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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Anonafish, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Anonafish

    Anonafish Patron

    My husband, Chefanon, Chris Tringali came out on these forums last month, while I was out of town. To any in OSA who had been trolling, that means that my real identity as Anonafish, was also made known. Of course we started getting calls, threats, and we are now dead to those of our family who are still in Scientology.

    I realize we can still be attacked and fair gamed, but I feel that I need to speak up and out and be counted and known in these forums. We have been out of Scn for many years, so some of the information we have about the orgs and staff is old and not of much epic help to Anon. The reason I feel compelled to post this is because of all of the people I regged and recruited into Scientology. I feel responsible for getting them into the trap they are now in. I am speaking up as I pray they will somehow read or see this, and be encouraged that they to get out. To know that they CAN get out, that there can be a full, happy life after Scientology; that no matter what they have been told, they can rebuild, they can be free to find the TRUTH. They will never get the lost years back, but they can save the ones they have in front of them. They can be in charge of their own lives, they can make their own decisions, they do not have to live every minute of their lives looking over their shoulders, being reprimanded, regged, being made to feel responsible for whatever is wrong in the world or in Scn. They can be free to read and see and hear anything they want and they can have their own ideas and make their own decisions about it. They can be free to see their family and loved ones when they want to.

    I am Nancy Tringali, aka Nancy Yarian, aka Nancy Kraft of the Atlanta Mission/Org (1986-1990). CO CLO EUS 1990-1994, winner of the LRH Birthday Game for continents (1992 or ’93). I was in every EUS org and most missions, I was a WISE business consultant for Stellar Management, out of Atlanta, GA 1987-1990.

    If I regged or recruited you, I am sorry. Please know that at the time I did not know about OT III and Xenu, and definitely didn’t know about OT VIII and the satanic, anti-christ connections of LRH, I didn’t know about LRH’s drug abuse, about David Miscavige’s lust for power and greed and his rich lifestyle. I didn’t know about those that were killed, the high mortality rate from cancer of OT’s. I didn’t believe all the stories of those who screamed of the abuses, and I really believed that the abuses done to you were corrected when I was trained and sent back as CO CLO EUS. I believed all the same lies that I told you. I really did think that you would become free (as I would) by going up the Bridge. I am sorry that I explained away the things that I did see, and put blinders on. I cannot change that now, but I can stand here, make myself a target and tell you to look, read, explore and get out.

    If you know me, if I got you in or deeper in – please forgive me, and please get yourself out!!! I was a pawn, ignorantly disbelieving the dark things I heard rumored, in order to not have to admit I was in a cult and completely fooled. And so I could openly and honestly recruit and reg away. But as time went on, and I was encouraged to disconnect from people, quit my job and go on staff, and then not be able to pay my bills, to default on loans, then to sell all my worldly possessions to go into the Sea Org, sometimes not getting paid anything for months, never able to get a day off, let alone see my family. Refused to be allowed to go to my family’s funerals. I was separated from my husband and in the middle of being recruited to go to a level where my husband and I would not be able to live together ever. Then, after I got pregnant I was being urged to get an abortion by my senior at Flag Command Bureau (LA) – for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, of course. Those last two events were the final acts which led to my husband and I finally deciding we had to get out. I was not allowed to look at things, hear things, not allowed to THINK. I participated in inspections of the barracks of my staff, with OSA terminals and we removed any questionable materials – books on any kind of spirituality, psychiatry, any anti scientology articles or reading matter, and I am ashamed that I did that, as I have always believed in our constitutional freedoms. But, I was required to, so I did it. I had already gone too far, I had “chugged the Kool-Aid”.

    I remember being in my room at the CLO before I met and married Chris, about 35 years old, realizing that if I tried to leave Scn – that I would loose the only few things I had left in life. How would I be able to get a decent job, with 10 years of Scn on my resume? I would have no friends. I would have to beg and borrow from my family, and stuff my pride and admit I was wrong and that they were right – it is a cult. My life was ruined, so I would just stay where I was, put my ostrich head back in the sand, and hope that things turned around in Scientology.

    If I felt this way, as a CO CLO who had just been recognized as having a continent that won the LRH Birthday game for the year, then I know that there are others that feel now as I did then –TRAPPED. But when you are in, the trap you know seems better than the perceived abyss of leaving. It’s not.

    You have been brainwashed into thinking that without Scn that life is not worth living, that you can’t be successful, that you will be “down stat”, that your dynamics will go into a dwindling spiral, that non-scientologist WOGs are evil – ALL LIES.


    If you want to get out, we will help you, pm us if you like. And you can be sure those at, Operation Clam Bake, Ex-Scientology Message Board and Ex-Scientology Kids, and … (I don’t know how many other places, there are more and more every day) will accept you with open arms and help you.

    Anonymous – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for seeing this cult and calling it what it is, and for not backing down in the face of fair-gaming. I want to thank all the OG and all those that have paid the real price to bring out the truth. Please don’t get discouraged, and do not let any of the trolls, or anyone else back you off, or get you to think that the fight is over or to move onto something else. So, even though not anonymous today, I stand here with you, in gratitude – and tomorrow I will join you back behind my mask for the caek!.

    Oh, And I am calling out the other Ex-SO Execs, staff and public – there are thousands and thousands of us – but especially the ex-execs and “ot’s” who are out and lurking. Seeing Tory Magoo, WBM, Deb and Greg Barnes; seeing videos by some others that I knew and are now out, encouraged me. Take responsibility for those who are still in, and come out and encourage them – let’s make this an exodus of Epic proportions!

