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Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by WildKat, Feb 11, 2017.

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  1. WildKat

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    I didn't see this posted anywhere else. I just got through listening, and I really recommend it. It's one of the best summaries of Scientology I've seen. Tony Ortega being interviewed on camera, answering a ton of questions, in depth, lots of great material. Stuff about Tom Cruise and other celebrities, what Scientology really is and does. Can't say enough good about this one.

    Edit to add: if you're newly out and squeamish (indoctrinated to be afraid) about OT data, you should be aware Tony does go into details about it. I would also add that being harmed by premature exposure to OT data is the same as being harmed by a voodo doctor who puts a curse on you, because you believe you will be hurt. That IS how it works. Just saying.

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  2. WildKat

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    Thought I would add a couple items I found interesting....

    At 11:30 the host mentions he was talking with someone with Hollywood connections who claimed there were three big factions controlling Hollywood: 1) Satanism, witches etc. 2) gays/lesbians, and 3) Scientology. Tony responded that Scientology may have had big influence years ago, but is today mostly a laughing stock.

    At 24:30 Tony talks about Chick Corea finishing OT VIII a second time, and writing in a success story saying that it helped him "achieve an independent attitude in relation to existence." Wow. All that after spending what must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe a million or more, when all was said and done.
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    I've been stably blown now for over 25 years and have the same success story as Chick. :biggrin: