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How Dangerous is New OTVII (Solo NOTs)

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by mate, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    I had previously looked at the subject of NOTs in my "Scientology Tech Evaluated" thread. BTW, NOTs is the abbreviation of New Era Dianetics for OTs.

    (Again please note: This level is considered confidential by the CofS, however the material is in the public domain. If you would prefer not to know anything about it, do not continue reading past this point. This has been written for those who have run NOTs.)

    This has been a mystery for me for many years, in fact, nearly twenty years. Then by chance in my studies into alternative and natural healing, I came across the subject of Cellular Biology, also known as the New Biology. I was astonished to find that it had been discovered that cells are conscious. That’s right, cells are not only living entities, but they are conscious. It was also discovered that contrary to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”, cells cooperate for their survival.

    When one is auditing on Solo NOTs, one senses where an entity is by detecting a mental interaction or consciousness. As it is estimated that the human body contains some 50 trillion cells, Could it be that solo NOTs auditors are, in fact, auditing cells? This would certainly answer the question as to where all of the BTs come from.

    However, if this is the case, then there are some very serious implications.

    When an entity leaves its body, the body dies. So when the conscious part of a cell, leaves as a result of solo auditing, such as in solo NOTs, the cell dies.

    A dead cell creates an acid environment by releasing acids. This acid environment is anaerobic, in which other cells in the immediate vicinity, become oxygen-starved.

    When a cell is oxygen-starved, it can mutate into a form, which can survive in an oxygen-free environment, as a survival mechanism. But this harms its DNA and respiratory enzymes.

    So that instead of dying, as cells do in an acid environment, some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. These abnormal cells do not react to one’s cerebral instructions nor do they follow the body’s DNA memory code, so as a result, they simply continue grow. These are, of course, called malignant or cancer cells.

    As an aside, keeping the body alkaline would help. This could be achieved through diet by avoiding “fast foods, microwave dinners, preprocessed package meals, and eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

    Part 2 follows.

    Regards, David.
  2. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    It is interesting that there is a high level of cancer among those on New OT VII and OTVIII, and particularly those who have completed these levels. Perhaps, we now have the answer.

    So if there is value in NOTs, how does one overcome this difficulty? There is a solution, which I will quote from my previous thread on the subject of OTIII.

    The best solution, for those who wish to continue with scientology auditing, is after New OTV (audited NOTs), to continue with the old OTIV to the old OTVII.

    Regards, David.
  3. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    Goes quite the other downside of "dangerous" into just plain spiritual destruction as it's all illusion/hallucination to get you to the point where you are so subjective you become vampire fodder.
  4. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    The real truth about beetees

    The real truth about the beetees is this ... they were originally captured by LRH during his black magic ceremonies using soul catchers manufactured by Native Americans. LRH had befrended some Native Americans in his youth and even boasted on this.

    There are really only a small handful of beetees. Once captured by LRH, they were tortured and trained by him as well. They now go from Scilon to Scilon to take the fall, i.e., allow the Scilon to contact them via the auditing ritual and allow themselves to be shooed off like so many flies. Since there are really only a small handful of beetees to go around, it is in the interest of the current head of Cof$ to have only a limited number of people on upper levels, or the beetees would be over worked.

    DM inhereted the beetees from LRH, and still uses the same punishment and reward system, i.e., electronically induced pain or pleasure.

    So there you have it, the final secret of the Cof$.

  5. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    You raise some interesting points here, David. Makes a lot of sense in view of the casualty rate on NOTs.

    Would like a bit more data on aura spotting if you have it.
  6. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    The Clearing Course was released in the mid 1960s. It was THE big beakthrough. Some people objected to being told what they would see when they looked into their own mind and space (since auditing was supposed to be about "asking"), but many others went along. After all, there were "wins," and that meter (as a truth detector) sure did react, which impressed the heck out of those "set up" for it with repeated waves of hype, and psychological suggestion.

