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Karen de la Carriere Jentsch - a pillar of sanity amidst the insanity

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Motti, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Motti

    Motti Patron

    In the early 80's, Karen de la Carriere - Jentsch was an LRH-trained class XII c/s working at Flag's Class XII HGC. she tried her utmost to instill some sanity into the out-tech rampant around her (see her post at Here's a personal story of a friend of mine who was saved by her great kindness and adherence to standard tech:

    told me that Karen saved his life some 30 years ago. He was a public on his OT levels then. The Flag zombies harassed him, wrong indications, labeled him "security risk" and appended a security guard to him 24/7 for absolutely nothing. He was close to despair when Karen called him personally one evening and told him: "You don't know me. And it's not usual that the C/S will personally call the PC, but I feel the need to communicate with you directly and tell you that I've cleared you of all false charges and invalidations inflicted on you. You're cleared to go to your next OT level".
    Thanks to Karen's sane handling and superb service, he remained in Scientology for a few more years, but the CoM got worse and worse until he decided he had enough of the abuse and left. Just like Karen did eventually.
    The two never had any connection for some 30 years. Now, thanks to the internet, the connection was re-established.
  2. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader


    Nice, very nice. Thanks for this good news.

    This is the sort of post that makes ESMB so very valuable and worthwhile to be spending time with.

    And thank you Karen for your dedication to decency and all the finer things of humaneness.

  3. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    For those who missed out on Scientology, before Miscavige and the "out tech zombies" took over, here, at a glance, is an outline of the Scientology operation during the 1970s. (One or two items are from the early 1980s, otherwise, this is a picture of the secretive Scientology operation in the "good old days.")

    Warning! :ohmy:

    Those wearing rose colored glasses should not read this. Serious eye strain can result :eyeroll::

    'Brainwashing Manual Parallels in Scientology', a.k.a. 'Revisiting the Textbook on Psycho-politics'


    Examining the 'Brainwashing Manual' with the purpose of better understanding Scientology 4

    Introduction: A Brief Outline of Scientology Doctrine, Public and Confidential 6

    "White Scientology" - The Battle Tactics Doctrine - Brainwashing Manual Tech - Scientology is Multi-layered - Exploiting the Positives: the Cheese in the Trap -

    Background 9

    Origin of the word "brainwashing." and of the "Russian Brainwashing Manual"
    L. Ron Hubbard writing to Scientologists on the subject of the Brainwashing Manual
    Departing briefly from the Manual: A look at private tactics later shared with insiders
    A publicized statement
    A private explanation
    Hubbard vs. the "Asiatic Hordes"
    Back to the Brainwashing Manual: Excerpts from Hubbard's third public statement on it
    Kenneth Goff's 1956 version of the Manual
    Scientology's "No-answer answers."

    Excerpts from the Brainwashing Manual/Textbook on Psycho-politics 14

    "Editorial Note": Hubbard. assuming the guise of the phantasmal "Charles Stickley"
    "An Address by Beria": Hubbard, pretending to be Lavrenti Beria, chief of the Russian Secret Police
    The Main Text of the Manual: Hubbard, masquerading as an arrogant Russain Brainwashing expert

    The Layers of The "Scientological Onion" 17

    Brainwashing Manual Parallels in Modern Scientology 19

    Correspondences between the Brainwashing Manual and the Battle Tactics policy
    On “Survival”
    On Surviving the Atomic Bomb
    On an individual Scientologist influencing leaders
    Scientology is devious by design

    Front Groups - Layer Zero of the “Scientological Onion” 20

    “It is not necessary that the term ‘Communism’ [Scientology] be applied at first…”

    Layer One - The publicized portion of Scientology 23

    “White Scientology”
    Scenario: (An application of “White Scientology”)
    “By reason alone”

