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Kudos to Mike Laws Re: Frank Pate Federal Indictment on wire fraud charges

Discussion in 'Freezone, Independents, and Other Flavors of Scien' started by AnonyMary, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Kudos to Mike Laws Re: Frank Pate Federal Indictment on wire fraud charges
    Tony Ortega reports today. Docs included. Kudos to Mike Laws for helping expose this con and assisting in getting it investigated by the federal government.

    Former Scientologist indicted in financial scheme that victimized other ex-church members

    Thanks, Mike, for alerting people about this guy. :thumbsup:
  2. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    It looks like he's used the alias Franko Edwin Bianchi (unless this is his birth name).

    Frank & his wife, Leila, incorporated 'Adopt a Kid Racer' in 2005. The Texas Revenue Dept. closed it for non-payment of taxes.

    Taxpayer No. 13003329763
    Address: 9607 SPRING DR., FRISCO, TX 75035-2148
    Right to Transact Business in Texas: FRANCHISE TAX INVOLUNTARILY ENDED
    Registration Date: 08/26/2005

    * Director: FRANK PATE, 9607 SPRING DR., FRISCO , TX 75035
    * Director: KIMBER SEAL, 9607 SPRING DR., FRISCO , TX 75035
    * Director: LEILA RANZI, 9607 SPRING DR., FRISCO , TX 75035

    Frank & his wife were the subject of a news article in 2011 about school truancy:
  3. TG1

    TG1 Angelic Poster


    Good on you!

    Just excellent.
  4. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Big thanks to Dexter Gelfand for getting me involved with this, sufficiently energized and focused to do a little something. Might not have happened if it wasn't for Dexter ... seriously. Until Dexter started viciously coming after me with his stories and attacks, Frank Pate was a forgotten memory and chapter in my life.

    Second only to Dexter real thanks and appreciation go to ESMB, many people saw my thread and post regarding Pate/Dexter and contacted me. I was able to help network victims, hopefully assisting in the process. Truly, without the high ranking ESMB platform making this stuff show up at the top of the rankings, I don't know this would have come together. We often love and hate ESMB and the related drama, but this is an example where it is really and measurably helping people in a material way.

    On another fun note, Dexter Gelfand was at the US Free Zone convention this spring/summer bragging about his great and amazing co-audit partner ... none other than the great Frank Pate. Frank had apparently packed up his family in an RV, Ron style ... traveling the country ... doing research ... reportedly it was pretty hard to find him. Per both Dexter and Frank, Franks business and legal and life prowess are legendary. So, he is doing a prudent financial move and having the public defender look after him. I saw email and documents between Frank and one of his victims, the one that actually reported this to the FBI, where frank personally (no lawyers involved) filed a suit against this person for fraud and slander for reporting Frank to the FBI. Frank then offers to withdraw his suit, and pay some portion of the money back if this person withdrew the FBI complaint. Class act that this victim was, he held true and kept on course where pretty much every other victim either gave up, or was beaten into silence with intimidation and threats that they would never see a penny of their money if they reported him. Other email I saw ... an older woman ... was being audited by Frank in the free zone, she had an inheritance 1/3-1/2 of a million dollars ... which Frank got to invest as part of or shortly after the auditing. When she wanted money back after Frank failed to make good on promises, Frank proceeded to beat them using the mothers case data to degrade and intimidate ... and the classy dude did it in writing!!!

    Seriously, now is the time for any other victims ... or victims that were intimidated into silence to step forward. As part of this litigation, attempts will be made to recover an return funds for those who were scammed. The FBI obtained a protective order for anyone stepping forward, preventing Frank or any agents harassing or intimidating them. Who knows what will be recovered, but no chance of anything if you don't apply. There are three ways to do this:

    1. and this is the absolute best: Directly contact Special Agent Christine Edson. I have spoken with her a number of times and was very impressed. She was compassionate, polite, understanding, intelligent ... dogged and driven. She put over a year work into this. She wanted to and then did something to try and help the people hurt. She isn't intimidating. Good girl. Does a great job. Her desk phone is 214 area code and 559 and 5726. She is the first FBI agent I ever worked with, it was a remarkably pleasant and productive experience.

    2. Contact web site, this is a victim and the person making the first complaint to the FBI. Good person, but right now wants to remain anonymous. None of this would have happened without this person, same one mentioned above.

    3. Least preferable is contact me via face book or private message on ESMB. I am not officially involved, just trying to help.

    Oh, the nature of Franks deals changed over time ... started international currancy trading, then did some real estate deals, and finally it was a charity to build homes for disabled veterans ... no land was purchased or homes every built.


    ps. Hey Dex, ol' buddy, ol' pall, best buddy there could ever be ... is your needle still floating? Mine is.

    pps. Those infinite folks in the earlier threads that were penises about docs or plox ... you know who you are ... eat shit and die.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
  5. prosecco

    prosecco Patron Meritorious

    Don't really understand, but LOVING the comment about, 'infinite folks in the earlier threads that were penises about docs or plod, eat shit and die...'
  6. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Frank & Leila Pate sued Jonathan Horwich (former husband of Diana Hubbard) in Arizona District Court (Tucson) in June 2014. Pate was arrested in Arizona.

    Pate also filed suit against Laura Cheng on the same day; same court.

    From an old blog retrieved in cache:

    2014 - Comes to Arizona early spring for friends wedding, and decides after several months, AZ is best place in US for health issues from Lead and heavy metals related issues. ( Allergies to mold, foods, environmental, seizures)

    2014 - Calls Prescott home in June begins looking for wine capable property in Prescott Chino Valley area.

    2014 - Gets inditement handed down by Grand Jury August 13, in Texas Eastern District. Discovers FBI search was illegal in its form.

    2014 - Gets arrested and released on own recognizance in Phoenix Federal courts, surrenders passport.
  7. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    Ha ha ha.
    Ha ha ha ha!
    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


    The chickens have come home to roost.

    Dexter, I hope your "brother" enjoys his incarceration. Perhaps you should go fly his ruds on Skype!

  8. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    I hope you feel very good about this Mike.

    I know the shit you've copped over it.

    Hopefully now some of that poo will start rolling the other way.

    Kudos to you. :thumbsup:
  9. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Ahh, Mike :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: :clap::clap::clap:

    And LUV your sense of humor!

    Laughed myself silly reading you expressions of new found (or perhaps simply newly expressed in more succinct and wondrous terms!) wisdom on the funny types who've fucked up and misled others.

    And . . . could it be . . . is it the internationally famous Dex-pester G you are referring to here, who rage quit ESMB over a well founded expression of observation by our ever on-the-ball Emma who denounced what she saw of the follies of some in the FeeZone?

    Some just can't deal with the truth when it is revealed . . . . maybe it's because they so delude themselves with their "think" about things like truth and tech that they cannot see what is!

    Some are so deluded they will insist that you are wrong to be pointing out what is error (even when a person asks for advice, help and correction!!! Now that is really getting into the insane realm of behavior and think) or evil in another's actions . . . these cats have locked themselves into the delusion thatcha gotta be all new-agey and luuuuvem all even when they are stabbing you.

    I saw one dude recently go on a nice polite discourse about them bad and wrong "Hubbard Bashers" . . . I kid you not . . . the rationale being that to point out Hubbs's crimes, lies, con and deceit was to be playing victim and sticking self in the victim mentality :melodramatic: Even when it was pointed out that to be optimumly responsible for self and one's fellows, as Mike has been here, and exercise "pan-determinism" is surely not the action of a victim but that of taking a causative and corrective position . . . . NNNOOOooo :no::no: the ya gotta be kind and goooood and Luuuuvem.

    So, the genius of Dex G . . . . our on the ball and ever polite Em says,

    Umm, well, it seem other folks are not allowed to see what they see in the think of the do-gooder class . . . we've all gotta be nice and deluded and to LIKE them (as in luv, not be like)

    Later our Emms posts a wondrous thread . . .

    This one ya gotta read to believe . . . .

    Post #9 is the Dex resigning . . . (lovingly, of course!)

    Post #10 is Emma, being gracious with her opening first sentence . . .

    So . . . are we surprised this level of intellect is compelled to luv a nasty and con man and all that do-gooder stuff as Mike is revealing above?

    Some people just don't get it . . . no matter how much you try and help them, advise them and seek to help them correct their errors, they cannot hack it.

    They are too stuck in their deluded little in-the-box-view of things . . . to be noted is this point by Mike:
    and . . .

