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Is there anything from Scientology you have found useful?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by michaelangelo, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. michaelangelo

    michaelangelo Gold Meritorious Patron

    For me it's the monthly financial planning. I do do it ("how sad", i hear you say)
    and so far it's kept me out of debt. Did Ron invent the F P stuff?.
  2. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    I have found many of the Ex-Scientologists to be useful, as well as entertaining, lovable and occassionally infuriating.

  3. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Yes, but are we that way because of or in spite of.....:confused2:
  4. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor


  5. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    OK - I'll take a shot...


    The entire experience was valuable and continues to be useful across the board, to my mind. I remind everyone of the old cliche:

    "That which does not kill me outright makes me stronger."

    Recognizing the value of careful, attentive listening and understanding the comm and originations of others; is, IMO, useful - and something I did not fully understand or appreciate previously. Actually, I did not learn the full value of this until taught it by someone on this board who shall go nameless for now. Without this attentiveness it is esentially impossible to give a correct indication or response to another.

    The absolute magic of a correct indication has to be experienced as it does not reduce easily to words. Knowing the vale of a correct indication is certainly useful.

    Hope this resonates and is responsive to the thread!

    Roy, the EP's EP
  6. uncle sam

    uncle sam Silver Meritorious Patron

    Oh Lord Forgive Me

    I truly like and have used the "auditing comm cycle" to great success. I have made a good living just by being able to -ask and answer-. It is very possible that someone other than hubbo came up with this but I found it in "Dianetics 55".
    I also take part in my community's re-cycling program -so I have an inherent belief that even garbage has some value.
  7. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    I think the Tone Scale is fantastic. I think it explains behavior very well.

    The data series- also excellent. Fantastic course on logic.

    Auditing works very well in many cases though certainly not to the extent promised by Hubbard and the present day cult management.

    Hubbard's many theories on spirituality, self determinism, the various scales and formulas.

    So I'd really have to say most of it.
  8. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    It taught me that I could escape through a window in the middle of the night, with all my stuff! And that I could get to the bus terminal in LA in the middle of the night and survive! LOL!

    It also brought me here which is a beautiful thing in and of itself.:)
  9. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    I've found the materials make great trash can fillers.
  10. MarkWI

    MarkWI Patron Meritorious

    One of the biggest lesons learned in Scientology, by observing registrars and Sea Org recruiters, is to not trust people.
  11. Been Done Had

    Been Done Had Patron with Honors

    What I walked away with...

    Contact assists and locationals to help stop children from crying and end tantrums.

    Some of the TRs. You learn how to get your questions answered.

    Engrams and earlier similar. Moving people down track to find sources of upset.

    That's kind of it on the practical side.

    On the more esoteric side, I enjoy the philosophical universe LRH has built. Parts of man, implants, goals, postulates, space opera, dwindling spiral, universes, etc.

    I find all that endlessly fascinating and frustrating. LRH would throw something out there and not expand on it. There are incredibly thin descriptions of incredibly fantastic circumstances.
  12. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hmmm, Well yeah, I guess I still like some of the basic concepts that I learned while in scn...

    Some of the TR's...
    I personally loved all my auditing...
    Some of the Assists, I guess...

    Still like some of the terms/acronyms, I guess....(till I find better words for them)...


  13. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Much of the Tech that I learnt has value still - I use it all the time ('tho now I watch carefully to see if it DOES get the promised result :D)

    I got out of debt many years ago by applying the fundamentals of OEC Vol III (I did the course then found myself solvent within a year while being a staff member - a miracle for those of you who know what it's like on staff.)

    I doubt very much the effectiveness of Solo NOTs and the Ls under the current regime - all I've seen there are disasters (actually that goes pretty much for ANY application under the present regime :p)

    TRs have some use - many of the parts are invaluable in everyday life.

    Much of the management stuff is less than worthless - I tried to apply that in the real world a while back and failed dismally. I found that just using TRs and ARC worked better than any "advanced" management skills from the cult.

    Level III Tech like correct indications are amazingly effective - I've made many friends using that data.

    Probably about 70% of my training I found to be very useful and the rest a bit dodgy - I'm still evaluating it on a daily basis (an interesting experiment in itself :))
  14. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Yes ... some of the basics will stay with me and be used forever (unless I choose to dump em :p ).

    None of it was worth selling my soul to the devil for ... greedy GREEDY devil that wanted everything I had to give and then demanded MORE MORE MORE!!!


    Scientology and its robotic and fearful and often plain NASTY staff created what is happening to it/them now.

    Suck it up.

    Thank goodness for the internet ... ESMB and :anon:

  15. xseaorguk

    xseaorguk Patron Meritorious

    anything useful?

    I did the Comm course back in 1979, which got me over my being very shy at the time.
    The basic study manual I did in the SO was also useful as I wasn't aware of having to understand all that you read, including the words...duh.....
    Learned to use a dictionary for the first time in my!

    I had some confessional auditing in the SO from a SHSBC student from Iceland, a lovely guy called Johannes.
    Even if I did just seem to have hangups about my til then non-existant sexlife and fantasies, which seems silly now, it did seem to help me to talk about almost anything at all, which I also heard from another $cn kid I met a few months ago. (now adult)
    In fact it made me sort of super-honest and open.
    I had the feeling for years that you should always 'say it as it is', which not everybody around you can confront, as I found out the hard way.

    I had really weird and fixed ideas about always being 'ethical' which you get drummed into you in $cn.
    So I never lived up to my own expectations of being 'ethical', but now accept that, as we are only humans and all have our faults you never will.

    When I joined the SO back then I really did believe I was working for a better world without war,crime and insanity or whatever those 3 are.
    I now realize these wer just the ideals of a young person, which were abused by the cult for their own purposes.

    I recently read that the communication course and TR's were not actually 'invented' by Hubbard, and confessing your sins with the cleansing result has been known to man for many centuries, so was it really $cientology that helped me?

    I do however believe that I still bare the scars of the 1 year in the Sea Org until this day.
  16. mickturate

    mickturate Patron

    I wanted to fly

    I wanted
    to fly (give us a barrel roll!)
    a perfect memory
    the ability to create
    to communicate
    to commune
    & all i got was this lousy freeloader debt.....

    all the things that $cilontology sells are available for free from psych books & psych training, instead what you get for your bucks is a community hard on itself with suspicion/paranoia to the Nth degree: if you not got gains, you SP, you know an SP etc.

    all to disguise that the gains are transitory.....much like homo sapiens...
  17. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

    I have somehow ended up with several bottles of Standard hand cream. It's pretty good, especially on freshly shaved legs.
  18. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Nice thought!

    Hi HG! :biglove: :cheers2: :flowers: EP
  19. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    FP is done weekly, not monthly.

    What, exactly, would it be about FP that you like?
  20. mickturate

    mickturate Patron

    pix or it didn't happen!

    Pix/dox plze.:happydance: