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Melbourne: December 19th Protest

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand Pickets and Protests' started by gridlock, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    After the awesome, awesome, awesome raid here in November where epic ex-scientologist Paul Schofield showed up, we will be continuing the fight once more.

    Our last raid was perhaps the most successful raid we have had in a hell of a long time, perhaps even (if i dare say so myself), EVER!
    Thanks to the organisers, the many awesome anons who took the time to raid, and ESPECIALLY the ex-scientologists we had come along and help out.

    So put on your party hats, and get ready to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

    The Details
    Date: 19th of December, 2009
    Time: 12.00 onwards.
    Location: Meeting at Flinders Street Station steps at 12, to prepare and start at 12.30

    The Specifics
    THE RAID (additions, removals, modifications will be done if needed)
    • 12:00pm Set up at Flinders St Station
    • Officially starts at roughly 12.30 (to give people time to arrive)
    • Step off at around 1:00pm
    • Bourke St Mall
    • State Library
    • Org (Crn Russell St & Flinders Ln)


    • 11 outside Krispy Kreme at Melbourne Central. (YES, MELBOURNE CENTRAL)

    • Water (A dehydrated anon is not a productive anon)
    • Fliers (Cannot get the word across as well without our fliers!)
    • Be Appropriated Dressed (December = Hot Weather!)
    • Comfortable Shoes (you'll be walking/standing for hours, so you want sensible shoes)
    • Mask (to both hide from Scientologists and to keep the anonymous image)
    • A Smile and a Positive Attitude (We need to be friendly to the public, police officers, and Scientologists, this is a PEACEFUL protest)

    Can be found on the melbanon forums
    If you wish to design your own, please post the fliers on the site so they can be approved :3

    If you wish to be reminded about the raid, we have set up an 'Anontext' system, you will be given an sms reminder a day before the raid, and the day OF the raid, and perhaps even a week before, to help you prepare and remember.
    If you need a wake up call on the day of the raid, we can do that too!

    For information on that, please see the Anontext thread on the melbanon forums or contact nex

    if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself, or one of the other melbanon organisers. (nex, stroyer, siranon)

    As Paul Schofield said, "I wish you a merry Christmas and a cult-free new year"

    Official Planning: Melbourne Anonymous Forums
    Melbourne Anonymous: Melbourne Anonymous Home
    Melbourne Anonymous Chat Room: IRC Chat
  2. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    Ex Scientologists:

    If any of you are feeling uncomfortable about coming to the protest, due to uncertainty about the atmosphere, feeling uncomfortable about speaking out publicly about Scientology, don't worry.
    There are some other ex Scientologists coming along, and this will hopefully help you feel more comfortable.

    Protest organisers such as myself, nex, stroyer or SirAnon are here for you to talk to if you're worried about anything or have questions.

    You can see us before the raid at the pre-raid coffee, (it's a less public setting, so you can feel more comfortable, and you don't have to announce that you're an ex Scientologist if you don't want to)

    Just remember we're all here for your support, and we're doing this for you. :)

    I hope to see you guys there, as its you, the ex-scientologists who are the true heroes :)