    Yes, well, it looks like the wonders of the Dex tech didn't do much to help the Frank Pate at all . . . some call it mutual ruds . . . actually, it's the ineffective syndrome of being kind, and nice, and loving, and all that smoozey stuff that leaves people liking you but is not needed by those who are truly honest and effective in working with their people.

    Holidays and a good dose of booze or pot can have you feeling "better too" . . . but it ain't the real deal. It's delusion.

    It's a bit sad to see all this . . . but you really can't help or be too concerned about them who refuse your best advices and who seek to make you wrong for trying to steer them right.

    Well done, Mike! It does take balls to get involved and do the right thing in issues like this.

    I'd rather be on the side of a man who can see what is than with the deluded class who are killing the universe with their "kindness" and do-goodismness.


    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
  10. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Lots of interesting stuff here on Pate at the court Case Search Collins County TX. One case stated as closed, from 2008, is still open. I quoted the docket here. He's been in contempt of court on it. Has a hearing in November. These others ones include, eviction notices, him being charged with not sending his kids to school and some cases he filed against others, who them sued him.
    Just search his name here for the details

    Case Number Styled Filed On Case Type Status Judge
    003-02154-2012 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee in Trust for The Benefit of The Certificateholders for Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2004-R5, Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2004-R5 vs.Frank Pate and all Other Occupants 08/03/2012 JP Appeal Case is Closed Baxter, Lance

    04-EV-12-00937 DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE IN TRUST FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE vs. FRANK PATE 06/01/2012 Evictions Appealed Yarbrough, W.M. "Mike"

    04-TR-12-00054 STATE of TEXAS vs. Frank Pate 01/04/2012 Adult - Citation Disposed Yarbrough, W.M. "Mike"

    006-83716-2011 STATE of TEXAS VS. Pate, Frank 06/01/2011 Appealed from Lower Court Disposed Bender, Jay

    031CV050046401 121 MARINAS LTD DBA PIER 121 v. FRANK PATE 08/19/2005 Small Claims Closed

    040TR061561401 State of Texas v. FRANK PATE III 08/30/2006 Traffic Closed

    366-01656-2011 Leila Pate,Frank Pate Vs. Deustche Bank National Trust Company 04/15/2011 All Other Civil Cases Closed Wheless, Ray

    366-03851-2009 Frank Pate, Leila Pate vs. Hughes Watters Askanase, Deutsche Bank National Trust, Carolyn Taylor, Cathy Lee, Robert Lee, Ahmsi 10/02/2009 OLD Other Civil Cases - District Closed Wheless, Ray

    380-02223-2008 Laura Cheng v. Infinity Investing, LLC, Frank Pate, Leila Pate, Troy Sweetman 07/30/2008 Civil Old - Accounts, Contracts, Notes Closed District Judge, 380th ( see docket below)

    401-01872-2010 Frank Pate, Leila Pate v. Hughes Watters & Askanase LLP, Carolyn Taylor 05/07/2010 Civil Old - Accounts, Contracts, Notes Closed Rusch, Mark
    401-03166-2008 Frank Pate, Leila Pate vs. Citi Residential Lending, Deutsche Bank Trust, Hughes, Watters & Askanase, L.L.P 10/03/2008 OLD Other Civil Cases - District Case is Closed Rusch, Mark

    0018765306 State of Texas v. Pate Frank Iii 10/23/2006 Adult Misdemeanor Disposed Mason, Corinne A. [/QUOTE]

    I wonder if Ms Cheng knows about the FBI investigation and federal indictment?

    Pate is now suing Cheng

    Pate et al v. Cheng
    Defendant: Laura Cheng
    Plaintiff: Leila Pate and Frank Pate

    Case Number: 4:2014cv02202
    Filed: June 26, 2014

    Court: Arizona District Court
    Office: Tucson Division Office
    County: Pima
    Presiding Judge: Charles R Pyle

    Nature of Suit: Other Civil Rights
    Cause of Action: 28:1331
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
  11. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    What a pity you didn't report the illegal foreign currency trading much earlier. It would have prevented so many other people from having been ripped off subsequently.
  12. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Will respond to a few specific comments on this later, but was struck by a thought.

