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Ex Hawaii/Riverside Staff

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by pineapple, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks. I never knew there was an L.A. Org extension in R'side. Odd that they wouldn't have offered the internship. IIRC, you had one year to do the internship or your cert expired and you had to do the course again.

    I did a little research on the dianetics/grades flip. The first mention is actually in late '81. This is just about the time I cut the cord, so I never saw these HCOB's. If you search for "New Grade Chart" you'll find the relevant issues.
  2. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    BTW, Marty Prince was the course sup at the L.A. Org extension in Riverside for Level 0-IV.
    (I am not blaming him... just some history.)
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  3. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    I remember him. He was Qual Sec at R'side the first time I was there ('76?). So I guess he must've joined R'side staff after being on L.A. Org staff.

    Second time I came to R'side ('77?) Cathy Steiner was Qual Sec, and I don't remember Marty Prince being there.
  4. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Yes, Marty eventually became Qual Sec for awhile.
    No, Cathy Steiner did not become Qual Sec while I was there.
    Diane Grenier (Dave's wife) then became Qual Sec and Marty still had a post in Qual.
  5. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

    Hi Pineapple, I was looking for whatever happened to Frank Walker, and found your posts here (this is actually my first post here). I've been out of Scn. since 2001. I was a staff member at the Kapiolani Blvd Mission from '76 to '81, so we must have known each other. Think I know who you are, but don't want to post names here. I worked in Div 6 (with Rene, Brad, Gerry, Marie, Kelly, and John), and later after my NED internship at Hawaii Org, a course supervisor. When I left the Mission, Jeff Y. and his crew were running the place. His wife, Stephanie, later joined the SO, so they divorced. To answer a few of the questions I've seen here: Frank and Rene did get divorced and Rene moved back to the mainland. Frank was still operating a Mission in the bay area of Calif. when last I talked to him. He wanted me to come up there and head his Div 6. I declined. No interest in going back to poverty, even though I always liked Frank. James (Barney) Barnes, last I knew, was doing the Cl 6 course at ASHO. Erin and he divorced, but she was doing services in LA. Really sad to hear about Bill Ruzicka. We were good friends. You lived at Makaloa? So did I in 1980, with Liza H. and some others, like Bill and Craig. Wow, so long ago now.
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  6. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Bob55.
  7. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

    Hi Scout, you said:

    "I was there with Pineapple but I can't figure out who you are yet, but I am sure we know each other pretty well because the Honolulu staff was very small especially compared to Riverside. As a matter of fact my years in scn were the same as yours."

    So, we were there at the same time too. Me, from '76 to '81, working in Div 6 and later Div 5. I think I know who you are, but as with Pineapple, not totally sure. Anyway, hope you are well.
    To answer one of your questions, Steve Uyematsu passed away, his wife, Edwina later remarried Will S. and they have 2 kids I believe. I've lost touch since 2001.
  8. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

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  9. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

    Hi Pineapple,
    Dennis Clarke was heavily involved with CCHR and projects like getting rid of psychiatry and other government conspiracy stuff. I heard he passed away, but not sure when.
    I heard Liza also passed away. We wrote to each other once while she was at Flag.
    Wow, John Rafanello, what a character. Like you, listening to his Friday lectures at the mission was one of the reasons that got me to continue Scn. He had a wild imagination and perhaps equally wild flights of fantasy. But in 1976 it was all cool and being "out there" was hip.
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  10. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Wow. Hi, @Bob55, welcome aboard. Quite a blast from the past. I have an idea who you are too, but I'll keep it to myself for the moment.

    Geez, you were in scn until 2001? Congratulations on getting out. I never did any more scn after I left Hawaii in October '81. Once I was out of the scn environment it all evaporated pretty fast. It felt so great to have my mental freedom back that I never wanted to return.

    So, what happened after 1981? What made you decide to leave Honolulu Mission? Where did you go from there? How far up the Bridge did you get? What made you finally decide to leave scn?, etc.

    Here's another Honolulu staffer I'm sure you'll remember. This is from just a few years ago.

