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Glee thread

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by The Oracle, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Here's what I think:

    When someone on a forum really dislikes someone else for whatever reason- they tend to look for ways to express it. Some of them will go after women with chauvinist and nasty name calling, etc...but these are people who will "motivate against" anyone they don't like- male, female, hermaphrodite.

    I can think of numerous comments about female contributors that were made by various people- really over the top stuff- but those people were exceedingly nasty to male forum members, too.

    I think it's a motivator thing. There are people who, if you piss them off, will always be nasty but if you happen to be black or hispanic or Asian or handicapped or Jewish or WHATEVER- then a reference to that will figure in their commentary. It's nasty, it's unsavory, but I think that if one encounters one of those people who are mad at a woman and are spouting off, what one takes for misogynism could well be misanthropy.
  2. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Where has all the glee gone?
  3. ExScnDude

    ExScnDude Patron with Honors

    I remember back in the early '70s being at the monthly magazine all-hands stuff-a-thon.

    After working a 14 hour day, all the staff would get together about 10:30 PM and stuff the mag with inserts until like 3:30 AM or so.

    About 12:30, people would start laughing at anything even remotely funny!

    The thought "I just can't believe I'm here doing this." would be expressed in various ways and we'd all be laughing our asses off for hours.

    Slave humor.

  4. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    P.S. For whatever it means, I know Doc thought a lot of you Patty. Whenever you called his office, he would drop everything to pick up the telephone.
  5. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well Honey,

    They sure have gone after you.

    And they still haven't made you dissapear.
  6. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Maybe other women who have not had the misfortune to personally experience a misogynistic man don't "get it".

    I do.

    And I totally understand where you are coming from.

    And I agree with you.

    There are men who just can't stand the fact that a woman who is stronger than them, smarter than them, and better than them, exist.

    Believe me.

    I know.
  7. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    "There are men who just can't stand the fact that a woman who is stronger than them, smarter than them, and better than them, exist".

    Until they are looking for a Mommy.

    Then they are really grateful they have someone around who can get to the laundry room and back.

    Until they hit about eight.

    Then, for some wierd reason I still haven't figured out, they become additional husbands.

    Not all men, just the ones who can't grant altitude.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2007
  8. Pooks


    Ohhhhhhhhh. You are mistaking me for my very close friend Patty O'Neill.
    She and Doc were good friends.

    Patty O'Neill no longer talks to me. She's not allowed to since I've been declared.

  9. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Tribute to Lefcardio

    Lafcadio, upon relocating to Japan to teach, taught the men and women of Japan to grant altitude to women. He changed society for women (and therefore men) in Japan.

    If you haven't heard of him or read anything written by him, you've been cheated out of a rare delight.
  10. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    I am pretty certain I am not mistaking you for Patty O'Neill unless you mean to say you never called Doc's office.
  11. Pooks


    I may have called him once, way back in the 80's. I visited Trod Nossel
    Studios one time, also in the 80's and then saw him at Flag in the 90's.


  12. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    Who is Doc?

  13. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Watch out, Vinaire!

    You're in the Glee Thread!!!

    You might go into GLEE!!!!!
  14. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    He did say your name. I remember. Because of your last name not because of your first.

    Anyway, he really had it going on for a man in his 60's and 70's.
    Kind of makes you wonder what's up with guys that loose confidence in thier later years.

    Sorry about Patty O'Neill.

    She's probably sorry too.

    She's probably still very much your friend even if she isn't talking to you.
  15. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    He was a Scientologist, OT lV.

    Don't try to understand what his 2D status was, I think they are still trying to agree who to name as his partner, is was vague and confusing.

    "For instance, there have been many misprints regarding his marital status".

    Kind of tells you things weren't all that clear on his second dynamic even if he was on the first.
  16. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Hi, TI,

    Yeah, several people have tried to make me stop posting on various forums or have tried to censor what I am saying.

    You can see how well it worked. :D

    To TI and Lulubelle...

    It's not that I think there's no such thing as misogyny, I just think that sometimes misanthropy can be mistaken for misogyny...
  17. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa


    When you are a slave, you just have to laugh!

    "Computers doing invoices, suddenly just go berserk.
    You've got to make it go right!
    Baby, that is the way!
    Ooo, Woo, make it go right!"
  18. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    One entry found for misogyny.

    Main Entry: mi·sog·y·ny
    Pronunciation: m&-'sä-j&-nE
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Greek misogynia, from misein to hate + gynE woman
    : a hatred of women


    One entry found for misanthropy.

    Main Entry: mis·an·thro·py
    Pronunciation: mi-'san(t)-thr&-pE
    Function: noun
    : a hatred or distrust of humankind
  19. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Great web page. If you click "media" , then click on the record player you can hear her music.

    "Come away with me" you've heard on the radio I'm sure. It was a top single.
  20. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    I find that modern "equality" has corrupted itself because the pendulum has swung too far (a common problem with any social "force"). At the movies when a woman slaps a man I'm one of the first heard calling "Slap the bitch back!" although out in the real world I don't advocate any form of violence.

    That includes behavior on a forum. Unless someone's name makes it 100% obvious, I take a Unisex approach to other members and only dish it out when the other has already done so.

    On this forum people seem mostly polite and while there are obviously some disputes going on behind the words I have no reason to take sides or become involved.

    In fact, I congratulate people on staying cool-headed and civil toward each other.