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    That's CBR? Bullshit!

    Regards, Allen
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    Yea. :thumbsup:

    I recently found his blog, almost incidentally, and readed it. Nice blog he has.

    He claims is Astar Paramejgian. Was incarnated in 2 separated bodies, and when CBR died, the other person proceeded as him (Astar).

    Says he even was Thoth and Maat in past incarnations in Egypt. :wink2:

    I actually believe him, as he is very reasonable.

    The article he wroted about INCIDENT 1 is AMAZING. :happydance:

    It is good to know that great people are still here trying to do some good things!!

    Video i uploaded. ;)

    Heroes Never Die by CBR

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    It was not my intention to divert this thread onto derivatives of CBR. Sorry. I think the free solo processing procedure is worth exploring, and would like to keep this thread for that.

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    No problem, Paul. :)

    I will start another topic.

    I agree with you. :)
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    When this thread started there were a few who had started using this technique who posted. I was wondering if anyone who has used it over time has anything additional they are willing to share regarding their experience with it, observations and effectiveness of it(or lack).....

    Thanks so much!:)
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    Thanks for the write-up.
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    Personaly I find Solo Processing with a meter (any meter the cruder the better a analogue VOM (Volt/OHM) works just fine. I used rising needle processing where what I was doing was turning the Black Field to White on a gradient. Simple enough and many of the pithy instructions in the Taoist Secret Of The Golden Flower book were helpfull and there is a lot of good back up in Patanjali's 4 Yoga Sutra's.

    I was turning the Black to White from the 3rd Eye more or less as outlined by L Ron in the Route To Infinity but spelled out a lot better in the texts I mentioned. I would begin from the 3rd eye but switch to a position 3 feet back of my head as and when I could and/or can. I had no interest in handling BT's or preasure points, switching around between control centers I regard as non-optimum. The only goal I had in mind was to get/keep the spirit in charge of the mind and the body. I use a VOM meter sitting in a 1/2 lotus position. I don't watch the meter much so long as the needle is rising it's all good.

    The Seeing Of Reality by Padma Sambhava translated by Y Evans Wentz is the supreme ultimate as far as the expansion of the clear light is concerned. The circulation of the light in the body is the objective of the 2 breathing exercises in The Secret of the Golden Flower. The 1st. breathing exercise is for the lower circulation and brings the GE under good control. The 2nd. or Grand Circulation breathing exercise puts the Thetan back in charge of the body and the mind. With this type of solo processing where would the BT's or entities get a foot hold?

    Comperable magnitude is very effective when there is a goal in mind. SIlly me, I took Hubbard at face value as far as tech is concerned to me it is just as good as it is workable. Of course the price is right on Solo Processing. Free Solo Processing is a great site and I have been using some varient of this tech for about 10 years.

    Frankly, any solo tech begins in knowingness and has little to do with conceptual certainty. Just go there and take a look at it. The best part of the anatomy of surprise is how quickly the Black Field of mental concepts subsides and the clear light shines in the mind. Take that to the bank and see first hand what happens.

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    I think I have a backup of the site saved somewhere.

    If anyone is interested in looking at it let me know and I can email it or find a file sharing site to post for them.

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    It's also available through the wayback archive...

    The links work within the archive site.

    The wayback also works for many of the un-maintained sites - I used it to recover Ralph Hilton's pcb diagram file (the link from Carnegie Mellon was dead) and also the program to create the scale image for the meter.

    Also something to be aware of as you place things up on the internet - they do not go away... They come back.
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    Oh! I thought I had checked that one out. Thank you very much. I'll take the liberty of archiving it on ESMB too. Here seems like a good place. :biggrin:

    I'll just reproduce the main write-up and the example provided without further comment for now.


    Free Solo Processing
    You should read Pre Requisites first before you attempt to do any Free Solo Processing. Also read Basics if you don't know them already. Doing Free Solo Processing is entirely at your own risk and expense, if any.

    When you are doing Free Solo Processing you are dealing with Beings, not with things. "Things" are being created by Beings. Usually unknowingly. Bring them to know by penetrating what prevents knowing.

    Free Solo Processing in its simplicity:

    1. Locate a pressure spot or pain spot in your body.
    2. Focus your attention narrowly on it. (And too have some wide attention on your whole space.)
    3. The needle (and TA) on the Meter will rise as you get in contact.
    4. Feel what is in the pressure spot.
    5. The needle and TA will fall as it opens and comes apart.
    6. Continue working on it (2 to 5) as necessary to free it up as possible.

    Below is a more detailed description of each step.

    Step 1, locate
    To locate a pressure spot put your attention on or inside your physical body (or wherever) and find a pressure spot. It may be about 1 millimeter in diameter for example. A pressure spot is quite easy to find and feel.

    Chose for example a pressure spot that presents itself, or one you feel interested in. Your choice.

    A pressure spot or pain spot, or area, contains lots of Beings who has Considerations which keep them in low states of beingness there, and at a deeper level it probably contains moments when your own space crashed in on you. A part of you is trapped there, probably together with lots of Beings, or parts of Beings. Only because you are trapped can these other Beings (Entities) become a problem to you.

    If you are a beginner you just run what is easily available. Light touch. As you get experienced you can go deeper. When you have freed many Beings (Entities) then your own stuff and more powerful Beings will gradually become more available.

    Do not run the same pressure spot or area for weeks or months. Also run other spots in between. Some may have the size of a football, smaller or bigger, some are invisible, some can't be felt except by their reaction when focused on. Some you keep invisible. With experience you can also find the invisible and more tricky ones. Some may go free automatically while running another pressure spot.

    In some cases you may have a bigger pain area with pressure spots inside. Sometimes it may work better to focus on the pain area instead of one pressure spot inside. Do what works best.

    Step 2, focus
    You focus on a pressure spot (or whatever) by putting your attention and awareness narrowly on it. That sooner or later brings you in telepathic contact with the pressure spot, and may also give you tactile contact. Being in full contact with "what is" tends to erase it if accepted as it really is.

    Some things can't be accepted. Such as (unacceptable) Extreme pain. But extreme pain is not "what really is." Behind this apparency there are Beings with Considerations creating "extreme pain" (and more or less suffering from it). Now it is solvable. Understand the essense of that and you have the tool to dig yourself and these Beings out.

    If your focusing is being pushed away then put more intention in your focusing. Just keep focusing on the pressure spot. Your intention has to be stronger than what pushes it away.

    Some pressure spots may move away, hide, become invisible, and many other tricks. Just keep focusing on them. (Or wait with the more difficult ones until you have more experience.)

    When you focus on a pressure spot, then at the same time have some wide attention on your whole space. Things are connected so you may have to run more than one thing at the same time to get erasure. Don't get into more than you can handle.

    Some pain spots can give extreme pain sparks for a fraction of a second, 0.1 second or so, when focusing on them. Just accept it peacefully or it may not erase.

    Step 3, rise
    While focusing on the pressure spot the Needle and TA will rise. This indicates that you are getting in closer contact with the pressure spot, the "unconfrontable" is moving in on you. If the rise stops it is because you (or Beings in it or outside it) are not willing to have it come in for direct contact. Which is quite understandable as it doesn't feel good. But in order to erase it you and they must feel it, or it won't erase. So expand your willingness and their willingness to feel what is. The Needle will continue to rise. Explosive rises may come if the material is heavy and you are totally willing to have it come in.

    The focusing and the rising needle and steady Confront is the method to penetrate the protective mechanism of the Mind. Without penetration your Solo will continue forever with superficial results only. (Superficial compared to Total Freedom.)

    If you fall asleep due to heavy unconsciousness in the pressure spot then see Unconsciousness. You have to be able to master unconsciousness otherwise you can't erase this stuff.

    Self test: Is the Needle rising while focusing? If yes, then you are on the way to contact. If no, then you are avoiding the material and you won't be able to erase anything of any importance.

    If you can't make the Needle rise or nothing happens then see Difficulties page. The key is serene Confront as long as it takes.

    Step 4, feel
    The rise will continue until you are in such close contact with the pressure spot that you have penetrated the protective barriers. The pressure spot will now begin to open up so you can feel what is there. You will now be in direct telepathic contact with the Beings there. And can feel what they feel and do. (Feel or Sense, using whatever sensory perception. But don't confuse it with recall or remembering. You want direct telepathic contact with what is, what who is doing. The point of creation in now.)

