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Good experiences in Scientology

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Veda, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    Yes, BUT, it seems the flow of this thread was hopeful the lines could be blurred to show that scn was responsible for our " good experiences ".

    Uh, I don't think so.

    As scn speeds up it's own road to self-destruction the "good experiences" are watching the self-induced foot-bullets the cult inflicts on itself.

    Watching the PR attempts become foolishly made - but long lasting - disasters - that's a good experience for me.

    Also, it has been a good experience more truth come out about Dr Hubbard. Like 3 different wives but only 2 marriages ?

    Or that when he croaked he had needle marks in his butt from Vistorol. BUT, for what you ask ? Hmm

    Or that of his 7 children - how many still adhere to his 'religion' ? Was it a good experience for Nibs . . . or Quentin ?

    Was Mary Sue having a good experience in prison ?

    So much left to learn about all those good experiences !
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  2. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    Maybe, but I don't think that was Veda's intention or Veda wouldn't have posted all that info about "The Onion". Over to Veda...
  4. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    I have followed and greatly enjoyed Veda's posts for nearly a decade.

    What seems apparent is that:

    --he clearly knows and lucidly articulates the fraud and grave dangers of Scientology.

    --he historically documents/corroborates Scientology's lies, abuses, fraud, black ops and treacherously manipulative PR misdirection & coverups. ​

    At the same time, Veda is of the opinion that there is a real value that warning others of the 'clear' and present dangers of clearing should include mention of the full crazy glue formula contents--which includes the "good stuff".

    That might be a good idea sometimes, sure, why not. If it works in a particular conversation, then that's a good tool for that moment.

    But I don't see any particular "formula" or need to worry about always advising others about "the good stuff" when speaking anyone, whether wogs, scientologists or otherwise.

    I might speak to 50 people about Scientology without ever mentioning the "good stuff". Then on the 51st conversation (e.g. with a Scientologist) I might include some words that acknowledge that there are "wins" or even "truths" within the subject. But that might be 0.001% of the conversation, just to splash a couple drops of oil on the gears so they don't burn up and melt, lol.

    I would never approach any conversation with the pre-determined idea that I need to be careful to reference the "good parts".

    Why would I? I wouldn't do that any more than if I saw two year old (holding a screwdriver--eyeing an electrical socket and trying to figure out how to insert it) and felt the need to explain to him that there is a lot of "good stuff" about electricity technology and how it helps us.

    I'm not into communication "formulas", LOL.
  5. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    It's useful when encountering someone vulnerable to Scientology, or who has friends, or family members, vulnerable to Scientology.

    When the sucking power of Scientology has taken hold of someone, a "point of connection" - or "touching bases" - is to acknowledge the "good" he has (or thinks he has) experienced, and then let him know that that "good" is not representative of the rest of Scientology, especially as one descends deeper in to Scientology.

    Thanks for the kind words. The feeling is mutual. :)
  6. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    that's actually true what you wrote from experience and what I know now.

    The very first person I told I was involved in scientology, he was a coworker and friend, I didn't tell any other friends or family at the time I got involved in scientology.

    When I told my friend, he replied "you have to be careful about that stuff". Unfortunately I didn't question him further nor did he explain further. I was reading the beginning books A New Slant on Life and Problems of Work at the time, I thought they were wonderful, gave me info that I thought was useful, the cheese. Since I had read dianetics before, the glue was going "clear" which I wanted. Hubbard thoroughly implanted that in my mind.

    I wish my friend would have said some things like, you ought to do a due diligence and look at the subject from a critical mind point of view, do you know of rhetoric and the 3 means of persuasion and is Hubbard using such, are there really "clears", questions like that would have been useful to me at the time. And I think these are questions or points to ask existing members as well.

    Nowadays one can ask a very beginning person to do such on the internet. :thumbsup:

    Edit to add:

    Scientologists say read this book and use Hard Sell.

    Exmembers say read the internet.:confused2:


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  7. Bill

    Bill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Talking about the "good" in Scientology is like talking about the great bread on a shit sandwich. No amount of good bread makes the sandwich acceptable.
  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    I've noticed,with growing concern, the recent thickening of your Ethics file, Bill. We really should take a look into that.

    In fact, talking about shit sandwiches is not theta. As such I am forwarding a super-theta letter sent to you from an OT VIII! (New OT VIII, so pay attention, buddy!)

  9. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    In Chris Shelton's recent interview with Melissa Paris she gives details of her horrific upbringing as a scientologist.

    At one point Chris tries to give a more balanced view of the situation. He asks Melissa if there were any good things that happened in her childhood.

    She didn't hesitate. She said: "No".

    So Chris continued asking about the abuse.
  10. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    thread being titled " Good experiences in Scientology " is, first off, an oxymoron : good experience & scn just don't fit in the same sentence.

    BUT, second off, WTF is scn capitalized ? Does someone feel it 'should' be ? Or - God forbid - think it deserves to be capitalized ?

