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  1. Karen#1

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    After the 1993 Tax Exemption ruling by the IRS, the cult of Scientology felt they were insurmountable, unstoppable and bullet proof.
    The highest amount of children were recruited for the cult in the subsequent years. Especially the next 15 years.
    Parents were expected to donate their kids for staff roles and the Delphi School located 1 hour from Portland Oregon became a hunting ground for children to go straight to the commitment of 1 billion year contract as Sea org slaves.

    Church of Scientology and their abuse of children, Sea org Slaves

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  2. Karen#1

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    In the almost 20 years I was on staff I became well aware how the cult try to ding contractors it owed money to. 30 days. 60 days 90 days. Deadbeat. Whittling the amount down. Some Sea Org members in charge of Treasury and Finance would try so hard to keep them cool with charm and grace.Hey ! The money funnels UPWARD. Each level of management taking their piece of the pie. Never mind those that slaved for them. Never mind the internal doctrines on FAIR EXCHANGE.What utter hypocrisy ! FAIR EXCHANGE indeed !

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  3. Karen#1

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    In this video I discuss with Ron Miscavige the fact that the cult has extracted $1 million dollars from these 4 men and then DECLARED THEM SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, but KEPT the million dollars.
    Does anyone know of any entity that has the ability to suck out $1 million from someone, then issuing a directive that the donor was an anti-social evil human being that all others must disconnect from.

    Many more than these 4 people were similarly conned ..... Is there any CHURCH that carries on like this ?

  4. Wilbur

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    I think that is very telling about where the CoS is on the dwindling spiral to oblivion, Karen. In any other world, if you have a $1million dollar donor, you pander to them, and ensure they are kept happy. You don't take their money then kick them out, because they are the ones likely to have the power to cause you serious out-PR.

    But what they are doing illustrates for the rest of the membership, in a way that's very clear for anyone who will dare to look, what the business model of the church is: take money, give nothing in return, and when the goose laying the golden egg begins to screech too much, wring its neck and throw it on the rubbish pile.
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  5. Karen#1

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    #Scientology #OpScientology #ScientologytheAftermath #Cienciologia #RevokeScientologyTaxExemption

    This video depicts the vulture culture of money extortion. Typically a gang of 4 Sea org members descend on a person even very late and night for money extortion with outrageous promises of how it is the right thing to do to fork over all your cash to Scientology to *save* the planet.
    It is usually 4 against 1. Sometimes they are all dressed in navy uniform impersonating senior military executives.
    I also cover the outrageous credit card fraud where the credit card on account is billed unauthorized charges. FRAUD.
    This cost them American Express privileges in major "cherches" for some years.
    They even bill dead people's cards where relatives have not shut down the accounts
    Mirrored with permission from Ron Miscavige who first aired this a few months ago.

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  6. Karen#1

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  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Notice LRH giving explicit orders to bug sales people's offices and record conversations with the public. I take this to mean that the public are not informed and consenting to being recorded and electronically monitored in a setting where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy which probably violates a number of serious Federal and State laws. Anyone wondering if this is still being done should read up on the Russian government's raids. These regging cycles seek to learn a lot of personal information about people so they understand your assets and can build a profile to negate points of resistance and to know how to manipulate other family members for strategies like divide and conquer. They keep this forever. I get calls from phone regges quoting things I said 20 to 45 years ago in an attempt to "rekindle failed purposes"! I have to wonder how differently the conversations would go if the regges had little brass signs on their desks... "This conversation is being electronically recorded and remotely monitored in real time and the information will be retained indefinitely and used for training, issuing commendations to the reg, or any other purpose we deem fit"?

    As a recruiter I was also trained in Big League Sales Techniques. I clearly remember at how surprised I was that LRH personally and emphatically advocated the manipulative techniques in that book when so many other more innocent non-LRH Scientology related books like "How to Choose Your People" were being banned. It is made clear in this ED that any disagreement that a person in a sales capacity has with Scientology or what they are selling must be "corrected" to remove all "disagreement" or they may be considered PTS and removed from sales. This constitutes a very strong motivation to misrepresent the actual conditions in the COS. Being designated PTS and removed from post is extremely denigrating because according to Scientology doctrine in order for a person to become PTS they must first be out-ethics so to be removed from post for being PTS enough means you must also be out-ethics enough. Any consistently successful reg or recruiter must be able to avoid full disclosure of what is involved and/or get people to sign an agreement saying they don't require full disclosure because it is all based on something as worthy and undefinable as religion. So in essence Scientology sales people must strive to be amoral so they can say and do anything to make the sale while convincing themselves that they are the most ethical people on the planet.