  2. Pixie

    Pixie Crusader

    Welcome Anonafish!! :welcome2: Great to have you here and what a wonderfully truthful and heartfelt story you have written here. It's all a learning process isn't it, I'm sure you will make some wonderful friends here as it's so full of great people. I look forward to reading more of your posts. :yes:
  3. Neo

    Neo Silver Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Nancy :)

    I find that having the integrity to put 'things' right contributes enormously to restoring ones sanity. How one goes about that is of course a matter for ones own integrity.

    Bit by bit the empire is crumbling, LOL.

  4. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Nancy - glad you're here. Welcome. :)

    It's good to get forgiveness and seek to make amends, but please don't beat yourself up about it. You're making a fresh start now!
  5. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Nancy WELCOME!!! You coming out publicly is HUGE. Thank you. Perhaps you and duddins can get together for a debriefing. She crashed a cont while you were booming yours. After all is said and done it's all the same here.
    FWIW I was EUS and I don't blame you a lick. (now if we can get CO WUS, the Americas will crumble)
  6. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Good for you, Nancy. Keep posting. :)

  7. GreyLensman

    GreyLensman Silver Meritorious Patron

    Welcome. More and more of us every day.

    Thank you for coming out publicly.
  8. nexus100

    nexus100 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Great post Nancy, and good fortune!

    As you go through the process, and it is a process, of releasing out of the COS you are welcome to see that "amends" and the associated "condition" is more SCN crapola designed to trap people. Every moment is a new one for all of us and the more we all create that way the better off we all are. Anyone who can't let it be is hung up in their own process. My opinion, anyway.
  9. Boldgirl

    Boldgirl Patron Meritorious

    Good for you coming out !! I enjoed reading your post and look forward to hearing more.

    Your offer to help others get a leg up if they leave scn, and your public announcement is something that will help a lot of people who lurk and are 'not sure' about scinosloppygee.
  10. rich

    rich Silver Meritorious Patron

    welcome Nancy.
  11. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome and congratulations, Nancy!

    Hey Nancy!

    :happydance: Another "player" cognites that "broken piece" is as high as one gets by being "in" and moves "out" - and up, to real OT! :thumbsup: (that's the way I see it, anyway) :yes:

    EP aka Roy
  12. anonmom

    anonmom Patron with Honors

    :welcome: Welcome Nancy! I love your intro! Hope you weren't too hard on your husband when found out he came out publicly. I can just see it, "You did what when I was out of town?"

    If CoS was calling me, I would record all phone conversations and tell them that I was reporting them to the FBI. They are looking for whistle-blowers right now. And I would do it and possibly post the recording of fairgaming threats on Youtube.

    I understand that you feel bad about all you did for scn while in. But hey, we all did everything we could to apply KSW. That is why I now apply what I call KSS "Keeping Scientology Sinking". Now we can put our energy into getting the truth of this destructive cult out into the open and help and support fellow exes and encourage others to leave as well. I can see that you are doing an awesome job at that!:hifive: :heartflower:
  13. Anonafish

    Anonafish Patron


    I agree, each one has to look at where they are, and what they stand to lose and what there is to win. I have been watching alot of Bobby Flay's Throwdowns on the Food network lately, hense the final dare. :D

    However, I can just say that it was HUGE encouragement to me to see Tory M and others come out with no fear, so any ex's that CAN and DO come out, just shows those lurking and fearful (as I was for years) that they can stand up, that they CAN leave and live again. It seems that with Anonymous and the Internet and now the FBI interest, it may be the perfect storm for CO$.

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome. If I knew you, please pm me. I really would like to touch base.
  14. Anonafish

    Anonafish Patron

    Looking back, I would probably feel better now if I did crash the cont. Frankly, I don't think it's a big deal (LRH BDG), but I mentioned it just so it might jog someone's memory if I knew them, and encourage them that they can get out.

    Did I know you in EUS? PM me, I'd love to hear from you. There are so many people that I wonder what happened to.

  15. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    Hi Nancy! :hattip: - Great to see you yelling all over the boards! Great to hear yet another voice that was silent... Like you say, there is thousands who are still silent..

    Because that was a very threathening organization we were part of.
    This is then the 'policy' we all raise our hands and give the abominable fuckfinger!

    They brag of 8 MILLION members! - We can only find 50.000! - This must mean that the rest is unsatisfied customers!

    It is time to VENT!!!

  16. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Welcome Nancy!!! I remember were the parrot at the protest! :hysterical: :hysterical:

    Loved Chris' post and love your's as well. :)

    You are among friends here. Well, mostly anyway.:p

    O hai OSA!
  17. Anonafish

    Anonafish Patron

    Yes, I am the Parrot, Coo Coo Ca choo!:melodramatic:
  18. grundy

    grundy Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome to ESMB.

    It's hard coming out. But in the end, it's going to be the way to be.
  19. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    From CO SMI UK

    Well CO CLO EUS! I remember you sooo well, the B'game vid, I was very impressed by your presence and poise and was a bit OMG! when you became CO CLO, well done for getting out, and just fantastic on your new and fulfilling life and finding your spiritual roots.

    You and your hubby are just marvelous. Hope we meet some time.

    Who replaced you as CO CLO EUS do you know? What happened to Rea Matheison? I thought I saw him back on the PAC RPF in 2000?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2008
  20. feline

    feline Patron Meritorious

    Welcome to ESMB, Nancy! Hopefully you will find being here a strengthening and positive experience.

    Hang in, girl. It is only a matter of time for Scn.