Fake medals and kiddie diddlers: Scientology’s cruise ship scandal gets even worse

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    Fake medals and kiddie diddlers: Scientology’s cruise ship scandal gets even worse

    Our thanks to the tipster who sent us pages from the newest copy of Impact magazine, the publication of the International Association of Scientologists.

    There are a few things of note in this issue, but one that really jumped out at us was a report from this year’s Maiden Voyage celebration aboard [...]


    Our thanks to the tipster who[.......]

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  2. TomKat

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    But the girl LOOKED 16! :)
  3. triumph

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  4. screamer2

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    What did you expect?
    They're $cientologist.
  5. Enthetan

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    This seems to happen a lot in Hollywood. Kids and their parents stay quiet, because they don't want to hurt the kid's potential career. The big guys know this, and figure they can get away with it. Meanwhile, the higher-ups indulge them, regarding the freedom to go after young starlets as a fringe benefit to grant their most valuable execs.
  6. triumph

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    even there I think most would fall under-shame or afraid to tell their parents and/or threatened by the molester

    even Adults hold off reporting sexual assault (shame,fear,threats) the statute of limitations is a pathetic 7 years in California..

    for some its just as difficult reporting it if the molester Is a family member..or someone close.

    when a child does tell a parent and and all they are worried about "a potential career setback"...and money:

    that's messed up

    and no doubt, It takes place

    when a child grows into Adulthood.. they can deal with it..where Mom and Dad or an agent failed

    they might want to lengthen the statute of limitations..
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  7. triumph

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    it helps to have a douche-bag Lawyer

    Barbour's Shill Ronald Fischetti wanted to set up an 800 hotline and ask others if the accuser, had accused them of the same crimes. And he would be publicizing her name in the process!

    they Judge hit him with a Gag order..

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