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Good experiences in Scientology

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Veda, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    I'm not sure whether the "one particular poster" is me, or someone like Terril, but the example of getting something out of TRs or comm course suggests it might be me.

    I'm bored with people's wilful one-dimensionality. It's the "criticise Islam and you are a racist" type think, and is no different from the fixed viewpoint of a churchie. If it was aimed at me, I would point out that I am not suggesting people join the freezone, or use the tech, or anything else. And that will be clear to anyone who reads my posts carefully, rather than seeing the word 'win' in a sentence, and not bothering to read the rest of the post. I did once say in a post that I thought that auditing the OT levels yourself at home might be a cure for those who wanted to leave the church, as it would free you from their monopoly. But I wasn't, in that post, saying that one gets any case gain from doing so - just that it frees you from the panic of "oh my god, my eternal freedom is gone if I leave the church".

    People who want to use this board to scare others away from Scientology are welcome to do that. That's not my reason for being here. But nor am I here to recruit anyone for anything. And nor am I here to publicly worship the genius LRH (hip hip hooray)(tm). Narcissistic personality disorder is a genius that I don't particularly hold in high esteem any more. But I'm not one-dimensional enough to get into Scientology = abuse = Hubbard = Waco = Hitler think. That's no more honest as a viewpoint than a Scientology reg's viewpoint. If this board is only for those who have an agenda (of bringing the church and independent Scientology down) then I guess I am on the wrong board. I just wanted to share experiences.

    If the post wasn't aimed at me, fair enough. I think the basic disagreement between me and some on this board is that I don't have an agenda, I just want to discuss my and their experiences, etc. But if you have wares to sell (be it freezone, or 'stay away from the Church'), then it seems that that necessitates closing your ears to any more than one side of a story. I happily listen to people telling their stories of how corrupt Scientology is. And I often 'like' or 'thank' such stories. Only to be told to shut up when I give my viewpoint. That's not honest dialogue, and a desire to know something new. That's agenda.

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  2. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    I love this post. Thank you.

  3. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    Indeed. THIS!!! [/UPARROW]
  4. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    No, it can't be either of you because it was me. I liked the lithium supplement idea, I went way off track on people who died in a cool way, I openly stated I have a family member who did the Comm Course, was happy with it, and left Scn forever afterward and has no desire to go back. I even stated I liked Life Repair! :omg:

    No, I'm the one. Time for that whippin' :smack:
  5. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    No, I'm Spartacus! :)
  6. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Well...guano was out but still believed in the tech. Lo and behold guano found the FreakZone and was pumped up!! Finally, some sane terminals and Scientology was safe!!

    I read all about Urquhart and there's orgs and auditors and C/Ses and they hate the squirreling and WOW!

    Then guano stumbles across the Galactic Marching Song and Elron Elray and Permesan cheese or whatever Cap'in Bill's name is and there's Marcabs and spaceships and Loyal Officers and Ron giving orders from Target Two. WTF?????

    Thank god I dodged that bullet!!
  7. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Being free of scientology and meeting others who are also free (or in the process of becoming free) is enough for me and I'm not giving any more of my precious energy to the past, but people discussing scientology is a very different thing to people actively promoting it and though I have little interest myself in discussing the subject it certainly belongs here and it's good to see it being so openly thrashed around.

    I also came here without an agenda, but I was very distressed and seeing indie scientologists trying to recruit from ESMB and keep hubbards crap alive made me furious ... once they ceased doing it (due to being told they had to by the owner) things gradually settled down and I was able to see things for what they truly are and now I'm in a good place. I can still fire up (lol) but the heat has long gone out of it and I have to work hard to maintain any anger or upset and truthfully, I just don't want to feel that way.

    I adore people like Mike and Leah though (and the many others behind the scenes) for what they do, because they do it for us and others who could easily become entrapped, I don't feel any vicious anger coming from them, just straight down the line honesty and a huge effort being made to expose the evil within that cult to every man and his dog.


  8. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    That's my story also!

    After leaving the CofS I was in no-man's land for a while until I discovered Captain Bill and Elron Elray.:headspin:

    That was me out for good.
  9. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Well Wilbur, I don't think many here can have had much doubt as to whom I was referring, but for your benefit, it wasn't you. However, since you have drawn your proclivities to my attention...