    I remember hanging out with Tom Devocht a couple of years ago, lamenting about the "good old days". Even though I was RTC and tom CMO Int, he actually elevated to a position "more desirable" than mine as a close personal friend of DM, hanging out together, special percs, etc. until he fell from grace. Tom is also a very rarely known do gooder. When Rinder blew, Devo got him money to fly back to the US. Stayed on Devos sofa for months while moving forward. Nothing totally exceptional ... good friends and people do things like this for each other all the time, but such things are a mark of a good person. I remember Tom looking up at me sharply saying "you know, if they would have treated me half way decently I would still be there!" (In the SO).

    This whole story is a tragedy. People were hurt, lives were ruined.

    The whole thing would probably not have blown up or come to justice if people were kinder to each other, or at least less viscous. It took a brutal year for me to get money back from Frank Pate in the early 2,000's. But even that, with his threatening to report me to the COS, and IRS, and every other nasty thing he could think of, was enough for me to close the chapter and virtually forget about it.

    I don't know Dexter at all in real life. Never met him, never corresponded with him, don't believe we were even in the same city or same part of the state at the same time, don't have mutual IRL friends, I just simply don't know him ... period. Dexter came after me pretty nasty, as did a number of others. I didn't take it personally until after he rage quit ESMB, started a thread about me beating some mystery women/woman. No police charges, no names, just he met this woman who said I beat her, that might have annoyed me but no big deal. Then he starts telling a bunch of other people trying to get them to post on ESMB. Several had the decency and honor to PM me with the data, but one just posted it, i believe on the thread listed above ... that made me angry, made me dig. True and half true data started emerging with lies that showed ties to Dallas. If Dexter was half way decent and civil to me, I wouldn't have cared. Frank may still have been arrested, the critical mass of people scammed may have come together, but I wouldn't have been involved. Amusingly, Dexters assaults were so extreme, that I was sought out by one of Dexter's ex wives, who read some of his stuff and wanted to give me the nitty gritty on Dexter's peccadilloes to throw in his face to shut him up. I never used that data or made it public.

    Frank, if he would have just treated me decently, rather than feeling victimized that I made him give my money back, I would never have been involved. If he had treated me decently as an investor, he probably could have lost my money and I would have walked away. If he had treated any of his other investors decently, civilly, rather than threats, intimidation, name calling, etc. etc. People would probably have walked away ... well maybe not if the principle was absolutely guaranteed, but many or most would have probably moved on.

    Even infinite, a person I have never met, don't know who he is or where, has never treated me civilly, I have no idea why. I checked into him enough to know that is is not even worth bothering about, but my evil side made me make a personal stab. I was told some stuff about him by a mutual acquaintance, qualities that I respect and admire in people. Yet I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

    Looking at other exes I have spent time with, being civil and human and kind and compassionate somehow was drummed out of us especially in the SO and especially at Int. Also at all levels, there seems to be a lack of compassion and understanding for each other and a focus on "me, mine, my clique, family", etc.

    One of the big things from Dallas, this is about 27 years ago, I was on garrison mission at the small and failing then CC Dallas for refusing to abort our child. My marriage was on the rocks, and I would up having an affair, screwing the then ED. Even a quarter of a century ago, there are people that still remember that like today, only part of it though, I built up some pretty spectacular hatred against me for that one. I will have to make the whole story known on this one, and how Amy Scobee, WDC CC at the time, saves my ass by stepping in and prevents me from getting declared for refusing to redact my statement that I screwed the ED, who was sec checked and beat the meter. Dumb Ass laws, still on the cool aide, thinks the only way to salvation is to tell the truth, the other side beats the meter in a sec check, says I am loosing my mind and imagining things ... so I get ordered to witdraw my report, do formulas and get back on post. I also made the mistake of writing a report on myself after a session, confessing to something an auditor missed, that auditor went psycho mad dog on me ... sorry ... I digress.

    This concept of civility and decency and honestly may have no real place on the internet and forums like this, but me, I think it should. I want this to be important to the people in my life. Scientifically, analyzing it, a hell of a case could probably be made for positive conduct in life creating better outcomes. But the internet has limited personal consequences especially for anonymous communicated interaction.

    But it leads to a thought that this type of behavior to others, is it in fact some sort of sub conscious self destruct? What possible benefit can people get from it?
  13. prosecco

    prosecco Patron Meritorious

    Not sure I totally understand. So some anonymous people posted rubbish about you. And somehow along the way, you lent some people money. I totally don't get how it ended so nasty especially as you tend to shrug stuff off.
  14. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Hi Infinite ... AKA Captain Hindsight, the most worthless and annoying of all superheroes.

