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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by mate, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    David's apparently in Sydney from what I could gather. Yes, an email might be a good idea, even if only to point out the post.

  2. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Haiqu - you can also PM Kookaburra to get a hold of Mate. That was how I got him to respond. He lurks every so often, but she can help you get connected to him easily. (DONT TELL HER TO HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A BEER GLASS, I did that and he was mad at me for a week).
  3. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    Kooka is a girl? OK, I didn't know that. With a name like that she must be Aussie too, I wonder if we know each other ... hmmm. I love these little mysteries.

  4. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    Alan, that is indeed interesting. Not many come up with that right off the bat.

    My mother told me that humans had come to this planet in a spaceship crash some thousands of years ago. Maybe she was an escapee! This was when I was a teen in the early 60's. She had never had any contact with Scn. But she had vivid track recall and was psychic.

    I couldn't get away with a damn thing when I was a kid! No sec checks required! Life's a bitch, eh.

    On the plus side, she sat me down and taught me to read minds when I was 8 years old. Other than being a great way to amuse and mystify my friends, it led into other psychic phenomena, waking the dead (not kidding), astral travel aka remote viewing, premonitions etc. Some of which was under my control and some was not. It was many, many years before I found out this was not normal!


  5. Alan

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    :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

    I turned on a lot of that stuff when I was 14 - when I lived in the outback. I worked on a huge cattle station (ranch) that was several 10,000's of acres.

    I had horse and a couple of dogs and would often go alone for days looking for cattle......I would feel as if I was the only person on the planet....at night I felt I could touch the stars.

    I must admit I had little idea of what was going on....just that I felt huge and at peace.

    You must have lived a very different childhood than most?

    My family was as psychic as a brick. :) But, they loved me as much as they could. :blush:

  6. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Err, I think I'll be the first to say "Could you expand on any of that by any chance?".

    I, for one, would be very interested to hear more. New thread, perhaps?


  7. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi Haiqu.
    That dark green leather coat pulled me right back into the Sydney Foundation academy. But I can't put a face or a name to it. I am ambivalent about OT3, but only because of the imaginary science fiction incidents 1 and 2. In my opinion, addressing "BTs" is useful, although I feel that "attachment" or "attached entity" would be a better description. This phenomenon is real and many can see them or more accurately, their aura. While they remain attached, the person will have physical problems in the region of the attachment. Most would have only one or two or perhaps a handful, not the 1000's that mysteriously "appear" in NOTs. I personally believe that NOTs is very dangerous as is evidenced by the high level of cancer deaths. However, be that as it may, I am delighted that you did your OT3.

    Your interpretation of the expression, "gone over the rainbow" is very funny. :hysterical: I think Steve's 911 was after my time as I don't recall it, or it is heavily 'on suppress' as a black 911 was a dream of mine back then.:eyeroll: I think Mike and Cherie Eves are currently in the PAC RPF. It is real shame. Peggy Daroesman, now there's a name I know, but I can't place her. I didn't know about Ian but I was aware of Peter Sparshott, Harry and Pat Bloomberg and Paul Schobel.

    I've had a few enquiries about what I'm doing now, so I've decided to address it in my next post.

    Regards, David
  8. haiqu

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    I'll PM you.

    I hit both incidents in regular auditing quite early on, although my recall didn't include DC-8's and I got totally different dates. However, doing OT 3 did get off a lot more charge so there was some truth in them. I also recently found an E/S to Inc I which helped. I believe NOTs wasn't researched properly, and have tried some Excalibur. It seems to work pretty well here. As for CBR's overall cosmology, well ...

    Peggy was with Mike Eves before he married Cherie. Chubby, intense folk musician. Didn't know about Schobes, how did he go?

  9. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Just wanted to add (not that anyone should be interested :))that I also dreamed of having a black 911 but never got it. :(

    If someone could just give that a quick ack I think I might blow some charge on it. :D
  10. Emma

    Emma Mother of Dragons Administrator

    It's yours!

  11. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Emma, I love you and I want you to have my babies - even if you do like Dobby the bleedin' House Elf! :D

    You know I think I did blow a little charge on a failed purpose there!


  12. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi Div6. Sorry about the delay in my answering your question. So in addition to the mission with Mike Alla, I did a further mission into FCDC and also one into the Foundation Org. This time I knew where the Org was, so I decided to use the subway and get off at Dupont Circle. On the journey there was a station called "foggy Bottom".:hysterical: In fact, a lot of the stations had unexpected names such as "Shady Grove", "Silver Springs".

