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List Of All Ex Scientologists Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Recovering Scientologist, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. OTBT

    OTBT Patron Meritorious

    This is one of reasons I don't post my name in this list. I have my own reasons for not going public with my name, but it mostly has to do with people other than than myself. Sorry, I refuse to go into details.

    This list is a wonderful idea. But please do not assume that the millions of exes who are are not on this list wish to make a statement. I suggest that that many exes just want to get on with their lives. It gets really complicated if you still have family still "in".

    Before anyone accuses me of being being a defeatist Degraded Being defeatnik, please feel free to peruse my activist threads started on WWP. ESMB is absolutely wonderful for fence-sitters and any newly-exed (axed?), um, exes. But I am a bit more militant after all these years, and don't want to attack and upset readers and lurkers still in Doubt.

    Freezoners are not my enemy. I like reading Terrill and Paul and Claire's posts, among others, but refrain from responding because I don't want to be seen as attacking if I disagree.

    I really wish this forum had an "anonymous" posting function, or allowed socks. However, this is Emma's board and Emma's rules, so it's not my place to complain.

    P.S. reads the links in my sig (low-toned evil SP snickering)...
  2. Having only been on this board for a few months I can honestly say I don't know everyone's story and where most people stand. I personally don't want to have anything to do with Scientology and feel like most of the "good things" about it were plagiarized. But everyone is different and, as in many things in life, there are so many grey areas that often get overlooked at first glance. One person may feel strongly enough about just one thing in Scientology that helped them that saying "Scientology doesn't work" isn't true for them even if they believe 99% of it doesn't work.

    Maybe I was a bit curt with Zinj but it seemed like his comments were not constructive but seemed cynical or overly picky. Anywho, I've been wrong before and maybe I misread his comments.

    So how could the title be phrased to make everyone, or the majority, happy?
    Sorry Carmel but I find, "List of some Exes who have spoken out" hardly a powerful or captivating list title. Maybe it doesn't need a title, just a better explanation.

    "This list, while incomplete, is growing all the time and represents former Scientologists who have publicly spoken out in disagreement about Scientology or church management. Each person had a unique experience with Scientology and their stories and final feelings are different but all agree that Scientology, be it church management or the subject itself, are fundamentally wrong or corrupt and something needs to be done about it."

    How's that? If people like that I can ask RightOn over on WWP to take out the terrible title and put that there instead.
  3. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    oh waah - my name is still not on the list!!
  4. Thanks for posting these Carmel! Looks like you know a heck of a lot more people than I do. How do you find time to post here? :)

    This is very interesting information you provide and I'm sure that the figures of 400 or so people becoming exes in the last 9 months will be troubling for the Scilons over in Aussie land in the near future.

    In regards to the specific names you posted, have they all spoken out in some public forum? Be it on a message board, or youtube, a protest, lawsuit, etc? If so, and you had links to that, it would be great. We are trying include links to things like that, especially their stories so we can put that right next to their name and people can find out more about why they left and such?

    Thanks a ton for the names you have provided already!
  5. Haha. Yes you are. The list is just organized by first name for some god-awful reason.

  6. Carmel

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  7. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Carmel, this is some fantastic stats here from Oz!
  8. Carmel

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  9. Alanzo

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    Congratulations! It worked, Cyber!

    Welcome to ESMB!
  10. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    LOL I would never hit my head like that due to a Zinj post. I got what he meant and he's a sweetie pie no matter what he posts.:p

    And to anyone out there that doesn't want to or can't post their names...IT'S OKAY!!! It's totally voluntary, like I've said over 9,000 times now! :melodramatic:
  11. Kathy (ImOut)

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  12. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Christopher Reeve was a scn?! 'Splain me, Lucy! :blink:
  13. clamicide

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    Nah...I'm not blaming it all on a Zinj post. I just kinda felt like you went into this whole thing with pretty awesome intentions, and stuff sorta blew up on the title of the list, what the list included...etc. and etc. to death. I understand those who have issues with it; I just felt bad for ya cuz it seemed like you felt you were going in feeling good about the whole thing (rightly so), and well....I won't rehash the thread, but just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you were trying to do. (I'm suddenly having an 80s flashback and Triumph's "Fight the Good Fight" is going through my head"--I hear Scientology can handle that:D )
  14. Great Kathy! I posted your name over on WWP. It should be added soon.
  15. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    He got quickie grades by Clear 3 Pam Pearcy - around late 1968 or early 1969.

  16. scooter

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    If I weren't a total failure as a computer nerd I'd do this myself but:

    Could someone add a link to my story here on ESMB plus add "OT III, Ordained Minister, Staff Status IV, Exec Status One, Professor of Scientology, Cl V & FPRD Aud, Cl IV & fully trained Narconon C/S, over twenty years on org staff."
  17. Opter

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    Very impressive credentials.:yes: Huge loss for the cult.:happydance:

  18. Emma

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    Waah..I'm not on the list either :coolwink:
  19. Panda Termint

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    And you should be in the Top 10!!!
  20. RogerB

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    Waaaah !! ??


    Talk about an overt act of omission! :roflmao:

    Who goofed? :roflmao:

    Man, the Lady deserves honour . . . to the head of the list for her!