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Latest news! An auditor from Denmark left the Church

Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by dianaclass8, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    My friend sent me this email and she is announcing her departure from the Church. Read carefully those who know people from Denmark because she name names and place, time, form and event.

    She is an auditor what Ron could consider the most valuable being in the planet. They been making a lot of whoo haa about OTs leaving and what about the auditors?

    Here it is what she said in her email:

    Hey D!
    Merry christmas!

    My name is Sally Kragh Andersen, I live in Copenhagen, Danmark. I am 44 years old, living together with my son and my cat. I was in scientology for 20 years, active 10 years.

    I am a class IV auditor, including drug r/d, I did the level V course, but never attested. I have at around 500 hours in the chair. Fully hatted PPO, staff status 2. FSM.

    Worked for years at our radio station: Radio Frihed as a reporter. Life time member of IAS...! Funny, I just relized, that I will always be a member of IAS. Strange.

    And this is the mail she sent to the Church in Denmark after she got her refund...:happydance:

    December 2009
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    VERSION # 2
    Written by Sally Kragh Andersen

    Sally Kragh Andersen is now officially out of the hamsterwheel aka estate agency aka Church of Scientology.

    I am hereby taking back my selfdeterminism. I do not ever have to listening to stuff like: You have to it, do it for the 3D, will you attend the event? Why not? Buy this and do that! When will you become a staff-member? Do you have the lectures, but you must have the lectures. Nor do I have to be harrased by tons of e-mails, snail-mails and call-inns, even New Year's Eve at eight o'clock. Thank you God! If you choose to stay in scientology, you will have the opportunity to buy back your selfdeterminism at OT3. For something like dkk 300.000. Oh that is fantastic!

    You may not read this, becaurse you are not granted the freedom of thought, nor are you allowed to apply Logic # 8: A datum can be evaluated only by on a datum of comparable magnitude."

    If you choose to read this anyway, it only takes four minutes to confess in your next session, becaurse of course it is a huge overt trying to know something, when you are a scientologists. What a life.

    "What is true for you, is true for you." No no no. In scientology there is only ONE thruth. "If it is written (by Hubbard of course) it is true." That is, what I call conflicting data. You can read more about this in the Data-series.

    Breaking news: Scientology has just lost a trial in France and is under heavy investigation and indictment in Australia. Celebrities immigrates, the ideal org's stands almost empty, but it is real estate, and it looks good on the manipulated images in the glossy magazines. Oh yes paper can make one an easy touch.

    Is scientology PTS?

    Cancellation of disconnection HCO PL 15th November 1968. Reintroduced in 1983 becaurse the
    PTS/SP-tech obviously did not work. I myself got a clear message from the ethics-officer, that if I did not disconnect from Sonni Boel among other friends, I could not receive any more services.

    If you talk about outpoints in the organization, you are just found to have overts, being PTS or have misunderstood words.

    In level IV there is a technical film called: THE SESSION. You have probably wondered why you can not see it anymore. This is because the main character, Jason Beghe an american actor, recently left the church. You might want to google him.

    Silver cert! What the fuck is that? That is a very good example, on how to suppress people through ignorance. "Silver cert" you can not look it up in a dictionary, and you end up paying $ 293.46 every two years. For having the batteries changed! And as they writes in the manuel: Your e-meter will be examined, put through a checklist of rigorous tests and ajusted... Rigorous tests? I have an old colour-tv at home, which I bought down the mall eight years ago. It runs by the clock and have never been to "silver cert", and I am sorry, but the electronic in a colour tv is far more complicated. Open it and see for your self! It is easy.

    By the way, if you were really interested in clearing this planet, how hard can it be, to put a man in Copenhagen to make this "silver cert." Everything else is of course totally dev-t. Especially if you Live in Europe. I think you can have those batteries changed down the corner for around $ 20. Wake up!

    But you know if something has occurred over a long period of time, then the stupid or brainwashed person think that it is true and will never ask questions.

    The e-meter is not a religious artifacts that can only be used by students at the academy or priests in the church. I have one at home, and Scientology can not dispose over my property. If they continue to claim, that I may not use my own e-meter, (read the brass plate on the back of the e-meter) they will have to buy it back, or I must insist that RTC writes me a document containing a permission.

    The "What do you do" drill is totally squirrel, invented by COB and his slaves. Last time I made that foolish exercise, was with a young guy of about the age of 14, who did not even know what an engram was. After 1.5 hours drilling with me, he was close to unconsciousness from MU's, two steep gradient and lack of mass. (It was the last drill on level V) While I sat there, Marie Hørl was chanted to a wall on the three study barriers. She could well have missed some of it, it is not something you use in GAT. When I later on complained to supervisor Bjørn Flygengren over the phone, he simply replied: "Do not go into it," Well that's the new tech: Do not go into it!

