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Karen de la Carriere YouTube Channel

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by CommunicatorIC, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    YEP!:yes::thumbsup: These are truly 5-star, brilliant and illuminating videos. :clap:

    Although I knew and personally interacted with Vaughn Young, I never met or interacted with Stacy. All I knew about Stacy was from what I had read on the Net.

    These videos...Watching and hearing Stacy tell her incredible story...Is an intense, graphic and yes, "stunning inside look at the fanatical tactics & criminal extremes Scientology will take to destroy innocent people--who simple speak/write the truth about Hubbard's cult of lies and terror as it desperately attempts to conquer & enslave the world." And--from my personal experience and first hand knowledge--completely accurate, absolutely true and very precise. :yes:

    BTW Folks--having personally known, interacted with and been Karen's shipmate on the Apollo--I can assure Y'all that the passion, heart, fortitude, clarity and downright human decency you see in her videos is not an "act" or performance for the camera...That is the Karen I knew, know and Love with Abiding Affection, Gratitude and Respect.:coolwink::love8::cheers::heartflower:

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  2. Northern Shewolf

    Northern Shewolf Patron Meritorious

    Darling Karen,
    I come very late to this thread having had a truly busy summer, thank you for this fine homage to Stacy Brooks who was the very first Ex to speak out and take on the church with her extraordinary videos.
    For a never-in observer such as I, her bravery and honesty set a standard for all subsequent critics to follow. Wherever she is today, Shewolf sincerely wishes that it is a loving, quiet, and rewarding place from where she can rejoice at all the lovely entheta online these days that she helped get going.
    Thanks again for the heads-up Karen, oh great Queen of SPs!
    Shewolf :eyeroll:
  3. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    In a fascinating and wide raging interview with Jeffrey Augustine,
    former Sea Org member Aaron Smith-Levin discusses the topics of Scientology's controversial Freeloader bills, the Clear Cognition, and other topics.
  4. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    ATTACK ! ATTACK ! ATTACK ! Like some grotesque rattlesnake the Cult embroils in incendiary attack as it is de-fanged.
    'Going Clear' filmmaker Alex Gibney responds to multiple accusations from members of the Church of Scientology who attended a recent IDA Conversation Series event in Hollywood.
  5. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you Karen for drawing our attention to an excellent video.

    Again, thanks to OSA for helping promote Going Clear and Alex Gibney.

    I hope Alex Gibney thanked you himself.

    I love the looks of the people in the front row, looking back at the Scientologists while they are speaking and laughing out loud.

    Scientology seems still to this date, unaware that all of their behavior just demonstrates that Going Clear is a balanced film.

    Let's have a look at one exhibit.

    1) Joe Taglieri of Freedom magazine chides Alex Gibney for telling people that Joe Taglieri works for COfS.
    2) This gives Alex an opportunity to tell everyone again that he is a Scientologist and that he has evidence that Joe has been misrepresenting himself. (He hasn't posted it yet).
    3) Joe then interrupts and proves what an asshole he is.
    4) Alex then makes it plain that he has already pointed people to, so he has no problem with people making an informed decision.

    How can they continue to be so stupid?

    It's the same strategy all the time.

    It fails every time.

    They ignore there mistakes and repeat every time.
  6. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    The cult of Scientology is a snitching culture. Family members report on each other to the mother Church, the Cult jealously wants total devotion and family love is a threat to that kind of loyalty. My ex husband in one lock down session in a room he was not permitted to leave, he wrote up 23 "Knowledge Reports" on me by the force of Religious Technical Center "missionaires."
    Here is a list of some of the divorces ordered by head of Scientology Inc. David Miscavige:

  7. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Wonderful Link Karen#1.....I had no idea, the extent or rampant nature of this area of abuse. I still have difficulty wrapping my head around....the "authority" that David Miscavige wields. Or why or how he can get so into other's personal lives....and break them up.

    Great information....and great counter the lies told by the Cult Spokespeople....
  8. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Bill Franks gives some amazing stories that he has never previously discussed.
    This includes a very private conversation with Dr Denk where Gene Denk revealed that Hubbard had dementia. Dr Denk did not know that Bill Franks has just been removed as ED INT when the conversation occurred. Hubbard sent Bill to Dr Gene Denk as Hubbard felt Bill had been PDH'd.
    Soon after tons of us had to endure the Pain Drugs Hypnosis sec checks. What an abuse of the E -meter.
    This was purely done for OSA Intelligence.
    It was completely insulting and lunatic like many bizaare and oddball Cult actions.
    Hubbard believed that his closest most devoted Sea Org members had been through Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis
    PAIN DRUGS-HYPNOSIS (called PDH in the cherch), by using administered pain, drugs and hypnotism,, the psychiatrist, psychologist and other criminals such as CIA or other government agents seek to cause victims to become robots or commit crimes or act in an irrational way" PDH is the psychiatrist's gift to the police state.
    11 April 1982. HCOB. Listen to this video !
  9. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Thanks Karen - another great ''unveiling the truth'' video of yours :coolwink:

    :yes: = In the cult - RPF - sec checks - and drugs on Introspection rundown

    :yes: = $cientology OSA rondroids

    How Dr Denk was supposed to treat people who had been allegely PDH'd ????
    With more drugs ????
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  10. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader


    This is a fabulous interview, Karen. :clap: :clap: :clap: I'm still listening, as it's quite long, but fascinating and revealing.

    Starting with the message from L Ron that people leave due to ARC breaks (not withholds), continuing through his RPF assignment by David Mayo over a 'rock slam', through the PDH thing and really detailed information about L Ron's dementia.

    That would have been around 1981, right? So Denk knew about it then and told Bill Franks just as Bill Franks was removed.

    But it never occurred to anyone that L Ron would require someone to take over legally and otherwise and should be officially declared mentally incompetent back then. Instead, they disguised this information to keep up Church 'PR' and pretended all that while that L Ron was just fine while others manipulated behind the scenes.

    Fabulous interview.

    Big thanks to Bill Franks. Thanks, Bill. You're tops. :thumbsup: :thankyou:
  11. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Please join me for a good laugh today. This is an easy watch.
    The video depicts strange and bizarre conduct by orchestrated groups of Scientology on the streets and WHY they carry on line that. Outside the bubble it can provide laughter but also a sense of unease. It is Cult conduct and I interpret the policies on which such is based. They do not conduct themselves like this by accident. This is the CULT's ideology. They are protecting by attacking.
  12. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    I can't look anymore to this LA airport Jenny ambush

    It's so scarry :omg:

    Look at their eyes..the three of them...amazing this way of staring without blinking with an insane smile (yager and the other droid)

    I am not kidding, this is really scarry :nervous:


    Thank you Karen for another great informative video.

    Poor people, locked in a mind prison of fear :confused2:
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  13. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for posting. I found this video tough to watch. When I was in the COS, I would resort to similar behaviors. My "personality" was determined to perform the correct LRH response to critics which was to attack. It's an ugly thing to see. Unfortunately, the vicious behavior is proof that you can't conduct a back and forth chat about your beliefs or actions as a Scientologist. It's proof that you consider the critic so evil or crazy or so low that the critic is practically another species. It's proof that you aren't willing to even consider challenging ideas has remotely valid.

    It's proof that you've stopped critically thinking.

    My complete faith in the workability of LRH's methods was pretty lame. "Always attack, never defend" is another way to make enemies from people who were simply curious.

    Ron was great at given advice and some of it was terrible.

    Thanks again, Karen.:thumbsup:
  14. chuckbeatty

    chuckbeatty Patron with Honors

    Ditto! Agreed.

    Hubbard, I think it's human nature blindness common to everyone, and Hubbard was no "giant" of a human being or "spirit" in the universe's history, he was just a megalomania syndrome person who wished to be great, and pulled it off in the minds of people who bought into his "greatness" until they mostly wised up.

    Those not yet wised up are still aboard the Hubbard fantasy ship, but it's a fiction operation, since there's no Xenu, no "body thetans" and no "OTs" and the world isn't improved by the "OTs" that have come out of Scientology due to the Hubbard past-lives crank crackpot pseudo-therapy, that's for sure, and no one's done much after completing their Solo NOTs (now OT 7) except Tom Cruise who when he completed OT 7 it allowed him that additional energy to leap high in the air using Oprah's couch! (I heard he not only was in love then with Katie, but that he also had finished all his 'body thetan' exorcism of OT 7 just prior to his couch leaping in public.)

    Hubbard wished for a whole heck of a lot for himself and for his followers, and the world is NOT better for what he wished. A whole lot of people who are Scientologists are acting quite consistently irreligious and badly, witness Karen's latest video, which I think is an excellent video.

    Karen's choice of clips for this latest video or hers, is almost good enough to show to a class of new religions studying students in university who wish a quick summary of Scientology's incitement and bizarre delusional obnoxious behaviors!
  15. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

  16. whoisxenu

    whoisxenu Patron with Honors

    (yager and the other droid)

    Yager was so creepy I think he could seriously have a career in horror films.:yes:
  17. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!


    Good Lord

    This was my first laugh today!

    Thank you! Still he needs prayers, mantras, exorcism or whatever :unsure:
  18. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Mark Yager

    another operating thetan living succes story

    before fully processed:


    after fully processed


  19. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    I don't find Yager and Jennie too creepy. They're playing parts, like actors, and are so immersed into their roles that their true personalities are thoroughly suppressed. Jennie's "shaming rage" and Yager's "shaming sympathy" are trained behaviors and ONLY make sense in an SO setting.

    Once one sets foot outside of Scientology, PEOPLE DON'T ACT LIKE THAT! It's just bizarre.

    The Scieno attackers ALL seem to be following a pre-programmed response that is so insincere, it has no impact, except to drive someone away. It's bad PR. Period. Viciousness creates bad PR. Hubbard was wrong on this PR method (and he wrote a PR Series!!!). LRH was correct in assuming he could force people to act in crazy ways at his bidding.

    Thanks Karen. Seeing the Scieno attackers one after another clarifies the idiocy.
  20. whoisxenu

    whoisxenu Patron with Honors

    Oops@! My bad.:no: Appologies to Yager (though I still think it's a great serial killer name - something like John Wayne Yager (for example).

    It's the guy below, whoever he is, that I think could get a role tomorrow on THE BLACKLIST - maybe as "THE DENTIST" - a serial killer who performs root canals without anesthesia, starts on their teeth, then moves to their eyeballs with one of those nails-on-blackboard drills whizzing and then videos his victims? Reddington could capture him and trade him to someone to get closer to Mr. Big (or in this case small, DM)!:omg:


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