    I have seen forms like work orders for the installation of wiretaps and bugs in a non-Sea Org org's files so it should not be assumed that this is only applied in Sea Org or upper level units. Indeed, this Executive Directive's routing includes EDs who are the Executive Directors in non-SO orgs whereas a CO (Commanding Officer) is the ED equivalent in a Sea Org unit. Not applying LRH policy can be as much a crime as not applying LRH policy correctly so I think it is safe to assume that this policy is uniformly enforced. I don't know if this ED has been cancelled or revised but even if it was I would expect that the legally and morally challenged parts of it like this would just be reissued in a more confidential manner to preserve LRH's original intent. Look at the distribution routing for this ED. A lot of these posts are pretty low level like phone and letter regges. If a presumptuous policy like this can be distributed to such low level people imagine what kinds of policies are issued to senior management and OSA with highly confidential classifications.

    And BTW, what about that auditing listen-in system?? Did those PCs know they were being monitored?


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  8. lotus

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    Are we surprised????????

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  9. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    No, not much.

    I think common sense dictates that a blanket policy demanding that reg offices be bugged like this presents serious logistical problems. Regular staff can't be expected to know how to do this or even to comply given how they are already so overworked and underpaid and scheduling bug installs with the local phone company or outside technicians could be bad PR so I would expect that this was implemented under a special project with detailed mission orders under the Guardians Office with trained bugging teams setting this up in the orgs. I believe this is the completed form that I saw.

    There may still be people out there who believe that Mary Sue and Jane Kember went rogue on things like GO bugging but for anyone who knows anything about LRH's obsession with managerial control and information gathering it should be inconceivable that he didn't personally order that the GO do bugging and receive regular detailed status reports on it. What I find so striking about this ED ordering bugging is how cavalier it is. Ordinarily stuff like this is highly compartmentalized and confidential within the organization and between staff but the distribution of this ED is so broad and had to include so many people who have now been off staff or exes for decades that the knowledge of this was almost BPI (Broad Public Distribution). There must be hundreds of former staff who know about this from real world implementation and maybe thousands who read the ED. That more exes aren't speaking out about this is a testament to the power of Scientology self-censorship. After the 1977 FBI raids I would think anyone who was read into something like this would have to sign a 25K NDA but here it was, probably in the hat packs for every lowly letter and phone reg and for every CO and ED. I'd expect the GO files to be full of project and compliance reports for bugging installs and that if they were there the FBI would have seen them so did the FBI cooperate with the COS to bury the overall bug culture? They could talk about finding a vial labeled "Vampire Blood", which was probably left over from some Halloween party, but not bugging work orders? We have discussed phone conversations being recorded and monitored and given the history here I'd expect any and all calls with the COS to be recorded and monitored.

    I remember the policy about regges who are PTS not being allowed to reg. It's probably in Green Vol III for Treasury and predates this ED. In application, not being PTS means having no reservations about policy or anything Scientological and not being PTS to "conservatism in society" (read: not feeling the need to conform to societal cultural, ethical or moral norms). In other words unquestioning and fanatical and fully expected to not have any qualms over bugging so from Hubbard's perspective if you had a problem with bugging you were PTS. That PTS policy crosses a lot of divisions and departments and would probably be in staff hat packs for ethics, dissemination and financial posts so I think this subject of bugging provides an excellent insight into the typical Scientology staff mindset.

    Hubbard fully intended Scientology to serve as an intelligence gathering operation without regard to laws or privacy. This was a long time before mobile phones became ubiquitous and anyone with a decent cell phone now potentially has a very high quality digital recorder with the ability to transmit an audio file instantly anywhere in the world to multiple recipients so any interaction with Scientology staff, and especially regges, anywhere should assume to be recorded and monitored in real time. If they are buying you ice cream and wearing a blue tooth or closely following texts then they could be getting play by play instructions from a senior reg, ED or CO or a handler team that is proficient with the mark's dossier, asset portfolio and profile who is listening in specifically in the spirit of complying with LRH's intention expressed in this directive. Per LRH's own orders in this ED they are to retain, analyze and train from these recordings in order to perfect this process of asset stripping people so after about 40 years we should expect that they have not only perfected this grift to a fine art but have developed excellent profiles for vetting the best "non-PTS" people to serve as regges.