    Am I to cry or shall I laugh?

    "Based on actual records, the ratio is 1000000:20 that a group of people will invent bad technology to destroy good teknology." KSW Series 1. Yes, and here we are with GAT and lots of deleted data.

    Then there is an event coming up. Bring your family-silver, your Visa card, the deed of convenyance to your house, superannuation scheme, cash, pledge letters and crown jewels, for you can be quite sure, that there will be covert registration afterwards, so that the International Management can fill their safe or buy more property. It is fantastic!

    KSW nine is impeded by the "reasonable" attitude of the not-quite-bright.

    A few years ago, I came late to the academy, what of course immediately triggered a visit to the ethic-officer. I arrived about 10 minutes late. Well, at first the supervisor should fill out a form, and route me to the reception. Then the receptionist send me further on to the ethics-officer. At the ethics-officer, I was small talking for 1.5 hours. Done with that, I was to be send to the course-administrator, who would sign the routing form and at last send me back to the academy. Now two hours has passed with nothing. It is marvelous!

    Supported by the fantastic management of Hubbard. It makes no sense. Oddly enough I have never seen any staff member writting a dev-t-report. Lets say you came late to the academy becaurse of the bus had had an accident for example. Then you will also be sent to the ethics-officer, but it is wrong. It is wrong target! But nobody can think for them self. They are indeed brainwashed, and one of the signs is, that you of course will not admit it.

    In the academy they make a big matter about whether you are up or down, what is your target? Do your statistics! (Which nobody never looked at, and which I only made, when they found out, that I did not made it, becaurse it is totally dev-t, if nobody is looking at it, but you know, policies...)

    In countless times I have been attacked, if I for instance scratched my hair: "Find your mu!" It was difficult to be left alone even when things were going well. Simultaneousness Gracia Weis and Audran were allowed to sit and drool and snore in peace because, the technology does not work on those two students.

    Of course it is going rack and ruin. In Denmark, if they produce two clears a year, it is "fantastic." If you must use all the green volumes, indeed read them all first, then you can't manage arriving at the bank in time. My course-pack for level V took four days to be delivered. It can easily take ten minutes to buy a book. If I go to a normal book store, it takes like one minute. At The most.

    And now the church have drained the field for money to their Ideal org project, so now the public is reading basics with full conceptual understanding, well I can only laugh, next time you meet a fellow with full conceptual understanding, then ask him what's the difference between a secondary and a key-in?

    Or even better let him tell you what an entity is? They do not know. I'm sorry. I tried it, when I still was on lines.

    One of the first things you learn as a staff is what Battle Plan is. It is explained in several policies along with a lot of other new words. I was excited about this new thing, so I told my WOG-girlfriend about it. She said: "Oh, do you mean a list? You know, a list where you writes down what to do or what to buy a certain day, and at the top you write: Make a list, becaurse then you can already mark one point: done. She used 42 words, and even added a funny little detail.

    In my last interwiev I was indicated: "Your needle is floating on: I think I have a depression." Then I was sent home, to find out that my father had left his body. Funny enough the 13th of march.

    In the book: The Problems of work, Hubbard says, that if you feel introverted, it is a good idea to take a walk around the block. I have never seen any staff using it. And I would like to be a fly on the wall, if somebody thursday at 12 o'clock said to their senior: "See you later! I'm taking a walk around the block."

    The church insist that a payment is a donation. Please read HCO PL 5 october 1971. Propaganda by redefinition of words.

    The first of April (it is not a joke) I got a regular nervous breakdown, and I called my best friend Anne Jacobsen, who called senior C/S Mikkel Jørck who cs'ed: long walks around the marsh, cal-mag and vitamins. After a week on that treatment, I could not even GO down to the marsh.

    Since I knew well that something was very wrong. So I stopped to call Anne, actually I could not even speak in the phone at this time. I was about 78 days in hell, before I took a resolution. I resigned my membership of scientology.

    Two days after I found Rikke Jørck standing in my garden looking inward my windows, and Tina Bergstedt guarding. My garden was barricaded, because of an psychotic neighbour. It turned out, that it was not my neighbour, I should fear. It was scientology. See this is what really can motivate them. A sense of resignation. Loss of an auditor. Loss of future registration etc. Money and staticstics. When I saw them in my garden two days after I resigned, I knew, that my decision was correct.

