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Gratitude ~ The Thread

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by SweetnessandLight, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

    Heh. I'm sure there are some "organic gardening" methods to persuade them to stop doing that. Maybe some nets or chicken wire? If the blackberry [STRIKE]shrub[/STRIKE] mess wouldn't be covered with nets, the birds would eat them right away... and the blackbirds would build nests in there! They do that... :omg:
    I also have the idea that you maybe should go (or surf) to a shop for hunting equipment, and ask about fox urine and such... I guess that could scare squirrels away, from certain spots? :p
    Occasionally we see (red) squirrels in gardens, but usually our red ones aren't a plague for anybody's garden plants. I doubt my Grandpa has any advice but I'll ask... Who knows what they ate during WWII... :coolwink:


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  2. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    He he thanks

    The only thing that seems to work is to add chicken bones compost (not the chicken manure)
    The squirrels hate the smell of chicken compost.

    But, is is very much expensive to add into the whole garden surface and pots! :confused2:

    I gave up - I know we have to share the space. :confused2:
    and the downstat, will never reimburse me the cost of their dammages, or at least contribute!

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  3. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Hi folks,

    Yesterday night,

    a MD doctor gave a lecture about a ''new way of health approach'' base on experiences and thousands of scientific studies.

    He mainly said that:

    1 ) Practicing meditation (breathing techniques) for 10 minutes a day - litterally change a life - it has been observed in disease prevention and to relieve th eeffect of any disease.

    He says we must start now to meditate as we will preserve a better health.
    (vasculart diseases, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, ..)

    2) the gratefulness is one of the very efficient practice for efficient disease prevention or suffering relief.
    Yes, he said that ''saying thanks, to all what we have, feel we are blessed for'' each day of our life, prevent many diseases and makes people more happy.

    He insisted, he is not into esoteric and new ages faith and belief. He said that these ''daily simple practices'' have been the subject of serious tudies.

    So - want to keep a good health, or get more relief of a chronic disease?

    Meditate 10 minutes, say thanks 5 minutes! :yes:
    This will change a mind to anchor it with life and body, here and now, a way no cult, book, past live inquiry, crystal ball, faith could do!

    Ciao Ciao :)
  4. Wonderful! We're doing it already, let's do it some more! :biggrin:


    We got rain here...always a good thing in our mostly dry environment! :happydance: I'm grateful for the rain...and rainbows! :happydance:
  5. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

    Just trying to think of the forthcoming end of the winter here... may spring come soon... :coolwink:


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  6. Leland

    Leland Crusader

  7. More rain today...and Spring is busting out all over! :happydance:

  8. I love old things! :biggrin: Quirky old things, even better! :happydance:

  9. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Is that why you like the antique store in downtown Riverside? :)
  10. Just a reminder to everyone to do your best to stay positive, for many benefits! :thumbsup:

  11. michaelangelo

    michaelangelo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Beautiful photo.
  12. :yes: Friends and family have been known to have to DRAG me out of antique stores to get me to leave! :blush:

    Shopkeeper: "Come on lady, we're closing up shop now...come back tomorrow!" :biggrin:
  13. michaelangelo

    michaelangelo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Is this in your garden?. Really nice.
  14. No, not in my garden, but here. As are these! :happydance:

  15. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    Today I am very grateful for medical science. A couple of days ago my blind friend was admitted to an intensive care unit (heart stuff). I looked after her guide-dog, Noelle.

    Yesterday my friend came home. The medical team did a splendid job of working out what was going on. I love them for their years of training and their gentle efficient care of my friend.

    I got to witness my friend and Noelle re-uniting. I love observing their pure connection and the way they just adore each other. Love in action. Breath-taking!

    Gratitude to the intensive care team. :flowers:
  16. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

    just a rant... about broken links...


    Sweetness, your pic is gone, and unfortunately I don't know what it was, nor does the link give it away. I save many of them...
    Clearly, I prefer to attach pics. If it is from the web, activate "retrieve remote file", then in the preview of the posting click on the thumbnail of the pic and copy and paste it, to insert it in full size into the posting. If it can't be attached in full size (1000 pixel length maximum), also add a link to the pic with full size. I do that even for fun pics. Often I save them with a name that consists of the full link (with placeholders for "forbidden characters", such as "/", ":", and "?").
    Paul has already ranted about the very incomplete nature of the "web archive"... :eyeroll: Links change, all the time; and so do private photobucket accounts and wherever people store their pics to be able to link to them. Redundance of data and copying stuff to local sources, in this case the ESMB server, is important, and I DON'T want the older, linked contents of this thread, or any other, to fade away and die one by one like a dying light chain. (If you want a sad, look at the first pages of the photobomb thread.) :bigcry:
    ESMB will exist for a long, LONG time (would you believe, if I say, longer than human beings will exist? probably not... :eyeroll: ), even if only as an archive, no longer interactive, a historical reference, a massive database, about that meme virus... Could you believe me this? I want this thread to be part of this archive, and not full of thumbnails of broken links. :bigcry:
  17. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

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