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Kirstie Alley on Twitter

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Emma, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Emma

    Emma Con te partirĂ² Administrator

    I recently started following Kirstie Alley on Twitter (for obvious reasons) but I'm going to have to unfollow her as she basically clogs up my feed with spamming of her ridiculous nonsense 24/7. Doesn't she have a life? I mean seriously, she puts out more tweets than news agencies who get paid to put out tweets.

    I thought she'd have more important things to do - like arranging all her friends to disconnect from Leah Remini, or auditing out nasty BTs, or saving the planet in other clammy ways. Clearly she doesn't have enough to do.
  2. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Aw, can't you just troll her a bit before you Unfollow her? It could be so much fun!
  3. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

  4. lotus

    lotus rebel french frog

    While super litterate Krustie can't reply here

    I volounteer to post her message


    Oh! And Krustie's mother also sent her best regards!


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  5. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

  6. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Crusader

    If only we c#@< suckers had as much "class" - let alone uber class!
  7. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    She probably has some Sea Orger's doing her tweeting.

    What happened to Kirstie - she use to be beautiful. I know she is in her 60's but my goodness...she looks rough! That Scientological grey and weather skin kind of rough. My spouse and I used to comment on it whilst we were in - the people look so weathered and grey!! Oh - you would see every once in a while someone getting auditing and they would look better or lose weight - but soon there came that weathered grey look!! Tom Cruise is getting it now! He has aged in the last year. Who does his tweeting?
  8. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    The "looking better" generally comes from the auditing (which is sporadic and finite). The auditing is only temporary.

    The "weathered grey look" comes from running around the hamster wheel non-stop as part of the insane fanatical group that must "produce" 24/7 (or else) - which is endless, constant and severe. The "brutal demand" takes its toll on all. The heavy pressure is never-ending.
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  9. PTS

    PTS Elliott

    Haha no wonder she has such lousy hair, being at effect from so many SP's!
  10. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

    Yes, the uber classy third grade teacher. That was a great tweet.
  11. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    No darlin', just about the size of your ass.

    Which, incidentally is still smaller than your mouth. And please don't take that as a compliment either!
  12. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    A new advanced spiritual state? Homo Novis?

    Um, I don't think so. . .

    More like [STRIKE]Poor[/STRIKE] Upstat White Trash.

    Maybe there is a new TV show in it for Kirstie the OT.

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  13. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    I actually read Kirstie's book (in the library--I'm a fast reader and was in no way going to put more money in her coffers). It was really sad. Her problems with her food addiction, and I just was thinking "omg... you are OT VII, you supposedly have no case anymore, and this whole book is just telling how much pain you are in... how fucked up you feel you are, and Scientology didn't handle that at all."

    I can totally see why she's going off the deep end and acting nuts--in order to keep her cognitive dissonance in tact, she has to go off against the enemy. It's a bitch to actually face that the cult has not cured you. She traded coke for food, and Dr. Oz (although not really a fan of him) even brought this up to her and she totally glossed it over.

    She's just really not in good shape (mentally and spiritually--I always gained weight every time I was hooked up with the cult, so I just hate to go there).

    I think she's bitch because she seriously has to claw to the thing she thought saved her. It's sad. My ex also is stuck to the cult because the cult 'saved him from drugs'. Of course, he isn't the jerk that Kirstie is, and honestly tries to help every person he meets--just is deluded in thinking that Scio is what does that... doesn't realize that him just being there and caring is what helps those folks. Breaks my freaking heart.
  14. To the untrained eye it may appear to be ridiculous nonsense, but to the 'big beings' it is anything but ridiculous nonsense.

    Saving the planet is serious business

  15. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    She's now back-stepping.. obviously afraid her tweets will cause her nosediving career to fizzle out faster..
  16. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    Maybe she needs to sew her ass shut and let her mouth take over?

    Which would be worse?
  17. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader

    Shouldn't she be on the Home Shopping Network with Kevin Trudeau or something? Maybe a Carnie? How over a million followers give two craps what this vile woman has to say is truly beyond me. I hope her, "I suck David Miscavige's dick for breakfast" brownie points are finally whisking her away to that delusional promised land she holds onto so dearly in her wack-a-doodle mind.


    "Buy my products you cocksuckers and fuck Leah Remini, that fucking bitch."

    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Ms. Alley are not necessarily that of HSN or its affiliates.
  18. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

  19. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate

    What's to fizzle? Dancing with the stars is something that moderately recognisable people do when they haven't got any work on. Sportsmen who've retired, stars of yesteryear and so on. Being a contestant isn't part of a career as such, though.

    Organic Liaison is a farce, and has largely failed to deliver. Nobody's talking about her weight loss product anymore. (Nor is she a particularly good exemplar of weight loss.)

    'Look Who's Talking' was a quarter of a century ago. 'Cheers' finished two decades ago... this is a former celebrity, rather than a current celebrity. She's in a 12-episode new sitcom later this year, but no guarantee it will go anywhere. She's (mis)cast as a new mother, which seems farcical given that she was born 62 years ago.

    The only people who still think of Kirstie as a big, big star are the Scientology UFO cult... and we know how hard they're having to scrape the barrel, nowadays.

    Basically, the crazy lady can tweet all she wants, because it won't harm a career that she hasn't got. And she obviously has a lot of time on her chubby little hands. Twitter on, Kirstie. It's so theta!
  20. yeah but she did top the list of washed-up celebrities, that's gotta count for something, right?

    maybe her agent can hook her up with a pay-for-view boxing match with Tonya Harding