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Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. RSS Feed

    RSS Feed RSS Feeder Bot

    There is a new post up at the Underground Bunker


    [Jay Spina at a Drug-Free World event in 2016]

    On Thursday, Geoffrey S. Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, unsealed an indictment of two Orange County, New York chiropractors and two additional people who work in their office, accusing them of defrauding Medicare of more than $80 million.

    The two [...]


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  2. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    This must be fake news. Scientology is the most ethical group on the planet! :faceslap:
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  3. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Aug 31 2018
    Times Herald Record
    Middletown chiropractors chared in 80Mil fraud will keep working

    cant cut and paste story:
    Scientology Is referenced at end of article

    Jim/James Spina Service completions

    Jeff/Jeffrey Spina Service Completions
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  4. tesseract

    tesseract Patron with Horrors

    So they keep "working" facing indictment, the true believers that they are, complete with their superior scientology ethics, scientology admin tech, and not at all pushy business partners aka spiritual teammates, a combination that ofcourse will prevent any such stupidity from happening again during the lengthy legal procedures.
    Scientology amounts to acquired psychopathism. The one way or the other, those who habitually disregard the rules sooner or later collide with the law, or with the growing numbers of ripped-off, pissed-off victims who seek retribution or justice. In this case, the "victim" was the state, but I'm not going to be picky. :clapping:
    So here we have some quacks hurrying on into the trap busily like squirrels before squeaking in squalor. Fucking delicious. Would that be sour cream or tabasco sauce? :giggle:
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  5. hummingbird

    hummingbird Patron with Honors

    Actually, “the state” is all of us working Americans who pay into this system with every paycheck, while hearing that Congress wants to gut the system because it’s insolvent. Medicare fraud burns my ass, and I hope these DBs get what they deserve.
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  6. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    One time while attending a David Singer (WISE consulting group) convention (as a Register) I met with Jay's father - a Chiropractor who got into Scientology along with the sons.

    Me: "People think you just crack backs".

    Dr. Spina: "Just".

    Me: "Yes, just that".

    Dr. Spina: (louder now) "Just!"

    Me: "Exactly, just crack backs"

    Dr. Spina: (Very loud) "ADJUST"

    Me: "Um, uh..." walks away.....

    I never got another penny out of that guy!

    But, BOY... did the sons ever go down the rabbit hole!
  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Was it the tie that tipped them off?

    Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 11.01.21 AM.jpg
  8. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    I knew a Scientology chiro who was a lecherous crook. When I say lecherous he would reminisce with glee escapades in seedy stripjoints, etc. TMI every time.

    The whole medical program is a scam and scammed all of the way up. It needs to be gutted and the government all of the way out of it.

    2 people having identical accidents. One paying out of pocket and the other not. The cash buyer x-rays and procedures were only what was necessary and 1/10th the cost. The "other payor" patient had more and extra services piled on with inflated prices with supplements and pillows and massages, etc.

    Total scam and completely legal.

    I didn't read their indictment but I wonder what one would have to do to scam what's already a scam!!
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  9. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron


    News 12 Westchester
    Police: 4 arrested in connection with medical insurance fraud
    Posted: Aug 31, 2018 10:47 AM CDT
    ORANGE COUNTY - Police say two chiropractors and two administrators from the Pain Relief and Wellness Center scammed insurance companies out of $80 million.
    The scheme allegedly involved submitting phone insurance claims, fabricating medical records and doubling billing over the course of six years.
    Video shows FBI agents raiding the clinic, formerly known as Dolson Avenue Medical, last August.
    A year later, authorities have arrested brothers James and Jeffrey Spina Thursday, who are both chiropractors for the pain management clinic.
    The center's business manager, Andrea Grossman, and practice administrator, Kim Spina, were also arrested.
    All four appeared in federal district court in White Plains Thursday and are facing health care fraud charges.
  10. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    I would imagine that all this happening has got to lead to WISE and then the Cult...?

    Hopefully there is a money trail to WISE and onto the Cult.
  11. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    I doubt it, Leland, at least as far as culpability goes.

    I don't know if the government can demand sums back like asset seizures like homes and autos with drug money. That may be a possibility, who knows?
  12. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    The $80 million theft must have gone somewhere !
    Where did it go ?
    So Jay Spina Scientologist OT 7 and fraudster audits his BTs for years. Flag made $30,000 a year billing for this *service*
    (No one is permitted to attest unless they have exorcised body thetans for years and years and years..)
    Then goes home and steals from the Government.
    Jeffrey his brother likewise spends an arm and a leg on the super "Theta" boosting Ls, exorcises his Body Thetans on OT 3 and they for years game the system and rip off millions which after all is said and done is our Tax payer monies.
    Did they fool the Emeter ? Did they fool Flag, the Mecca of Technical "Perfection?"
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  13. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    If it DID come up in their 6-month sec-checks that they were stealing millions from the government how would CoS handle that?

    A) Assign a condition of Treason become they only donated $100,000 each to the IAS? :cool:

    B) Declare the two Suppressive Person's for their High Crimes?

    C) Shred all evidence of criminal activity and act like nothing happened?
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  14. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

  15. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Doesn't WISE take a percentage of the Business the top? Skim the cream?

    I doubt the Government would ignore this....if an 80 million $ theft/fraud...
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
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  16. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    At one time WISE demanded 10% of gross income from its members using "LRH Management Tech" to conduct their business . . . presumably that still stands. It is based on the old Scn Franchise and early Missions deal of 10% off the top to WW.

    Been there done that :(

    Maybe the DA can find evidence of WISE and the Regs at FSO are co-conspirators in the production of illicit income??? :D
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  17. George Layton

    George Layton Silver Meritorious Patron

    When fooling the E-meter, does the person fool the E-meter or does the E-meter fool the person?
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  18. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

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  19. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    That's a lot of money!

    Wouldn't WISE have gotten 10%?

    Is it possible that the Cult wants them to plead guilty to keep them and the name Scientology and WISE out of the Court Room....?
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  20. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I would bet that when a WISE company is involved in a case such as this which could cause horrifically bad PR for a Scientologists that OSA would get involved, putting pressure on the defendant to act in a certain way to minimize the bad impact on CoS if possible.

    I have no idea though as to whether that happened in this case or not. But OSA probably threatened his eternity at some point. :cool: