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Freewinds Flailing

Discussion in 'Mike Rinders Blog' started by RSS Feed, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Freewinds Flailing

    The Freewinds will be empty again by tomorrow. Dear Leader’s annual scuba diving holiday Maiden Voyage celebrations have come to an end and everyone is heading home with their new “OT Ambassador” orders (which are the same as last year — collect money for Ideal Orgs and IAS). The “OT Base” that sails “off the[.......]

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  2. Xenu Xenu Xenu

    Xenu Xenu Xenu Patron Meritorious

    Considering Scientology is all about the peer pressure, this makes me laugh. Not one person in that cult seems to pick up on that. The blindness runs deep.
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  3. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Scientology is all about being totally obedient to the peer pressure of Scientology, AND NO OTHER "OUTSIDE INFLUENCES".
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  4. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    That peer pressure is still a huge factor on the message board as even as ex's those programmed by the cult still dramatize a somewhat scaled down version of HCO All Call siege mentality and single out and ostracize those outliers who don't share their perspectives which are the basis for their bonding's with those they come here to socialize with while rigidly excluding those who don't walk their walk or talk their talk. Challenge one of their self anointed/appointed opinion leaders and you'll hear nary a squeak from the pack no matter what you post. But you learn not to expect anything else.
    Yah you Huh? & Lol, dramatize theat toxic programing.
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