Let the shady fundraising begin!

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by triumph, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Tangled hair? Something can be done about it!!
  2. Dulloldfart

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    It was the deodorant that got me, as if people with no food or shelter or even clean drinking water would have smelling nice as a priority.

  3. Alanzo

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    What are ESMBers doing about the devastation in the Bahamas?

    Even self-serving, self promotion, as long as there are people on the ground helping after a life threatening disaster such as this, is better than what you people are doing right now.

    This is where the good Scientologists are doing good - even if you fear they may gain some good PR.

    There is plenty to criticize Scientology about, but these Scientologists are not that. This just shows how black and white the thinking is here, how NO SCIENTOLOGIST must ever be given any slack anywhere - no matter what they do. Being unable to distinguish the good from the bad in Scientology and Scientologists is what leads anti-Scientologists into outright religious persecution.

    No thank you.

    It also shows an inability to focus on the important targets for correction in Scientology, and how easily distracted and emotionally manipulated anti-Scientologists can become.

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  4. triumph

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    More that you'll ever pretend to know. Alanzo

    since you must know.

    here's a shortlist
    I donated to Dorian (Red Cross) a legit relief Org (money)
    I have Donated my time and skills for past Hurricane and floods to Habitat for Humanity (Master Carpenter)
    Red Cross as an EMT decades ago
    Red Cross Locally over decades
    and money whenever possible. to both listed above and others

    I didn't poke anyone or hand out useless books or proselytize.
    or stage Photo ops or mooch supplies from legitimate relief organizations

    I have seen numerous people on these boards talking about donating time and money during a disaster and post pix too.

    hit me up when you need a wheelchair ramp

    and oorah !

    troll Skillz are useless in a disaster


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  5. triumph

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    the mustered a baker's dozen for their urgent request of 20 in Miami
    first order of business Photo Ops
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    another Flight on the 11th (3rd)

    the last flight (9th) they were supposed to land at Palm Beach airport before their return to Clearwater
    they blew right past the Palm Beach Int. Airport

    this time the flight was DIVERTED to Palm Beach Int,..w/a 22-minute delay

    can't blow off flight plans coming into the country ..that will get you grounded for flights in and out of the country in the future.
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