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Howard Dickman, ex staff, San Diego Org, checking in

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by SanDiegoMember, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    ^^^ That's a good DA of Wollersheim I'd say?

    Hmm.. What to believe? - I've seen enough of Scientology to think that this is totally implausible.. RPF not punitive! - I quit CoS largely from reading the PL's about the RPF!

  2. I think it's possible, that for some few people, who were only on the program and "graduated" in a short time, that the RPF didn't seem that punitive, especially in the early days. I also just wonder if Howard, being the bosun, had some privileges that others didn't have, such as writing to friends and family.

    Obviously, something radically wrong happened in L. W.'s made an vivid visual impression on you Howard which you remember even after all these years. Is it possible that he was blamed for the broken winch line (magical thinking...of he pulled in the wrecker) and loss of the lifeboat which got him further punishment or harsher restrictions or conditions? Read around on the threads more and you will learn of some horrific conditions and out ethics punishments. People's personal experiences varied widely, depending on where they were in the pecking order, and the nature and character of their supervisors.

    Irregardless of your experience with it, Howard, the RPF, by all reports it as exists today, is an illegal violation of both civil and human rights, and should be TOTALLY abolished.
  3. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    I do not believe that everyone will accept my story, as it is written from my point of view. What the RPF turned into later is widely documented and is nothing remotely similar to the RPF I was on. Making an average of $15 per week at the Church of Scientology, San Diego and trying to pay rent, eat and clothe oneself; looking back, was much more criminal than my time of the RPF.
  4. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    What the RPF was originally - in 1974 - is also widely documented.

    Scientology was a totalist mind-control cult in 1974, and the RPF, at its best, was going to "rehabilitate" someone into becoming a productive and compliant member of a totalist mind-control cult.

    That might feel OK for some, or even feel good for someone.

    But can you understand that most people cringe at the idea?
  5. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Never thought I would read a combination DA with an RPF success story on ESMB.
  6. apocalyptic

    apocalyptic Patron with Honors

    Hmmmm......verrrrry interesting. Exceptional story (to say the least). 40 years of 'service'? Service?

    Next thing you know the RPF will be remembered as being a 'good & benign' thing that contributed to ones well being, even unto this very day.

    Just sayin...


    just because you are paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't following you.
  7. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Belated :welcome2: Howard. Saw your comment on the Case on Post thread. :)
  8. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    My confession: This cut into our study/auditing time, which annoyed me. There were a few times I started another major action on a PC so that we would end up just missing the bus to the phone center. I was questioned about that, but as I was productive in the chair no punishment was meted out.

    Welcome Howard!! Thanks for lurking and posting!!

    Wow - this confession of yours is actually your sanity coming to the surface and doing the right thing - good for you!! No overt act there unless you are in a CULT that is evil and has lots of secrets they don't want their members to know!! Thanks for sharing and welcome to ESMB - any other stories you want to share are appreciated by all of us here!! We love stories about the CULT! :yes:

    As far as Larry W in the RPF - his experience is his experience and I believe him - for you it was great - for Larry - not so great and I have not read one success story from anyone doing the RPF was glad they did it - they were glad they got out of the RPF and the CULT!

    The crimes are carefully hidden in the Cult and that is the TECH of LRH - so no one really knows what others are going through and the amazing thing is the ones who do know - are "trained" to "NOT IS" the crimes!!

    The Cult is a total criminal organization today - and the staff that are still "IN" are trained to stop thinking about them - convince themselves it is in the best interest of saving this planet. They see people look happy after their auditing because the PC has forgotten about the fleecing they received from the REG or the E/O - but when they get home - the shit hits the fan and then the TECH convinces that person that is some overt they did or they have an MU or they NEED their next level or they need training ... it goes on and on and on. No CLEARS or Oatee's in this Cult either - just a total mind fucking!

    Do you still like Scientology and believe in Hubbard's tech?

  9. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    All I can tell you is what is true for me.

    I live in Oklahoma, a place you do not want to live in if you have allergies. Many years ago a lady reached out to me about some auditing. I had given her DMSMH and by the time she was 1/3 of the way into it she was really wanting me to do that technique with her. I insisted that she read the entire book. 1/2 way through it she was so excited about it that she again asked me to take her into session. Once again I insisted that she read the entire book.

    She finally finished it and we went into session. We ran out an operation and at the end of the session she was walking on air. Prior to the session she could not drive, during the summer, with the windows open without suffering the effects of her allergies. After the session her allergies were gone.

    Her and her family eventually moved to Colorado where I believe she divorced her husband. I have lost rack of her so I have no idea if her allergies are still a problem for her.

    I have not audited in over 22 years. I am so grateful of what I did learn during my brief time in Scientology. The disciplines grilled into me during my time on the Vietnam era Navy boot camp and my year on the RPF have served me well these many years. I regret not the time I spent on either.

    As a hobby I have spent the last 10 months working on a web based biography of Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch. I am close to publishing it now. Stayed tuned!

    Howard Dickman
  10. Don Crom 3rd mo can

    Don Crom 3rd mo can Patron with Honors

    :itstrue:RPF WEST COAST USA 1974/75 WAS ACTUALLY and factually a Rehabilitation Project Force. What it was on the Apollo, or FOLOEUS, couldn't tell you, wasn't there.

    I for one, as a crew member of the Excalibur was actually a bit jealous of the RPF, 5 hours per day study and/or auditing??? Fuck me running!! To the best of my knowledge the auditing was "by the book" repair actions, list correction, serious word clearing. (help me here Howard if I've missed anything) and a general clean-up of any previous not quite right action. HELL even the MEST work produced an EP, its called "being in present time". To the best of my knowledge, a soapy cloth in ones' hand, touching a solid surface was very effective CCH processing.