    Generally speaking, the guys here on this message board are insightful, kind, generous and tolerant. In some cases they can be too tolerant in my opinion.

    The sheer effrontery displayed by the person in question is simply staggering. Here on the board we have people who's families have been destroyed, people who have been reduced to bankruptcy and people who have experienced severe forms of mental anguish, and yet he has the gall to actively promote the very agent of all this evil right here in plain sight as though rubbing people's faces in it, and, (and this is what I find so inexplicable) this is tolerated. He certainly has no qualms about telling us all about the good experiences he has had in scientology. If it was my board I know I wouldn't tolerate it, and if that's being 'one dimensional' I'm quite happy to fit that description.
  10. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

    I can't stop laughing...that was great! :clap:
    I wonder how many other people here thought it was 'them" as well but are afraid to ask (okay gulp I did think it was me too - hope it wasn't though:unsure:) Are ya allowed to just tell us...or not (forum rules wise)?

  11. Bill

    Bill Gold Meritorious Patron

    These are good points. However, it is important to remember that there is no verified, scientific evidence that any of Hubbard's miraculous promises have ever happened as a result of Scientology. Even the anecdotal "evidence" from people like Terril make it obvious that Scientology's "results" are not what was promised.

    Sure, people "get gains" from Scientology, but there is no evidence that those "gains" wouldn't have happened anyway, just through living and searching. As with any activity, you get out of it what you expect - to some extent.

    I, myself, got some wonderful results from doing some of the TRs but, from comparing my experiences with others, it becomes obvious that I created those results NOT Scientology. And it is obvious that I could have gotten the same or better using other methods.

    The point isn't to "scare people away from Scientology". It is to expose the fact that Scientology's "miraculous results" are lies and that Scientology, itself, is an elaborate trap to ensnare people into a complex system of false promises and self-mind control.

    That last point is the key. The fact that Scientology promises miracles and delivers not-much is not that important. It is the fact that Scientology is a carefully constructed trap that makes it evil.

    Knowing that, if someone still wants to "do Scientology", that's their problem. They have been warned.
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  12. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Perhaps that young lady who was on Leah's show - episode 1 of season 2 - might be persuaded to come to this thread and relay her " GOOD EXPERIENCES " at being sexually abused by a serial pedophile protected by the church.

    Maybe even get some children that Dr. Hubbard put in the chain locker on the Apollo can come share their " GOOD EXPERIENCES " about that.

    Hey, maybe Lisa McPhersons parents could relay to us what " GOOD EXPERIENCES " their daughter had at the Fort Harrison.

    Uwe's brother certainly has relayed the " GOOD EXPERIENCES " he experienced on the RPF, well, until he died there.

    I wonder if the people who left scientology with nothing but a golden rod suppressive order , dead broke, no friends, no place to go, no education to get a decent job would describe their " GOOD EXPERIENCES " from that.

    Or even the guy who on the RPF doing renos on big blue on a 30 hours on 3 hours off schedule managed to damn near cut his hand off with a skill saw & went to the ER & found out he had to pay to get his hand fixed. Why ? It was deemed he pulled it in.
    He might come here & share those " GOOD EXPERIENCES " he had.

    The children of the guy that Dr Hubbard made push a peanut with his nose of the decks of the Apollo might relay their " GOOD EXPERIENCES " of watching their father on his hands & knees pushing a peanut with his nose & leaving a trail of blood as he raced to avoid punishment.

    But, between the " GOOD EXPERIENCES " of sexual abuseS & abortionS from more than a few people might be able to make this the largest thread ever on ESMB.

    However, people who have been disconnected from ? If they posted here ? WOW ! This thread could really get long.

    To me, it takes nerve to put on blinders and act like the " GOOD EXPERIENCES " in scientology should be used to lure unsuspecting into knowing while knowing full well it is a horrible little cult that abuses people until it sucks 'em dry.

    Some are going to shill for scientology & try to take attention off what scientology really is & what it really does.

