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It's time to get off the fence

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Emma, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. chuckbeatty

    chuckbeatty Patron with Honors

    When I retire, in another 8 years now, I plan to look over the scene at that time, and figure out what I want to write. I'll pick some areas not yet written about, and also, I would like to do a helpful series of books, like the following:

    a) "Scientology For Dummies"
    b) A paper about what I call "Square Zero", the L. Ron Hubbard cannon of writings that all relate to the Scientology beliefs and the movement. My hobby horse is the admin writings of LRH, and I think that Scientology is gonna be around mainly due to LRH's admin structures which he wrote so extensively about, and which are the materials that staff of all echelons study in their study time. LRH's full cannon, and WHY that impacts how the movement keeps going and going and going, at present at least. (Another reason I am patient, and can wait, I like in depth intellectual scholarly dissection of human events, and Scientology/Hubbard is a human event that is something I spent so much time with, I might as well pick a few areas not written about, which is the FULL layout/outline of LRH's writings for the Scientology movement.)
    c) A paper simplifying the spiritual ideas of Scientology. Namely write a paper or chapter in language for 6th graders. Making "body thetans" discussable on a school yard, is my goal. Because once kids "get" what the "upper levels" are all about, I don't think any will go there later in life.

    People don't realize how much has been excellently written about Hubbard and Scientology.

    Two scholarly books on Scientology are

    "The Road to Total Freedom" by Roy Wallis
    "Renunciation and Reformulation" by Harriet Whitehead

    You can get Whitehead's book for cheap on Amazon.

    Wallis' book is harder to get, hasn't been republished, and costs exorbidantly high on Amazon each time I check for it.

    I work with others, encouraging others to write their books.

    I was a course sup, and my biggest joy was the year I was busted to Word Clearer for the OEC/FEBC course room, and I was allowed an hour a day to go to the Clearwater Public Librarry and research the "hard to find" phrases and things that LRH mentions in the OEC/FEBC materials.

    I tripled the size of our course room's "Hard To Find" card file, which used to exist in course rooms in the old days.

    I would have loved to work on the never yet released "Scientology" dictionary.

    I'll likely do writeups, like I already have started, for scholars.

    I'd like to go through all the years of excellent historical material on the chat sites from people's writings, and pull together ALL of the important history people have been putting on the internet in their chat site postings.

    There is just a HUGE amount of history already online from people's postings, and it all needs to be summarized and put into time tracks, etc.

    We need MORE, or at least a few dedicated, NERD Scientology esoterica followers, who chose a niche, and summarize and write about the areas they enjoy.

    Lots of great sites exist.

    THere's a huge amount of raw material, much more than a person can read the rest of their life, so it takes some 25-35 year ex Sea Org nerds who like that type of thing, to go through all the raw material, and start summarizing it, and neating it up into some sort of big historical time track with lots of sidebar box stories and explanations.
  2. rhill

    rhill Patron with Honors

    Roughly said, "modern science" is about looking to expand our knowledge about the world around us.

    Roughly said, "religion" is about branding a fixed (and often arbitrary) set of ideas as absolute and definite knowledge.

    So, in other words, what you seem to be saying is that motivation to increase our knowledge of the world around us has replaced the motivation to stick to status quo regarding the knowledge of the world around us.

    And it's bad... how?
  3. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hi Travers:

    You make some good points.

    I myself did experience a lot of wins in basic scn and don't even think that some of the basic courses and auditing were bad.

    However: the technology (and its application of it) is NOT WORTH the abuse (on many levels) that has gone on (and CONTINUES TO) at the Top, (and trickles downwards in its various forms).

    IT has to STOP.

    And THAT is what I think most of us exes are working towards. (Minimally).

    You say 'Scientology must change' That's just it, though. If you 'change' Scientology, you are going against KSW and Tech Degrades.

    So then what?