  11. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

    Hmmm, kinda looks like Edwina, but it has been so long. Thanks for the picture.
    Ok, to answer some of your questions, after Honolulu I went to Flag on a special project, that kind of fizzled out. Later I moved back to to LA (I'm from Southern Cal, in fact I grew up in Riverside and went to the YMCA as a kid. Strange going back there later in '76, from Hawaii, for training). I did the Briefing course, twice, and was about to do it a third time (due to all the updates) when I said to myself, enough, and just moved away to Oregon. Now after so long, I have no reason to go back.
    All day I've been trying to remember some of the things you brought up. I remember someone routing out, who lived at Makaloa while I was there, and remembering that person had left staff. I was the course sup at the time so you were probably doing that clay demo in the courseroom I was running. What was your post at the Mission or your senior? It seems so strange that the building we were in was torn down. Lot of memories of all the people we worked with and wonder where they are now. Of course, many Hawaii Org staff later moved to Los Angeles to do services, and also, like myself, a few ex Mission staff, like Barney and some others. We would have yearly Hawaii pick-nicks.
    Just got a message from Scout too. I'm almost certain I know who he is since he mentioned being Franks Div 2 reg and he is from Boston.
    Thanks for getting back to me.
  12. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Did the Honolulu Mission cease to exist before Bent Corydon switched the Riverside Mission to ScioLogos (indie group)?
  13. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yes, it is Edwina. Sorry to hear about Steve Uyematsu (Wina's first husband). He was a good guy.
    You went to R'side in late '76 from Hawaii for training?
    Yow, you did the BC TWICE? And you were gonna do it AGAIN? How far'd you make it on the processing side? Alot of people here have mentioned being R-factored that they weren't clear and having to "go clear" again, several times. Did that happen to you?
    'Taint the way I remember it. At the time I routed out, I was holding Tech Sec, C/S, and course sup! And I never actually did that clay demo, just sat looking at the clay for a while and then said to myself, "No way." I knew it was the wrong thing to do and I went back to Jeff's office and told him I wasn't doing it.

    I guess they would have had to replace me as course sup ASAP, so you may have taken over right after that, maybe while I was still living at Makaloa St., but I don't think you could've been the course sup when I "routed out",* because I WAS!

    Once I left staff, my comm with the other Makaloa residents became somewhat strained, as you might expect, so I didn't really know what was happening at the mission anymore, and would have hesitated to ask. The vibe I was getting (from everybody except Liza H., who I guess had been there/done that) was that I had let the group down and was, if not yet an actual DB, well on my way.

    The treatment I got from other scngsts at that time had a lot to do with turning me off to the subject. The scngsts who were sending me bad vibes were not acting at all like the enlightened beings they claimed to be, IMO. And some of these people were supposedly "clear."
    I'm not surprised to hear Barney ended up on the BC. He was a very dedicated guy. I had a lot of respect for him. Sort of your "thinking man's scientologist," though now I'd have to call that an oxymoron.

    * I didn't actually "route out." There was no routing, almost no handling. I told Jeff I wanted to get off staff, we talked for a few minutes and he told me to go clay demo an overt. I went in the courseroom, looked at the clay, said to myself, "No way," and went back and told Jeff I wasn't doing it. We went around and around for a few minutes more, then I left and never went back. I knew I had to make a break while I still had the courage.
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  14. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    No. I got a letter from a former staffer who visited the mission in the late 80's. He said the staff was now down to just Jeff (the ED) and 4 or 5 others. (We had about 20 staff when I was there.) He mentioned being told that OT VIII had now been released, so that makes it at least 1988.

    Next time I was in Honolulu was 1992, I believe, and the building was gone. I looked in the phone book, but couldn't find a new address. So some time between '88 and '92 is when it ceased to exist.
  15. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Did that project involve Japan, by any chance?
  16. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

