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    I put it in quote marks as it is the name of the procedure. I'm not sure where to find it online. It used to be housed at http://www.soloprocessing.eu but that link doesn't work right now. I found the below in a Google Cache. EDIT: Ah, seems to be here: http://freesolo.homepage.dk/basics.htm, with the main index here: http://freesolo.homepage.dk/index-2.html.

    A couple of people have mentioned in the past 24 hours actually using this stuff, and I'm interested in experiences.

    I haven't tried it myself. It seems to be a way to address OT3 phenomena without the ridiculous space opera palaver. In my opinion it still suffers from the additive of assuming one is addressing entire spiritual beings, but since there isn't any alternative tech out there for addressing this aspect of case it's probably an improvement on OT3.

    First page:


    This page contains basic data. The actual procedure for Free Solo Processing is not on this page. For special words see Definitions.

    A Being (a Spirit) creates by Consideration, or you may call it creation by Thought, or Postulate. Meaning he Considers that something is and it is. Until he cease Considering it. This is true erasure.

    Above is a Static of no mass, no energy, no time, no space, of not one and not many, with infinite potential.
    In the beginning is the decision to Be.
    The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint (a point to view from).
    The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view. Thus space is created.
    Energy consists of postulated particles in space.
    Time is basically a Postulate that space and particles will persist.

    (A Static of "not one and not many" could be false data. I'm not sure. But there might be a state above co-existence where "one" and "many" has no meaning, although your essential you is still you, so to speak.)

    As these Beings continue to create by Consideration and get in conflict with each other they gradually descend to lesser and lesser godly states, down to human Beings, and below that to very solidified Beings called Entities. These Entities can then stick together and form a tiny cluster of Entities. Such a cluster of Entities can be formed by a painful incident. One such cluster can stick to other clusters of Entities. Many of these Beings are asleep, unconscious or in dead-like states.

    As you are part in all this, many Beings of all kinds, and Entities, and clusters of Entities will be connected to you. Many of them can be felt as what appears to be pressure spots or pressure areas in your physical body.

    You are not your physical body. You are a spirit who has a physical body. When you have erased enough of your Mind you can have or not have a physical body as you choose. Just as you can take your shoes on and off as you like. When you handle Entities they at some point may go free.

    Many Entities and clusters of Entities have a size of about 1 millimeter. They can have any size smaller or bigger. Many can be felt as a pressure spot or a pressure area, some as a pain spot or pain area. How big they are and how you feel them depends on their Considerations that form them. So if they Consider themselves invisible then you may not be able to see or feel them. But you can still know they are there. Either by their effect on nearby Entities or you, or by just knowing.

    Entities are not necessary for the physical Body. It and you are much better without them. Some Entities believe they are the whole Body or a body part, and can appear to be shaped like it. Usually they are not aware of each other. Just as you are probably not aware of them.

    Some Beings stuck to you can be almost as able as yourself and may even run or control some of your Mind. These are also called Joiners. They were joined to you to "assist" you. You are better without them.

    An Entity can be a Being or a part of a Being, the energies or attention units or whatever it may be. Any way it responds to being handled as a Being, as at least there is a line to the actual Being. Distance is basically a Consideration.

    The way to handle an Entity or a cluster of Entities is to focus your attention narrowly on one pressure area, often about 1 millimeter in diameter. This can break up the cluster of Entities into individual Beings as they get aware of their situation. The Beings may then expand their space. It is possible to feel them. Some are bigger, for example 5 to 30 cm in diameter. Then you would just selectively focus on that area or Being.

    Some bigger Entities can hold many smaller Entities fixated there. Handling the bigger one may free many smaller ones. Sometimes you may have to address one single Entity, other times it may be enough to address the area containing lots of Entities and getting erasure here and there as it may happen. If you stay calm much of the seriousness will erase automatically.

    Telepathy. Solo processing of Entities, whether single or grouped, are done by telepathy. Not in spoken words but by thought and intention. One can communicate to them and they can answer back via telepathy. The answer is in the form of thought, feeling, emotion, force, or whatever sensory. You handle them friendly but neutral, no feeling sorry for them or anything, and no unnecessary talk, as that can go on forever with no results. Be neutral and effective. One lifetime is not enough if you are too slow.

    To regain Total Freedom one has to take responsibility for what one has created and cease the Considerations which creates the unwanted conditions. Taking responsibility is easy. You just admit to yourself: I did it, or could have done it. Without reservations or explanations or excuses or reasons why.

