Jessica Anne Feshbach (Davis) now a realtor in Austin, Texas?

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Smurf, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. NoName

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    She could personalize it with some faceless fake bronze statues in scientological poses. Then it would look just like Flag!
  2. Mimsey Borogrove

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    They also do it to keep the staff in the dark about the reason for the person's departure. I am beginning to think the truth is a toxic chemical that Scientology and Scientologists avoid like the black plague. Shades of Jack Nicholson's Col. Nate Jessup.


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    Sorry I meant to also include staff & SO in that post. SO leaving is very bad for morale and they will lie about even the lowliest SO member leaving. One SO blowing plants a seed in the minds of others and leads to multiple blows - they seem to go in waves. So hushing up or lying about someone as big as spokes hole Tommy and a golden Frshbach blowing - is just SOP.

    I just wonder if Jess and Tommy went along with the lies too and were willing to accept people's heartfelt sympathy and lie thru their teeth when ppl approached them about Jess's health. (Small wonder they were told to get out of dodge and prob to avoid Scientologists for awhile)
  4. CO2

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    I got a response from one of their parents, thanking me for my concern, and telling me everything was OK, without saying it was a shore story or it was a medical cure.
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    Check out the straight up and vertical stats of "complaints" filed on Rip Off Reports - type in "scientology" and have your pop corn ready!
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    Well, we all know it is for the greater good, and salvaging this sector...

  7. CO2

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    Dave Miscavige himself started and forwarded the rumor. FACT.

    He said and I quote, "If Jessica did not have cancer, I would have Comm-Ev'd that bitch!" Oh OSA, report that up. His staff are going to play back the tape where he said that and shit their panties. OSA are going to look at the dispatches where he said that she had cancer and realize that everything they know is bullshit. Dave has been lying to them full-time. Yeah OSA, if anyone is going to jail, it is you stupid sheeple. You do everything he says. You are the buffer between him and jail.

    If Jessica & Tom were wondering who started the cancer rumor, they can thank Dave Miscavige. I know they were upset that the rumor had been started and wondered who had started it. Well Dave Miscavige did. FACT. He started it because no one would NOT want to work for him and clean up his messes. They must be dead or dying NOT to want to work directly for the big being known as Dave Miscavige.

    Don't worry Tom & Jessica, the gift known as COB will keep on giving...

    You are gonna have to come clean if you want any of this to go away. You either throw him under the bus or you will be thrown under - I guarantee it.

    Until next time...
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    BFG doesn't post here or at the bunker nearly as often as I would like him too, but hoo boy when he does it always packs a wallop! Most definitely a man of quality over quantity - so I can't complain - in fact I'm just posting to thank Mark.

    I still get chills thinking back to his original posts on OCMB about INT. The stories of life there were so depraved, bizarre and cruel, many people couldn't bring themselves to believe it was true. Now those stories are some of the first things that come to mind when INT is mentioned and the stories have been confirmed many many times by so many other escapees.

    Now, aside from my fan girl posting, I'd love to know if Tom & Jess are having any interaction with the cult in Austin, are they still true blue Ronbots? I'd also like to know if marriage #3, or is it #4, for the both of them is working out. I can't say I hold out a lot of hope for a SO marriage that was born of sec-checking and abandoning previous spouses due to them falling out of Davey's favor.
  10. ILove2Lurk

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    The world changed for me during that time. I think it was Feb 2006. BFG had left Int in 2005 and was posting fresh information from the inside.

    From the beginning, I knew somehow BFG was the real deal and that it was gonna be something special.

    Little Bear Victor and Mr. Peacock followed later that year.

    Good times. :yes:

    Just a tidbit from BFG's second post on OCMB over 7 1/2 years ago (where's the time gone?):

    "I saw another post about DM beating up on Rinder. Well I have personally seen DM beat the living shit out of Rinder at least 10 times over the course of a year. That was only the times I saw it. I can tell you that there were proabably another 10X that behind closed doors. Other people that I have seen him punch/slap and or throw to the ground: Marc Yager, Mark Ingber, Ray Mitoff, Rick Cruzen, Jeff Hawkins, Jason Bennick, G. Leserve."

    I'd say that's coming out of the gate pretty strong.
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  12. ILove2Lurk

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    Tommy Davis is on the move looks like . . . house has been on the market for the last 38 days.

    Low crime area, BTW. :whistling:

    ("buy now" price reduction: down $100,000 from 15 days ago)


    Tommy & Jessica had removed their names from the
    property records a while back, according to this thread.

    House owned by Buckeye Trail Residential Trust with
    Beverly Hill accountants listed as the mailing address.
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    Tommy Davis is not on Colony Capital's website any longer. Wonder what he is doing now? Must be nice to have his parent fund his lavish lifestlye while other ex Sea Org staff have to pull themselves up by the boot straps - and they are outed with no boots even.
  14. Lone Star

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    This house has a spectacular view of downtown Austin. I've known some people who live across the street for over ten years.

    I wonder how many times Tommy and Jessica went into the Austin org while living here? LOL..
  15. Anonycat

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    We'll have to crash a party there sometime!
  16. TG1

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  17. Knows

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    I bet they are not allowed to go into any church - they were Sea Org Spokesholes and handlers. Chris Shelton was told he could not go to the Twin Cities Org once he routed out because it would be BAD PR.

    You got to hand it to the Church of Scientology for actually shrinking their membership - kicking people out because they can't do the impossible and then cutting all comm lines to friends and family, pissing members off and creating their own enemies by using the "tech" standardly!

    KSW - please Miscavige - continue! We are winning and you are howling! LOL

    The incredible shrinking world of Scientology!:happydance:
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    Check out his skills and expertise.
  19. BunnySkull

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    He's special assistant to Daddy! Funny he's gone back to Tommy, guess he gave up on being Thomas. Wonder if Jessica moved with him to Santa Monica? Or if there's trouble in paradise? Fake cancer aside, it seemed she was doing ok in real estate in Austin, would kind of suck to give up the new career you had been building and home just because your husband couldn't hack it and wanted to run to daddy.

    I do wonder about that cancer fraud. When it was first mentioned a few ppl wondered if it was a shore story but they were beaten down with some indignation by ppl claiming to have very close contact with Jess's family/friends who confirmed she was on deaths door/ in hospice. So we're they lying to their family & friends? I mean the cult can spread the story but if friends & family were saying she was in hospice you would think details like that would have come straight from the Jess/Tommy or their mothers.
  20. ILove2Lurk

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    Here's the current agent roster at her real estate agency. Not that it's conclusive
    either way since many companies are sluggish about updating their websites.

    You can always call the office and ask for her. :coolwink:

    (A little ESMB "fair gaming.") :biggrin:
    Not me! :roflmao:


    Jessica Davis
    Realtor Associate
    Mobile Phone: (213) 479-9209
    Office: (512) 328-0022
    Fax: (512) 328-0302