    And you Rikke Jørck, I sure hope you will stay in scientolgy forever together with your covert husband. Spending all your time and money.

    I was promised a session of LRH comm. I was five days to arrive. When I finally arrived, I just got another interview. At this time I was almost going psychotic. Afterwards I was told that my co-auditor could take me in session in five weeks.

    We allways deliver what we promise" with the little rewrite: "We allways deliver something."

    "It is the bank which says that the group is everything and the individual is nothing. "ksw Series 1.
    That should Mikkel Jørck, Ditte Nielsen and Morten Twellmann among other people read a second time, before they make more hardsell to people with products, they do not want. Even if it is a waste of time. Personally I do not think, that Mikkel is capable of changing viewpoint.

    But if the above is true, then the whole organization must be the bank, because you should fucking look far, to find an organization that is so fixed on money and not ducking the slightest chance of freeing their clients to the skin, depending on the pretext by: The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. So to hell with the individual. Read about how help became betrayal.

    Speaking of nervous breakdown. "Normally" when people collapse in Scientology, they are sent in baby-watching. It means you are being isolated, fx in a summer cottage, looking at stones, while another person is present, to keep an eye on you. Lene xxx tried this amazing cure devised by Scientology, and even got some very unpleasant sexual experiences simultaneously. She even had to pay for it.

    Steen Jorgensen was also out baby-watching, he found the man, Jorgen Nielsen, dead the next morning. Hanged. Bjarne Hededam hanged himself. Michelle Enger was in baby watching. Susanne Schrøder went quazy and her husband had to admit her to the hospital. Frank Boyd litterally went nuts! Hans Jacob ran around on a German highway, talking nonsense, that is why he is in a cl. V organization today.

    Gitte from Lyngby Mission commited suicide at FLAG, even I went down and became hospitalized for 24 hours, then there was the woman from AOSH EU who killed two babies and drove around with them in a babycarriage.

    Arne Højer there went more and more zombie-like as hours passed, though he was OT7. He was dotty. The cousin of Mikkel Jørck went psychotic in the sauna, and the last of which just occurs to me: Sjudur Jacobsen, who went PTS type three and was hospitalized. Met him twice, just terrible.

    Incredibly, this happens to so many people in such a small a group. This is only, what I know of in Copenhagen. Something is definitely wrong. Absolutely wrong.

    Scientology is taking over your self-determinism. I have received a knowledge report from ED DK DAY Ditte Nielsen regarding that I had not seen the propaganda video about the basics. You know the one, where David is nattering about all these staffs (fx editors) who could'nt do their job, gettting paid five bugs a week. I have been harassed of Heidi: "Have you seen the video, have you seen the video, have you seen the video?" "No thank you, I do not want to. I am trying to get clear, but somehow I am going to do all kinds of other stuff."

    "Yes, but the International Managment. says you have to!" "Why?" They kept on. "Have you seen the video?" Oh my God, at last I saw it, my God It was depressing, and I only saw it, so I could be left alone. What a life!

    Apropos: "Yes, but..." Do you know what the definition of yes, but... is? I will tell you. It is the sea org-acknowledgement.

    Talking about implants? Hubbard talks about fucking implants with big screens and inflow in a long time. Remember that the next time you are attending an event.

    I have been harassed of staff members saying: "You are using perfume!" "And?" I have been harrassed by Diane, Lasse Sihm and Bo Steffensen regarding this. Hubbard do not say that you can not wear perfume. He was quazy about cheap, syntetic perfume made out of oil, that is one thing for sure, but I have ever never been in doubt about how many bulletins Lasse have been studied.

    Mikkel Jørck used more than one year to hardsell me those lectures, which are on the internet. The Originally ones. With meatings and text-messages saying: "We are sitting in the car, we will continue untill you drop!" "I'm not interested at all", I replied. They just keept on: "You need it to be totally OT, you have to have it if, you want to become an auditor, you will become more clear!" Okay my mind is not agreeing.

    At last they stood at my front door, inviting them self in. Hardselling me those fucking lectures for two fucking hours. They sold it to me in this very ugly way, overwhelming you with affinity, granting you beingness and so forth, I could puke right now. And the next day they have forgot everything about you being VIP and so forth. Shame on you!

    Before that they wanted to hardsell me a life time membership of IAS. It took them two hours. The ED, Ditte Nielsen, Mikkel Jørck and Morten Tvellmann in a little room, serving me cofee in plastic cups and granting me beingness. Oh my God! Brainwashing me. The group is bigger than the individual and so forth. This is where the reactive mind really come to sight.

