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Memories are flooding back after finding message board

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by jane lance, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Manchester Org . . . .

    I am writing this now following reading that Ira above went in to handle it after the guy who founded the center and then was the first ED of the org, Keith Scott-Mumby got criminally axed by Ron Hopkins.

    It happens I spent the weekend with Keith last month at the "Beyond Medicine" conference he put on in Las Vegas. (he has a book published in that name . . . quite a read!).

    As I have noted in earlier other threads, Keith was very much one of my most successful FSMs when I ran Pub Divs out of London . . . '67-'68. And the London top brass: Ellen and Mark Jones and myself went to Manchester (early '68) to run the conference that began the Mission for Keith.

    I got axed in April '68, and lost contact with those guys.

    I caught up on the history of Keith and Manchester Org while with him in Las Vegas.

    Ron Hopkins was running rampage from FOLO St. Hill at some stage of the game and targeted Keith for some reason or other . . . and, as usual, it did not matter that the Comm Ev convened on Keith cleared him . . . . Hopkins as convening authority reversed the findings to kill off Keith. Hopkins, of course, is himself now out and killed off. . . . he is/was an arrogant little self important SOB . . . he had been on staff with me in London. His specialty was violation of decency and org policy to suit his predilections.

    Thus it was that Keith Mumby (I don't remember the hyphenated Scott-Mumby from '68, but hey, I was more interested in stats :melodramatic:) ended up saying "screw them" and took off to finish his MD degree at Manchester University . . . which is one of the prestigious universities in the UK, indeed, when I was in the UK, it ran the MBA course that topped them all.

    Keith, like we survivors out here as exies, is a bit of a rebel in the context of not sticking to the stupidities of "the establishment" or "Powers That Be" . . . he is one of those guys who can see what is and should be rather than moronically going along with things "to fit in." Hence he took the route of alternative healing and medical practices after obtaining his medical degree . . . with part of his extra and alternative healing studies being in India and SE Asia . . . His conference and book Medicine Beyond encapsulates what he has learned that bucks the system and has demonstrable, proven work-ability. And there is some eye-opening good stuff in it.

    So, Ron Hopkins, idiot though you are . . . you did good. :duh: You freed a good man to go and do the more right thing than sticking to the stupid cult! :yes: