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Gold Base Staff no longer exempt from Jury Duty (merged thread)

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by AnonOrange, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Stat

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  2. Arthur Dent

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    Wow, go AO!!!!

    That is fantastic work! These are truly "good works."
    Surely there should be a movie about Int Base with AO as the hero.
    Great to know Riverside is waking up! How wonderful!

    They will probably implement the buddy system for jury duty. Or send three at a time to make sure. Or four. Or more!! :omg: You can believe they will do something to show their paranoia.

    David Miscavige, int base isn't yours anymore! You are losing control! Brick by brick....

    The sad part is that the jurors from int won't know how to think. But what they will learn will be amazing. Actual justice procedures, that it's ok for the common man to have a thought and to judge something, that it's ok to have a point of view and not get in trouble for it and that even defendants are treated with respect. They will learn that people can be held accountable for actual crimes and that they are not criminals as they have been told at the base. They may make a friend on the outside. This has great possibilities!!
  3. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    It depends on the jurisdiction. I went to jury duty a year or two ago and they gave us lunch vouchers good at several local places. And I wasn't even picked for a jury, just was sitting around waiting to be picked.

    That's another thing: when jurors report to the courthouse for jury duty, they are taken to a room to hang out until called. Most jurisdictions take prevention of jury tampering very seriously. No Gold "minders" will be allowed in the jury lounge. The SO guys may have orders to not talk to anybody and just sit and read a book, they might get coaching on how to avoid being picked for a jury, but they will be out of Gold and free to take the opportunity to escape if they choose.
  4. been there

    been there Patron

    What could prove to be REALLY interesting is Miscavige on Jury Duty. It's been my experience here in L.A. county that there is very little wiggle room to not serve. Even judges and attorneys are required to serve.
  5. BigBeard

    BigBeard Patron

    Interesting...the daily per diem for jury duty is high enough folks at Gold may want to volunteer just to get the money! From the Riverside County jury FAQ:

    Also looks like Gold can't just tell people they can't serve. Even if they ask them not to, the person still has to appear at the court house:

    With the crap about opening people's mail at Cof$ facilities, part of me wonders if people who are summoned will ever actually see the summons??

  6. FinallyMe

    FinallyMe Silver Meritorious Patron

    If they don't respond to and show up in response to the Summons, the judge can issue a bench warrant for their arrest. Picture it - time after time warrants are issued for people who all live at the same address - hmmmmmm.
  7. Fresh News!

    This update just in via email:

    "Subject: Fwd: Gold Base staff now attending jury duty
    Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 1:01 PM

    Dear All,

    There are many viewpoints about Anonymous and some of them are way over the top.
    This one has gotten a true product.
    Jury Duty has been avoided for YEARS and YEARS.
    Apparently INT Gold Base has capitulated.
    This is a good product.

    Sent: 1/12/2011 11:06:50 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
    Subj: Gold Base staff now attending jury duty

    Hello all,

    I just received a call from a Riverside sheriff investigator, who I met on a prior occasion about the jury duty issue at Int/Gold base. The investigator stated that staff from the base have now been attending jury duty in 2010. I filed my original complaint about this issue at jury services office in April 2010.

    Thus far, 73 people form Int/Gold have been summoned for jury duty and 7 people have been picked to be on a jury panel. As of 2009, there are 305 registered voters on base. The officer confirmed that these 7 people were on the list I submitted.

    Out of the 73 people summoned, everybody had to call in. A smaller percentage had to physically come in to the court house, to be part of a group of available jurors who waits in a large room all day. There are televisions in the room. Out of this group. 7 were picked to be on a jury panel. I don't know how many had to physically go to the court house, but it's between 7 and 73 people.

    The investigator was not at liberty to tell me what were the dates of attendance or their names, which is confidential.

    The summons rate (73/305) is 24% and seems much higher than normal. It appears that they have put the residents of the base at the top of the list for being summoned.

    All 305 were eligible to be picked in 2010, on a one-year cycle. In 2011, the remaining 232 are left on this eligibility list. Assuming summons were sent starting April 2010 at 24%/year, I estimate that 74 new jurors from the base will be summoned in 2011, for the entire year. (There are different ways to calculate this, based on when you start in 2011)

    Hopefully, this temporary respite off-base, while meeting new people will help them see that life outside the base is not all that bad. The $15/day while they are on the jury panel will beat the $38/week that they probably don't get.

    I consider this a win and it was not too difficult to execute. Please repeat this action in Clearwater, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Dundas (Australia) and wherever there are known scientology staff being prevented from attending jury duty.

    I thank everyone that helped providing me with lists of people on base.


    PS: As of December 2008, the penalty for dodging jury duty is $1000.00 and potentially community service. (See, look for the bullet point "Penalty for Failure to Appear for Jury Summons".) "

    Well, this is good news!!! :happydance:Congratulations on restoring partial rights of citizenship to Sea Org members at INT Base! (Whether they want to exercise them or not!:eyeroll:)

    What about other locations? Any volunteers to check into this? :thumbsup:
  8. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Heard that the inward facing spikes were taken down. Still, though, this wasn't of the cult's volition. OSHA made them take those down. Should NEVER EVER have been put up in the first place. Crazy shit.
  9. Thank you Moderators for your help!!! :happydance:

    Bumpity Bump! :D
  10. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Pics or GTFO! :D

    Really...this needs to be seen to be believed.

    And +5 Internets to AO. Seems like the guy can get a product....don't let the SO recruiters know tho....:duh:
  11. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Great news - AO delivers :thumbsup:

    Might be an interesting exercise to try with the Dundas staff too. :whistling:
  12. ARC

    ARC Patron

    Technically, wasn't that DOSH? (Not the federal OSHA, but the Division of Occupational Safety and Health of the State of California)
  13. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Probably so. I was not sure. I'm grateful for the correction.
  14. BC1

    BC1 Patron with Honors

    This is great news, every little bit of freedom helps!
  15. Yes

    I think here it's called CalOSHA Fluffy...maybe that's just what it's called colloquially, so you were mostly correct! :) Yes, a State not Federal agency.

    Sixy, I think I read about this (spikes on a fence?) on another thread on ESMB about INT Base, with pictures and stuff. :thumbsup:
  16. Another Win to Report!

    Joe Diaz, a remarkably intelligent public servant, who is Court Services Supervisor for the Jury Services Division, Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, confirms that his office staff will be checking I.D.'s on everyone coming from INT Base to serve on Jury duty, to insure that no substitutions of persons occur for anyone who may be called forth to serve. :biggrin:

    This should insure some modicum of freedom for some INT Base residents, as no minders or handlers are allowed to accompany someone into the courthouse to serve jury duty. :happydance:
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  17. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Fantastic!! :thumbsup:
  18. Re: Gold Base Staff no longer exempt from Jury Duty


    THREAD BUMP for all the newbies, and new lurkers! :happydance:
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  19. Re: Gold Base Staff no longer exempt from Jury Duty!

    This is a link to a thread on a similar subject, on whether some of the Sea Org members at Int base are being routinely denied their voting privileges, either via being locked down on the RPF or RPF's RPF, or by being confined to SP Hall, being "babywatched" somewhere either on or off base, or by just being kept too busy trying to keep stats up and make deadlines, and not being given time off from their post to go vote, or being denied permission and transportation to go vote, and/or having their voter documents or mail-in ballots searched and confiscated or "lost".

    Evidently everyone there has their mail interfered with by the security guards, all SO mail, both in and out, is censored, and folks on the RPF, downstats or anyone else in ethics trouble may not be receiving their mail, including voter information, registration forms and mail in ballots.

    So far as I know, this issue of freedom to vote for the residents of Int base is still an ongoing and open issue.

    There are also other similar threads here with related information on this:!

    Maybe the Mods would combine these threads regarding reported Int base voting rights abuses?

    I haven't heard if any progress has been made on this issue or not...has anyone heard anything? All I know is that as of this year we now have a new Registrar of Voters for Riverside County, who seems pretty aware and intelligent, so maybe we can finally get some action on investigating this issue...


    "Kari Verjil, Registrar of Voters
    * Kari’s election career began in 1992 with the Riverside County Registrar of Voters, where she served as the chief deputy since 2003.
    * Prior to her appointment as chief deputy, she served in the capacity of elections coordinator which provided her with experience in the areas of candidate services, voter services, and absentee voting. She also assisted in the implementation of the state’s first electronic voting system.
    * Kari Verjil began her appointment as Registrar of Voters for San Bernardino County in June 2005 through early 2011.
    * As Registrar of Voters for San Bernardino County, Kari was responsible for administering elections for the largest geographic election region in the continental United States (21,000 square miles), with over 800,000 registered voters.
    * She returned to serve as Riverside County’s Registrar in February and is looking forward to continuing to conduct successful elections.
    * Kari earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Chapman University and has completed advanced coursework in the field of education.
    * She is on the board of directors of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials."

    If anyone who was once posted there has any pertinent information to share with our new Registrar of Voters to help her understand the situation, please contact her:

    Registrar of Voters
    2724 Gateway Drive
    Riverside, CA 92507

    Customer Service -
    ph: (951) 486-7200
    fax: (951) 486-7272
    tty: (951) 697-8966
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2011
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