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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by pittny12, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. pittny12

    pittny12 Patron with Honors

    As some of you may know, Sparrow - a fearless protester who always exemplifies courageousness, consistency, persistence while serving as an emancipator and educator against the crimes of Scientology was handed his TRO papers on July 24th. His case is being held today, July 26th.

    Sparrow was instrumental in helping myself as well as others share their horrific stories of disconnection, death and forced abortions directly at the hands of Scientology.

    I am writing this this post "should" Sparrow (Brian) need any financial support while fighting these erroneous charges by Kim Belotte. At this time, legal advice would be the most helpful. Should the judge rule against Sparrow and this judgment progresses further, he will not able to afford legal representation unless it is pro bono. I have spoken to Sparrow personally, and it is his desire to wait until he absolutely needs legal help before any moves are made on fund-raising.

    As I stated before any legal advice would be greatly appreciated and "if" he is in need for financial assistance your help would be greatly appreciated. I am sure there are have been fund-raising before for others where the money may or may not have been used specifically for the reasons in which is was raised. I can sincerely attest that if there are any funds raised on his behalf, that they will be and only used towards his legal fight against the trumped up charges levied on him by Kim Belotte. I had had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sparrow personally and I found him to be sincere, honest and an activist against the crimes committed by the COS.

    I am fairly new to the ESMB message board and hope that I didnt overstep my boundaries by posting this. I was so touched by what is happening to him right now as a personal friend, fellow protester and as a fighter against the lies and crimes of Scientology.
  2. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    I have spoken with Brian regarding today's hearing which is a preliminary hearing before the actual Order to Show Cause hearing (trial) in October. Brian is prepared for today's hearing and has been provided legal advice.

    I would encourage you hold off on any solicitation of donations at this time as it could legally complicate his situation. Certain factors have to be considered. As most are aware that have been on ESMB, this board & WWP are closely monitored by the folks at OSA.
  3. pittny12

    pittny12 Patron with Honors

    Absolutely and thank you for the advice! I just heard from Sparrow that Kendrick Moxon just walked in.

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2010
  4. Does Sparrow have a paypal account setup for donations?
  5. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Right now all I can do is send him my prayers and best wishes, which is what I am doing.
  6. omnom

    omnom Patron with Honors

    I agree with Smurf - donations complicate things if it's not handled properly. Wait for a legal-beagle to set things up properly, if need be.

    I'm reminded of a forum I used to work closely with, They were taken to court to demand they hand over the domain name to the owner of the Unix trademark, and his legal representation said *not* to accept donations in that particular case. We all wanted to help, but in that case, it would have hurt. Oh, and he won the case, BTW, and got to keep the domain.
  7. Sign of Success

    Sign of Success Patron with Honors

    "Does Sparrow have a paypal account setup for donations? "

    Yes, it's the same one owned by Aroon Saxton.
    Please be free to donate on that same account.
  8. MrNobody

    MrNobody Who needs merits?

    do I smell some disinformation here?

    Anyway, AnonSParrow said on WWP that he doesn't need donations right now, but that he'll give us all a call if he does.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2010
  9. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Yeh, and I smell it stinks!
  10. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    didn't see that one coming

    Bringing in Ken Moxon was a move I didn't anticipate, I assumed they would bring in some local schiester doofus. That they brought in Moxon is something that the Sparrow should be extremely proud of, that means that they obviously consider him to be a serious threat, or, at a minimum, an unbearable pain in the ass for FCDC.

    Personally, I admire Ken Moxon. That isn't to say that I like him, and it isn't to say that I don't think he is an asshole of monumental proportions, because clearly he is. I admire and respect him as a worthy opponent. He is to liars what a Stradivarious is to violins, a sociopathic waste of humanity. In otherwords, he is one helluva lawyer. I hope that the Sparrow manages to kick his ass with the truth in the form of his captured video evidence. Should Moxon prevail, I hope that some other DC anons pick up the slack. Apparently, the constant pressure that the Sparrow has been putting on them is taking its toll. I live in St. Louis, if I was out in DC I would take a shift on weekends.

    Meanwhile ... at the risk of repeating myself and being redundant ... the arena that Moxon fights in is the arena of legal fictions. There are lots and lots of legal fictions around these days ... corporate entities, LLC's, fictitious business names, etc. Flesh and blood human beings in court room settings DO NOT directly interact with legal fictions, rather, they do so through their
    "person" which IS a legal fiction. The nature of a "person" is a trust entity that was created through the birth registration process, and further entangled with the system via SSN, driver's license, voter registration, etc. Anywhere you see your name in ALL UPPERCASE it is the legal fiction "person" that is being addressed. Government is trustee, and the flesh and blood human being behind the "person" is a "contributing beneficiary". Beneficiaries have no say so as to how a trust is operated. That the beneficiary is "contributing" means that the beneficiary can incur liability on behalf of the trust. What a deal ... you have no say so as to the operation of the trust but you are expected to sign for it and incur liability on its behalf. THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE!!!

    In the case of the statutory so-called "person" the flesh and blood human being beneficiary is holder in due course over the trust and has the ultimate right and claim over it. All you really have to do is file the right sort of lien action against the trust to become what is known as a "secured party creditor". You also have to fully understand the process and all that it entails and implies, but, once done, it then becomes possible to head off ANY action that the likes of a Kendrick Moxon could bring on behalf of whatever legal fiction entity he is representing.

    The best video out on the web today to start understanding this concept is
    "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception" featuring Robert Arthur Menard, Freeman on the Land. The video is posted on youtube, also google video, vimeo, and on Menard's website,

  11. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    He's an intelligent guy. He'll come to no harm.
  12. Sign of Success

    Sign of Success Patron with Honors

    Thank you Smilla, I appreciated it
  13. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    not the point

    That's not the point. Cof$ has not even filed a lawsuit against the Sparrow, the worst outcome is that he will have to find a new hobby and FCDC will breathe a sigh of relief, having swatted what has become to them an enormous asspain.

    The point is winning against Cof$ so as to maintain the pressure.

  14. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    I am willing to donate should the need arise! He brings the truth out that needs to be defended against those that attempt to suppress the truth and continue the scam known as Scientology.

    Please repost a new thread asking for donations towards his cause and I am there.
  15. out for good

    out for good Patron

    It takes two to tango. I'm sure the cult is using something that sparrow did. They are the masters at that shit.
  16. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Nope. But they could if the cards are not played correctly. Plus, everything that is posted about Sparrow on the boards will now be printed out and delivered into Moxon's hands.

    Isn't that right, Sylvia, you fat retard..
  17. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sparrow can count on me for a donation, if he should need it.
  18. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    The last batch of videos indicated to me they were attempting to set him up for a harassment charge, or minor assault. The good thing he has working for him is the footage that can be brought up as evidence.
  19. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron

    That is one of the smartest things anonsparrow has done:
    It's ALL recorded.

    My best to you, AnonSparrow___your videos always show you are a peaceful, caring x-member, asking fair questions to people trapped "In". The day that becomes illegal is the day we're all (everyone in this country) in BIG trouble.

    C of $/OSA specializes in manipulation, and also has been known to pay off people within the system. (Exp: The cops in Clearwater were on their payroll, during the LMT days).

    My best wishes are with you! :rose:

  20. Doom

    Doom Lurking.

    Can't spell, Can't gain any traction, keep those wheels spinning.

    SOS, turning up here is a sign of success...................for us.:clap: