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From Clear to Eternity and Back

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Empress, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Empress

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    By The Empress
    It is with great joy that I impart to you the following:
    Back in 1948 I realized that my Reactive Mind(R) was so great and vast that there was no way I could possibly run it out myself (it's true that bigger beings have bigger banks). So, knowing that I did have to handle it one way or another, I embarked on a 30-year course of examining it, plotting it and assigning it scientific names like R6, OT III, NOTs, and generally blazing the trail that you have come to know as the bridge.
    I am happy to report that as of August 31, 1987, with the vast number of people that have walked that bridge, my goal is achieved. I am Clear at last!
    It is only appropriate that I take the opportunity to thank the many of you who ran my bank for me. God knows it wasn't easy. Many of you complained about incidents seeming to be "unreal" or "so much science fiction," not to mention the price. And then again, many people reported great wins from running my bank. I must admit I do feel a pang of guilt about those people, but believe me the end result was worth all the guilt in the universe!
    For those of you who feel betrayed, you've no one to blame but yourselves. Did you really think that Total Freedom(TM) was so easily achieved that you could just get on an assembly line and come out at the other end a shiny new being? To you I say, find your own damn bank to run!
    But realistically, I know there will always be those of you who insist on ascribing embarrassingly noble intentions to my all past activities, running the "standard" bridge, and trusting people who say things like "life is a game." So in consideration of all of you I will be releasing from time to time higher levels. These higher levels will of course have nothing to do with you, or me for that matter, but they will be first rate science fiction, that I can promise. In fact, if you liked OT3 I am sure you will love OT8!