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IAS World Tour

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by Sis O' Sign, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Sis O' Sign

    Sis O' Sign Patron with Honors

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  2. Sis O' Sign

    Sis O' Sign Patron with Honors

    Oh and I forgot: they had a great rock band playing, called Al Shagalov.

    Boys, no please!!!! My artist heart is bleeding when I hear something like that (I was falling in this trap myself... :-(( )
  3. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader

    Here's a new slogan:

    We were the IAS! :happydance:

    Marry Christmas. :)
  4. Sis O' Sign

    Sis O' Sign Patron with Honors

    Hehehe, in fact, they had a song with the refrain "We are the IAS"!

    And I just threw away my old t-shirt with this slogan, that I anyway only used since long to dry my hair... :-D

    (Just read your story BTW, great!!)
  5. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    This is how it works in scientology. Wonder how many more visas and green cards have been obtained by payoff.

    This man, the artist, has fallen prey to the trap many artists have when they get lured in. Talk about lost integrity...... Too bad
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  6. Sis O' Sign

    Sis O' Sign Patron with Honors

    References needed, please

    Well, the regging continues...

    We don't know how was the recent IAS event in St Petersburg (Russia), only that as a translator for the above mentioned Freedom Medal winner was a TTCer, taken off FROM SESSION so that she could travel with the guy from Moscow.
    What is the reference called that a TTC member is FORBIDDEN to be given any other post, or something like that?

    And now the guy is back at Saint Hill, doing his Bridge (from his IAS commissions), and just regged 2011's first Patron with ..... worldwide (sorry, I don't know the statuses, and he didn't write it in English, $20 000.-).

    So that's how it went: he got a phone call from the IAS Office that he had to get this lady do her status, because 20 thousand bucks were missing so that Saint Hill could win the Birthday Game for the week.
    (I have two questions, quietly:
    1. When did we hear last about the Birthday Game as such? The PRODUCTION? I don't even remember when did I see it mentioned in any communication from the various Orgs - it's only DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONATIONS and the current releases and courses, some success stories and recruiting in between.
    2. Since when the amount of money collected for the IAS is a Birthday Game statistic? Maybe I am wrong, but back then, when I was working in Div6, it was only the Number of New Members or something, meaning new Lifetime members. Do I remember wrong, or did something change?)

    Anyways, it took maybe 7 hours of talking for the guy to get the 20 000.- from the lady (Sophie from Switzerland, on OTIII). By 8:30pm, she got tired of waiting for the answers to her phone calls and text messages asking people for a loan - she gave the money she has borrowed from somebody to pay her Bridge up to OTV!!!

    No friggin' comment. Just a question, I don't have an Ethics book at hand: borrowing money for a purpose and using it for something else is considered as a Crime or High Crime, according to Penalties and Offenses? (I think that is the reference).

    I might write an email to that IAS Freedom Medal winner (who would be a superfantastic boy, if he would have stayed with being a national level sportsman and a poet with wonderful words) and if I do that, I will quote him a few LRH references about
    - donations
    - not removing TTCers
    - borrowing money
    and yeah, how is that thing that says: nothing is more important than auditing? This new Patron with ....... lady gave up her own auditing to "save the planet"!

    Oh, one more bit: the guy was supposed to be ON COURSE that afternoon, but got an OK from the Captain to deal with the money instead.
  7. Atalantan

    Atalantan Patron with Honors

    I know several Russians, and they tell me that actually this is how it works in Russia. The old Soviet bureaucracy is intact, and to get anything done, greasing the palm is the way to go. The IAS no doubt knows this.

    People who have adopted children from Russia will tell you the same - you need to go there with about $20,000 for"gifts" to make a successful adoption.

    East of Europe this has been the way for centuries, it's just the normal way of doing business. There is an old saying, "If you don't grease the wheels, the cart won't go."