    Tears, heartbreak, broke, broken, worry, fear, deeply upset, crushed, disappointed, worn out, overwhelmed, scared are what I saw more of than laughter.

    I don't remember groups of people walking down the street or waiting for their bus that weren't somber - there was no joy visible.

    Ah, another word comes to mind : tense.

    Perhaps in my over quarter century of being in scn I just always looked in the wrong place & only saw what wasn't good.

    Someone is going to tell me the reason I saw the not-so-good is, well, me !

    Please come try some warped scn !
    . . . . . . . .

    Anyway, I heard out in LA that scn continues to grow by leaps & bounds.

    And over in Clearwater that scn has spread all over town with vast holdings & is so welcomed & respected by the local folks & gov't, too !

    There is even a rumor the name is going to be changed from Clearwater to ClearCity to accurately reflect the majority of the citizens as clears.

    I guess I have to admit that the way scn is booming worldwide I have to admit it must being doing a lot of good to attract droves of people everywhere.

    By now, there must be lines around the block at every org as people hope they'll be able to get in & bask in the good experiences !

    Ah, the good experiences !
  11. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    The title of the thread is " Good experiences IN Scientology, NOT 'Good Experiences FROM Scientology'.
  12. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    My bad !

    "As scn speeds up it's own road to self-destruction the "good experiences" are watching the self-induced foot-bullets the cult inflicts on itself ".
    Is it NOT the people IN scn doing these acts ?

    "Watching the PR attempts become foolishly made - but long lasting - disasters - that's a good experience for me".
    Isn't the CoS PR attempts being done at the direction of the people who run scn ? Aren't those people IN scn ?

    "Also, it has been a good experience more truth come out about Dr Hubbard. Like 3 different wives but only 2 marriages " ?
    All that time, Dr Hubbard was NOT IN scn ? Dr Hubbard was at the top of it all, BUT, not IN scn / Ain't that curious ?

    "Or that when he croaked he had needle marks in his butt from Vistorol. BUT, for what you ask ? Hmm"
    I thought those people up at the ranch with him were very long time deeply trusted SO members. Dr Denk ? Ron hisself ? Who there wasn't IN ?

    "Or that of his 7 children - how many still adhere to his 'religion' ? Was it a good experience for Nibs . . . or Quentin "?
    Gee, wasn't Nibs IN for a long time, as was Quentin IN until his death, & Suzette still IN, Dianna IN, Mary Sue was IN - weren't all of the kids on the Apollo ? ( Well, except the daughter he claimed wasn't his )

    Was Mary Sue having a good experience in prison ?
    I was under the impression Mary Sue was IN for a long time & she ran the GO.

    So much left to learn about all those good experiences !
    Well, once I understand what I see was FROM scn BUT not IN scn.

    I think I pointed out things that came from being IN scn. AKA : How much whitewash does it take to make scn look like it is here to save this sector

    Things FROM scn - like death ( Susan Meister & Lisa McPherson ). Perhaps a more accurate FROM scn would be a very long list of suicides.

    Certainly results FROM disconnection might also fall - for some - as what happened IN scn when it happened. Families destroyed. Marriages shattered.

    Being declared SP - FROM or IN ? Does it matter ?

    I think that IN scn exists the claim of the State of Clear & maybe they have a ton of 'em . . . . . hidden somewhere.

    Anyway, would chasing the dragon of clear be a result of lies ? Bait & switch ? Oh wait ! They'd not be IN the CoS - it'd be FROM the person who pulled it in. Now I got it !

    Added :

    I think I should start a new properly titled thread !

    The experiences you had IN / FROM / ABOUT / HEARD OF / during the history of DN / SCN ? ORG ' SO. STAFF / PUBLIC / NEVER IN

    Then, in OP, post that the rules are the board rules only & derails are normal on all threads where freedom of speech is tolerated.

    However, should there be a caution no GRAMMER / SPELLING NAZIs will be allowed to barf on the thread ?

    {{ Note to self : please don't continue to piss off your fellow cat herders even if it fun ! }}
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  13. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    Good points are all good, but you say that you are way up the scn bridge, and were in for years and so was your wifey. So, you must have felt that you were getting , or seeing in others, good things about it.:confused2:
    I was "in", so to speak, for 33 years, and I didn't hang around that long because I thought it all bad. C'mon.:no:
    I share your bitterness now as do most here, but I cannot deny the pleasure I got from the "altitude" that I was given. I needed the admiration , attention, and respect , as I had been abused from the beginning of my life.:bigcry:
    I was love bombed and I loved it. It caused me to feel like I was a worthwhile Being.:thumbsup:
    That's just me.:yes:

  14. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Re: $cientology $ucks

    I missed being an abused child. hey, I'll just plead stupid.

    HH posted something which perfectly states the way I overall about the cult of scn. :

    "Well, sure, Ron had people stalked, spit upon, overboarded, chain-cockered, bankrupted, kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, implanted, terrorized, fair gamed and sentenced to death. But, let's focus on the good parts of Scientology where you can get more wins!"

    I never felt I had " altitude " in that group. Of course I was love bombed but did learn approval in that group was highly conditional.

    Did my "help" get stomped big time ? Yeah, just like everybody else's.

    Did my feeling good about getting this, that or the other cert outweigh children put in the chain locker ? No, not to me.

    Could I live sexual child abuse being covered up for the image of the group? No.

    Have I been to several services where the surviving spouse was gang regged & found it made me want to puke ? Yep.

    Disconnection. I don't know how many people I've held as they cried uncontrollably as the result of disconnection. Let's face it, disconnection is used by the cult as a means of controlling communication & punishing those the cult is pissed off about.

    On an individual level I know some people who were scientologists - and some still are - that I'd I believe are as good of people that have ever walked this earth.

    And I surely know some EX's that are also world class people.

    The flow, intent, & actions taken by cult as their interpretations or exact following of LRH, to me, is evil & deserves crushed off the face of earth.

    So, no, I don't see scn in & of itself as noble. I see it as evil. I will continue to do my best to try to help people avoid the pitfall of scientology.

    No, it wasn't " all bad " but it, to me, was an experience that cost - in every measurable way - far more than it ever had to offer.

    I don't think calling the nazi concentration camps should be called a " good experience " because the prisoners who loaded the ovens stayed warm.

    added : There are some people who think I'm overly harsh regarding what the cult has become. I'm just going to respect those feel differently regarding the cult and what the cult has done to people from 1950 until today. Do I think the cult is worse under little davie boy failed class 4 auditor ? Yes. Yet, under dear old Doctor L Wan Hubturd, let's face it : had I know he put children in the a ships chain locker, made a man push a peanut around the rough decks of the Apollo in front of his children leaving a trail of blood from his bleeding nose, or an overweight woman thrown overboard knowing she couldn't swim & couldn't make a 20 ft straight climb up a ladder. Had I known that before I got in would I have gotten in ? Oh HELL NO !

    So, until I'm banned from ESMB I'm going to tell the truth about the cult, what the cult has done to people, what I've seen firsthand.

    I really don't give a flying fuck what posters don't like about what I post ( Of course, Mods have a BIG say ). If anyone can show I'm lying - go for it !

    Want to say I'm a hater ? OK, I'm fine with that, BUT, I will have my say about the evils of the cult called scn.

    That some of us don't agree does NOT mean I don't like or respect or admire you. There are some damn fine people who don't see things same as I do. Such is life.
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  15. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    phenomanon I have long respected & admired you. Have often wished we had met back in the day instead of just passing in the halls.

    And, I accept we'll never always see eye to eye on everything - nor do we need to.
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  16. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Thank you.
    I share your feelings that the whole fooking scn clusterfuck was just that. A clusterfuck.
    I was so low on the scale of possibility for happiness or success or even for staying alive, that scn was "up" for me. I didn't realize how fooked up my circumstances were until I hjad an "ascension experience" in 1952, in which I blew a victim' valence that has haunted me all my life. ( "Still around?" Hahaha )).
    It was easy to leave and easy just to get back in. There was no penalty for walking away if you wished. Early, before the SO, we did scn because we wanted to, not because we were somehow forced to. I would leave Center lines whenever I wished and return when Life kicked me in the ass again. Going back into scn took attention off what was happening outside its walls.
    I crashed really hard when Don Breeding, my auditor in @ 1963 was arrested for clild abuse. I committed suicide. Had my stomach pumped, and was toadly pissed when I came to and wasn't dead. LOL! Stayed away until Alan Walter toured and I met him and Johnny Mac. I got on lines at Alan's Mission. In !969 I attested to Clear and OT and in '71 went rto the fooking Apollo. I was in the SO for about 6 weeks. I blew the Apollo, Was 'out' until I routed onto the SHSBC in around 1976. I resigned the same day that I blew AOLA, in 1984
    There were lots of good times in the Groups and Centers and Missions. It was only when I encountered the Insanity of the SO that I was done.
    Most of you guys never had the experiences of "fun" in scn. I had a different 'trip' than y'all.
    I am "ex" and have been since I resigned in July, 1984.
    All those years spent excelling in fooking brainwashing, and I am left with blame, shame, and regret.
    I didn't spend much money. My stats and service delivery was such that I was awarded
    nearly all my training and auditing. I did pay a small Freeloader debt.
    Hope y'all understand that my scn journey was not like yours.
  17. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

  18. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Soory for the duplicate post. I got an error message at first, and didn't think the original message had posted, so went to 'edit' and posted from there....
  19. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    The COHA ( Creation of Human Abilities) processes are the best. COHA is thought of as the 'Bible' by many.
  20. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Hell, we oldies, when playing the minister gig have been known to put on the dog collar and go where no man was supposed to go and, using CoHA as some sort of magic wand, inferring it to be the Bible, use it as a passport and symbol of entrée to where normal mortals had no entry! :biggrin:
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