    Now, when where why and HOW it morphed into the Recrimination Prosecutorial Farce I don't know, I simply thank my lucky stars I never experienced it. But yes boys & girls, in the beginning the RPF actually produced real products, not the broken terriorised "things" we have today. So yeah, "wins" on the RPF, not as much of an out-reality as it might seem. :coolwink: C-Ya DC
  11. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Well, you can read about what it was on the Apollo, or watch videos of people describing what it was on the Apollo.

    By the way, what's your opinion of the 1961 Children's Security Check?
  12. Don Crom 3rd mo can

    Don Crom 3rd mo can Patron with Honors

    RE: 1961 Children's Sec Check

    Don't know, 1st I've ever heard of one, never had one run.

    I'm sure there are mounds and mounds of whacky shit over the years, none of it ever used maliciously on me. But have no fear, I can imagine. And yes, I shudder.

    But! As you may or may not have noticed, what you originated was not the topic of discussion on this thread at this time. "WE" are talking about "A", your comment was about "B". YOU are welcome to start a thread about "B" but we are talking about "A".

    I may be mistaken but I think this is a W.C. Fields quote; "Don't go away mad, just go away." :melodramatic: C-Ya DC
  13. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

  14. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

  15. Um...wasn't there a Children's RPF??? For the kids of SO members stuck in the Cadet Org?

    Or was that only out in "Happy Valley"? :confused2:
  16. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

    The chain locker?
  17. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron


    I don't recall any of the details but there was a Children's RPF in the Cadet Org in PAC at one time in the Old Days. :angry:

  18. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    The RPF came into existence in January 1974. I arrived on the RPF Excalibur February 1974 and graduated February 1975. Don worked in the engine room and has reported that the ship was sold shortly after February 1975. There were never any children on our RPF.

    I went back to San Diego staff, so I have no idea what the RPF became after it was transferred to land.

    Howard Dickman
  19. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Well, :) maybe you should get some idea.

    And, maybe you should also get some idea of what the RPF was, when it was on the Apollo.

    With the Internet, and so many firsthand accounts, and documentation, available, there's really no reason to remain unaware.

    Understandably, the brilliance of Ron's technical breakthroughs, of that time period, was such that it might have made it difficult to see during all that brilliance...

    After all, the 1970s were filled with technical advancements from Ron...


    I have made a technical breakthrough which possibly ranks with the major discoveries of the twentieth century. It is certainly the greatest achievement of 1973 and is now being released after a final write-up of the research. It is called the Introspection Rundown.​



    Psychos in ISOLATION




    The anti-Scientologist

    H,E&R, Human Emotion and Reaction

    Homo Saps


    Here are some more excerpts from the 1976 edition of the 'Red Volumes'. It's an HCOB from January 1974.

    In 1970 the actual cause of PSYCHOSIS was isolated... In the ensuing years this has been proven beyond doubt to be correct...

    [And here Hubbard goes on about psychiatry, ice picks, electric shocks, etc., then...]


    [Then there are the steps of the RD, and the HCOB ends with...]


    [Then there's the HCOB of February 1974, titled...]



    In a person in a psychotic break, it is necessary to isolate them for them to destimulate and to protect them and others from possible damage...

    There comes a point where the C/S must decide to release the person from isolation. To do this the C/S must know if the person can take responsibility for his actions...

    The C/S's action is a direct comm line to the person by notes. The person is provided with paper and pen to reply. The C/S must determine the person's responsibility level. Example: "Dear Joe. What can you guarantee me if you are let out of isolation?"... "Dear Joe. I'm sorry but no go on coming out of isolation yet. Your actions threatened the survival of hundreds of people indirectly and 6 families directly by burning down their houses. You are unaware of the effects this could have had and still only concerned about your own welfare. You must hate the human race quite a bit."

    [This eventually leads to the cognition...]

    "But, but, I never meant to threaten others' survival. I just wanted to burn down their houses because I like fires. Gosh, I didn't mean it. I don't hate the human race. Oh, I really don't hate the human race."


    The first person who did the Introspection Rundown was sent off the ship after having been psychologically brutalized by Hubbard and his "technical breakthrough." He later died. Hearing Scientologists tell it, Hubbard was a hero and a humanitarian, and this person recovered fully due to Ron's brilliance and compassion.

    Approaching the point of this post, here's a little more about the 1970s, from Hana Eltringham:

    "He [Hubbard] stated that coming ashore would be profitable because we could get so many more people to the Flag Land Base, as it was to be called, for auditing and training, and he also wanted to concentrate on getting professionals to the Land Base, because, of course, they had more accessible money. They had pension funds. They had children's education funds, and some of these he named, that were accessible."

    At 3:28 - 3:50 of the below video, Hana talks about the inception of the RPF.

    L. Ron Hubbard established the Children's RPF in 1976:

    Robert Vaughn Young re. the RPF and RPF's RPF, and re. children RPF'ed on the 'Flagship Apollo':

    'Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force', by Stephen A. Kent:
  20. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    The only reason that I post is to truthfully tell my story. I am so glad that others have done the same. I am aware of Professor Kent's work, I have sent him my documentation.

    San Diego was much different than LA. I remember quite clearly the rat hole, roach infested staff berthing at the Hollywood Inn, when I was a guest of Bill Yaudee there. I believe the stories that others have written, just as I hope others will believe my stories.

    For now I am all storied out.

    I've been working on Yvonne's bio since February and it contains many eye opening revelations. I've worked very hard in getting first hand accounts and documents from which her story is being written. This is what is important to me now.

    Blast me all you want. I can handle it, as I'm a proud RPF graduate!