    OK, now I know you for sure. Really nice to remake the connection. Always thought of you as a very smart guy and loved your Bob Dylan songs on grad nights.
    Yes was sad about Steve U. Weirdly ironic is that just before he passed he had been selling graveyard plots as a salesman. He and Edwina had divorced and he moved to LA, so I'd see him once in a while. Edwina married Will S. and they have 2 kids. Edwina became the ED of the Hawaii Org I think, not positive about that.
    I think you were on staff when I started as a student in Jan. '76. It was June of '76 that I joined staff and was immediately sent to Riverside for training. I was there about 4 or 5 months. Came back to Honolulu and moved in With Earl Rader in an apartment rented by Carl Oaks. a couple weeks later we got kicked out late one night because the rent hadn't been paid. Thus began the saga of life as a staff member. Back to Riverside. Don't know if you recall, but we lived together in that small rooftop room at the Riverside mission till I went back to Hawaii. I hated being in Riverside. I had a very nice Gibson ES350 that you liked to play, that I later sold to Bobby Mongiello.
    My recollection of the final days there. I'd finished my NED internship at the Hawaii Org, and for some reason, decided to come back on staff at the Mission as a course supervisor, and later Qual Sec. You were, as you said, in charge of Div. 4. Then Jeff and Stephanie Youmans (both having finished the CL 6 course) took over the mission from Frank. Rene had left staff (much relief from all). Jeff's friend Pat and his girlfriend, a C/S from Stevens Creek Org came over to help Jeff. Pat became the Div 2 reg. His gf and and Stephanie started handling certain auditing in Div. 4, life repairs I think. A few months pass. Pat's gf went back to the Mainland. Pat stayed for a while (later died of an OD I heard from Steph) Flag sent out a dispatch that they needed volunteers to open Japan. Turns out, I was the only one who responded. At that time I was working at Employers Overload, (you may have been too? can't remember) along with Edwina and Marie. Marie had stopped being on staff (I heard later she remarried and had some kids with, horrors, a non-Scnist). My recall gets fuzzy around the time I left. I'd been at the Mission over 5 years, my contract was up, though I was still supping at the Mission at night. I had split from my wife, though we later got back together and had a child. We both did go to Flag. But upon separating from my wife (sometime in 1980), I moved in with the Makaloa group, Liza, Craig, Bill, Jim Ruff, and yourself. Really sorry if I showed any disrespect to you. I think, but not sure, I was still supping at night at the mission, but also trying to move back to the mainland, so very busy. I think, like a month before I left, I moved back in with my wife. I left Honolulu in Oct. 81, going straight to Flag. The Japan project didn't work out since it was something started under Diana H. with another SO member. Diana got in some trouble and the project stopped. I was sent to Pac Base in LA, but left, eventually paying of a FL debt and started the BC. I was on the BC internship when a new checksheet came out after a revamp of the materials. I finished the second time through the BC, up to the last level when the GAT stuff came out, and everyone had to start over. I redid a proTR crs, an upperendoc crs, and was about the start yet another pro-metering crs. By then, I was very tired of LA. I moved to Oregon.
    Last time I was in Honolulu was 1986. I was on lines at Stevens Creek Org then having moved to San Jose with my wife and daughter. The Honolulu Mission was closed the day I went to check on it. I stopped by the Org which was in downtown then.
    It's interesting that the Hawaii Org is in the building it is now on Kapiolani Blvd. Frank W. always told me that someday he wanted to buy that building and make is a big Mission.
    I attested to Clear at the Hawaii Org. I never was told otherwise while receiving auditing in LA. In fact I was told I could just do the OT levels. But I wanted to do the grades, and made it through Gr 1. I audited others 1000's of hours while on the BC.
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  17. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yeah, that's me. (The Bob Dylan part anyway.) I'm still not completely sure about you. Most of the details fit but some don't.
    I knew Steve and Wina had divorced and she'd married Will. That was a long time ago, I think. The ex-staffer who visited the mission back in the late 80's told me about that. When did Steve die?

    I always thought well of Edwina. Lots of natural ARC. Hard to imagine her as the ED of anything, though.
    I got started at the Honolulu Mission in February of '75 and joined staff after I finished HSDC, which would have been about 6 months later, so yes, I'd probably been on staff for a few months by Jan. '76.

    Who was the ED when you started in Jan. '76? Was it still Walter Florian or was Walter gone by then? I don't remember exactly when the different regimes began and ended. Walter was succeeded by Abbie Hedengran (Swedish guy?) who was temp ED for the GO. Then came the R'side period. Joanie Mongiello was the first (temporary) R'side ED.

    I certainly remember living in that little shack on the roof at R'side during my first stay there, but I don't remember sharing it with anyone else. On the other hand I didn't do much there except sleep, so maybe I wouldn't have noticed a roommate. I don't remember the Gibson ES350 either.

    Alden Bliss lived up on the roof too, but in a separate shack. He and I barely acknowledged each other.
    I don't remember any of Jeff's crew. I don't remember Jeff's wife or Pat and his girlfriend. I left staff very soon after Jeff arrived, so I probably never met any of those people. Jeff probably hadn't been around more than a couple days when I told him I wanted to leave. I wanted to do it before I got into the habit of taking orders from him.
    Had you been to Japan before, pre-scientology?
    Yes, I worked there too. Did you drive the van that took the guys around to the jobs and picked them up again later?
    I spent a lot of time trying to recover Marie after she blew staff (when I was still on), unsuccessfully. She and I stayed in touch for a long time after we left Hawaii, for about 10 years. She did eventually remarry and had at least one kid that I remember, a daughter. I think last I heard she was in Detroit(?) but that was a long time ago.
    No problem. It was a long time ago. We all did some stuff we'd be embarrassed about now, me included.
    Some people who post here have said that they were R-factored that they weren't clear and had to go back to running dianetics and "go clear" again, several times. I think one person mentioned this happening FOUR TIMES. I can imagine how upsetting that would be to someone thoroughly convinced of the reality and crashing importance of the whole scn thing ("the fate of mankind and this planet for the next endless trillions of years," blah blah blah). Glad it didn't happen to you.
  18. Scout

    Scout Patron

    Really enjoying this fellas. Its like an epilog for our mission. This is all I missed. I don't recall how I walked away. All those memories "cleared away"
    I Hope Marie is ok. Guess she didn't stay with Zackaroff. Never knew what she saw in him.
    Sorry to hear about Steve I loved his sincerity. It drew you in.
    That's definitely Edwina and she looks good. So she's with Will S.? Maybe its me, but Will always reminded me of Radar O'Reilly. My favorite character in mash. Only Canadian scn I knew.
    Think Pineapple said Barney is in New York state plying his skills. He was a very skilled and well rounded guy. Understood nuclear engineering and could tune up a car.
    How about Barneys two wives Erin and Jan? Any word on Allison S. and Christy A.? Loved those girls. Somehow scn drew in the cute girls.
    Not fair Bob55 I haven't placed you
    Was the makaloa apt the one just a block piikoi st? Was behind a little greasy spoon that served good chicken cutlets. Funny the things you remember
    Remember being in an apartment off University ave in Riverside in one bedroom with Steve Harrison and Peter Baranet. Pete walking around the apartment in his underwear, strumming an unplugged electric guitar he had made which had a Batman shape. 3 young men sharing two mattresses . Good thing we were straight. Christy and another girl shared the other room. One shower for both rooms....was an interesting time.
    Did Frank stay w Rene? Must have been a delicate situation.
    Blowing was hard on friendships. I knew I was hurting Frank, felt there were others I was leaving behind and never get to see again. Mike and Liza and others.
    Well Bob I don't know of any mission staff that made it to Flag. Till you. Now I have to figure it out.
  19. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron


    It's like playing What's My Line. I'm getting warmer, I think ...
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  20. Bob55

    Bob55 Patron

    Hey Pineapple, really can't figure out who I am? Apparently I should have worked on my impression back then. Oh, well. To answer some of your questions:
    I always liked Edwina, and her next husband, Will, very much. Yea, she doesn't seem like the strict ED type to me either.

    Abby H. was the ED when I started. I only saw him once or twice, he seemed sort of an aloof Nordic god sort of guy. Then Riverside took over. I do remember Joanie, and then Earl. Joanie left soon after I came back from Riverside, and Earl was in charge. We were down to like 5 staff actually in the mission, though there were still a number of people in Riverside. I was temporarily the Treas Sec, a real joke. Then I was moved to Div. 6, totally clueless about what to do. Soon after Rene came over and things began to get better. She brought Brad P. over, and that guy brought in tons of people, some times ten+ a day, and the mission began to grow again. Soon after that Frank showed up. Earl was clearly in over his head too. He was a nice guy, another in the many that I wonder what happened to them.

    OK, I understand the time line now of when you left after Jeff's arrival. Jeff and his crew were very nice, hard working bunch. But his friends went back to Cali, Steph joined the SO, and I guess Jeff threw in the towel. Sad to see the Mission disappear completely after so many changes and ups and downs.

    Yep, we shared that little rooftop place. Not long, and I too wasn't there that much. Alden Bliss, I never would have remembered that name, but when you mentioned it, I do recall some one else staying up there.

    Yes, I had been to Japan in early '75, came back, and moved to Hawaii 7 months later. I was brought into the Mission in Nov '75 for a personality eval, which I liked. I told, I think it was Dave F. that I'd be back in January, and he let me leave. How different life would have been if I'd never gone back.

    Yes, I was the person who drove the van for Employers Overload. Edwina had started working there, and I needed a job, she told me to apply as a van driver. Later Peg Brown, the franchise holder made me the manager of that location, while Edwina managed the office worker office a block or so away.

    Thanks for the update on Marie. We worked a long time together in Div 6, I always liked her, and really hope she is doing well. Detroit? Crazy.

    I also heard of people getting told they weren't clear. I kept expecting it to happen to me. But being told I could route onto the OT levels a bit odd too. I was on the BC for a total of about 8 years. I did a lot of FES's of folders from outer orgs who couldn't figure out their PC's. The mistakes and amount of quicky stuff was amazing. So I just kept insisting I wanted to do the grades.

    I can't think of a defining moment that would place me. You and I did interact, but Div 4 and Div 6 were quite different in our work focus.
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