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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by LEAPFROG, Nov 30, 2008.


    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    Hi :)

    My name is Lyn Keller. I decided to more or less be here as myself - some may know my name, most probably do not.

    I actually was not "in" the Church all that long and I didn't do nearly as much "inside" as I did outside the Church.

    I started out in Scn in 1972, when CC was near downtown L.A. My X-husband and I were having marriage problems so a friend of ours told us about Scn and how it had totally changed a friend of his from a mean dude to a cool dude. He thought it might help us to get along better.

    Obviously, I wasn't a celebrity, but the reason we ended up there was because our friend's friend was a musician and so that's what was recommended.

    My "X" and I went to the lecture and without even asking me, my "X" signs "us" up for the comm course, which was $25.00 at the time per person.

    And soooo, we started. The more TR's I did and the more I got to know people, the more I realized just how invalidated I had been in my life and that my husband basically was into inval more than validation. Not to mention, that there were some nights when CC had entertainment and my X would always force me to leave. This was "really" resented. :grouch:

    Eventually, I got to the point where it felt so good to be validated most of the time, that I didn't even want to be with my husband any longer. I met this guy and the next thing I knew - I didn't go home that night with my X. After that my X and I broke up. So much for Scn getting us back together and into understanding each other.

    I moved back in with my parents and started going to Scn on a regular basis. From the HQS course I jumped into the S.O. I was young, spontaneous and had nothing else better to do. I started off, of course, as expeditor and somehow or other I managed to get myself placed in Div. 4A, which was an experimental "div" and devoted to help promote not only Scn but Celebs. This is where I had met Dick Glass (the Eloquent Elephant).

    I don't remember how, but for a short time, I became Yvonne Jentsch's "steward" and found out that she had laundry "too" :p . I got to see some of the sides of Yvonne that I don't think too many people got to see. She could change identities in a flash. All wasn't "always" light, roses and OT and "paradise". But, I got the chance to also help promote some events to radio stations and did some admin in that area.

    Then it was time for me to be absolutely initiated and turned total S.O. and I went to the Excalibur in San Pedro to be trained. I did the SS 0 and I, and had some ARC straightwire, lots of Op by Dup and integrity processing - but then I did something that was totally unexpected. But, I was young and spontaneous (as I said). At that time, the Excalibur was getting fairly ticked off at CC because they weren't paying for the training of people they were sending. So, they told CC that they wouldn't give back the students until they got paid. This most likely should never have been "leaked" to the students because I freaked out. I had feelings of being held hostage and basically kidnapped.

    So, the next time we were allowed to go off the ship to do our laundry I got to the nearest phone and called my parents and told them to come get me. Oh my gosh, was my mother "irate". I had no idea she'd react like that. Plus, my father had been against me being in Scn anyways. Well, that's all they needed. They marched right into CC and told them that if I wasn't released from the boat right away they'd call the police.

    Somehow or other they placated my parents and told them that I'd be released in a couple of days, so I ended up on the ship for a few more days, but NOT without consequences. I had to do the conditions starting with "enemy". When I got to "liability" and people had to sign my petition - I had 4 guys tell me they wouldn't sign unless I had a 2D with them. I had to talk my way out of that each time. (I was a lot thinner, attractive and I admit somewhat flirtatious). Finally, I was allowed to come up to Non-E and basically admitted back into Scn.

    However, back at the ranch in CC, Yvonne had gotten back at me (I guess she needed the chance to do that) because one day I was in Div. 4A and being rather new still, I figured if a person was going to give good service that they should know what they are doing first. When a perspective client came to find out about Scn, they rang the Div. 4A office because apparently, everyone else was out to lunch. I answered the phone and told the person I wasn't really qualified to reg and handle a new person.

    The next day, at lunch (eating my rice and beans) with everyone else down in the Scn house I lived at, one of the staff and Yvonne stood at the head of the lunch room and made an announcement. That those people who didn't perform or were downstat, etc., got a "stupid" sign around their neck. Of course, I was called and I could have very well had a fit I suppose, but I took it like the "good" sport I was (cough cough).

    After that, it didn't take long and of course I went PTS because one of the reasons I had joined the S.O. was because some guy had started dating me and acting like he wanted to have a 2D, but as soon as I joined he had dumped me. I didn't join out of knowledge of what would happen and gee I'd like to save the planet too.

    Eventually, I came down with some sort of bad bladder condition and I simply got up and left the S.O. Just went back home to my mom's house.

    After that I decided I wanted to still do courses, so I made a deal with Applied Scholastics and I found myself another Scn house, but for public. As long as I was paying off my freeloader's debt (which wasn't very much) I could stay and participate in both places.

    So, meantime, I meet my second husband (we were married within 3 weeks of knowing each other - I told you I was young and spontaneous) and he decides that he wants to move up to Reno, NV. Also, he didn't want to continue on with Scn - this was back in 1979. However, just before that he had attested to Clear, which made things good for awhile. But it put me in a spin and so we tried for me to attest and at first it was rejected. I called Flag and put up a stink and finally I was told that I was Dian. Clear.

