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Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Emma, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Is she having a little bit of humour?

    It shall consume much energy , time, negative emotions, to play the game of wich ''hater'' is faster!

    The hamster is running very very very fast :no:

    She should be carefull, I've seen similar behavior in the cult (wich seems erratic and overwhelmed), just preceding a breakdown.
    (wish someone close (and sane) is watching over her)

    It's becoming sad to see someone falling deeper into the dark whole
    only adding pain and suffering into each hour of her life - publicly!

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    Is this a game of 'Spot the Difference' ?

    Now I'm starting to realise that Krusty's tweets are just a new version of Vogon Poetry. :eyeroll:
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    Quite amazing to read this silly person's tweets and carry on . . . she just doesn't see what damage she's doing to her "church" . . . . you just simply have to look at how this kind of nonsense is playing in the minds of the public! Would they be seeing this cult and its devotees as a bunch of nuts, or what ??

    Quite sick, actually. :nervous:

    And she thinks she's right!!!! :duh:

  9. lotus

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    Oatee and sec check product!

    Scientology homo novus!

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    I know we all take the micky out of her, but it is sad to see how fanatical belief develops into insanity.

    It doesn't matter what flavor the belief (Science, Christianity, Islam or Scio, etc), the end result is pretty much the same. Fanaticism breeds insanity.

    For many of us, we saw the light before it destroyed us utterly. Kirstie's bulb blew out a long time ago. In a strange way, I actually pity her.
  11. Udarnik

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    Or was the mental illness there all along, and Fanaticism a sort of self-medication, as with alcohol or drugs?
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    I wonder if SHE has the rank to ask "where's Shelly"?
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    Infuse Creative:
    Does anyone know whether there's a scientology connection with this company, or if they just happen to manage Tom Cruise's twitter?
  14. AnonyMary

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    Founder/CEO Gregory Markel and the Infuse Creative photo of CoS Hollywood Blvd
    Not sure if he was hired to take this. Found no other connection to scientology

    Gregory Markel

    July 5, 2012

    Photo information
    Jul 5, 2012
    365×512 pixels – 72KB
    Filename: scientology.JPG
    Camera: n/a
    Model: n/a
    ISO: n/a
    Exposure: n/a
    Aperture: n/a
    Focal Length: n/a
    Flash Used: n/a
    Latitude: n/a
    Longitude: n/a

    Infuse Creative's Founder/CEO Gregory Markel!about-us-ic-now/c1r4d

    No cult charities listed here
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    Pulled ^^^^ from Kirstie Alley's Twitter feed for the folks here at ESMB to see.

    For those who aren't familiar with Twitter, here's what happened:

    Nice person Megan tweeted to LMP, LMP responded to Megan, and then Kirstie Alley tweeted to LMP.

    What's interesting is that LMP has not responded to Kirstie Alley's tweet.

    Significant? Probably not, but Kirstie Alley has a history of deleting her own tweets so if this one gets deleted, it might mean she (KA) thought she'd been snubbed by LMP.

  16. JBWriter

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    Re: Kirstie Alley on Twitter <---Not A Good Idea...Per Brooklyn Baddies?

    This is a spoof, folks. :)

    "Brooklyn Mob Boss Tells Kirstie Alley To Stop Messing With Leah Remini" - link to entire faux-article here:


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    I keep hearing refferrences to Kirstie's twitter account being inundated with responces from her recent Stern interview, anyone have any captures?
  18. thewritegoddess

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    I'm in a terrible mood, so I looked up Kirstie Alley's latest tweets. Predictably, she has been tweeting bullshit about being a victim of religious intolerance (she can't shut up, she can't shut her mouth unless there's FOOD in it), so I threw a few back at her. Made me feel a little better. Now I know. Bad mood, just give it back to Kirstie Alley.:eyeroll:
  19. degraded being

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    The Thunder Goes Downunder

    A Massive tsunami of entheta has struck the tranquil shores of New Zealand.
    Named "Kirstie", it is not known yet how much damage it has caused, but
    one victim, Mike Ferris, DSA AK, is highly enturbulated. Mike sought refuge in a 10 million dollar white elephant that was hung around Auckland Scientologist's necks in 2007 when a demented dwarf forced Mike to bend over and "make it go right" and acquire the historic white elephant as an Idle Morgue. Being destitute, AK failed, so Oz couzies had to foot the bill. Six years later the Morgue is still indeed, Idle. Hiding in the Idle Morgue unfortunately has proven to be a wrong action and today Mike is looking at high entheta stats, which of course means low DSA stats, so the expensive white elephant Idle Morgue did not protect Mike. The storm that caused the tsunami has taken foul weather, tempestuous rage, ugly squalls, twisters, violent blows, everywhere as it has unleashed its entheta on the world, ruining years of bullshit and hardwork by scientology's OSA

    Story with picture:
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    This thread made me look up Kirstie's latest tweets. Sounds like a lot of drama! Anyone know what is going on??