
  16. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron with Honors

    I think I'll apologise for my nativity and rephrase it to "name some of your favourite contributors as legends of esmb" and if you can share any of their best threads or posts that would be great!

    It's been nice to see the respect being thrown around and I hope one day the people I want to get out of scientology can join you on here one day!
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  17. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

  18. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    I don't think of legends specifically,
    but mostly about the contributions that helped me the most... (other not being less valuable)
    in a specific order to allow me to move on..I appreciate posts, threads, more than specific posters.

    1) All the post about personnal stories in the cult (have already been named)
    I've probably read them all and may add : Twin A, Free to Shine, Sharone Stainforth, Glenda and much more

    2) All contributions unveiling truth about Ron Hubbard and how it was then
    Afaceinthecrowd has been instrumental to me in reinforcing my perceptions about LRH with facts
    His narrative of those times is captivating.
    All his post, are a get understanding of the character and how followers (kids and slaves) have been fooled by the old man.
    (a few other too provided infos to make the records straight)

    3) The light stuff, parodies, ridicule of $cientology, laughters, comedies, shoops..
    this was mandatory to heal..otherwise, it's dangerous to fall down in a dark deep well...
    Thanks to all those lovely funny degraded beings.
    Each time I come I make sure to jump in those ensure I get some ehaling endorphines
    and thank those people making this place a funny place (Helluvahoax is the most famousone though..but others too are funny)

    4) all the thread people are chatting about real life stuff and and how they cope with making a new life
    Many people contribute there (you know who you are..they are my favorite interactions)

    And finally,
    the legendary freezoners, trolls, true believers, preachers, exorcists etc...
    who day after day, trying to save us, handling us, putting our ethics in , labbeling us,
    ensure that we don't forget to post again and again truth to be read by lurkers...
    and who knows..may be to keep a few live (and families) away of the $cientology mindfuck (and consequences)
    they all ensure entheta remains on the message board front page.
    (they can be read here and there in threads about tech, processing, levels, gains, wins...)
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  19. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    Luv it, Lotus...This is so, soooo true!!! :thumbsup::yes::happydance:

    The Stuff from Twin A, Free to Shine, Sharone Stainforth and Glenda--in and of itself--is as brutally honest, well written and downright "Human" as anything ever Posted on the Net re: Scn. Between the 4 of them is four different eras, echelons and circumstances.

    BTW, Lotus...Your on my 40+ "Short List" because...

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  20. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    No need to apologize for your the time, there wasn't much of anything you could about it. :no:

    As far as naivety goes, my first few months Posting on ESMB were pretty much "Gullible's Travels". :blush:

    No matter how hard I've tried, I consistently make so many typos on ESMB that I invariably have a latent twinge of embarrassment whenever I click "Sobmit". :nervous: