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Louis Farrakhan sells his flock.

Discussion in 'Nation of Islam and Related Groups' started by GreyWolf, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

  2. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  3. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Cult + Cult = Cult!

    Wow - watch NOI blow up - they just introduced the hidden 3rd party to all conflict! Poor souls! I really liked those folks - very peaceful and loving group that looked very happy. That won't last long! :bigcry:

    I wonder if the Sea Org will design navy burka's with gold braids?


    Gad - can you place the cowpoke on the head of this image and put that avatar on hold? Me thinks there will be some NOI folks joining us soon and we should have something available to shop from.

    Gad - you could sell avatar's to noobie's coming here - we should be getting noobs in droves....the madness does not stop!!
  4. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  5. Xenu's Boyfriend

    Xenu's Boyfriend Silver Meritorious Patron

    I honestly wouldn't believe this if I wasn't reading it here in print. Absolutely incredible.

    I feel numb. I'm sick of NOI and Scientology. I hope both their asses go down the drain.
  6. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Personally, I think this is a pretty excellent development. I think that this will speed up the final collapse sequence, and we can expect some pretty epic lulz to come out of this. I feel sorry for the individuals who are about to get fleeced, but a speedy collapse will ultimately produce the greatest good (I'm not saying that in a sarcastic or way at all).
  7. And I can't wait until they add The Westboro Baptist Church to this three ring circus.
  8. Moosejewels

    Moosejewels Patron Meritorious

    I still can't wrap my head around this partnership. Is it real ? :unsure:
  9. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    God hates Jesus, whom he mocked up as a child molesting homosexual pervert aberree (because of prenatal engrams due to Mary's numerous attempted abortions and all) based on the R6 implant, because he is a Jew.

    I think that's how the doctrine of that merry threesome would look. Now go word clear that.
  10. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Unfortunately, it is.
  11. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I bet at least 95% of the current cofs can't wrap their heads around it either, especially the 'clears and oatees' ...


  12. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Yeah, me too. :omg:

    I wonder when this might hit the TV news reports to awake the general sleeping public. :confused2:
  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I know the linked *article* is fresh, but is this "news"? The article says

    He recently told his flock that no one may be a leader in the Nation unless and until they have attained the Scientology state of Clear.​

    Didn't Farrakhan say this a couple of years ago? It is being touted in this quote as "recent," but that can be stretched to years. Has he reiterated it in a speech or article in the past week or so, or is the journalist being deceitful? I don't see anything new (to us) in the article at all, although I would be interested to see if the journalist has anything to back up the "10% commissions" other than speculation. I suspect it is merely journalistic slop.

  14. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Scientology still pays an FSM commission. What wasn't told in the article is that people are being told to tell the Reg's that they were recommended by Farrakhan. The speech I was quoting from was from Sept. 12, 2012 so I would call that recent. Thanks for your input Paul.
  15. Sautez

    Sautez Patron with Honors


    Are you kidding? Yes it sure is news. And so many people are not aware that it is going on. When they do read about it people are quite shocked. It seems so far-fetched and terrible. Charismatic Farrakhan's arms reach thousands of black fans all over the world and he is heavily promoting Scientology. This makes him very dangerous.

    Recent: Mid 2012 is recent.
    1. of late occurrence, appearance, or origin; lately happening, done, made, etc.: recent events.2. of or belonging to a time not long past.

  16. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    Well the NOI doesn't do burka's. The new SO uniform would have to include a thin black bow tie.

    The female NOIers wear a garb that's similar to a catholic nun, except they are all white rather than black.

    I would love to see Gadfly put LRH's cowboy hat on Louie Farrakhan! :roflmao:
  17. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Cult eats cult. Hooooraay I say.

    When NOI members wake up and realize the con then ...

    Of course that could be said about many Churches...

    The Jesus con. The Mohammed con. The Moses con

    God is a con man. And a saint.

    Welcome to duality.
  18. Moosejewels

    Moosejewels Patron Meritorious

    ...and impermanence
  19. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron


    Let the games continue!