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Is Danny Elfman a scientologist? And question about it in industry

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Venus, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Flur

    Flur Patron

    Yes I did have a personal connection to them. I don't remember how Rick got involved but it was he that got Blossom and Bodhi into Scientology.
  2. Venus

    Venus Patron

    Sent you a private message. If you'd rather over there.

    Unless it's okay to ask here what they were all like, and danny? So Danny definitely was not one at least back then? Hope he isnt now. :(

    I always thought Richard got into it from Bodhi or whatever who I thought got into it by Jenna. But seems I was waaay off. As jenna was supposedly not until she met Bodhi and apparently he grew up scientologist via Richard who supposedly was one since way back during oingo boingo's mystic knights days. Was shocked to read in that Ortega article that the Mystic knights were used as a scientology front to bring in college kids?
    And someone named Spanky whoever who set up bands to tour to do just that or something.
    All this south cali stuff I have no clue about.