    Free speech & all that, OK. But until I'm banned I'll post against the evils of scientology.
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  13. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    I can't find anything I disagree with in your post Bill. The abuses of Scientology should be exposed by shining light on them, and reasoned argument. Showing that (and how) Scientology is "an elaborate trap to ensnare people..." is the way to warn people about it. And let people who have other viewpoints express those viewpoints, rather than scream them down as shills for Scientology (which is just an ad hominem argument). Of course, if someone is actually trying to "sell" Scientology on this board, then they should expect a robust response. But saying what you found attractive about it is a different matter.

    Shutting people up with ad hominem screams is never the way to handle a false argument. This has been done with holocaust denyers (you can go to jail in certain European countries for denying that the holocaust happened). The way to handle it is to tackle their arguments, calmly, rather than screaming "so you support child abuse, rape, and disconnection do you?" (because you liked the TRs).

  14. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    OHHHH! Baby!!!:clap::clap::clap:
  15. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I was just checking to see if I was standing on plastic.
  16. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I've been thinking about one possible difference between those who still talk fondly of scientology and those who don't. I recall a poster from years ago telling me that he never allowed the cult hype to impact on him at all, he took what he wanted from scientology but didn't let the "drama/panic/stress" and the "we are the only people who can save this sad planet so run, run, run" BS penetrate into his real life.

    When he left the cult (about 30 years ago) he became an indie (and as far as I know he still is) ... and I do remember noticing people like that. They appeared looking happy and relaxed just prior to roll-call, did their courses or processing, never got into any trouble, rarely (if ever) assisted with late night stuffing party's or any of the frantic nonsense we were forced into and just swanned around with irritating, beatific smiles on their joyous little faces, enjoying the "vibe" and the wonderfulness of the cult. They didn't seem to notice (or perhaps care about) all the tension, exhaustion and false smiles from the staff.


    They annoyed me then and they annoy me now (lol!) ... but for different reasons.

    In retrospect though, they did it right ... and had we all just refused to play the cult stress game we may have ended up less stressed (and more inclined to discuss any positives).

    Just a thought.

    Lol ... why, are you expecting something nasty to happen?
  17. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    This thread’s title is: Good experiences in Scientology

    The OP qualifies this: These are experiences that - in and of themselves - were positive.

    It doesn’t say good experiences from Scientology. So I interpret this to be inquiring about the whole experience not just the doctrine or organization.

    For a lot of us we got into it at a relatively young age. We left home, met new people, did new things, went to new places, our comfort zones were pushed, there were accomplishments, we were thinking about stuff differently, we were becoming focused and goal driven. Scientology sells itself as being unconventional and non-conformist. We are rebels and unique. Even hippies are so predictably non-conformists as to be conformist but to still be against the status quo but not a drugged out derelict, contrived bohemian or an overly tattooed and pierced stereotype - rather to be clean, disciplined, productive and literate. In Scientology you can even be PTS to conservatism. How cool is that?

    Women held posts equally in Scientology. Most of my seniors were women and they were very good at it. For the salient exception of LRH and his successor Scientology exemplified equal opportunity for women in the work place. Of course, now I look upon it as equal opportunity exploitation but at the time this was impressive. We lived in coed berthing. That was another unique experience. Sometimes women came right into the dorm on business. We might be buck nekid or sleeping, didn’t matter. They were comrades in arms. Anyone who thinks women should have active combat roles and live with men in the military would be impressed that Scientology was already pushing this envelope in the 70s.

    For a lot of us we already had developed skills but for others just doing the grunt work on the EPF was a new experience and people did overcome personal challenges. I was surprised at how quickly people would go from the EPF to working in high positions, over the rainbow or directly on LRH’s lines. Sometimes they didn’t wait until they were off the EPF. There could be an almost bizarre level of trust even though the entire organization was completely paranoid. To be trusted like that was a huge ego booster. We were united against an onslaught of enemies from the government, IRS, FBI, psychiatry, Interpol, secret cabals, alien implant stations and the reactive mind. And I’m sorry, but try convincing a guy that sitting across from a beautiful woman and staring at her for several hours or trying to make each other blink or laugh is a bad thing.