    Then came OT 3, another THE big breakthrough, and while some left Scientology, being quickly forgotten, most stayed. Many others arrived, excited by the promise of the attainment of Operating Thetan. But, as usual, with Scientology, while one thing appeared to be happening, other things were also happening that were not, to most, immediately obvious

    But what did it matter?, as the state of (real) "OT" was just around the corner.

    And to participate in Scientology, it was necessary to not notice what was actually happening, to be selectively unaware, while at the same time ascending the "Chart of Awareness."

    But the patterns were recurring, and it was inevitable that some would eventually catch on, and these would either leave or be booted from Scientology and, without the Internet, could not do much to warn others.

    In 1978/79, once again, THE big breakthrough had occurred, and the reason people were not getting the gains hoped for on the OT levels had been found, and now full OT was - well - just around the corner.

    What was it? Well, it was promoted as super tremendous but very confidential, and called "NOTs," and people rushed to "Flag," checkbooks in hand, to get this magnificent new Rundown. What could it be?

    Many arriving were surprised that it was something that they thought they'd already handled, but no, there was more yet to be handled.

    The amount of subtle hypnotic agreement built into the Clearing Course through OT 3 experience, plus the over-all Scientology experience, had "set up" most to cooperate (after a little "two way comm," and, if necessary, being told, in no uncertain terms, "If you don't think you have any - of this newly discovered layer of 'case phenomena' - then you have tons of it") and, after a while, most would be seeing what they had been told they would be seeing.

    But it was alright, (real) OT was just around the corner.

    Now some people are becoming sick, but people have been becoming sick in Scientology for a long time. At best, Scientologists are slightly less healthy than ordinary people (wogs).

    It's probably good advice to quit the "Bridge" after "audited NOTs," and probably better advice to quit it after "Power Processing" (old Grade V).

    And that doesn't mean that the "phenomena" addressed don't exist in some fashion, it's just that there are better ways.

    Anything developed in Scientology after its transition into being a totalist mind-control cult in the mid 1960s should, IMO, be reviewed carefully.
  7. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi Scooter, you might find the following interesting.

    Seeing Auras

    Relaxed focus is based on the principle that effort will inhibit vision, so that the less you try to focus, the more your vision will become clear. Let us check this. Remove your glasses or contact lenses, and look at your environment. Select an object which you can see relatively clearly and focus on it with a lot of effort and then relax the effort. Notice that when effort is used, the object becomes slightly more blurry and your peripheral vision reduces. Also that when you relax the effort, object becomes slightly less blurry. Now look at the same object without staring or focusing. Become aware of your breathing and let your focus relax, notice that you are seeing everything around the object equally. Repeat these tests until you are satisfied.

    Physical vision covers a very narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is called the Visible Band and is seen as a range of colour from red through yellow, green, and blue to violet.

    The rest of the electromagnetic spectrum, from infra-red down and ultra-violet up, is considered invisible. However, there are many cases among children whose vision extends into the infra-red and ultra-violet ranges. There is an interesting experiment which you might like to carry out to discover your sensitivity to the infra-red band. Place a cast iron pot in the oven for a quarter hour at say 200oC and then view the pot in a dark room. You may need to adjust to your night vision by closing your eyes for 10 to 20 seconds. The pot will appear to be quite bright to a small number of us, as a faint glow to many of us, and some of us won't see it at all. As you develop your natural vision, you will find that your awareness of these "invisible" bands will be enhanced.

    But there is another, which is denied us as a result of our early and continued schooling. This is the result of the concentrated fixed focus attention, we are taught at school by being forced to look at blackboards, books, computers, television, in our reading and writing, and so on, for extended periods of time. As a result, we lose our natural vision.

    On the other hand pre-school children, who haven’t been conditioned to use fixed focus, still have theirs. Because of this, they are able in many cases, to see the human aura.

    It is by using relaxed focus, that you too will be able to observe the human aura. The first step is to observe energy fields. The world around us is loaded with energy fields, energy fields, which we do not see because we are always focusing on objects and our focus is always fixed. Try this, select a large light plain coloured surface such as an off-white wall and sit comfortably and relaxed, facing it. Look not at the wall but at a plane 10 to 20 cm in front of the wall with relaxed focus, and you may observe an insubstantial swirling field.