    The Lead C/S's name was Crowe but I don't recall his first name, I keep coming up with Russell, being an Aussie and all that. I was impressed with the standardness of the tech and the level of delivery at FCDC. I did have to get the "reg lost line" in again, it seems to drop out on Thursdays.:eyeroll:

    On my mission to DC Fdn, I missed my flight and decided to take the first flight out of La Guardia which was to Dulles International. I thought I might see a Concorde, but didn't. When I arrived I asked someone where was the subway. The response was "There's no subway here, Pal. You can get a bus over there". I thought 'Oh no!" I got onto the bus and as it was leaving the airport I saw a sign which said "You are leaving Virginia" and then right after it, another saying "Welcome to Maryland", and I thought "Where the hell am I?" It took something like three hours to reach Washington DC.:eek: What a great start to my mission!:angry:

    The Fdn org was much smaller than the Day org but if I remember correctly they had their own Div 6 area. C/S Crowe acted as the Snr C/S for the Fdn org which seems to be the pattern where there are Day and Fdn orgs. I must say that I never understood why Fdn orgs were started, or even why they were called Foundation orgs.

    But Div 6, you were correct about their tech being good. After I left EUS, I believe there were some staff upheavals in DC which may have been related to Miscavige inspecting NY. This was while I was in the middle of my OEC/FEBC training to become QEI. Apparently Miscavige was appalled with the condition of the NY SO berthing building in 48th Street, although I thought Gold was much worse, and CLO and CMO NY offices being in the NY Org building in 44th Street. I heard that the Gold RPF was used to renovate the SO building in 48th Street.

    EUS also had the smallest org on the planet, two part-time expediters. This was when I was there. Miscavige decided to inspect this org.:eyeroll: Unfortunately when he got there one of the expediters had blown and the one remaining had broken his leg which was in plaster. He would come in daily to open up the building in the morning and close it at night. He had no idea as to what to do, and was waiting for a mission from the CLO. The story goes that when Miscavige arrived and saw what was what, Miscavige declared the boy!:confused2: So then there was no staff!:omg:

    Regards, David.
  13. haiqu

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    I suspect this won't make you feel any better, but I owned a Havana Brown 924 Turbo for 9 years. I always wanted a 928 but this was the best I could afford.

  14. mate

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    Hi haiqu. Hmmm! You do look kind of smug.:duh: But after I blew in 1990, I found a used car lot on La Brea Ave in Hollywood which had two 924s at $US 1800 each and one was an almost guards red. I visited the lot a couple of times but eventually decided against it. Now let me see,:whistling: that would be about $AUS 3000. Hmmm:eyeroll: I always thought the 924 had better lines than the 928. The mechanic we use, has a 911 Carrera in guards red in mint condition. It was the last model with mechanical fuel injection. Ahhh Yes.:thumbsup:

    Regards, David.
  15. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Yeah, "Woodley Park", "Ballston"...definately some double-entendre place names.

    Ira...good guy. The "reg lost line" was the "standard" CLO mission to FCDC kind of thing...anytime the CLO needed extra cash. It was a bit of a joke amongst the staff members....we even knew where they missionaires would go to eat once they "briefed EC." It seemed they were glad for the change of space, if nothing else. I guess we were lucky in that respect, that that was all it was...

    Ooops...I hate it when that happens.

    For a while they were running tours to other EUS orgs, to crack some of their nuts...

    God that place was a slum...if Gold berthing was worse, then I can only imagine...

    Yeah, ol Dead Eye DM...NEVER picks a wrong target.

    Thanks for the post!
  16. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Haiqu, Div 6 and Mate,

    What years were you all in EUS? You may know my mom and step dad.
  17. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi Beatrix :) I was in EUS in the mid '80s. I did know Erik, but but not your Mom. Haiqu is an Australian, I knew him in Sydney in the late '70s. I don't know when Div 6 was there. You might like to PM him.

    Regards, David.
  18. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi Div 6, you're welcome.

    Ira Crow, yes that's it :happydance: If I remember correctly, his wife was Irene and I think she may have been ED at the time.

    This reminds me of my mission into the Fdn Org. The front of their building was looking a bit scruffy, so I took the two EDs for a walk and had them tell what was wrong. Then we walked to the top of the hill and looked at the presentation a couple of neighboring Embassies. We then discussed what to do with the front of the FCDC building, like replanting the the front with new shrubs, placing a brass plaque by the door identifying as a former ladies college and a couple of flags. Of course, I'm sure nothing happened. :eyeroll:

    Yes, it's hard to imagine. In a normal bedroom there were four triple bunks for twelve Int Execs, like Commanders in rank, twelve sea chests and the only hanging space was the end of the bunks. There were two such rooms which were serviced by a single bathroom (for 24 people). Showers were timed at strictly two minutes and even then the last had a cold shower, invariably poor old Larry Lester. :eyeroll:

    Regards, David.
  19. Div6

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  20. Bea Kiddo

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    You are gonna know my mom and step dad then. I am drunk now so PM me cause now I would be out security = treason. I dont want anymore lower conditions. PM me. I know you know both my parents then. (my step dad, who passed from cancer, and my mom).