    Increase your own willingness and theirs to feel what is there. This is done by intention. And by removing your protective screens, force flows and whatever you are using to avoid this stuff. Behind your human facade you are doing a lot more than you may think. It takes a lot of hard work to keep oneself in an unknowing human state. This stuff is so easy to get in contact with. It will even present itself. The real problem is you and "your" Entities who work very hard not to know this stuff. As it is overwhelm and chaos. But the moment the Considerations are gone so is the overwhelm and chaos also gone. That part of it.

    Do not expect this stuff to make any sense at all. Just feel it as it is. If it contains infinite force then feel the infinite force. If it feels like your throat is being strangled and your head exploding then just feel that. You will find the whole battery of every somatic you may have had during sicknesses and accidents etc. This stuff will also contain infinite boredom and disinterest. Handle it to erasure, or it will handle you so you may feel disinterested and bored to do Solo and stop.

    If the pressure area feels impossible to erase then be aware it is Beings who have that feeling and are doing the pressure. Let your awareness of that encompass these Beings and they won't be able to maintain the "impossibility" for long. You can handle any barrier or stop by just knowing this principle and applying it. But it may only work if you are in good contact with the actual feeling. If you are unwilling to feel and know what is, then of course they also will be unwilling.

    If you can't penetrate the protective barrier then feel the barrier. Or more precisely the Beings creating the barrier. Feel and listen to them why they don't want it to open. Continue to focus, confront, feel and listen. Then it will open sooner or later. I won't tell you what you can find there, as it is better you don't know until you are ready for it. It will open for erasure when you are ready, and not before. Basically it will be Considerations. If you intend to get free of the endless birth and death cycle you of course have to face a few things you would rather not face. Just be sure to erase enough as you go so some of the more unpleasant automatic reactions from overwhelmed Beings, Entities, or balls of Entities won't trigger on you, out of control.

    If it does then just feel it. To erasure. Or run away like hell. Joke.

    Step 5, fall
    When you get the correct feel of what is there, what the Beings feel, what their Considerations are, what they are trying to do or not to do etc. then the Needle on the Meter will fall. At first maybe only 1 millimeter every time you spot something, later much more as you and they find out more about it.

    The downward motions of the Needle, even the tiniest ones, indicates something erased or you almost have it right. These tiny falls will show you the way even in tight areas where it may be difficult to get any erasure in the beginning. High sensitivity as necessary.

    Needle motion may be important for the Beings (Entities). When they see that they can cause physical reactions on the Needle they will realize something can be done. They see via connections to the optical nerve or know by other means. Spot those who don't want the Needle to move. If necessary. The trap is created by you and them just now in present time.

    When a Being (Entity) erases something, with a small fall on the Needle, then putting the Needle back at 'set' so it counts on the TA-counter can act as a validation to that Entity and he may be more willing to erase more. Do it if it helps. Compared to the trouble of having to do this all the time. Entities wake up when they see they can cause physical action, such as needle motion. They are not used to cause anything. Just as you who haven't been able to teleportate for a long time. A person who can't teleportate is in a terribly low state. Well, joking, although not entirely. If you could suddenly move a physical object by Thought alone you would probably wake up very fast from your human state. So may Entities when they move the Meter Needle.

    Step 6, work
    Continue to focus on the pressure spot. This will ensure the material stays activated so you can handle it. If you stop focusing on it the Beings in it may go to rest. Feels good, until they may wake up next time and bite you. It has to be erased to be a permanent solution.

    If you focus on for example a pressure spot in your belly, then don't be surprised if lots of Beings in your shoulder or head etc. comes in and blow. Just stay in telepathic contact with whatever runs best. The Needle on the Meter will move up and down much while you work through all this. Feeling what is. Listen to the Beings as necessary. Don't encourage endless talk, you want what is, not talk. Be neutral and effective in getting erasure. Find the balance that erases the most, fastest. Don't be too thorough and not too superficial, not too much talk and not too little, not too fixed on one single Being for too long and not too much shifting around to many different Beings for too short a time without getting any erasure. With experience you will find the balance that gives the most erasure in the shortest time.

    You handling the Considerations. Not the Considerations handling you. Or you sure won't get any place.

