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Feather to Feather; Birdsong v. Mockingbird

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Clay Pigeon, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Congratulations. You can ask people questions repetitively for $1,000 an hour. Several thousand people around the world desire your services. Several hundred have money to pay you.

    Does anyone want to chime in on their real-world qualifications? I'll start:

    (1) Bachelor's degree in Accounting, passed the CPA Exam in the state I lived in at the time (recognized in all 50 states)
    (2) HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) certification (2005-2006 vocational school program)

    As for qualifications that aren't recognized by any state or professional association:

    (3) Car repair: brakes, McPherson struts, control arm/balljoint, tie rod, tie rod end, suspension bushings, radiator, water pump, head gasket.
    (4) Motorcycle repair: head gasket, piston rings, carburetor rebuild, chain/sprockets.

    I think these skills are a bit more valuable. I'm just sayin' that's all.
  2. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron


    An HVAC engineer are you?

    My stepfather, (2nd Marine, Okinawa Purple Heart) was a Dartmouth trained HVAC engineer. Did a lot of work on design of The Saint Lawrence Seaway among so many other things.

    And in the Birdwood family, the generation before me was a truly great bunch of greasers; Uncle "Tunk" was an Army chopper mechanic who went (CIA) Air America after his old lady shit the bed, a flight mechanic (fixitbeforeithitstheground) on choppers out of Udorn Thailand flying up into Laos, supplying LP's and bringing home corpses. Opened a body shop up in Redstone, bought Elwood Densmore's 1949 Ford wrecker, overhauled the drive train welded on some toolboxes and painted it Tangerine flake. I went up to visit him in the mid eighties and there was a Model A sitting in his yard looking like a newly minted coin...


    Your credentials work just fine with me.

    I honestly believe if you were properly appraised of just what I have done with my auditor training and experience you would have perhaps a higher respect for my dianetic credentials.

    I do have other credentials. A free food project I did with the legendary "Caliph" was featured in a full 15 minute segment of CBS' "60 Minutes", my work with The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal earned me a cameo appearance alongside Phil Lesh of The Grateful Dead on "60 Minutes" in August of 2004 and though I never became a greaser myself I read of the crash in Sioux City in 1989 when a disintegrating fan in the tail engine severed all three hydraulic lines and Capt Alfred Haynes had to attempt landing with control over only the throttles of the two wing jets. Damn plane was balky about dipping to the right and he couldn't keep the right wing from catching on the ground. Three fifths of those on board survived. I designed a cutoff valve that could have preserved pressure in the ailerons and flaps, wrote to Douglas and the FAA and Douglas retrofit it's DC-10's with it. This got me a letter of commendation from Member of Congress Nancy Pelosi.

    I never did find out what President Bush awarded me in some secret ceremony early in the century...
  3. Perhaps this is like the movie "Argo", where a secret plan for a science fiction movie helped rescue hostages from Iran in 1979. The "shore story" was that Canada helped hide them until they could be evacuated, because the real story was classified. The person who organized the fake science fiction movie was given an award in a secret ceremony, but he could not tell anyone or display the award in his house. When the whole thing was de-classified, he could finally have his award and John Goodman could star in a movie about it.

    You already told us about that fateful taxi ride mentioned post 79 of this thread and post 77 of this thread where you learned the CIA handshake and got the "super-spy secret decoder ring". Perhaps your secret award was for a secret plan to use secret LRH "tech" bring down the Soviet Union.....that probably makes sense to you.


    EDIT: No, I'm not an engineer. I learned how to install and troubleshoot HVAC equipment. I was only employed in that line of work briefly. I was suggesting that real-world skills are more relevant than a specialized procedure (auditing) in a religion that never caught on and is quite abusive, and those other skills should be valued more highly. It isn't too late for others to list their real-world skills in this thread (hint, hint, others, please chime in).
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