    Descending into Layer Two of the “Onion”: The “In-Organization” Strata 27

    “…[Scientology] under the guise of [‘White Scientology’]…”
    Exploitation of the process of abreaction
    Playing one thing off another or “counter-playing”
    “Loaded language”: the seemingly enlightened “counter-played” with the manipulative
    Tone 4, “entheta,” “theta,” Suppressive Person
    The Thought Limiting clichés of Scientology
    Publicized, “In-organization” and Confidential Scientology “Ethics”
    “…aligning the individual against the desire not to conform…”
    Side effects of “critical thoughts”
    Dominion over the loyalties of individuals

    Layer Three of the “Onion”: The Confidential “Upper Levels” of the “Bridge to Total Freedom” 33

    “…avoid the understanding of the layman…”
    Highest of the “upper levels” must remain a mystery to the membership
    Operating Thetan or O.T.
    Aleister Crowley, Head of the O.T.O.
    O.T. III, The “Wall of Fire” into which Hubbard “took the plunge” to save Mankind
    Exploitation of the paranormal

    Layer Four: “…a well trained individual who serves in complete obedience…”
    The Sea Organization, the Rehabilitation Project Force, and the Five Card System 36

    The Sea Organization: “Custodians of the O.T. Levels”
    “…the only loyalty which should exist… is to the State [Scientology].”
    Sea Org Ethics under Commodore Hubbard on the Flagship
    “Refusal to let them sleep over many days…”
    The Rehabilitation Project Force
    “Filthy food, little sleep, nearly untenable quarters…”
    “…the first loyalty [to himself]… is destroyed…”
    “Degradation and conquest…”
    The children’s and teenagers’ RPF
    “A certain amount of fear…”
    The RPF’s RPF
    The Five Card “Team Share” System
    “The technologies of psycho-politics…”

    Layer Five: Confidential Scientology Policy and Tech for “handling” uncooperative outsiders 46

    The Fair Game policy and “philosophy”
    “…find or manufacture enough threat…”
    “Direct the attention of the authorities…”
    Scientology’s unscrupulous use of the legal system
    “We will no longer put up with our religion being criticized…”
    Discourage inquiry
    Defamatory data on file; “Culling”: Searching “religious confessional” (auditing) files for embarrassing or intimidating items
    Background: The Commodore’s Intelligence Network
    The policy of covert attack and publicized PR “defense lines”
    Scientology’s Multi-layered Public Relations tech
    Scientology Intelligence tech
    Data collecting, and Attack or “support” Intelligence
    Creating incidents that reflect badly on others
    “Data needed by Ops on each located who”
    Attack or “support” Intelligence - The Covert Ops study course and checklist
    “Persons in his vicinity to whom he is emotionally involved…”
    Coerce them into signing prepared “retractions” or “confessions”
    Plenty of bogus “documentation”
    One justification for unscrupulous covert methods
    Treatment of VIPs and celebrities
    Goal of talking over “mental health” and “political guidance”
    Full knowledge of Intelligence tech must be denied to the general membership
    “Deception, chicanery, lying, manipulation and outright criminality”
    “She over there, those pink legs sticking out, didn’t like me”
    Scientologists believe in a planet-wide conspiracy against L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
    The Scientology Hierarchy

    Layer Six: The Core of the “Scientological Onion” 69

    “…virtually a pathological liar…egotism… lust for power, and vindictiveness…”
    “We must be like the vine upon the tree…”
    The elusive “1000 page” official L. Ron Hubbard biography
    “It’s a trap not being able to prevaricate”
    Conscience as an “impediment”
    The L. Ron Hubbard Fan(atic) club

    Epilogue 74

    Freeing the Positives

    Addendum 76

    "Dr. Hubbard's" FBI letters written concurrent with the appearance of the Brainwashing Manual 77

    L. Ron Hubbard assumes the identity of Dr. Hubbard Ph.D DD - Patriotic Concerned Citizen
    Letter of 29 July 1955
    From a letter dated 7 September

    A further look at Scientology's Covert Intelligence Tech 79

    "Categories of Data Needing Coding"
    A glimpse at a covert operation, and of public strata "policy" used as a cover for applied covert policy
    An example of public strata "policy" used as "cover" - this time used on Scientologists by Scientology
    "Ops Planning"
    What to "Vet" or delete from sensitive internal messages that may be scrutinized by outsiders

    Bibliography 82

    Notes 87

    L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?, 2nd edition:
  4. Motti

    Motti Patron

    Veda, all this is very interesting stuff, but I opened this thread just to thank a nice, kind human being for helping another human being. Your very valuable post probably belongs in some other thread.
  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    No doubt that the CoM is criminally insane. And that was a nice story about Karen doing what she could to actually help people. But as Veda pointed out, the insanity began even prior to the CoM.

    Just ask Paulette Cooper.
  6. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    The whole notion of "out-tech" implies that there is some sane, useful and valid "in-tech". There is NO SUCH THING - not outside the imaginations of deceived Scientologists. When Scientology exactly follows Hubbard's directions and policies, and thus the "policy or tech is IN", it is functioning as the scam it was designed to be by Hubbard.

    Karen may have been a "decent" person at the time, in this situation, and that is fine and well. But, from a larger and different perspective she acted to "forward the goals" and "contribute to the motions" of the SCAM known as Scientology. How many years did she do THAT for? :confused2:

    It was a scam in 1960. It was a scam in 1970. It was a scam in 1980. It was a scam in 1990, and it is a scam today.

    Scientology, at ANY TIME, is INSANE. A decent person might try to input some decency, kindness and sanity into THAT equation, at any time, but that doesn't change the fact that there isn't ANY VERSION of organized Scientology that is anything but batshit crazy.

    I think that might have been Veda's point.

    Decent people routinely get pulled in by the promises of scams. Karen seems to be one of these types of people. But, that doesn't change the design or nature of the Scientology scam, or that she contributed to Hubbard's scam for a long time.

    The "abuse" is inherent to ANY version of Scientology. What is this "C of M"? Church of "Miscavige"? THAT also implies that Miscavige is somehow failing to apply Hubbard's many (oppressive) directives. But, actually, in fact, Miscavige is doing an EXCELLENT job applying Hubbard's "standard policy" on "running the Scientology organization". Hubbard created the pattern and Miscavige follows it well. The ABUSE was ALWAYS part of Scientology, and if Hubbard hadn't died when he did, I have no doubt that the severity of Scientology would have occurred as a "natural pattern of growth and development".
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2011
  7. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I've never met Karen, but we've spoke a few times. Delightful ability to grant beingness. :)

    She has very recently made herself available for auditing. She is
    one of only 7 class XII C/Ses trained under LRH. She is already very busy and probably booked up for sometime.
  8. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Motti, I agree with your characterization of Karen, but your OP seems to imply that Miscavige is the cause of the insanity. Personally I believe that that is the wrong WHO and am grateful that Veda posted that data about the CoS prior to when the Midget took over.
  9. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Sorry, I don't buy it. You're using Karen, and peoples' respect and compassion for her, as a means to promote your own naive notion of what Scientology was, and is.
  10. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Yep, the OP is filled with typical "Scio-think". There is no such thing as "the good LRH version and the bad Miscavige version of Scientology". All versions of organized Scientology are BAD! :yes:

    I have the view that things got worse and worse with Scientology because it took time for Hubbard to figure out exactly how he wanted to CONTROL the "expansion of his scam". Things may have appeared "better" to some in the early days ONLY BECAUSE Hubbard had not yet finalized his plans and policies to "bring Scientology to planet Earth". But, once Hubbard had the Sea Org in place, the model was set, and things could ONLY get worse from there (no matter WHO was running the show).
  11. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    What Karen did actually goes against Hubbards paranoid police(y) writings, IMO Karens act of blocking hubbards terror trip, appears to VALIDATE the tech as a triumph over misguided trained evil ethics officers.

