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LRH death event Pat Broeker

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Gib, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. DagwoodGum

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    Wouldn't "The Alter Boy" make a classic "twink porn" cover? He just looks so marvelous!:D
  2. guanoloco

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    I don't account for anything except that Meade Emory's existence makes a complete mockery of the PTS/SP doctrine as well as Hu666ard's IRS diatribes. The IRS was the epitome of the SP government so much so that the Satan of Scientology used fake tax audits to ensnare and entrap and construct the composite being and the Wall of Fire.

    People were denied services due to retired familial connections with expired government security clearances and, like it says, less than a year later the #2 IRS goon is in control.

    The site suggests the IRS took over Scientology. We can forget that premise. I've set up multiple C and S Corps and at least one L.L.C. so I'm aware of "stocks" issued and titles like "president" and "treasurer", etc. Formalities with no real controlling interests but legal requirements only. Same as "minutes" books, etc.

    However, the government agency the guy was connected to alone should have Hu666ard doing backflips.

    Might as well be a psych...

    It's a similar story with Vistaril. People argue and split hairs wether it was a psych drug or an allergy administration. Moot point...even if the allergy use is "benign" in someone's eyes.

    Fact is Hu666ard researched and released the Asthma/Allergy RD so the presence of Vistaril kills the "Scientology works" mantra merely by being present.

    Matters not if there was a covert operation conspiracy by the government and the IRS to wrest control of "100% workable" Scientology or not.

    The simple fact of Meade Emory's presence wrecks and obliterates the entire PTS/SP stance. That completely unravels SP Declares, disconnection, fair game, rolly coaster, being sick and injured, 10 Augs, Xenu and the Wall of Fire, Volcanoes, etc., etc.
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  5. DagwoodGum

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    They should get Mike Rinder on the show. What an episode that would be with him sharing details that only he would know from all of those years in Miscavige's grip..... Gets boring with only Lea's contributions from just the same people again and again.....Maybe season 3 will be different.
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