    As you and any other Being are basically a Static of no time and no mass etc. there is only now. The past is a created illusion. There is only the now, and in this now is reality being created. Change is just a different creation in now.

    A simple example of a Consideration: You are waiting at the bus stop with a heavy bag in your hand. Consideration: I better keep it in my hand so I don't loose it, and the bus is expected to come in just 2 minutes. Now a friend of yours show up and get your full attention in a long talk, and the bus is delayed. 15 minutes later you are still carrying your heavy back without giving it a thought. If your arm starts to hurt too much, or your friend suggest you to put your bag down, you will become aware of you holding your bag, remembering your Consideration of "I better keep it in my hand ... and the bus is expected in just 2 minutes." You cease that Consideration and put your bag down. If someone tried to force your bag down, before your Consideration was erased, you would probably resist that force. Only erasure of the Consideration gives a permanent solution.

    Erasing something unwanted is pure simplicity as you can see. So easy that there is nothing to it. Therefore it is very easy to forget it as it is too simple. Don't forget it or your Solo won't work and you will end in infinite complexities and very little erasure.

    When you Solo make sure you don't make any Considerations which can stop your success (Entities may copy your Considerations). Or if you do then spot them again, including Entity copies, to erasure (should only take a few seconds, fast light touch). A Consideration can be a very light Thought that one hardly is aware of. When one Solo something heavy one easily by accident Considers "this is heavy." Don't do it. Or your Consideration will make it heavy.

    If the Considerations have been made during extreme pain and unconsciousness and hypnotic commands then it is still pure simplicity to get erasure. The only difference being you now get in contact with very unpleasant feelings and a huge numbers of Beings (Entities) may be mixed in plus there may be Considerations that won't allow contact. See Barrier for more details.

    If you can handle one Entity you can also handle 10,000 Entities at the same time, although not on a personal basis but as a group. Your telepathy just has to be wider and unspecific enough. Of course all 10,000 have a problem. But telling them that won't erase anything if they are not ready for it. "Do you have a problem?" would be a bad question as it might not apply to many of them. "Is there a problem?" is better, as then 300 of them may realize they have and erase it and maybe 50 would then go free, while the remaining 9,700 are not accused of anything. You can't free a Being. It has to be done by himself. You can only assist them in getting aware and spot their Considerations. The Considerations are often not available before you and they are in good contact with the pains or whatever is in the way.

    It should not usually be necessary to ask Entities questions. But if nothing will erase them sometimes asking "What is the problem?" may give you an answer that solves the situation.

    A Being can place screens of various kinds, such as black screens in front of himself in order to avoid seeing unpleasant things or to protect himself. You probably have many of these screens. This doesn't make it easier to get erasure. But even if you have to move more or less in darkness you can still handle. The screens will fall at some point. When you are ready for what is behind them.

    Don't expect this stuff to make any sense. It is chaos. Just get it erased. In Free Solo Processing you are not supposed to Recall or Remember past accidents etc. You are supposed to get in contact with the Being (Entity) and what he is doing right now. It may be tempting to do recall in heavy stuff trying to understand it by translating it into a past accident, but you may notice that when you do that the amount of erasure you get drops at once to 1/10 or less. Entities can cease forcing instantly if they feel safe in friendly space with no need to force (as a selfprotection) against painful counter force. Like that the charge is gone instantly without need for looking through the incident from its beginning to its end. This can start an avalanche of entities going free just like that by each of them ceasing their own painful forcing, or pain creation. End of raw force. Usually from engrams, moments with pain and unconsciousness for example in an accident where beings in it forces against the pain etc. One might also say it is assuming ones native state above the decision 'to be' where one is not creating troubles for one self or any other selves.

    You may intend an Entity to scan his memory or Time Track for harmful acts or anything, if these things stop your Solo. But only do it if necessary. It's a Lower Level approach and far too slow and ineffective if you go for Total Freedom. But your own or mutual incidents too heavily charged you may have to look through with Incident Running many many times.

    Main Index | Sub Index
    Date: 2004.mar.07


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    The basics that you have posted here is what i started reading and got very interested in free solo. I have been doing free solo now for about three weeks and i have had what i would call, actual wins. You are totally correct in saying that it cuts out the space opera stuff. :thumbsup:
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    :welcome: 20000000
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    Thank you, great to be here.:clap:
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    So you want to know what my experience with free solo has been like.

    I'll give you a brief discription.

    Firstly, even though i was in scientology for 15 years, i only got to grade 1 on the bridge. Therefore in my opinion anyone can free solo. All you need is a bit of meter experience and a bit of data on how to do it.

    Basically one would focus on pressure points within the body and watch for a rising needle. In theory, by confronting the pressure point, the Entity wakes up and realizes where and what it is and departs.

    This might sound as insane to some as it did to me, but after a bit of practice and experience it has become 100% real to me. I would not have believed this if i had not experience it myself.
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    I wouldn't doubt that *something* happens, but, the interpretation of that 'something' is probably pretty variable, although, someone exposed to the above quoted narrative 'theory' has his interpretation 'suggested' from the git go.

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    Hi Paul, So you beat me to creating this thread:angry:

    Here are my experiences with running FreeSolo:

    I managed to get through OT V while in Scn. Although I had my ups and downs, what was being addressed in them was real. I never really looked at the data of OT III itself. It was enough that I could feel the entities around me, and felt them leave when I audited them.

    While doing OT V I started having doubts about the way that they were being addressed and the Tech that was used to handle them. The reason for this is that in the majority of cases they did not leave on the "Who are you" step. They left on other things, and a lot of the time based on a cognition I would have.

    Some time later I went for my "Advanced Program" where they audited me on Dianetics. This made me sick like I had not been for a long time. After that cycle I lost all faith in Scn and slowly gathered information to eventually do a full exit. The problem was that I was still pretty messed up from the last lot of auditing. I decided to do my own Solo NOTS. I downloaded all of the materials and started with the correction list. Things went relatively OK, and I managed to get rid of most of the charge that I was sitting with from the Advance Program. I then continued to do it to get through the level. I did start noticing things though. The main thing was that it was a constant struggle. I battled with F/Ns, could not get reads where I should have, and was having a hard time of it. The interesting things was that this was how it went when I was on OT V, so I just dismissed it as being what you are supposed to run into. It was just the level.

    During that time I was having short sessions, and a few a day. Exactly how you are supposed to run while on Solo NOTS. The only problem was that I was feeling keyed in between sessions, and it seem to get worse and worse. I did not feel like I was actually making any progress.

    At some point someone from this forum recommended that I look into FreeSolo. I did, and started using it straight away. The results were totally amazing. It turned the auditing right around. I could stay in session for longer, and when I came out, I would actually feel great. And this was after every session. And I started actually addressing things. I have blown quite a few long-term somatics. I would go into session with a major upset with the wife, and come out with no slightest attention on whatever was the upset. I would laugh at the fact that I had no idea what the argument was even about. This was what auditing is supposed to be about.

    So I have been auditing for about 4 months with this Tech. At various points when the going was a bit tough I would do a NOTS Correction list, or try to run Int or something like that. Every time I did this, I found it not to work very well, and just went straight back to FreeSolo.

    In various posts on this site, people have expressed various opinions about whether you are actually handling actual Thetans or not. I think that discussion will continue, but never really get resolved. The reason is that there is not Scientific evidence that there are Thetans involved in this topic. To me you can look at this any way you like. Maybe they are not full thetans. Maybe they are bits of you that you set up as a kind of circuit. Maybe they are bits of beingness that have been endowed with a low level life like a Genetic Entity. Maybe they are beings that you just mocked up. What they are is immaterial. What matters is that you can contact them and get rid of them (in a subject called Aspectics, he re-integrates them with yourself). The product is what counts.

    The interesting thing in FreeSolo is you are addressing this at a Cause point. It is not assumed that these entities are here because they were implanted in you way back. You had something to do with them being where they are, and part of the auditing is finding and realising that.

    I have thought long and hard about why OT III actually produces results when it is obvious the incident never occurred. The same goes for OT V. After doing FreeSolo, I have come to the conclusion that it is the power of FreeSolo that works on this auditing. The fact that you are putting your attention on an area, locating an entity, granting it beingness and experiencing it, is what makes it work. You can leave everything else out, and the process will work even better.

    The other thing about FreeSolo is that when you are auditing these entities, you are actually experiencing them a lot more than you would have with Scn. They are a lot more real. You are also experiencing the emotions and feelings that they bring to your life. Those emotions and feelings are very real to you. And having them leave is a great relief. You can also feel that those emotions and feeling are no longer part of you.

    In FreeSolo you are not interested in reads, F/Ns, starting TA positions, ect. You are interested in the fact that the TA goes up and comes down. That is all. That makes the auditing so much simpler. You can just put your attention on the case. And that makes a huge difference. If you are upset when you go into session, well that’s the first thing that will be addressed. If you happen to be Out-Int from the last session, then that will be what gets addressed. So simple. No correction lists, no Sec Checks, no money, no reg cycles, no events :happydance:

    At the moment I am not too sure how possible it will be to take someone who has had no experience with Scn and auditing and get them using FreeSolo. I think it is possible. I also am not sure whether the person should be Clear or not. I have my own opinion about what Clear really is, but that is a topic of a future thread. It might be possible that the only case there is is the case of this relationship between yourself and your entities. That might be all the Reactive mind is, and it might be that this is all you were ever auditing in the Grades and Dianetics anyway. Who knows.

    What I would like to see done is some proper Scientific study done on this subject. Anyone got some spare cash they would like to throw at something like this?

    So that is my experience with FreeSolo.

    ps. Excuse me for being so enthusiastic about this subject, I had a good session tonight.
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    Great! Thanks very much for posting this.

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    ScnRebel thanks for your input.

    I totally agree. The emotions and feelings are very real and when you audit it with the free solo technique they vanish completely. I have also had personal experiance with handling an upset with someone. The amazing thing is that when i came out of session it seemed like the other person had forgotten that there had even been an upset.

    I am not really concerned about how and why it works. My point is that i can go into session not feeling very well or keyed in. I audit, the TA blows down and i come out of session feeling keyed out. My general tone level has gone up remarkably and I feel that there is hope, something that i had lost after i had just left scientoloy. It works for me and that's all that matters.

    Is there anybody else out there that has given it a shot that can share there experiences?
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    Is this technique described above different in any real way to the material which Vinaire has published and linked in these threads in relation to non-evaluative experiencing of mental phenomenon?


    Have you tried this?

    Do you feel that use of the meter is especially valuable as a feedback device to assist in the focus of attention?.

    Might dust off the old Mark Super 7 and give this a burl.

    Thanks for bringing this up, sounds interesting.
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    The link above gives you some more data on what this technique of Free Solo Processing is all about. It also gives you a example of a session. I think that once you get use to the technique you might be up for a few pleasant surpises.

    It would be interesting for me to know what your case level was in scientology and please let us know how you do on Free Solo.

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks for this thread, I'll check it out soon. I started but didn't finish my OT levels although I had a good win some time back running entities with some of Pilot's processes.
  13. Dulloldfart

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    I would think his "point to the being you separated from" useful in a variety of theoretical scenarios.

  14. Cat's Squirrel

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    Yep, and there's another useful one from the same source (unless he was using someone else's process) which I can't quote exactly but is along the lines of; "What beingness is that a substitute for?"
  15. Ralph Hilton

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  16. Cat's Squirrel

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    Thanks Ralph. I hadn't seen your postscript to Pilot's comments before so that's worth reading too.
  17. Veda

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  18. Cat's Squirrel

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    Thanks, but I prefer Israel Regardie (Crowley's disciple and IMO a more balanced man). The Middle Pillar meditation I learned from a biography of Regardie got me through a very rough period a few years back, when probably nothing else would have (at least nothing I wouldn't have to have paid £1000s for and even then it would have been hit or miss).

    I'm reading Regardie's "Garden of Pomegranates" at the moment, about the Qabalah.
  19. Veda

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    Have you read 'Batra...' ?

    It doesn't much reflect Crowley, and is a pretty clean and simple statement.

    I posted it as an example of an extroverting and positive mental/spiritual exercise that has the person bigger than and beyond the confines of his physical body, with no attention to ridding oneself of anything negative.

    A person, sitting in a chair, holding the electrodes of an e-meter, searching for "BTs" or "entities" in and around his body, and waiting for signals from his e-meter, is not the only expression of "Solo."
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    I just came across this blog article, written by someone claiming to be CBR reincarnated (ahem). He/she wisely doesn't use a real name. He/she recommends free solo processing.


    This way out does not necessarily include all of the materials and actions, that I wrote down with my previous body. The processing of socalled BTs lead to a dead end, so those parts of the Excalibur levels, which dealt with entities, are cancelled.

    There are some techs out there, which are very slim – One-for-All Processes, that are pure dynamite, standard procedures, that can take you all the way up. My tool of choice became Rising Needle Tech / Free Solo Processing. This is standard TR-0 assisted with a meter. Remember: The world begins with TR-0!​

    So there.