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Gerry Armstrong Interview on Underground Bunker

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Churchill, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Gerry Armstrong's full "Secret Lives" interview is at

    Absolutely compelling.
  2. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes, this is another Must-See!

    Gerry will take his rightful place in history as being absolutely instrumental in taking down this Cult.
  3. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Re: Gerry Armstrong Interview on Underground Bunker, plus the other interviews

    These are the full interviews from which the 'Secret Lives' interviews were edited.







    The 1997 'Secret Lives' program:

  4. betskand

    betskand Patron with Honors

    Re: Gerry Armstrong Interview on Underground Bunker, plus the other interviews

  5. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Re: Gerry Armstrong Interview on Underground Bunker, plus the other interviews

    Reviewed the Armstrong and Dincalci "full" interviews and it appears that these do not include some of the material found in the 'Secret Lives' interviews. As I recall, in the 'Secret Lives' interview, Gerry Armstrong described the 1938 'Excalibur' manuscript and that description is absent from the "full" interview. Also, in the 'Secret Lives' interview, Jim Dincalci described Hubbard the movie director, and that description is absent from the "full" Dincalci interview.

    So, there's more.

    If anyone wants to see the other parts, recommend watching the 1997 'Secret Lives' program, which is the bottom video, posted earlier.
  6. Techless

    Techless Patron Meritorious

    I totally agree that these vids are and can be a MAJOR turning point. I also am saddened by looking at the YT 'watched' stats, and wonder just how small the whole concern is.

    It's funny, and for only cosmic reasons I can't explain, it was only just yesterday that I did one of my 'drop out of life/get off the radar, even from myself - sorta days, that I then went BIG time into the whole Gerry/Armstrong Op website to read through as much as I could. All the frame-up videos, etc. Am still reeling through it all -and then wake up to find the whole thing brought up again on the Bunker.

    Sorta typical in my life of constant strange...

    But DO take some time and put your eyes and mind on these vids!

    Still cannot totally ascertain the "Rinder/Rathbun/Armstrong" lack of transparency issue which lingers, the 'get over it sorta thing' that I would think that any 'real' exes would be able to do. I completely suspect the reasons for it not happening are down into the very basic and built into the human dna kind of thing, that is the reason behind and what may be preventing such. It seems to be a huge thing though, that so MANY need to see happen.

    I do hope that it happens soon.

    Beyond that: I cannot shake my head in shame long enough, to ever understand why the whole scn thing is STILL in existence?!?! But many others nightmares are also still existing.

    Seems too easy to hide behind the absolute frailties of human endeavor, or make it work for one to capitalize - whatever.

    Watch the Videos!!
  7. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    Having known and personally interacted with Armstrong and Dincalci on the Apollo I cannot overstate or emphasize enough just how completely credible everything is that they say in these interviews. :yes:

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2015
  8. prosecco

    prosecco Patron Meritorious

    Not sure I understand your point about lack of transparency.

    But far from believing Hubbard's notion of, 'the mind's protection,' I do believe that people will absorb information when it makes sense to them. All the information about Hubbard, the abuses, the evidence of scientology being attributed to other sources, would not have made any difference to me if I wasn't in a frame of mind to listen and evaluate.
  9. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Gerry made himself the pointy end of the spear at the cult at a time when that meant enormous personal danger.

    He will forever have my admiration for his honesty and bravery.

    I would never have been able to do a 1/10th of what I've done to fight the cult if it hadn't been for people like Gerry who took on the GO/OSA when it had few public enemies and a large budget.

    These days they're a bunch of under-funded pathetic losers who still tap phones and track folk who criticise them but really have no "fear power" any more. Incompetent idiots who regularly get sacrificed to the RPF by their even stupider seniors.

    Thanks in no small part to Gerry who took the blows early on.

    Without Gerry's input, Hubbard would still have some "mystique" surrounding Hisself, rather than being rightly known as the fat buffoon who carelessly and with malice aforethought ruined so many lives.

    Many, many thanks to you, Mr. Armstrong. You deserve much better than you have gotten.
  10. if someone reads ONLY the critical material one might think the demise of scientology to be inevitable


    (in this crazy old hippie's most humble opinion)

    even if ninety percent of hubbard's VOLUMINOUS work is vulnerable to being dismissed as horsecrap that still would leave ten percent that is solid, sound, seminal and POTENT!!!
  11. on the one hand OSA etc is too weak to do much about critics


    this also means they are too weak to significantly suppress the grassroots movement which has always been the true heart and soul of the subject...
  12. L Ron Hubbard

    L Ron Hubbard Patron


    Commander Birdsong, this is Source getting in theta comm with you from Target ll. Please duplicate the following message. There is no need to defend me here, I can speak for myself. I was a lying thief stealing peoples minds and lives for money. I was a shameless hustler with no conscience. Scientology is a for-profit hoax.

    Mr. Armstrong is telling the truth.

    By the way, can I bum a Kool cigarette from you? I want to have a smoke before the attendants here at Target ll with their straight jacket find me again.
  13. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Which 10%?
  14. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    Even Marty finally stated that, more or less:

    "In plain English, here are scientology’s core religious beliefs.
    1. Scientology’s sophisticated mix of pop psychology and hypnotism are firmly believed to be the only workable ‘technology’ for curing mental issues, neurosis, psychosis, physical disease, increasing awareness and intelligence, and for creating OT’s (operating thetans, L. Ron Hubbard’s version of Nietzsche’s superman or Aleister Crowley’s magician).Note: Scientology is at first presented in secular, scientific terms promising and then false reporting 100% workability. In fact scientology never achieved even the scientifically recognized 20 to 30 percent placebo effect in terms of long-term satisfaction. In order to explain away that discrepancy the less-than-placebo percentage who stick with it are led to adopt the remaining listed beliefs. The ‘technology’ evolved being carefully designed and administered so as to lead scientologists to wholeheartedly accept and live according to these beliefs."
  15. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    CB is the 10% placebo. :yes:
  16. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    I don't actually know Gerry, and I was lightyears from the center of action that he experienced, but on the couple of occasions when our paths have crossed he has seemed lika a nice and funny guy. It's pretty amazing to go through all that and still remain human. This goes for many other ex'es and critics as well.
  17. Techless

    Techless Patron Meritorious

    What I meant, and after having read through tons-o-docs on Gerry's site, it seems that M + M could (and probably should) speak some words, to thoroughly exonerate Gerry - give him a huge relief after all the character defamation. Yet there is still this bad blood thing going on.

    Waz that all about?
  18. Peter Soderqvist

    Peter Soderqvist Patron with Honors

    Soderqvist1: but the point is that Scientology doesn't have any solid, sound, seminal and POTENT Result
  19. it's more than ten percent...

    95% of everything on the checksheets i did up to CLIV HGDS was at least okay and most of it much better than okay
  20. speak for yourself

    i just spent three years engineering the trickiest trick shot i ever attempted in super bowl 49