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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Pip, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    But Catheter's & $CN both leave nasty stains on a member.
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  2. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    Thanks Jason for your response. I have been away for a while, but am glad to be back. In my opinion you can't do better than ChristianScientology - they compliment each other when properly understood.

  3. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    GOD IS LOVE! the only reason Ron removed the word love from the subject of Scientology was because it, in essence, cannot be defined, and he wanted every term in Scientology to have a workable definition. Hence he replaced the word love with the word affinity, that was his biggest mistake. Without love everything is ultimately meaningless.

    As for leaving God "out-exchange" that is rediculous. All God has ever desired from mankind is that he should love his creator unconditionally so that is the perfect exchange. God loves us unconditionally and we respond by putting Him first in our lives.

    No member of the cofs would dream of calling themselves a ChristianScientologist for the average Christian would see through that "shore story" very quickly. What the cofs tries to maintain is that you can be a Scientologist and a Christian which of course is impossible as is being a Christian and a Scientologist. A ChristianScientologist is something quite different.
  4. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    Hi Type4_PTS, I have been off hassling a few Christian groups!

    It continually amazes me just how many mis-understoods the average Christian has where the Bible is concerned.
  5. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    No Jason is not me! but he sounds like my sort of person, and I was pleased to see someone actually noting I was not writing rubbish!:)
  6. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

  7. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    You cannot be a Scientologist and a Christian, if Christianity is defined as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can be a Scientologist and give "lip service" to Christianity but a Bible believing Christian is as dedicated if not more so, to what the Bible says, as a committed Scientologist is to the works of L Ron Hubbard. The two as separate subjects are incompatible. "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money". Matthew 6:24
  8. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    GOD FORBID! :omg:
  9. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    Re: coooooooooool....Re: I AM A CHRISTIAN SCIENTOLOGIST

    Hi Commander Birdsong

    I would be interested to hear your definition of a scientologist, and also what you understand by a "professing christian".

    I'll overlook the pot smoking at the moment!
  10. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    The only cure I know for any religion, Catholic, Scientologist or anything else is "to die to the self and be 'born again'"
  11. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Re: coooooooooool....Re: I AM A CHRISTIAN SCIENTOLOGIST

    :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls:

    Please, for the sake of this discussion board:

    :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls: :dontfeedtrolls:
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  12. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Miss America contestants asked "should Math be taught in school?"

    . . .


    <hat tip Smurf>
  13. Pip

    Pip Patron with Honors

    Re: coooooooooool....Re: I AM A CHRISTIAN SCIENTOLOGIST

    Hi Gadfly

    Who are you calling a 'troll' - I hope its not your old pall Pip! :)
  14. thetanbuster

    thetanbuster Patron

    I found even my extremely liberal Episcopalian brand of Christianity to be incompatible with scn within 6 months of my involvement with an org. I did not leave because of that conflict, but it was plainly obvious, especially when the Ethics dirctor said that Christianity was a "victim religion". Even without a literal belief in the ressurection, I can see that as a story of victory, not victimhood.
    Or in simple Georgia terms, I could just say, "shit or get off of the pot."
  15. The Landover Baptist Church is the only road to True Salvation
  16. Re: coooooooooool....Re: I AM A CHRISTIAN SCIENTOLOGIST

    pip presents as what he is
  17. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Pip! I have nothing against God and went into Scientology as a Christian too.

    I was told that Scientology does not get involved with God by the Class 5 Org staff. None of them have done the OT levels and most are hovering around the Purif, TR's and OBJ levels so they don't know about the "confidential materials on the OT levels". Hubbard lies to them - they lie to raw meat to bait and switch!!

    Unfortunately, my OT8 friend told me about how Hubbard denies Christ and all religions. He showed me the confidential information on the OT levels - where Hubbard totally makes fun of all religions and Christ. I saw it - then I saw it again posted on the internet.

    At the top of the Bridge (confidential and costs lots of money) you will find out that Christ and religions were implants. After you put tons of money on account - you will read Hubbard's enforced viewpoint on "religions" and Christ. He invalidates all of it. This is not something you will see during your trip up the bridge. That level of awareness is enforced by spending tons of money and having to be invited onto the levels - translated - giving tons of money to IAS etc...

    Scientology promotes to the members that THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN SAVE MANKIND.

    If you are a Christian - you know that Jesus Christ "cleared" everyone 2,000 years ago when he died on the cross for our sins. Why does Scientology charge so much money to relieve oneself from sins. Hubbard even made fun of the Catholics having to pay the priests to have their sins forgiven. So why does Scientology charge to have your sins forgiven? No one is allowed to talk to each other - no case on post. Hubbard says you can't mix money with religion - yet the fees they charge are off the charts. Do you know where your IAS dollars are spent? Google: Luis Garcia and Theodore Babbitt please.

    Jesus Christ already paid the price to have our sins forgiven, no? All we have to do is ask. It was a pretty heavy price to pay but he did it. How can you be a Christian when the Bible warns us of false prophets and Hubbard was one of the best! He got me going and he got you too!

    How can you be a Scientologist if you are not 100% Scientology? I am not tracking here with you and I really want to. Have you studied Aleistar Crowley yet? Do you know Hubbard got his "magic" from Crowley? If you are a Christian - what does the Bible say about "worshipping Idols".

    In Scientology - the only one they worship is Hubbard - there is no other GOD! Busts of him everywhere - photos in every room, no BIBLE anywhere, no mention of GOD until you get to the top and then you are GOD. You audit off Body Thetans and clusters on the OT levels - demons attached to you and you have NO GOD to protect you from these. That is why many OT's die of cancer, commit suicide and go insane. Have you heard about XENU yet? Read all about it and then let us know. Please - you have to be willfully ignorant to not do your homework with all of the information available on the internet these days and it is FREE!! Your soul is at stake - if you are a Christian.

    I am so sorry to say this because I don't want to pop your bubble so to speak - but please do your research for yourself so you will know with total certainty if this is true. If you need some help - we can post the confidential materials on this thread for you to read.
  18. god is invoked in the creed of the church and is also significant in SOS. when i was in, The Great Rhapsody; The Gospel According To John was on the checksheet for the minister's course.
  19. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Gold Meritorious Patron

    I recall a quote without the source, where Hubbard is sayinf "The IRS wants us to wear collars, then we will"

    It is and was all part of the theatrical..a 'show' performed for the benefit of the US Internal Revenue Service.


    Quote from my Religious Cloaking page

    "I watched with mine own eyes in 1969, as, overnight, "PRE-CLEAR FOLDER ADMINISTRATION" turned into "CONFESSIONAL FORMULARY"! Auditors were asked to wear white "collars" and I watched as a cross was dragged into the building through the front door... WHILE ALL THE STAFF WATCHED AND KNEW IT WAS MERELY A "JOKE" AT THE TIME TO FOOL THE US GOVERNMENT which I later, much later learned was in the Food and Drug Administrations' Article or Device Case about Scientology's subliminal shock inducing E-meter:

    I was there, so was Joe Harrington, so was Gordon Bell, so was Alan Walters...

    "I attest this to be exactly the truth." says Roger Gonnet - An Ex-director of Scientology in France" LINK

    Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter
    (HCOPL) 29 Oct. 1962, "Religion" wrote:
    "Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization
    basis throughout the world. This will not upset in any way the
    usual activities of any organization. It is entirely a matter for
    accountants and solicitors.
  20. The only similarity between Scientology and Christianity is that in Christianity only one person got crucified.

    In Scientology, sooner or later, everyone does.

    The Anabaptist Jacques