    This is not spots before the eyes, or Muscae Volitantes giving it its technical name. As soon as you concentrate on it and lose your relaxed focus, it disappears. This is an energy field.

    While experienced aura viewers see the human aura, not as a single field, but layers not unlike an onion, our interest is in the layer closest to the body, the life-field. It is the easiest to observe, and is an energy field [or energy body], which surrounds and locates each and every cell as well as macro-cellular structures such as the various organs of the body. It is believed to be a control system provided and exercised by the being over the body.

    It is an off-white colour, contouring the body, and extending to a centimetre or so out from the skin. This layer can reflect the physical health of the body, where bulges and lumps indicate problems. It should be noted that the bulges and lumps in the life-field, only indicates where there is a health problem, and not what the problem is or its magnitude.

    Here is an exercise to see this layer, with a plain light coloured background, hold your hand 20 to 25 centimetres from your face. Observe the space between your fingers using Relaxed Focus, you may suddenly see an off-white field. Another exercise is using a mirror, look at the edges of your face against a plain light coloured wall. Relaxed focus is the key, do not focus on the field otherwise you will lose it!

    As your ability to see this layer of the aura improves, you will start to see the next layer in all its colours.

    You are about to see the whole universe quite differently, remarkably so.

    Regards, David

  8. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Good write-up, Mate. :)
  9. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Mate, what does this mean? :confused2:

    I think your theory makes sense but depends on this being true.
  10. ULRC/S

    ULRC/S Patron with Honors

    What you have written is not wrong, but you don't have the full story.

    In my audited NOTs, I "ran out" my car driving circuits and when I went to drive again, all my hard taught automaticities were gone. At my NOTs completion, I had a few spare days so hired a car to look around LA.

    Almost died in the first 50meters on Hollywood Blvd! My eyes went to some wannabe starlet strutting on the sidewalk, and the car was instantly into the oncoming draffic lane - before NOTs I could ogle and drive safely, but not now.

    Frightened the shit out of me, and once I'd worked out what was going on, I waited for late night and went out and gave myself some driving lessons to put the circuits back, but it took a few hours of concentrated work - just like teaching a new learner driver.

    You are correct in saying NOTs could be accessing cells and other body level intelligences, and if they are "set free" then that part of the body dies or certainly goes weird. Which of course is a huge danger and could be the reson for the high level of cancer deaths in NOTs people.

    What you have missed is that our self installed circuits etc are made from what Bill Robertson calls MOCOs - tiny (or big) specs of theta WE have put out to do a job like driving, or walking (another NOTs friend "forgot" how to walk after a session), or talking, or remembering something, and if they are "set free" indiscriminately in a NOTs session then you are throwing away a part of your own theta. Which if done on a long term basis, like 10 years of solo NOTs, will reduce your own theta power.

    Remember Ian McKay, Ethel's hsband, now deceased? He had inherented the family farm and sold it off, bit by bit to pay for his audited NOTs. 675 hours later the farm was gone, and so was his strength, life energy and power - and (at least, thank god) finally the regging.

    He had been a vital powerhouse, but after the NOTs auditing he was weak & powerless, a broken man by actual observation.

    I completed my standard audited NOTs pgm in around 30 hours, but had no farm to sell, so wasn't regged for more.

    Yes, NOT and Solo NOTs can be F^%$#@g dangerous, because of the unknowing and indiscriminate "setting free" of anything that reads when focussed on.

    In it's original purpose, it's fine, which is correcting clears run on dianetics after clear.

    I consider Bill's Excalibur level to be NOTs done correctly - with understanding of what you are meeting, and having the correct handling.

    Regards, Allen
  11. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Expanding Ideas

    Hey Mate, this stuff is GOOD :). I can't see auras (though I will try out what you have suggested) - but I can feel them. Without touching, because that sort of interferes, I can run my hands over a living body (animal, not so good at this with plants), and feel the energy. Where it dips, or goes 'black' and or 'cold', is where problems/tension/pain/illness exists.

