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I once thought that. . .

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by HelluvaHoax!, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    LRH = Lose all self-Respect under Hypnosis
  2. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh yeah... I remember this one gal who had co-starred (at least had a major role--I'd seen her in it) in a movie with Robin Williams. The movie did quite well, actually. The cult trotted her out during a Freewinds event, and she gave this huge win. So, I don't remember what course it is, but there is one where that is 'ship-only' where you have to "mock something up", and then it has to actually come into being in the physical universe before you can attest to completing the course. (as an aside, our ED did this, and mocked up these shoes that she loved but hadn't bought that were really unique and she walked into some hole-in-the wall place in one of the ports of call, and DANG! Those shoes were there, and she bought them... ok, yeah... we actually would swallow this idiocy)

    Well, supposedly this actor had mocked up 5 million dollars. And, at one point, supposedly the course supes came over and (this was very strange she said, because as any good Scio knows, it's a massive crime to disturb a student on course--we all chuckled knowingly) they told her she HAD to take a call from her agent who had been going nuts trying to contact her... TURNS OUT...she had this amazing TV offer--and when you added up the contract and the residuals and everything else, well damn if it didn't add up to 5 million bucks.

    BUT, she had the cog that really wasn't important and joined the Sea Org instead while on the ship. omfg.

    Also, anyone hear about the drummer from Depeche Mode giving it all up to join CMO? No idea if it's true, but it was definitely a story "back in the day", and that reference dates the hell out of me. meh:p
  3. rich

    rich Silver Meritorious Patron

    Why did she record the call? What was said?