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Melbourne Protest: November 21st

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand Pickets and Protests' started by gridlock, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    Hello everyone!

    After two months where the protests in Melbourne have continued to grow in size and strength from what we used to have, Melbanon has planned their next protest to be bigger and better than ever.

    We will be protesting on the 21st of November, and this time we will be focusing on one topic, hopefully, but we are still working on deciding what.

    The details for the protest are as follows:

    Pre-protest Coffee:
    11:00AM - Krispy Kreme at Melbourne Central.
    this will allow anyone who is new to the protests to come and get to know those they will be protesting along side of, as well as allow you to ask any questions you may have and help with the pre-raid organisation.​

    12.00PM - We meet at the Flinders St Station at the steps.
    Half an hour for people to arrive on time.​
    12:30PM - Raid Begins.
    1:30PM - Move on to Bourke Street Mall.
    After that, depending on numbers, move to the State Library,
    4:00pm - Church of Scientology, for the final part of the protest.
    Anyone who wishes to do speeches, this is where it will take place​

    If enough people come, we may have a photo op at the steps of Parliament.

    What to bring:
    • Water (A dehydrated anon is not a productive anon)
    • Mask (or other form of face coverage)
    • Flyers (As many as you can)
    • Signs (if you can)
    • Friends (Power in Numbers)

    The September protest had 45 people, the October protest had 50 or so people. We hope to aim for 60 or 70 at this one.
    Please come along and help out.

    We could definitely do with some more ex-scientologists to come and help. We're fighting for you. :) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to pm me. If you're interested in attending, but are afraid, it's ok, we have other ex-scientologists who come, so you're safe.
    If you wish to help but cannot make it yourself, please let other people who might be interested in attending know.

    Official Planning: Melbourne Anonymous Forum
    Melbourne Anonymous: Melbourne Anonymous Home
    Melbourne Anonymous Chat Room: IRC Chat
  2. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good luck Melbanonon, have a great protest!

    I hope some more ex-scns join you!

    An idea for protest signs:

    "What sort of a "church" commits fraud on its members?"
  3. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    lionheart: good idea! :D
    Any idea how to gain more ex-scientologists?
  4. Once bitten

    Once bitten Patron Meritorious

    Go Melbourne Anons. The protests DO work. Keep it up!
  5. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    Getting Exes to actually join in the protests has been difficult, ever since the first anon protest.

    I've spoken to many who "support" the protests but few who actually join in.

    I think the reasons for this are complex and varied.

    But there are several Melbournites (is that the word?) on ESMB. Perhaps you can re-vitalise their enthusiasm?

    Why do you think your numbers are growing?
  6. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    If I knew who some of these ESMB members where,, then I'd contact them and let them know about the protest.

    Alot of the reasons why the numbers are growing now is probably due to the fact that the central core of the melbourne anonymous protests are doing it for moral and ethical reasons, and actually believe in the cause, unlike the old anons from the early days.

    We've also done alot more advertising, and have been putting alot of effort into letting people know what we're doing.

    Not to mention there has been alot of talk of Scientology in the news lately.

    If only there was a way to get the exes to feel more enthusiastic, and know that we're here to help them, and we take this fight seriously.

    consider this a callout to all melbourne ex scientologists. :)
  7. Emma

    Emma Con te partirĂ² Administrator

    Looks like Melb Anon had a great day yesterday with out very own Scooter featuring in a big way.

    Go MelbAnons!!

  8. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

  9. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    So much fun - and I made sure I wore the narconon t-shirt and cap that President Narconon Int gave me last time I was up there.:D

    I't not up - I dunno if they got it on camera - but I opened my "speech" with:

    "Hello Melbourne Foundation staff and public, this is Paul Schofield speaking to you ..." and the windows were frantically closed all over the building.:hysterical:

    So much fun I'll have to go back for the next one.:yes:

    And the Melanons are just an awesome bunch of people.:thumbsup:
  10. Emma

    Emma Con te partirĂ² Administrator

    Let's go together to the next one :)
  11. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Only if you bring Tansy too.:D
  12. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    It was definitely a great protest!

    It'll be good to see you guys at the next raid, as was great to see the people who came to this one. :)

    Emma; would be good to see you there! I was hoping you'd be coming to one of these last few protests. :)

    haha, the people working at the org took a photo of me and paul at one point, was hillarious. I just jumped in and with a huge grin on my face to make the photo they take as whacky as possible :3

  13. nex

    nex New Member

    I'm glad you liked my version of the raid. I was worried that I'd made the postraid report too fun. :3

    It was a good raid. Though I was disappointed not to see you there, Emma. Come back to irc more :) We're pretty decent folk.

    Scooter, do you want me to SMS you reminders like I do for the MelbAnons, or will you keep updated via forums?
  14. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    I've bookmarked wwp for the Asia/Pacific so I keep track of bth Melanons and Sydney as well - thanks for the offer but no, I don't need the sms reminders.:thumbsup:

    Hope to see you there for the next one.:D
  15. gridlock

    gridlock Patron

    Scooter: also remember, we have our own forum at! :3
    You, and everyone else is welcome to join up :3
  16. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    "Do you reeeeaaly want a world ruled by Scientology?
    I thank you.. For NOT listening!"

    (Yelled by Paul 'Scooter' Schofield at​

    Priceless!! :roflmao::hysterical::lol:
  17. Div6

    Div6 Crusader


    I came.


  18. fnx3

    fnx3 Patron with Honors

    WAY TO GO MELBANON!!!:party::bighug::wow::rock::megaphone: :soapbox: :thewave: :winner:

    I supported you in spirit - just sorry I couldn't attend in person as I was not so well.
  19. nex

    nex New Member


    I can't wait for the next one.