    Glad to know you can read and re-post Andy Sewel's post from Facebook. Copy Paste, a skill that will get you far in life. Would rather post it here for wider distribution than on FB anyway.

    Not because I give a shit about you or your thoughts, but because it is a valid question and criticism, I will try and answer why I didn't report this to authorities 11 years ago.

    1. Both of us were Scientologists. Scientologists are not allowed to report each other to law enforcement. That is one thing if you were just a few years in Scientology, I was born in, and in the SO from age 15. There are hundreds if not thousands of pages of experiences writing on this and other ex blogs.

    2. I got my money back, there was no theft. There was no crime. I had suspicions, but they were guesses. I knew no one else that had problems with him, other than Franks brother telling me to get away. I knew of no one else that invested with Frank. What should I have reported? The scale became totally different than what I got into, I think it was $10,000 - 2-3 times. I was naive enough to believe I had fault, for continuing to deal with someone even after I learned they were trading without licenses. I thought I could get into trouble for that, Frank told me as much and I bought into it. Frank was a master in one way, he was able to get me more scared of loosing out on potential profits than I was of loosing my money. He spun such a great picture, of huge riches and rewards, in such a convincing way that my money being protected was a forgone conclusion unworthy of discussion ... was I going to be an idiot and not make all this money like everyone else? Shifting the fear basis from loss of funds to loss of opportunity is a hallmark of this type of activity.

    3. 10+ years ago I was barely starting to gain some traction in my professional life and the real world. I didn't even half way understand my legal rights, the laws of the land, money, etc. I had no friends as attorneys and probably couldn't have afforded one. I had only a starting idea of how the real world worked. I still, as a Scientologist at that time, had the cultural fear and distrust of all things government.

    4. I was under a perpetual non enturbulation order for a several year period back then, yeah several years. If he had reported some of the stuff I said to him, I would have been declared. I was afraid to even bring it up to the COS at that time.

    Until after I posted on ESMB, I didn't even know there were other people that had dealings with him.

    Infinite, you are making a great example for my post, written above as you wrote yours. 3 years ago you attempt to degrade and humiliate me for telling the story, for making this stuff public. Now you attempt to degrade and humiliate me for not having done it earlier than 3 years. Can't even use logic in the sentence, but what possible benefit can you get as a human being by doing this shit?
  15. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Sorry, I thought this was clear. Dexter quotes anonymous people giving him first hand information about me. Wasn't true stuff, malicious lies mixed with some truth from my past, so I got focused on Dexter, who would be feeding him this stuff and why. Anonymous people have said all sorts of shit about me, goes with the territory, I may not like it, but if I play on a public forum with my real name, I have learned to expect it.
  16. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    I copy'n'paste all the time . . . there are far wiser people than me on the internet and their messages are often worth repeating.

    That you do not give a shit about me or my thoughts is proof positive that I am in good company. Well done on getting someone who is probably guilty into jail, makes a change, eh? Like I said, pity it wasn't earlier but I do understand how mind-fucking the Scientology experience can be, especially when it comes to matters of wog justice. How's it going with your Biggi Reichert investigation . . . havn't read anything on that for a while. Perhaps you think the matter has now been "handled".
  17. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat


    i know nothing about you. I know nothing about any of this. I don't follow a lot of the stuff here. Never heard of Frank Pate, and don't know Dexter Gelfand (god, is that really his name?).

    I just want to say that I've read your posts over the years and you have always struck me as a very intelligent and articulate person. You have always left a good impression on me.

    Just want to tell you: not everyone has some sort of terrible opinion of you because of what others have posted. A lot of us don't follow a lot of the drama that goes on. Some of us have just read your posts and liked them.
  18. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Well, you poked him on this thread, so he poked you back. Is that so hard to understand?
  19. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Not just in Texas. Pate has sued Laura Cheng & Troy Sweetman in the Northern California courts.
  20. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Not at all, but it doesn't take me poking him, if you ever read any of my posts, check out how many times he is not involved, jumps in, or just puts a WTF, disagree or LOL in a ridiculing way. Nothing new here, I was simply exercising my evil purposes.