    The Free Solo Processing is very simple, what it tries to take down is highly complex. Don't let it confuse you. Keep going and stay calm.

    End your processing at a good point before you get too exhausted. But run long enough to get results. Continue the next day or as it fits you. Don't worry if you feel bad. This stuff feels bad. Live with it. Until erased.

    How to erase your own stuff and powerful Beings stuff
    It is the same 6 steps as above. The only difference is you may need more intention and awareness and steady Confront to handle. Also your tolerance for pain, force, unconsciousness, and discomfort may have to be bigger. There may be things there that a human can't confront. Then use your awareness to get what makes it like that and take it apart from outside. It will be Beings with Considerations.

    Not all of this stuff feels unpleasant. There may also be aesthetics, love etc. in it. Erase that as well as it is what glues the Entities and you to the unpleasant stuff.

    Some of the worst stuff can be "invisible" or "not there" or "can't be felt." Then it won't be felt as a pressure spot but as a nothingness. Just focus on it even if there at first seems to be nothing there. If it does not respond then you may have to increase your awareness of what is going on there. Stay absolutely calm to allow the seriousness to erase, if any.

    Whether some stuff is yours or another's may depend on Considerations or not. Willingness to be responsible regardless of "ownership" may be the point. But for practical application your own stuff could be when your space crashed in on you for whatever reasons or circumstances, such as Implants or carrying out your own goals or whatever. A part of you got trapped in a collision with someone else. You alone or both of you or more Beings may be trapped there.

    When many of the smaller Entities have been handled, you will run into far more powerful Beings connected to you. Their size may appear to be 1-2 inches, but they can be much smaller, or much bigger. You and they probably are pressing quite a lot against each other at some subconscious level. In the beginning Beings were far more powerful than they are now. So the force may be much stronger. Just feel that and it erases fairly easy. Even if it may feel ghastly while erasing.

    When you get into the real powerful stuff in Solo it may give you quite unpleasant somatics that last for days. You may cool it down by assuring the involved Entities that you will handle it soon. Do Solo daily when you are into that. Entities can get impatient when they realize freedom may be within reach. Do not Consider that the somatics are serious. As your Considerations may create reality.

    Some of the more advanced stuff can be quite scary. Such as when you suddenly erase something you thought were you and you then become more truly you. Your consciousness may shake for a few seconds during the "transformation." You may also run into what appears to be angels or their opposites. Handle to erasure as usual. For your own sake don't do anything else than getting erasure. Otherwise you may end in quite a mess.

    Don't try to telepathically Solo other Human Beings. That would be uninvited interference with someone else's right for self-determinism. But probably you can't do it anyway, even if you wanted to. In your present state.

    When you have done much Free Solo you may try to confront all pressure areas etc. all at the same time and try to have Entities do their part of the solo, the best they can. As you may not have years enough to erase all if you do it single handed. How to get some of the Entities to do their part of the soloing is up to you to feel. You may introduce the idea that they may help if they want to. A beginner should not attempt this, as one can come to feel quite sick if hundreds or more Entities do solo at the same time as you do solo.


    Solo Example

    Here is an example of Free Solo Processing. Your way could be quite different depending on what is now available for you and what kind of Considerations are active.

    You have your room, door closed not to be disturbed, table with Meter, check your hands (too dry: Cream, too humid: Wash them, Cold: Warm them), you seated in chair, Meter turned on, check battery, Tonearm at 2.0 with electrode plug out and turn trim button to get Needle at set, plug electrode in, place (warmed) electrodes in one hand and ensure good skin contact, put Meter Needle at Set-position, set Meter sensitivity high enough to see needle motion (8-16-32?), reset TA counter, write date, TA-position, Time on sheet of paper. Ready to go.

    (You do not need a Floating Needle at session start, or other Lower Level "rituals.")
    Looking with your "inner eye" or your attention into your physical body, feeling a pressure spot or area in for example the belly area. Focusing your attention and awareness strongly on the pressure spot. The Needle on the Meter begins to rise steadily as you get in closer contact.

    Your attention gets pushed away, you can't quite keep your focus on the pressure spot. Increase power to focus at spot the best you can. A rapid rise of 1/2 inch on the needle, stops as some Beings try to prevent any motion, slow rising.

    A feeling that this is not interesting. A boring feeling. Keeping focus, accepting and feeling the disinterest and boredom completely, knowing it is a communication from the Entities. Attention on pressure spot and areas nearby, knowing the feelings are Considerations held by the Beings there. Allowing the Beings there to erase their boredom Consideration, those of them who will. Some tiny energy sparks can be felt as erasure happens here and there. The feeling of boredom lessens. A few Entities goes free here and there.

    Continue focus on pressure spot. Increase awareness of being more willing to have it come in and open up, sharp pain in shoulder for 1/10 of a second, other pressure spots gets active in head and left arm, you feel fear in your space, you feel they fear your action, you feel their fear, calm, they (some of them) too feel their fear and cease partly to create it, small Fall, other Beings felt it and too cease their fear, small Fall on the needle, some of them at least, small fall, you and they feel telepathic connection, they don't quite trust you to handle this safely as it is too heavy, small Fall, you don't get into that agreement, focus stronger, explosive needle rise, whiteness in your space, needle stuck, force too strong, you are not willing enough to feel it, getting more willing, feeling their agreement of can't handle, tiny fall, you focus steady on pressure spot, you feel they are pressing heavily outside in on the pressure spot, small fall, fall, heavy unconsciousness enters your space, you accept the feelings of unconsciousness etc. completely, seeing its details and how some beings succumb to it and agree, some realizes it is not real, fall on needle, many and you realize unconsciousness is just a Consideration, the Tonearm drops from 5.8 to 5.3, rises slowly, wide attention on other beings who may try to stop the pressure spot from freeing, wide attention on other pressure spots active, long drag of dead Beings having the Consideration they can't wake up (small Fall), feels impossible to revive them, accepting the feeling that that is what they feel, they feel that you feel their feelings, they feel hope, unconsciousness weakens, Tone arm drops from 5,5 to 4,5, lots of particles and beings flow out in a continuous stream, much Tone Arm action up and down as you continue to work with it. Heavy pressures and burning sensations, letting it blow, much TA action. Ta down at 3,3, one hour gone. Ending. (It doesn't matter if you have a Floating Needle or not at session end. Preferably the TA should be below 4.0, but not below 2.0. If it isn't then don't mind.)

    Writing down Time, TA position, TA counter, End of Session. Close Meter. Out in real life again.

    Just an example. Some processing may produce 20-40 divisions of TA action in one hour, some only 3-10, occasionally 0,1 div in 20-30 minutes until it opens. Don't give up. Sometimes (or often) it feels very hard, just feel that feeling and it ceases slowly. Conditions that has persisted for billions of years may require a bit of time and work to recover. If it was easy it would have been solved long ago. If you don't handle it now, it will kill you again one day.

    Your case may be different. If there doesn't seem to be anything then you may have to spot Considerations about "there is nothing here" etc. Unless there really is nothing. That is easy to find out: If cutting your leg off hurts then there sure is something there. At Total Freedom there is no pain.

    Too heavy. If you in Solo get in contact with pains, or whatever, so strong that you can't possibly endure it, then do not enter it. Stay outside it and pull all the available Considerations out of it.

    It is done by confronting it from outside and you will then notice you get thoughts or whatever from it. If you receive those thoughts as facts then nothing will erase. But if you receive those thoughts as Considerations from Entities then you will get erasure. As you know an Entity is able to erase his Considerations quite easy. If you know then the Entity will come to know, resulting in erasure.

    If you continue to pull Entity Considerations out of that stuff like that for as long as it takes, it will probably at some point fall apart so you can enter it safely. Do not enter it too early or your physical body could be hurt. But enter it or get in close contact with it when you can as that erases it much faster than being outside.

    Solo processing is at your own risk. Don't put yourself into more than you can handle. With erasure you get stronger and can then handle more and more. Safely.
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    Much thanks, Paul.
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    Thanks Paul!
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    I'm curious Paul. What if someone or some Members of the Cult of Hubbard are doing this to me?... What do you recommend I look at and or study as a recourse...?

    I realize that it may take some alterations to to this to another person....but what if they don't know that they are? Or even if they do know....?
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    Dunno. I didn't write it. I haven't even read the whole thing closely. Never done it. My entire contribution here has been as an archivist.