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I had a thought

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Nec_V20, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Thanks. I didn't know that. When did that capability start? WinXP? Win2000?
  2. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    Win2K. The problem is that these so-called "mountpoints" are problematical with regard to disaster recovery, on the other hand it can help you increase the capacity of an existing partition, when space gets tight and repartitioning is either not an option or otherwise constrained.

    The gripping hand here is that unless one really has a reason for doing otherwise, one should stay clear of this feature and stick with the old drive letter scheme.
  3. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious

    There's a tip I had posted before, and that is:

    How you can protect yourself against 80% of all viruses - even those of the future which are unknown today - with no added software, and just six repeat SIX mouseclicks.

    Tell you what though, go try and look for it. You probably won't find it, because it is bogged down in a thread with other discussion, and unless you really make the effort, you will have missed this simple and effectively golden opportunity to make your system more robust against attacks.

    This is why I would want an unadulterated tips thread, in which PG would refrain from eulogising the merits of BSD or others from "Good post" comments etc.

    I'd want it to just consist of "crunchy bits" and the bland soup of discussion could be either ladled out or handled in other threads. I'd want it to be a thread where people would strike gold time and again instead of having to dig deep for some loose change.

    In my posts above, I have shown that there are massive security and performance gains to be made just in the realm of partitioning alone - which is a small aspect of that which would be covered by the thread if it ever came to pass.
  4. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist


    I wasn't really promoting BSD on this particular thread... I just made a partitioning comparision.

    You want questions about posts on this thread to be on other different threads? Do I understand you correctly on this point?
  5. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Nec I would like to protect myself from 80% of viruses if I am not already. I would like to understand more about what my computer does now that much of the control is taken away.

    However, there is much I don't know, despite 13 years using one. Therefore sometimes totally simplistic explanations are needed. Sorry, they just are. For example I understand most of what you say about partitions but I still wouldn't know how to do it. :duh:

    If you post a thread that is tips, then perhaps you might consider two - "Tips for Dummies" and "Advanced Tips" or something. In the Dummies one (I will fall into that category) maybe put in the start of the post:

    "If you need to discuss this tip, copy and paste it into it's own thread."

    Would that work? :confused2:
  6. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    you'll notice that right at the beginning of this thread, I said that I would want discussions about the possibility - the workability - of a tips thread.

    Read my last post again, and you'll see that it was not a dig at you. I used you as an example but not as a negative one per se.

    I was talking to Terril this evening, and I've pretty much gone off the whole idea. Terril thinks it's because I'm being a wimp. He misses the point however. I asked for a consensus and for input on how the idea I had could be realised.

    As I said in my first post on this thread:

    Very few have come forward to lend their voice.

    They'll of course be all ears when their system gets hosed, and they are faced with a data wipe-out. From this thread I'll remember who I will reply to when they come to me for help. They would be yourself, Bea Kiddo, Alanzo, Free to Shine, Alan.

    Terril, Kerry, Olska, Claire are personal friends of mine and know that they can contact me for help at any time. MissDorfl is my girlfriend and she knows that I'll give her the space to work out her computer problems, but be there when - as happened today - she almost, but not quite, got it sorted herself.

    As for the rest, when their indifference comes around to bite them in the ass, don't bother sending me a PM for help, because there ain't going to be anyone home, and they've blown any future chance that I would give a flying one at a rolling doughnut in either the here and now or the there and then.

    So let's just forget it and move on after all I'm not going to lose anything by it.
  7. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious

    Free to Shine,

    one thing you have to realise, is that for Windows, the Program "Windows Explorer" is absolutely central to the display and manipulation of files.

    Your entire Desktop is "Windows Explorer".

    I'll explain what to do first, and then why after.

    Mouseclick 1) Click on "Start"

    Move the mouse to "All Programs" then move the mouse to "Accessories" then down to "Windows Explorer"

    Mousclick 2) Click on "Windows Explorer" to open it.