    I said:"But I do not have a kitchen range!" "Oh no problem, you will soon get a kitchen range, as long as you pay to us!" "But!" "Don't but us, you know what the right thing to do is, buy now!" "You have to have a lifetime membership" "Hubbard does not say so," I tried. Then they tried to clear me on: help, control, communication and interest. It was just awfull. And of course it have to be done before thursday two o'clock. Important part of the hamsterwheel.

    On the internet Annette Refstrup persist, that there are more than 500 scientologists in Denmark and 5000 supporters! Let this datum stand for a moment!

    I have been a scientologist for about 20 years, and I have never meet more than 450, and that is including staff. Annette Refstrup should read: PR-series 1970, "Never lie in PR."

    Why do OT's let peopel think, that when you are going to solo-audit, you can audit directly on your friens and family? NOT. I have recently read all the materials up to OT 8. It is warm air.

    Annette Refstrup would not let the tabloid paper Ekstra Bladet tape their interwiev at AOSH EU, but what they did not know was, that Annette was taping the interwiev. Every room at AO is watched over audio/video, but the toilets. Actually very stupid, if you really want to know what is going on, you should go to the toilets.

    Denmark Day public Anders Rasmussen suddenly left his body a few years ago. I have been a close friend to his wog-brother since 1995. At that time I asked the reg. Morten Tvellmann, if I could take over his remaining money from his service acount. "Yes you can, if you can get a power of attorney," Morten said. At that time I was so busy in the internship-hamster-wheel, that I forgot. Today Annette Refstrup claims that there are no money, only donations, and she refuse to give it back to the family. That is simply incredible.

    Regarding calling all payments for donations is crap. Look up the definitions! If you can not see, there is somthing wrong, I do not think you will ever wake-up. And why they are doing it, is to make it even more difficult for you to get a repaid or refund. It is manipulation and suppressing.

    In the originally 0-8, Hubbard stated all EP's on all grades and ot-levels. Today it is deleted. So did Hubbard not know what was going on, wasn't he ot?
    Or is todays management just making the mystery sandwich even bigger?

    Apropos thruth. I have often heard stories like: a little girl coming into an org all by herself, claiming she is a former scientologist etc. The last story of that kind was told by Bjørn Flygengren. Some voman, somewhere in the states, was attending maybe a lecture, and during this lectures she saw Hubbard losing his chalk on the floor, making a tractor beam, making the chalk moving back into his hand. So far so good, but where is the precise time, place, form and event? I am sorry, but it is just another story.

    The Dianetic-book is a bestseller! Sure it is, when you have to buy the same book so many times. I have bought it 27 times, but I know of people who have bought more than one hundred. False statistics.

    I have just read the succes-story by Stinne, when she became what she think is OT8. "I was so happy about my objectives." I am sorry, objectives? "And I got so much ARC and space." Yes and you would probably get the same by attending: Dacing with the stars! That succes-story should have been censored, but you know, every body is just walking around saying: "It's fantastic!" all the time.

    IAS silver anniversary award. Please look up award in the dictionary. I must laugh! Do you remember how many e-mails, snail-mails and phone calls you received regarding this matter? "Hypnosis is done by getting a person to receive a continuous rhythmical or monotonously inflow by the hypnotist."
    And: "Faiths-to is an inflow of agreements, and placing ones beingness and doingness under the control of another person and is, in other words, a sacrifice of ones own universe.

    It is the basic mechanism with which thetans all over the whole track have been recruited for a case or a mystery and have abandoned their own identity and ability to this."
    Scientology 8-8008.
    There are enemies all over the place. FDA, FBI, CIA all intelligences. Psychiatrists, psychologists, medicinal-factories, Yoga ugh! I thought it was fucking exercise. Communism, well all isims even democracy got hanged in the ethic-book. Journalists, the press, the marcabians, Jesus, KGB, Interpol, doctors, the russians, Napoleon, aliens, x..., religions, politicians, marsmen, squirrel-groups, the catholic church (here it is the colored windows, which is the matter), AMA, BMA, the galactic confederation, universities, sp's, wogs, law-courts, gays and psycho-analysts and so on. Those of us who have been studied more than 50 bulletins do know what "generalizations" and "there are enemies all over" means.
    The Ethic book, KSW 1, pts/sp-course...

    By the way, today it is an ethics-matter if you read the book: "The Secret"! I do not believe it.

    There is not references on everything in this manifest, and it would have been hard finding every thing. Fx is God and Captain Bill Robertson totally deleted from the materials.

    One thing you have to give them credit for is observing a 1.1 and then place him at OSA EU.