    We move up to Reno, NV where there was a small mission I believed own by a dude named Bishop? My memory isn't clear on that. I took the Book One course there and did really well and had some good times.

    After a few years we came back to L.A. and we broke up (8 years of being together). I left the church in the mid 80's because right around then is when the big stampede started for people leaving the church. Oi Vey,:omg: horrendous stories, the nattering, the incredible charge. I used to hang out at Thea Greenburg's place when she was alive in Pasadena. It was a pretty fun place in spite of all the charge.

    Through the years I've managed to get some processing here and there and twin with some people. One guy was nice enough to give me grades, but we didn't do it with a meter. Another friend of mine, during the time of when I was married had to help me out of a very serious situation because I was "spinning" (freewheeling as it was called) so bad I couldn't get out of bed and could hardly move. So, a friend of mine had to do an emergency NOTs handling. After that she and I exchanged some NOTs auditing as she had the materials and I ended up getting rid of quite a few beings, but its not complete (I can tell). But at least it doesn't bother me because I can pretty well tell when its dramoing.

    My friend called me a "leapfrog" PC and so I decided to use that name here on this board. I don't think I can handle being on the conveyor belt "up the bridge", but I wouldn't mind doing a few more things from the "good ol' days".

    In the last 15 years I've practiced other things and have read lots of other things and have a lot more freedom in my mind as to who is my friend or not, what I study or not, etc. I have no problems with someone calling me a squirrel because I'm sure someone is calling them a squirrel right behind it :eyeroll:

    I have no regrets of being in Scn, there is a lot of charge I no longer have, my viewpoints have changed quite a bit about what can or should be done in regards to myself, but I also know that I could never go back to how Scn is today. I did try back in 1992 and I was shocked at the reg robots walking around in CC. I thought it was amusing and sickening at the same time.

    Oh, also, I have no qualms about discussing "confidential" stuff because I learned that it wasn't reading about it that was dangerous, it was "running" it when not prepared that was dangerous. Another dangerous thing is getting involved with people who have done the OT levels but have decided to use it against the person to key them in, knowing that this is could be harmful. I know because this has happened to me which is why and how I ended up freewheeling for nearly 3 days and a few other very painful things that ended up in my universe as a result of being involved with people who used their OT abilities negatively. It took me awhile to be able to confront and totally undo anything "thrown" at me.

    So - that's me, basically. Not highly trained, but not a novice to Scn.

    Lyn Keller
  2. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome to Lyn!

    Hello Lyn!

    You are most welcome - join right in! :yes: :thumbsup:

    Roy, the EP's EP
  3. klidov

    klidov Silver Meritorious Patron

    :flowers: :welcome2:

    glad to meet you.
  4. Lovesnightsky

    Lovesnightsky Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Lyn
    Welcome to the board!

    If you are into the tech I am sure Terril will give you contacts in your area who can help you.

  5. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I'm beginning to think I missed out on not joining the SO. :)
  6. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Lol! I guess Lyn will tell you how that worked out. :)
  7. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Welcome to ESMB Lyn!

    Sounds like you are doing pretty well in life - hope you enjoy it here on the board.

  8. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Don't worry about it. They probably wouldn't have fancied you.


    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    I think there might be a couple of people around here, but I just don't know where, but if anyone "does" know someone close to Northern San Diego County - that would be great. But I'd be looking more for someone I could twin with - like practice doing some TRs or doing some admin, conditions, etc.

    Is there somewhere on this board that is specific for that purpose - you know, finding others that might be interested in twinning up or something?

    Thanks for your warm welcome!!!



    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    I reserve that info for "special" places in my heart like "formerscio":coolwink:

    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    Oh yes, definitely would have rounded your education out the rest of the way. But you would have had to do this around the early and mid 70's when things were "happenin' dude" and going out 2D was the "in" thing to do. You missed out on all the fun and parties that were always going on here in CA. In some ways - those were the days :)


    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    Hi Roy

    What happens when you've EP'd on the EP - ya go PP? :dieslaughing:
  13. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I spent a fair time being " in 2D "[ or is that in and out 2d?] in the swinging sixties when living off Portobello Rd/ Notting Hill, and carried on later. Occasionally did a course or two.

    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    You too!!:thankyou:

    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    IN 2D :omg: - what kinda hippy were you?!? I didn't miss the "pot" though when I was in the Church - I'd had enough before I started. I did try smoking cigs (I guess you call them fags) and drinking when at parties, but I couldn't get behind that. I guess all that was left was the sex, aye? I was "ripe" for the S.O. - :D
  16. Tim Skog

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    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

  18. ttamaad

    ttamaad Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hey LeapFrog,

    Great to see you are here
    Welcome and Enjoy

    LEAPFROG Patron with Honors

    :cheers: Thanks!!!

  20. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

    :welcome: leapfrog! Your story is certainly unusual!