    Mouseclick 3) When "Windows Explorer" opens, then click on "Tools" at the top.

    Mouseclick 4) Click on "Folder Options ..."

    Mouseclick 5) Click on the tab "View"

    Mouseclick 6) Take the checkmark out of the box to the left of the option, "Hide extensions for known filetypes".

    That's it!

    Without changing the option, you could well be fooled into clicking onto a file called "Holiday.jpg" because you think it is a graphic file.

    The filename however could be "Holiday.jpg.exe" which would be a program file and could well be a virus if you received it in an attachment to an E-Mail.

    Because ".exe" is a "known filetype" by leaving the option above checked hides that fact and most viruses are spread because people double-click on attachments they think are safe because they do not see the stinger ".exe" in the tail.
  8. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist


    You have lots of knowledge in some realms. If I have to start another thread just to ask some questions to clarify then it can be a pain to do. IMO, it is better to keep it on one thread.

    Thanks for starting this. I hope to see more tips from you on this thread in the future.
  9. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    this was not meant to be "the thread". This thread is already trashed for that purpose anyway.

    What I was looking at was to have a thread that people could look at in a year or so - and hope that it would still have been going - where there would be one tip after the other. NO comments, NO debate.

    Any debate or comments I would have envisioned being brought up in another thread, where things which are unclear could be discussed, which would then perhaps lead to another post on the tips thread.

    The consensus would have to be there, that others would keep to that vision, and not just willy-nilly put in their 2 cents worth. Without that consensus a tips thread would be impossible to realise. By their very nature, the tips would be fact - mixing that in with conjecture just invites everyone, no matter how ill-informed, to jump in, mix it up and trash it.

    You see it is no fun to have to wade through 30 or 40 pages of more or less pointless discussion to get to three or four pages of tips.

    As I said above though, that's all moot, because obviously no consensus is ever going to gain any momentum here
  10. nw2394

    nw2394 Silver Meritorious Patron

    1) It interests me, anyway
    2) Probably, but I doubt everyone can!
    3) It would be best in its own, special section. Each tip and any subsequent questions could be its own thread then. However I doubt Emma will think it of enough general interest/relevance to the main theme of ESMB to want to do that?!?
    4) She could make you the moderator of the section.

    My feeling is that, so far, the people who most need the help are the most put off by techie terminology. Partitionimg, for example, makes sense to me as it is something I've done in the past. However I guess a lot of people will have switched off on merely encountering the term.

  11. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    I think that it is a good idea and has not yet been trashed.

    I can understand that you don't want it "trashed". But don't you think some questions for understanding should be allowed?
  12. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    let's get rid of your last point first:

    Not this side of hell freezing over would I want such a thing. Basically I would have to throw out my own posts before I started pointing my finger at any others.

    For the purposes of exposition I would envisage the person writing the tip to refer to previous tips where the underlying subject matter had already been dealt with. And if the underlying subject matter had not been dealt with then to write another tip dealing with it.

    What I would see as an example of "trashing" would be with regard to the following:

    Let's say the tip consisted of

    I can bet you that there would be posts about which company makes the better quality or the relative merits of DVD -RW as opposed to DVD +RW or that anyway, if one really wanted to be on the safe side one should use DVD-RAM media. And anyways, backing up to DVD-Recordables is a LOT faster than backing up to DVD-ReWritables.

    But let's face it, who the fuck cares? It is superfluous to the fact that if you are wanting to commit data-recovery Seppuku you can do no better than "entrusting" your vital backups to DVD-Recordable media. All the discussion would do is dilute the "crunchy-bit" of the tasty crouton (the tip itself) to a doughy soggy mass of goo in a bland terrine.

    Yes but the fact that people had agreed to the rules beforehand would make reminding them of the fact that they are trashing the thread and getting them to stop it without a flame-war a hell of a lot easier.

    It's just a pity that it looks like it ain't gonna happen though.

    That's why I suggested in my first post that discussion or clarification should be done on another thread. I had a very good professor for Moral Philosophy who taught me one important lesson, which was, "If you cannot explain something simply - no matter how complex the subject matter - then you have no idea what you are talking about".

    The onus as I see it would be on the part of the person writing the tip to make it intelligible and it would be the writers fault if the person reading it could not understand it.
  13. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    I think I have answered your post in the post to Nick above (see point 3).

    I am not trying to curtail free speech - I would just want to keep it away from that one thread. As many other threads as are necessary could be created to deal with the discussion.

    It is in that sense that I meant that this thread is already trashed for the purpose of being a "Tips" thread.
  14. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Excellent... thankyou! How simple is that yet you would not think of it. Much appreciated. :thumbsup:

    I think what you need is some kind of locked thread, but I don't know what options Emma has here. I do understand what you are saying. There is nothing worse sometimes than trying to find a particular post amongst pages of chatter.
  15. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious

    Free to shine,

    That sounds as if you think that - God forbid - I might think that I have a monopoly on good tips.

    The thread should be open. It should just be that there is a consensus that people would be on their honour not to post anything but tips to it.

    BTW if you have a scenario where a file containing a virus has been found and Windows won't let your AV software delete it because it is being held open by a process. Or you have some other file that for some reason Windows gives you the message "Unable to delete file" when you want to get rid of it, then go here

    and download the utility "MoveOnBoot". Works like a charm.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2008
  16. nw2394

    nw2394 Silver Meritorious Patron

    I've found I can rename such files. It as good as removes them. Then you can remove it yourself after reboot.

  17. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    that's true most of the time. If it were true all of the time then I would not have gone looking for an alternative.

    Now you have the alternative as well.

  18. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious


    you wrote:
    With all due respect to Terril, I think that this thread is a more cogent application of the phrase "Tech outside the CoS" which he is so fond of using.

    In this thread I have already alluded to the potential for control over MEST which the tips thread could have realised.

    Matter. Putting off buying upgrades or even a new system by improving what one has by a very significant margin could be considered to be a concrete gain. Unfortunately the failure to reach the consensus here indicates that most posters who have read this thread are firm believers in the theory of mind over matter, that is they don't mind and their system doesn't matter.

    Energy. Unfortunately too much of it is produced inside a PC in the form of heat. Some of the tips would have been aimed at reducing the amount of heat produced in the form of reducing the amount of energy expended, thus reducing the amount converted to heat. Less heat=longer life and less crashes.

    Space. Quite a few of the tips would have been aimed at increasing the amount of space available. Terril for instance got back over 20 Gigs of space on his Harddrive that he did not know that he was even wasting. Considering that he has only got an 80 Gig HD that's pretty significant.

    Time. The tips would have saved a shedload of that by increasing the performance of systems by more than just mere percentage points (unless of course you are counting those percentage points in the hundreds and not just individually or in tens).

    The cost? About $100 altogether - or less if one knows how to "borrow" what one would need.

    Oh BTW, you've just bought a shiny new system and now your favourite game(s) crawl? Well there's a tip that would cost you nothing to get the game flowing again - go look on the Internet and see if you can find it.

    As opposed to Scientology, my Tech works, and everyone can measure the efficacy of my promotion of that true Tech with no fuss, no bridge (except the Northbridge of the Mobo) with most definitely no rocket-science (DC8 or otherwise) and no Thetans (although the tips would have shown how to get the little boogers out of your system).
  19. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    This is the reason that I am considering under-clocking the server mother boards that I plan to install into my server rack. I want everything running cool. I don't know if I can install liquid cooling in a 1U server chasis... I doubt it.
  20. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Dear friend,
    Just go for it. Consult Emma privately as needed.

    You started this idea. Now you back off because you feel others
    will fuck with you, and your idea.

    Well screw them!

    And all you had was positive response.

    Go on. :)

    Make our day. :)