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Featured From Miss X - About Annie Broeker

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Lulu Belle, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Reposted with permission.

    Annie told me a lot of stories while we worked around the clock on the never ending Gold org board/postings when I was WDC Gold and she was CO CMO Gold in 1999/2000.

    Just a few random things I can remember is that she and LRH lived at the Creston ranch in San Luis Obispo -- LRH lived there under some other identity and the locals were told that Annie was his grand daughter, living with him to take care of him. She said she used to do all his haircuts, type up all his dictations (Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth included), he C/Sed her every day on OT III when she was on that level. He took himself in session all the time. He told her wild stories about math and how to figure out certain things about the universe with math (I must admit I didn't retain anything she told me about that -- too complex for a 3am conversation at the time).

    For a very long period, she drove him around the US in a huge RV - they were always on the road, just the two of them and whatever pets they had. She said it was stressful as she had to deal with driving, meals, laundry, directions, where to park/stay, security, mailpack pickup/deliveries. He was in the back dictating the books and replies to traffic, etc., which she had to type too. She wasn't complaining, just saying that it was wild times with a lot of adventures and interesting keeping up with everything.

    Several years earlier, Annie and I also did the RPF together when she was busted as "Loyal Officer". Pat I guess was kicked out of the SO and she was sent to the Int RPF and divorced him. She told me a few times that she couldn't believe she married such a nut. (I knew nothing about Pat and didn't ask her why she felt that way).

    I know she blew at one point when her next husband Jim Logan left. She tried to go after him. She told me that Marty Rathbun at the time flew out and caught her at the airport and escorted her back to Happy Valley ranch near the Int base, where she did MEST work for the next few years and re-read all the books while isolated from the rest of the crew, under watch full time by Mike Sutter. She said she finally came through that and realized Logan was also a nut so she decided she's never getting married again and would rather do photography (her sideline passion) as it's creative and the 2nd dynamic is really creativity.

    I know she was very aware that things were way off the rails at Int and how the organization was falling apart (being destroyed).

    I hope to meet up with her again some day.
  2. Hey Annie . . .

    Great data - awesome. It would be fantastic for Annie to turn up. Ideally I'd love to see her write up her experiences and history. I am sure it would be an utterly fascinating read. Love to hear it straight from her. The only real data on her or from her I ever read were depositions, but by their nature they tend to of course slant things a particular way. And where her reality was at at that time vs. 20 years later - well, I am sure it may be a bit changed. It was always unclear to me given the data I had access to how much of the events involving them were Pat and what exactly her involvement was, etc. Sure would be a fun read. Perhaps she will surface again some day. I had absolutely NO IDEA she was still in the SO until so recent - wow. What a trip.

    Annie, if you ever find this board - we sure would LOVE to hear from you ! !

    (Hell, she could be here already :) )

  3. Ralph Hilton

    Ralph Hilton Patron Meritorious

    Thanks for posting this. It rather dispels the myth of LRH as a vegetable under the total control of DM.
  4. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    the real story of Jim Logan and Annie Tidman

    My name is Jim Logan, the one referred to as the husband of Annie Tidman in this posting. I have waited 15 years to relate the actual events of Annie and I being forced to get a divorce and the subsequent events to my being offloaded from the Int Base and what actually transpired prior to and following Annie attempting to re-unite with me. It is a long story. I will relate salient events.
    The facts are, I was summarily declared and removed from the Base in October of 1992. Two weeks later Annie called me on the phone and said she wanted to come and be with me. I was in the process of requesting a Comm Ev on the declare and said I would inform the IJC I would put it (the comm ev) on hold. She told me not to tell him anything. I agreed and we planned that she would route out and thence come. For the next several weeks we were in regular communication. How? Subterfuge. The plan to route out was being thwarted by Mike Sutter and was not going as we planned. She called and we arranged to have a flight payed for and when she completed the routing out she would take a plane from the Ontario airport and I would pick her up. As the cycle went, she called me one morning from the airport and she had blown. I arranged to meet her in Bangor Maine. When I arrived I was told the plane had been laid over in Boston and the passengers were put in hotels. I was told she would be on the next morning flight. When it arrived she wasn't on it. I flew to Boston and she was gone. On a hunch I called Gold and within about an hour the call was returned and it was Mike Sutter. He told me Annie was back there and that the whole thing was over. I broke down right there in the Boston airport, completely overwhelmed with grief and utter desperation. I felt I had been completely screwed and now not only did I have an SP declare, but I knew I had little chance to ever reunite with someone I loved deeply. In this conversation with Mike Sutter I told him it was Annie who originated the phone calls to me. He perked up at that and wanted to know more and I sensed the smallest opening at salvaging the cycle. He told me he would review my cycle and be in touch.

    I was called on the phone within a week or two by Mike Sutter and told that I had to write a KR on Annie and tell him anything and everything she had told me about anyone from the day we met. This would lead to a chance at having my declare cycle reviewed.

    I spent long hours and days writing this KR and ended up so enturbulated and degraded I could not bring myself to continue it.

    Another phone call from Marty Rathbun informed that if I did not write the KR I "would be doing A-E back to the stone age" and I would do it "50,000 times" if I omitted anything.

    I tried again to complete it. In the end, I wrote them both and told them this was bullshit and I told them if they wanted to know what Annie told me they could ask her. I wanted no part of this and I loved and respected this person. Besides, why would they want the testimony of a declared SP against a staff member in good standing?

    My father told me not to sell my soul for a mass of pottage. Sage advice.

    He also told me to wait until Christmas and I may get some comm from her. I agreed and waited. During the wait I studied the PDC tapes and from these formulated a new plan. I would play the ser facs of Mike and Marty and get through this. One major obstacle was that I was given a freeloader bill of over $350,000. Unbeknownst to me was that the policy on cancelling the bill every 5 years was now cancelled and so I was buried with an incomprehensible bill and slim if any chance of ever seeing my love again. On top of that, if Annie blew and was declared then with her years her bill would be astronomical. We never planned on being out of Scientology and that would have been the case. I had no way of speaking with her so I had to do something to get her to NOT route out as I did not want her to be out of Scientology. My lines were cut so I decided that I would agree with Mike and Marty and made a test call to the Base. I told them that Annie had said that LRH never intended that Scientology be taken over or run by any single person but had set up checks and balances to ensure that if ever one person did try to take over they could be handled. She expressed clearly that what was occurring at the behest of David Miscavige was "insane". I received a phone call from Marty Rathbun the morning of Christmas 1992 wherein the above threat was given me and I proceeded to write up a facutal KR, not the sandbag one, but the actual statements made that described the outpoints we had both observed and made it on the both of us. I also made it derogatory so that Annie would read it and not route out. I planned and executed the most disgusting and despicable writings I have ever made with the intention of eventually disclosing to Annie that it was to play this out to get to see her and apologize.

    I received a letter from her in February which was her doubt announcement telling me she was not coming. My plan had succeeded. I spent the next dozen years trying to finish A-E and eventually did, however I was not restored to good standing and now am deadfiled with no comm line to resolve this.

    The facts (some of them anyway) are Annie and I were very much in love and following an abortion and a miscarriage and what we thought was a third pregnancy we decided to route out and be public and get trained and raise a family. She was tired of what was going on and simply wanted to get trained as this was what LRH had told her to do and be with me and just get on with the Bridge. This was not allowed. The sheer fear of her by David Miscavige precluded it.

    I am still an avid and now well versed Scientologist having read this subject from the beginning. The simple fact is, the only road to enlightenment is a truthful one. The alter-is of what occurred on this cycle is something blocking that road.

    Now, since I'm out here, fire away with what questions you have and I'll put the truth on the line.
  5. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist


    If you were a long-timer, the last thing that I read about Pat Broeker was that he was out and was living on the street. I found this hard to believe. Would you be willling to fill-in the story as you see it? Did you know anything about this?
  6. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Jim Logan

    I do not know anything about Pat's current situation. Annie was somewhat vague and reticent about what had occurred with him and had out-ruds about it. We only spoke briefly on the subject as it was my intention to make our relationship safe for her and move on. I have some data but at this juncture it would be inflammatory more than anything I think. Suffice it to say that there was some out-ethics on Pat's part that weakened his position envisioned by LRH in terms of legacy. This, in my estimation made him vulnerable to what occurred in his removal.
  7. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Jim Logan

    Dear 'Guy',
    Make no mistake about it; LRH never intended that there be a single post, COB or otherwise, that had total control or authority over Scientology. He didn't know anything about the post of COB, and never approved it. He posted Annie as the IG, the head of RTC, and she was removed, illegally by DM. Pat's role as envisioned by LRH was terminated by DM and subsequently David assumed control of the OT materials. David's purported rationale, announced at the SO day event at Int in 1991, was that Pat had intended to determine who could and couldn't do the bequeathed OT materials. This is now what DM decides.
  8. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Hey Jim, good to see you here.

    When I was in the SO, about the biggest mystery to me was over what was purported to be LRH's final message to everyone, dated 19 January 1986 and issued as Flag Order 3879, "The Sea Org & The Future." This was later declared by DM a forgery. How true to LRH's intentions was it? Were the "Loyal Officer" promotions for Annie and Pat genuine; Pat's embellishment of LRH's original intention, or what?

  9. Little Bear Victor

    Little Bear Victor Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hello Jim,

    Very glad to see you here. We really appreciate any information you can give as to what happened behind the scenes at that time.

    I will have to mention here that, having talked to many an oldtimer now out of the SO, one for one they have told me that the SO was much better when LRH was running the show versus when DM took over. Like about night and day. While the things that DM is using to make the place uninhabitable often have some relation to LRH policies or advices, he has taken the art of subordinating the subordinate to whole new levels. DM's favorite pastime is inventing SPs. LRH set the percentage of SPs at 2.5, DM has reversed the figures with the percentages of SPs at 97.5. It must've been math that he failed that caused him to drop out of high school.

    Having spent 20 years in, most of them in the SO at the Int Base, I'm no longer a Scientologist myself, but neither do I see it as great problem if someone wants to practice it, on their own determinism. Only when the support undeservedly extends to defending what the Church of David Miscavige is doing, I take offense, in the name of human rights.

    But welcome to ESMB, we talk openly both against and for Scientology. As EX-Scientologist message board the emphasis is naturally on "against," but far from only so.

    I guess you have read enough to have seen that already.

  10. Little Bear Victor

    Little Bear Victor Silver Meritorious Patron

    Oh, I meant to say a few words about what Annie is doing these days.

    Yes, for a long time she was concentrating on her new interest to replace all things familial, working in F&E (LRH Film and Equipment, then part of CMO Gold, now in Gold). That's where I got to know her. She certainly was not one happy camper to say the least, but perhaps photography helped her retain her sanity.

    She later rose back to the post of CO CMO Gold, which is what Miss X was reminiscing about, and most of her time went into meetings on Base Org board and Gold space planning that was a hot item at the time.

    Upon the disbandment of CMO Gold, she went to CMO Int Ops Bureau, which is the last place I know she was (and quite possibly still is), "apprenticing" for the post of Audio Div Programs Ops for Gold -- Apprenticing in quote marks as there was no execs nor much anyone else on post in CMOI by that time and no one apprenticing her that I know of, unless she was getting direct orders from DM and that was considered an "apprenticeship."

    All in all, she has been in the "good books" the last 20 years, so at least that part of your postulate has stuck. But happy; no that she has not been, sorry to say. She has always expressed outwardly what, to me, has seemed like a built-in, over a long period, disappointment and hardness. People closer to her can probably tell of her more sociable qualities better. Nevertheless, she has mellowed down observably since the disbandment of CMO Gold and her move off an exec position and has been much more friendly and open, in my view, after that. Again, I cannot say I knew her well, mostly casually and almost always in a post situation.

    She is one of the very few people likely to stay in the SO "for the duration." The main question really then is what the duration of the SO will be.

  11. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Jim Logan

    Thank you for the welcome. I'll answer some of what you ask here and the rest in subsequent postings. The SO was different when LRH was there. It had an elan that was unmistakable. Mind you, there were all sorts of earlier similar rough things and in its formative years under LRH there were trying circumstances aplenty. Nevertheless, there was a permeating presence of this man that was positive despite what did occur that was unpleasant to say the least. It was an adventure in every sense and to this day my life as a Scientologist has never lacked a good adventure. I've been beaten to shit, repeatedly, finally coming to the conclusion that that is part of living and all part of travelling a very difficult road to awareness and an ability to find myself able to love despite all provocation otherwise. AND, to enjoy the hell out of living.

    I am chary of disparaging others as it has never served me any good result. I will say this, what I have seen of the actions taken in heavy ethics and such are utterly in violation of the basics of Scientology ethics, to wit, reason. The Class VIII tape on Ethics and the C/S give a much different 'tune' to the whole subject. The Guardian's Office tape that says too much justice is leveled at staff and too many declares. These are the reality of what is supposed to be there. It's all over the references. In fact, it is a quote from the Data Series, paraphrased as, it is odd but all of the 'facts' you protestor ridicule or growl about are all one or another of the outpoints, that covers all this nonsense. Plain and simple, it just doesn't work and in that alone it belies the man's intention.

    As to the SP declares and factual numbers, it is a contrary fact and doesn't make sense with the premises established in the body of work. In addition, no matter what the case state, including that known as "SP", if this work is valid, and I haven't seen it fail any test I've made of it, then SP is nothing more than something handled by the material. It isn't complicated, and follows the above Class VIII tape, that if you wrongly assign a condition then the being will drop to one below where he actually is and eventually, failing rectification, will slide down the scale and maybe end up doing SP acts, that any being will do under enormous duress. Bluntly, of course all these people are not actual SPs. To say so is mere invalidation of the material's workability.Some have missed the points of the road that need to be attained and ended up somewhere they didn't know. It's covered. Declaring people SP and making it impossible to handle is itself suppressive, as it denys the means to handle this case. The entire purpose of the ethics of Scientology is what it is stated to be, simply that additional tool to get the technology applied. Used as punishment only, it doesn't only not work but creates hardened out-ethics. It's covered.

    I guess it comes down to this; one must himself travel the route and discover what is true and what makes sense and in the process redefine and reevaluate and keep on reading and learning and striving for the end. At some point you will recover your ability to see what is in front of your face and if that is a bunch of nonsense, like so much of what you are looking at, then you will regain the ability to know it is and be able to thence permeate it enough and learn enough to effectively handle it.

    More later, Jim
  12. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader


  13. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Jim Logan

    Dear Paul (dulloldfart),
    As to the issue and the unanswered questions I am afraid I cannot resolve these fully. This was one area that Annie had out-ruds on and I never pushed her to tell me about it in any great detail. I do know that LRH intended a definite role for Pat and he intended Annie to be the IG as the senior post in RTC. The role for Pat at least included responsibility for the handling of the notes left on the OT levels, amongst a list of cycles LRH wanted done and which DM took over. Annie did not know about the issue as a forgery or otherwise before it came out to the best of my knowledge. However, from what I did ask her, albeit it very little, and from other comm cycles with her, it is my considered opinion that LRH intended to leave these two persons at the top of the org boards of Scientology. That they, neither one, were able to carry out that intention at that time is something else. The game ain't over yet though. Annie, I know, Pat, I don't and Annie is a very sharp cookie. Jim
  14. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Thanks, Jim.

  15. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Jim Logan

    Thank you very much Victor for the above.
  16. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Dear Jim,

    First of all, welcome to ESMB. And thank you for telling your stories.

    And while it is a typical one, it is also very sad. Many families and relationships have been broken up by Scientology.

    I was curious how you got declared? (I too am currently declared, for out 2D) Did you pay the entire freeloader bill of 350K? Just curious...
  17. Little Bear Victor

    Little Bear Victor Silver Meritorious Patron

    Jim, you're welcome. She did, by the way, stay a fairly close friend of Shelly Miscavige's all the way up to Shelly's disappearance.
  18. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Dear Bea Kiddo,
    Thanks. I want to clear something up. Scientology did not break up my marriage. It was broken up by persons, and not acting according to the tenets of Scientology.

    As to the mechanics of my declare it was 'typical' so to speak. At this point, I have more or less cleared up any upset about that particular thing and it's sort of beating a dead horse to go over it. Not trying to be curt about it either but it is water under the bridge.

    I did not pay the entire $350,000. How I managed that with what I knew then was a stroke. The subject of Freeloader Bill, as I clearly understand it now, is not well known and is one area, another being disconnection, that needs a thorough straightening, with the handwritten LRH manuscripts for the policy and bulletins germane. If, and I say this advisedly, there are any so-called advices, that stated clearly to do such and such to revise these issues, then they too will able to be verified as authentic. He was quite clear on what he wanted and would have made it abundantly clear if he issued some advice that this was to be policy as opposed to an expirable advice. The simple fact that a freeloader actually freeloads and somebody who did work and exchange doesn't is amply covered in factual LRH policy. Look at Production and One's Standard of Living to see the policy on work and the money exchange owed by the group. It is ridiculous to think that LRH was up for a money grab on hapless workers. Again, this area is ripe for a searching review. I know this much, if it doesn't make sense then it ain't what this is all about.

    May I say this and hopefully neither tell what you should think or stomp on your present reality; it is a fact, not because somebody says so but by the nature of things, that we are able to assume a viewpoint and actuality of being causitive for our circumstances. If this were not the case then we are merely victims, unfortunate matter packages blown around by the Big Bang. This fact is verifiable by factually applied scientific method. It is reproducable in a laboratory. It can be sensed measured and most of all experienced. We do things to each other that aren't nice. We don't carry on well in a lot of ways thereafter. Karma is a term bandied about, not fully understood as an experience, yet encompassing the idea of a time track whereon lie the memories of action and as little matter, energy thingies, seek to follow the 'laws' of matter energy things. They have polarities, these interact and what do you know, balance, unbalance and float about. They can be transcended so to speak and be gone and one can be outside the influence. That is the idea of higher awareness. They cannot be ignored, they can be understood and thus vanquished.

    Any being in this time stream is in it. Seems obvious enough. As such, best understand what one is sitting in and from there one can set about doing something about it. For oneself and ones symbiotes. That is why I began my actions in Scientology and why I continue. It may sound trite, but what is past is past, you are alive today and tomorrow can be your call. It may also seem simplistic but one cannot reach truth by lying. The premise that Scientology sits on is that the Static is ulitmate truth and alteration of things is antipathetic to that basic is. Succinctly, there have been and will undoubtedly be in the future, injustices and foul actions, all around. They are there and denying them doesn't make them go away, truth does. That's you and I. Jim
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2007
  19. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    I'm sure Annie did stay or get close to Shelley. We were good friends with Clarisse, Shelley's sister as well. Clarisse is one of my favorite people and routinely cracked me up. I am of course interested in this claim of disappearance of Michelle. I'm fascinated to find so many of us still so interested in how things are going back at Int. It is a testament to our tenacity I think. Won't give up till she's done. What actual facts surround this missing?
  20. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan Patron

    Only when the support undeservedly extends to defending what the Church of David Miscavige is doing, I take offense, in the name of human rights.

    As to the above, the Scientology ethics code states: Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law, is a high crime. Seems to me, and check policy yourself and fully understand it, that if one has followed all within org avenues to right a wrong and exhausted these, then one can make a case. Scientology is subject to the law and that includes the laws of fair trade, trademarks, service marks and so on. That means that under the Supreme Court's rulings, no body can fuck with this subject and 'hide under the cloak of religion' for any crimes. The path to correction of any actual violation of human rights is 'hairline' in some cases but it is there in Scientology policy written by LRH. In other words, any human rights violations, duly evidenced and with all within org avenues exhausted may be the province of the law of the land as that additional tool necessary to get the tech applied. Again, it's a hairline to follow and come out with your hands clean. Jim