    The GO's actual infiltration of the government likely began when Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner were able to gain employment at the IRS as clerk-typists. Under direction of the Guardian Office, Wolfe monitored files on tax-exempt organizations and, when requested, illegally made copies for Scientology.[17] Meisner supervised both Wolfe and the Information Bureau section in DC, and reported to the GO's Deputy Guardian for Information in the US.[23]
    In November 1974, Operation Snow White took an unexpected turn for the GO when they received word that the IRS would be conducting a meeting on Scientology's tax-exempt status. In response, the church sent a spy to bug the room.[24] On the morning of November 1, the day before the meeting, a GO agent, Hermann, broke into the conference room and plugged the device into an electrical outlet. This device, in turn, then transmitted a signal on an FM frequency, which was picked up and recorded by Scientologists sitting in a car in the parking lot of the Smithsonian, which faced the office. After the meeting Hermann removed the device, and the taped recording of the meeting was sent to Los Angeles.[25]
    By December, Wolfe, Herman, and Meisner had sent a shipment of stolen documents 20 inches thick to Duke Snider. Snider, in turn, sent notification to Mo Budlong in Los Angeles. By the end of December, Wolfe was stealing documents from the IRS's Chief Counsel's office. Just days after Christmas, Wolfe broke into the office of Barbara Bird, an attorney in the IRS's Refund Litigation Service. Bird had been present at the November 1st meeting. Instead of stealing files, Wolfe took them to a copier and made photocopies using government paper.[26]
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  10. Me and My Self

    Me and My Self Self-born, Autogamous Unicorn

    Just read this:

    "Rapacious money gathering gains EnMEST, not MEST, and makes EnMEST of the rightful money of the acquisitor. Such goals, since they tend towards death, are then non-survival goals."

    (HTLTAE, p.92, in: "Group Goals and Management" - an LRH's essay) - (bold is mine)

    Just a matter of time ... and in "his own words", at that ...
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  11. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    #Scientology #Cult #Religion #ScientologytheAftermath

    In this video interview done this morning ..some of what I cover ~~ I discuss BELIEF and how a human being and can and does hang on to a belief no matter what EVIDENCE to the contrary, A classic one is "Scientology will handle that"

    When one or more of 2 partners behave in a diabolical manner. No matter that the years prove Scn cult NOT handling the issue, the belief persists and more and more $$$ is paid to the cult ..

    Also covering how the cult cannibalizes its own, expelling and jettisoning out of the group a huge percentage that don't FLEE already !

    And I cover the deceptive practice of Scn Hierarchy Charging RENT for a local satellite cherch or "org" that locals paid for and fund raised for. In Scn cult..the left hand feedeth the right hand...The cult moves money around within the cult...no IRS audits !

  12. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    The duped donors of local orgs thought they were paying for it so that it would be self owned and staff would start getting paid.


    Church of Scientology International owns the property after all that feverish fundraising and leases it back to the locals and that rent comes right off the top before any budget to pay staff.

    The Fort Harrison pays rental to CSI to *RENT* the building as do other buildings in Clearwater.

    See the buildings ~~ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar...oom-pay-100-000-learn-super-human-powers.html
  13. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hubbard : Go spit in her face !
    On the Apollo early 1970s a teenage youngster called Jill Goodman became a Hubbard messenger.Beautiful girl indoctrinated like the rest of the messengers to serve Hubbard's every need.
    The way messages were transmitted back in the day on the Apollo long before Internet, was that Hubbard would voice something, and one of his MESSENGERS would run and find that person and relay the message.
    Hubbard sent Jill Goodman to relay a message to his eldest daughter with Mary Sue Hubbard Diana. Diana's office was only some 30' away from Hubbard's Research room (his office.)Diana responded to Jill but not what Hubbard wanted to hear.
    Hubbard then ordered Jill to go SPIT IN THE FACE OF DIANA.Messengers were trained to do EXACTLY what Hubbard said to do, so Jill goes and spits in Diana Hubbard's face.
    Mary Sue Hubbard happened to be behind Jill when it happened and immediately began slapping Jill Goodman's face. Then Mary Sue took off her shoes and hurled them at Jill.A few years later Hubbard order Miscavige to spit in the face of John Axcel, a dedicated Sea Org vet. And to spit in the face of senior exec WDC SMI.
    Thus began the *spitting* era in the cult.
    David Miscavige spat on Marc Yager numerous times. It was in vogue !Seniors spitting on Juniors who could not return the spit. (hierachy)
    This and other stories and anecdotes I discussed with Ron Miscavige this morning.

    This and other stories and anecdotes I discuss with Ron Miscavige this morning.
    Here's the video

    You Tube : https://www.youtube.com/user/SurvivingScientology
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SurvivingScientology/
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/KarendlaCariere
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