    In the midst of all this life happened. People made friends, got married, had children, endured hardships and enjoyed successes together. I am discussed here, on the Bunker and OCMB. My picture is out there and most of you have probably seen it. I’d have to say that the comments are generally positive and those that aren’t are fair. I think I’d be welcome at an ex reunion and I quite rather like some of you and that came from Scientology.

    I have a friend who went through an extremely difficult experience leaving JW. When I mentioned that I was completely out of Scientology she said that in talking with her ex-JW friends they would comment that some exes take up the anti-JW cause like another whole new religion. That was an interesting thing to ponder. I guess another way of looking at it would be as if someone asked about the good things they experienced when they were an alcoholic at an AA meeting. I imagine some people would turn it into a competition to see who could deny any possible good.

    I think LRH appreciated that forcing people into a completely different environment and experiences could be exciting and inviting in itself. If he really meant all the things he said then those experiences wouldn’t be tainted. He promised that Scientology would make people more free, independent and creative but that was all a lie. For better or for worse these things are all a part of who I am and I am not willing to toss out the good with the bad.
  18. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    I can't argue with this. How could one say this, or know this for that matter? Our experiences make up who we are I suppose. And I really don't mean to muss up the thread. I really do not because I really do agree with you here on a basic level. A fundamental level. I read your whole post and I keep saying to myself, "Yes... yeah! Definitely..." Because I am an ace with my finances. I run circles around other people in my field when it comes to organization skills, promotion, marketing, administration, communication, etc. IF I WANTED TO/HAD TO, I could hold my shit together when faced with a sticky situation. Put my "TRs in," if you will. But I don't ever do this. I do have that "skill," if you want to call it that. I'm also a great team member in any sort of group. I still like helping others (though, I think I already had that trait before Scientology).All of these things have helped me to become successful.

    In any case -- I see your point. I really do.

    In the same breath and spirit, yes; our experiences make up who we are and I am severely damaged as well. What's the big deal about "success?" It doesn't matter if you're broken. I'm not blaming Scientology fully, but there is a big chunk of it where I'd have to say the organization and the doctrine (and how it all affected the culture/community of Scientologists) is liable! Saying that, or typing that, is a huge step forward for me because I'd been taking way too much responsibility for it for too many years. And there are a lot of things about me (because of my experiences) that I don't necessarily like. I don't like the things that follow me around (haunt me) and are embedded into my psyche because of my experiences in the cult. I won't get into it all because of the thread rule (I swear I'm trying to respect it too!), but I've been at the end of my rope having to deal with the damage many times over.

    A small handful of times I have considered, this is no way to live a life.

    Shit -- you have NO idea how difficult it has been for me to construct this post.
  19. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good post!

    Scientology targets people's existing goals, personality traits and aptitudes for exploitation and we naturally integrate Scientology into those things about our lives that are the most important which makes it especially pernicious and difficult to sort out.

    The carnival is also a lot of fun...until the Autumn People arrive and things get really weird.
  20. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    All I can say is my good experiences in life during Scientology would have been far better experiences out of Scientology. Marriage, childbirth, raising a child, working, going home, living... all of it would have been better if I had been out. Then there was the damage it actually caused, which was huge.

    I just watched the movie "Room" (free on Amazon Prime), and the way it starts, she sounds just like a Scientologist. It reminded me of my room in the Sea Org. The little boy reminded me of the lack of space and world experience and poverty of the SO children and the horrible attempts to 'make it go right' as a Sea Org parent under impossible conditions with others working actively against our being good parents and how awful we all felt about ourselves for it, yet trapped and unable to escape.

    The woman and her boy were prisoners. They kept their imaginations going to combat the lack of outside stimuli. The child no longer knew the difference between what really existed and what didn't because he had no firsthand experience. The over-exercising of imagination kept the situation from seeming as dismal as it actually was.

    There were so many parallels, the movie was absolutely haunting to me.

    Yeh, we all became friends in Scientology, but in our own little worlds. After Scn, our abilities to bond in a normal way and interact with the bigger society was affected. I've seen it in nearly every Scn I've met afterwards, and even more so in the ones who were unable to meet because they were still unable to trust their judgement or any other ex-scn simply by virtue of being an ex-scn. That's damage.
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