    What is left back is, that I now have to forgive myself being a part of this for so long. Disagreeing. I did it. I was there. And I have to admit, that it was exciting being a part of the group, that was trying to free the universe, mankind, whatever; and I'm going to miss so many dear friends, and I do know that most of these peopel is marvellous and is just trying to help.

    It was the organisation I had a problem with.

    It is very sad, that it had to end up like this. And be noticed that I have actually not attacked the technology, even if I think Hubbard did a little exaggeration.

    Recently I read the book: "My billion year contract" by Nancy Many. Several times when I was reading it, I thought: "Is she stupid? Why did't she just...?" and so forth. But I too was like that. I joined. How could this happend? Slowly and systematic brainwash by blind to obey, control, repeatments and isolasation. I did it myself.

    So long!
    Sally Kragh Andersen
    Feel free to contact me!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2010
  2. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Oooo. :yes: :thumbsup:

    So glad another one is out! Allow me to be one of the first to :welcome2: Sally to ESMB!
  3. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Anyone know what this drill is?

  4. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Wised:

    She decided not to make her announcement in Marty Rathbun website because it would be like validating someone who has caused damage to others.

    Her email is at the end, she will love to hear from all of you since she is now out of 'friends'.

  5. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    I will email her. But also invite her to Facebook and here at ESMB (and OCMB, and others).

    We're all here a' waitin' for her! :yes: :hug:

  6. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Paul:

    I think that she is referring to the robotic answer to the questions in the GAT Drills.

    They pose a scenario and ask: What do you do? And you have to answer verbatum to ALL of the answers and it takes forever to learn that way instead of learning with practice.

  7. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yeeessss...start spreading the news! :happydance:

  8. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Your friend mentioned Arne Hoyer - someone who was a close friend and someone I liked very much - I had heard that he had passed away, is that not the case? Would you mind checking with your friend to get the story on Arne for me?
  9. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Mick:

    I sent her the thread, I am sure that she will answer to you. I will also send her a PM and ask her.

  10. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Thanks Diana - after I read your other posting I did see she had made her email available so I emailed her.

    I hope she does answer - Arne is one of the very many good people I was lucky to meet in Scientology he was a true gent.
  11. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    This entire letter is a snapshot of modern-day scientology from the public perspective. I found the above line particularly amusing.

    As life force drains from the system, all that remains are its insanities magnified. There is more pissed-offed-ness in this letter than I have ever seen in one place. And, this is but one person speaking up! Imagine the total depth of bypassed charge remaining for those not up to speaking out.

    Yet, I am confident that your friend will be fine with sense of humor apparently intact and friends like yourself.
  12. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Mick:

    I am sure that she will answer, I don't think that she is a member of ESMB but she certainly reads her emails.

    I hope that you find more about Arne. It would be good if we found all of our friends.

  13. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    Heck of a rant

    Wow. Do you think maybe she's pissed off?

    Another out is another win.
  14. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Ted:

    THanks for validating my friendship.

    Sally is really good in her story because she gives names...I like that :)

    She has actually been very uptone despite of it all...she was very upset at first, but getting a refund was her best defense and the fact that there are people out there too.

    It is not like ten years ago when I left and there was not much in the internet, except for the critics and a few brave souls.

    I get a kick out of thosw who are announcing their departure in Rathbun's site as if they were the first who discovered 'integrity', and the rest of us are ignored.

    I am the only Spanish Class VIII in the planet out of Scientology and there are only about 3 of us all together, the other 2 are Carlos and Silvia Torres trapped in belly of the beast in the RPF last I heard.

  15. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Was she ever pissed? LOL!!!!:roflmao:

    She got back her sense of humor when she got her money back...another win too...

  16. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    OK, thanks, that makes sense.

    And if Sally is out of friends, as suggested tell her to come here and find dozens of them instantly. :)

  17. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good for her! :thumbsup:
  18. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Paul:

    How sweet of you my friend...I think Sally is out of..."friends"...if you know what I mean.

    But with her sense of humor and being as able as she is I am sure she's got tons of friends out there.

    But I do hope that she joins ESMB and see her story.

  19. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

    I agree!
  20. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    A Good Story............

    and so much reality for the CO$ ! :angry:

    She makes it clearer to me why so many cave-in after a while, because of

    having their self determinism so fucked with continually by having the S.O. and

    staff constantly push the party line which takes over your anchor points and

    shoves your space in bigtime. There are no individuals left in the CO$.

    I've even had the exact same treatment from one in the "FREEZONE" ! :angry: