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Is Scientology Satanic ?

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by Veda, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

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  2. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    He said in that OT8 HCOB that he was coming back as a Politician. He never mentions where on the time stream he intends to drop in.
  3. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    I wish he forgot that!
    (Just in case I will be back on this this sector of guhluxy...)

  4. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    I see a lot of hisself in D.Trump.
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  5. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!



    *end of whispering*

  6. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    "magnitude of my attempt. And all this boils and froths inside my head..." there is the malignant megalomania oozing from his volcanic personality. Dianutty hubbard exploding from time to time and finally landing down in the ocean as ash.
  7. Little David

    Little David Gold Meritorious Patron

  8. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    It's terrifying! :dramaqueen:
    and so cruel to mankind! :oops:
  9. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    For me, the reality is that even though I loathe hubbard and all he stood for, if he (hubbard) was the only alternative to leftism I would put my feelings to one side and vote for him today.


    It wouldn't be a happy clappy choice but it would be the choice I would feel I had to make until someone else turns up who sits closer to where I sit politically (towards the centre but verging towards right).
  10. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    I can't believe you wrote that :eek:

    I mean you would vote for hubtard instead of me ????? (the lefty)
    Don't call me tomorrow..I won't answer :gaah:till you properly do an AtoE

    ( I am a centerist..just a little tiny bit toward left...for solidarity purpose..
    (let's say I would live in a rightist country I would have already died for I wouldn't have had my major surgeries and neither any income to pay for my rent and food when debilated ..but I agree to pay more taxes for that)
  11. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    You'll be comforted sis...since he's coming back as a politician...
    (it will make this world free of one lefty )
    I'll dispatch him in your country though! (as soon as it comes to my attention that he is on the train departing from target two...)

  12. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    And I'll dispatch the Donald with him too in order to make you even more happy gifted with this wonderful nice pair...

    and the will rent the house next to yours!
    The narcissistic patholigical liars house
  13. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I voted to the left in the last election ... and I'm really happy that I did because I have no doubt it was the best option at the time. It can be quite difficult these days to tell which party is truly leaning towards the left and which is more towards the right because there is so much BS and personality politicking, somewhere in the centre works for me.

    As has been mentioned here before ... 'The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money" (thanks Maggie Thatcher) and with the appalling abuse of the health system (certainly where I am) it just can't be sustained forever ... but I would vote for you (or at least I'd tell you that I had!).

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  14. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!


    I do think almost the same. Socialism and leftism are a total fail as well as rightism is presently proving to be. (both lead to unfairness)

    I would never think you voted left though...:D
    and am deeply touched you would have voted for me (or lie to me) instead of voting for Ron the nut. It is comforting. :D

    We are in need of real deep changes...and new ideas and ways of governing ... It is a planetary emergency...on this planet..
  15. F.Bullbait

    F.Bullbait Oh, a wise guy,eh?

    What is "The Truth Revealed"? That the was bare? I want my 'total cause over the MEST universe', waah!:hissyfit:
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  16. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    You guys are very sharp mind and obviously there are years of deep and critical thinking to back your opinion on the subject.

    your post is brilliant

    @George Layton
    You mentionned vanity
    I agree with your POV; I often mentionned on the board thst our involvement in going up thr bridge was mainly a "sin" of spiritual greed and gluttony
    ( quest for unpreceeding attainement of knowledge and power...)

    This could only result in the suffering we experienced in dellusion.

    Thanks for the relevant informations

    I and many others often mentionned Ron's quest as being basically a quest for immortality..the man he could not face and accept his mortal condition ..this was IMO his main delluded

    " will be immortal in smashing his name in the history..."

    Last, saying there is no satan in $cientology as there is Christ in Christianism is a fallacy!

    Christ refers to Jesus the Christ a prophet who's teachings leaded to the Christianism...A real figure..
    But satan is a metaphore used in all religions and cults ( demon, devil, Xenu, etc..) to name evilness.

    Christianism is a religion although satanism is a practice of evilness or a cult of Satan ( theistic satanism)

    Veda's post , affirmations and OTVIII materials clearly provides with facts that bring a natural conclusion there is satanism in LRH's deeds and satanic exorcism in ult practice.

    To the opposite of true believers pretense, we are not in the field of satanic religious mythology but into satanic component practices.
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  17. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    well, Lotus, that's just evil...
  18. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    I prefer the assessment of a friend, an original Haight Ashbury hippie from the early 60's, a New Hampshireman and Army veteran like myself, a student of Crowley's work, a professing christian who believed Hubbard to be a mage who would shift back and forth between "The Right Hand Path" and "The Left Hand Path"

    Of course CoS goes total whitewash on him but so many here paint him entirely black.

    Personally I find much good in his work and consider it to far outweigh the evil...
  19. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hubbard didn't make a very good messiah

    He also wasn't much of an anti-christ either>
  20. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Ah, interesting comment
    This is your opinion Birdie,

    But I'd say , it is factual that
    he wasn't a messiah, period.
    He wasn't the lord Metteya period.

    He was obviously an anti-Christ, according to his own mouth full of nasty comments about Christ and praise of black magic and sodomy guru Aleister Crowley

    He was a poor man, afflicted with severe personality disorders and psychosis, and who
    Was not getting proper care ( was not available at this time) which made him fall deep into paranoïa and lunacy.
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