    I have used soft/gentle barely there non-motion touching, just finger tip pressure, ever so lightly though, to make animals feel better, to take the pain away. Think shiatsu, but with the lightest, barely there, touch.

    I know this might sound something like touch assist (which I have heard of, of course, but have no knowledge of), and maybe it is like that, but it seems to work.

    I have a chiropractor who can run his hands down my back, find the problem immediately, and then find the other side of it immediately too - that place that doesn't hurt until he presses into it. Magic hands that Doc, LOL. I know a massage therapist who can do something like that too, but with a different energy. And I once had a yoga teacher who just knew where to touch to gently push a body into proper position.

    It takes some tuning in to the person, living being/essence. And it would probably be different for every person, some being more sensitive, some being less, and some not going to that place at all, because it might seem outside the realm of their belief system. I think of it as Chi. And depending on which senses predominate in a person, some will be attuned for it, some not. Some folks are attuned to other things.

    I don't usually talk about this stuff, because some people look at it as craziness. I stumbled upon it with a pet, a sick pet, many years ago. I could walk into the room and know he wasn't feeling well - at that moment - and I'd comfort him - but it hurt him to be touched, so I had to pet and touch him without touching him - and he responded like I was touching him, only it didn't hurt him. Then I began to play with it. It truly seemed to work, and so I got interested in the phenomenon.

    Good post, Mate :)
  12. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I use the word "pre-OT" for lack of a better one. It doesn't mean I believe Scn creates OTs beyond the fact that people attesting to certain auditing levels are called "OTs."

    Ignoring Hubbard's theories about what body thetans are, what I assume is happening is:

    1. The pre-OT is contacting units of energy-consciousness that are alien (not in the sense of extraterrestrial, but in the sense of "not wholly his own"), and one by one straightening them out or harmonizing them or removing the imperfections or whatever. This is with the "non-me BT" bits. Bits of energy-consciousness one identifies as "self" can also be audited, of course.

    2. When the job at hand is finished on each one, "it blows", i.e., the disharmony has gone. Initially the "body thetan" (misnomer!) was spotted and located by the disharmony, that usually reads on a meter. When the disharmony has gone, there's nothing remaining to read on the meter. At the time of realization that the disharmony has gone, the meter should F/N. The human aura naturally pulses. I assume this contributes to what shows as an F/N.

    3. Note that per the OT3 materials one locates "body thetans" (misnomer) by meter read (or an area of pressure, for clusters) when looking over the body or one's immediate space. One does not locate "body thetans" (misnomer) by trying to spot their "thetanness" or aura or whatever. There is also a sort of knowingness where one zeroes in on one, but again it is supposed to be accompanied by a meter read.

    4. These bits of energy-consciousness are conscious to a small extent, so a pre-OT can have comm cycles with one, and in doing so one will change that bit of energy-consciousness. It is a huge error to extrapolate from this that the unit of energy-consciousness one is communicating with is the same as an entire spiritual being like the main one intimately involved with thee or me, called a "thetan" by scios.

    5. A human cell is made from energy-consciousness. One can change it in auditing it, and at the end of the auditing cycle (i.e., the EP, with an F/N etc.) the disharmony one was addressing disappears. But the cell is still there, and its energy-consciousness is still there — it's just different from when you started. When a human being is audited and he "blows out" the person isn't suddenly without the protection of a guiding spirit; all that has happened is that the guiding spirit has had his consciousness changed, usually for the better.

    6. That point about the OT3 pre-OT goes into session without any experience of spotting BTs and how horrible this is is down to poor supervision. When I sup'd OT3 in the CofS, I drilled the guy extensively on the exact procedure he would use to spot a BT, using a teddy bear for his body and things like batteries to represent a BT within his awareness. I know it is not *exactly* the same, but it is surprisingly close to the doingness he will be doing in session, and few had any real trouble with it. After five hours of drilling like that, going through everything that can happen in session, again and again and again, he will be confident and competent enough to do fine. The exact details of doing this are covered on my OT3 checksheet at

  13. Disinfected

    Disinfected Patron Meritorious

    Mate, in your opening post, you seem to be trying to disprove, or at least analyze, one school of "esoteria" with another school of "esoteria". Your current school seeming to disprove your former school. Something does not seem right with that picture. One could as easily flip that and use Scientology to "disprove", or at least analyze, "johnofgodism". Then Scientology would come out on top :eyeroll:
  14. nexus100

    nexus100 Gold Meritorious Patron

    My take:
    One is creating all space. Growth is understanding the space one is creating. It is already completely created so no further create is necessary. The process of understanding is moving into that space and fully occupying it. This can take what seems to be an instant, or some period of time. But it is completely and only your willingness to occupy that space, no matter what is there, that determines what is called "case". But there is no case, my opinion. You just decide what you want to see.

    If one creates something additional in order to occupy space, no matter how, this adds to the process. Maybe it seems to help, maybe it doesn't. But the most direct route is always to look, see, and occupy. To do otherwise would be like deciding one has to pick up a ball every time one moves across the room. Why do that? You are the only one who knows where you want to look, what is the next step to occupy, what is your "path". How could someone else possibly know the exact methodology necessary to identify a space and direct you to it? Physically impossible. Like someone in a wheelchair being pushed, you would need to create being crippled first.

    Since every point in this universe is "alive"-God is everywhere-recognition of that life will be part of the process. But it will only be an issue to the degree one doesn't want to occupy that space. What is created there, is there. You "personal" create may not need to address all of God's create to move on to other space. Some space is likely pretty packed with stuff. But once one sees it adequately, however that is for the individual, it becomes simply space and no more looking is necessary to understand it. To attempt do more is less understanding because one is creating more stuff unconsciously. Which if you want to understand is no fun.
  15. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    The factor of systematic psychological manipulation that, in Scientology, precedes, and surrounds, the "confidential upper levels," and continues in the "LRH materials" of those levels, is usually overlooked in these discussions. At the very least, IMO, it should be noted that that "overlooking" occurs.

    'Excalibur' is described as, "Handles the most secret and ancient barriers to OT, an organized attempt to force one to conform to lower states of awareness."

    Bill Robertson died of cancer at age 55.
  16. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Do we have here a unification of knowledgism and the CBR bridge?
  17. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I'll add some experience of my own in that this interesting thread would
    be a good place to put it.

    On OT 2 I separated from someone theta clear or above, happy to exist without a body. We had the most powerfull affinity flows I've ever experienced. I first thought " guardian angel". Later changed to me as guardian angel as it was my limited knowledge that appeared to free her.

    Anyone had similar experience?
  18. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    With regard to seeing auras I'm not well equiped. I can do a shit hot massage though.

    Its interesting the comments that the young can see them. With regard to hearing the young hear very high frequencies and generally this ability
    fades with age.

    Percieving electro magnetic frequencies is sort of parallel. Do the young have a greater frequency response? Do people inately have slightly different EMS frequency response? Is that why some are more able to see auras?
    What is the relationship of kirlian photography to auras?

    Then there is lots more going on in the EM spectrum.

    Another parallel, in sound the upper limit of a gifted teenager is 20,000 hz.

    More or less.

    However adding super tweeters to hi fi systems that go on up to 60/100 khz uniformly seem to add to the musical reproductive experience.

    Don't think anyone has any good answers why on this, and its right in the field of geek mest physics.

    Looking for answers :)
  19. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi Kutta.
    Yes, you are correct in that my thesis is dependent upon the existence of cellular consciousness. You can google "cell biology consciousness" , or alternatively take free membership on and download from their healthbooksummaries, and download a summary of "Biology of Belief". This will give you all the answers. There are, BTW, a number of books in this area.

    Regards, David.

  20. Ho Tai

    Ho Tai Patron Meritorious

    I recently read Biology of Belief, which provides a lot of solidly-documented data on how cells work and how they respond to the environment as perceived by the thetan (not a term used in the book). It's written by a respected PhD cell biologist, and is a very accessible book.