    Scn 'trained' personnel on the front line are programmed to knock off being reasonable(merciful), ALWAYS be vigilant to detect ,target and dispose of without sorrow any infiltration of the Joker in the deck, down stat , borderline SP,(person to you & me) which could cave in the whole crusade.

    I recognise Karen did a brave merciful act but IMO its got nothing at all to do with Scientology training or tech, apart from refusing it, It just shows she never got twisted into adhering to the party line ,cruel to be kind mentality.
  12. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    I have known many kind and decent people in my life.

    Some were involved with Scientology.

    These people were kind and decent DESPITE Scientology, and NOT "because of Scientology". These sorts of kind and decent people were that way BEFORE involvement with Scientology and they often remain that way wherever they find themselves in life, after Scientology.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2011
  13. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    I find it interesting that Motti has posted a positive piece of good news about two decent folks, now out of $cn, who managed to find each other again due to the existence of the internet.

    It is also a story of decency in the face of insanity and indecency.

    Regardless of whether any of the individuals involved in the story were at the time duped by the Hubbard con . . . and we ex-$cn all were . . . so we shouldn't throw stones . . . the story is one of decency and kindness and the win of two decent people again being able to reconnect due to the internet . . . and maybe even due to ESMB.

    Alan Walter once noted that there is much to be learned by observing behavior on these lists/forums . . . and in particular the observation of the way these lists/forums tend to process participants down scale by the use of negative processes.

    We see it on this thread.

    A positive, decent story being belittled and ignored for the effort to indulge in attacks on $cn and even what seems to me to be a false attack on the motive of the opening poster.

    I don't see in that OP any glorification of the tech, or of $cn, in fact he calls the stupid shit for what it is! And yet he's being accused of doing other than that :duh:

    Is it that some can't have or recognize a win when it occurs?

  14. Motti

    Motti Patron

    I said in another post, I don't care for fanatics on either side. The common denominator of all fanatics is that they see things in black and white only. Either "all good" or "all bad". There isn't such a thing or person which is "all good" or "all bad". Inspection and differentiation is the best cure for fanaticism, both for brainwahsed Scientologists and also for their vehement critics, provided the person wants to let go of his fanaticism and fixed ideas that block his free observation.

    As a public I was not aware of these black ops at the time. I was aware of good and bad service, of humane treatment and robotic treatment. Some of the service and tech results were fantastic, some not. I learned to differentiate.
  15. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yah im hearing ya Gadfly, prefer to say that most Scns were decent in spite of hubbards constant attempts at perverting their power of "choice" *

    Some well known Scns though didnt have nought decency to begin with and fitted in at the top effortlessly.

    *Power of choice -that really is the biggest joke hubbard said theatrically.
  16. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human


  17. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human


    Jabba the Hut - Class XII.

    Karen is a lovely and honest person - I wish her well, but watch out for Jabba!

  18. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good news is good, whoever the guy is he was/is fortunate that karen shielded him from hubbards standard justice guilt tech, in doing so she risked exposing herself to 20 hubbardian lashings and a soul gang banging.
  19. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    I thought the out tech zombies were those directly declared criminals by OT Hubbard, like Jack Horner before miscavige came along, Herbie Parkhouse, Berners, Alan Walter, John McMasters,John Galusha ,L Ron Hubbard Jr, David Mayo(C12), Otto Roos(C12), and the other 100s of Suppressives against humanity.

    all the good guys.
  20. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Perhaps I've got an unflat button on people using terminology such as CoM (Church of Miscavige) when criticizing the organization. When a person criticizes the "CoM" I take it that the person is totally OK with the CoS up until the Miscavige era. There are a number of individuals on the internet who promote the view that Miscavige is the WHO and/or WHY behind everything bad when it comes to Scientology. Using that terminology such as "CoM" to distinguish between the Miscavige Era and the organization as it existed prior to that is part of that imo.

    I have nothing for admiration for Karen in the way she is handling herself these days and how she acted as related in that story. There is no intent on my part to belittle her or ignore the story. :no: