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Michael Mauerer, Michael Maurer, Phoebe Mauerer, Jeffrey Scott, Moe Howard

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by AnonyMary, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I happened to be researching something and on my path I came across something that I think needs straightening out. On WWP someone posted recently that "Michael Mauerer " might be someone to add to the Big List of Scientologists speaking up. I wondered which Michael.

    There are 2 actually Michaels. I knew both of them.

    One is pronounced and spelled Michael Mau-er-er and the other, Michael Mau-rer.

    All over the internet I saw misspellings for both Michaels and even for the late Phoebe Mauerer, former SO member and RTC exec. There's even a affidavit with her name on it that shows a note that correction had to be made on the spelling of her last name.

    Looking for which one the WWP post was referring to, I ran across the following post from the Rick Filisky thread. Not surprisingly, the last name ( in my bold ) is spelled incorrectly. So, I want to clear up what is a very common issue of people misspelling and or confusing the two scientologists named Michael with the last names Mauerer and Maurer. One of them is the son of Phoebe Mauerer. The other is the brother of scientologist writer Jeffrey Scott. His name is spelled Michael Maurer.

    That is a common mistake.

    Often you will see Phoebe's name spelled as if she is the mother of the one who is not her child named Michael. I wanted to clear this up and kind of update people on what they are up to.

    Both Michaels are still connected to Scientology and scientologists.

    First, there is Michael Mauerer, son of Phoebe Mauerer, former RTC staff. This Michael is married to Carmen Mauerer. Both are or were owners of a Clearwater company called Teamwork Retail LLC and he's the former founder and owner of Retail Technologies International. Glad he found his niche in life.

    This Michael was often quiet. He didn't seem comfortable in his own skin when I knew him in early 80s. He's done some services over the years and is a patron but I don't see much since 2005 . Perhaps he is the one referred to on WWP, but his facebook friend list has quite a few scientologists on it. And Nate Jessup works with him.

    Carmen Gamboa Mauerer, his wife, shows last service was in 2007

    You can read about them here on his website:
    Here is Carmen's

    Here's a family photo of them from his website. I remember when he was thin, lol

    Here's Michael Mauerer on facebook

    Then, there there is Michael Maurer, brother of writer Jeffrey Scott, grandson of the late Moe Howard , of the Three Stooges. Their mother is Joan Howard Maurer.

    Michael is a writer, mostly animation features.

    This Michael hasn't done many Scientology services and I never really thought of him as much of a scientologist but when your brother is Jeffrey Scott, you can't get away from it I guess. I remember Michael Maurer from the late 70s early 80s, through a mutual friend. Shorter hair back then. Glasses I recall. Nice guy. Fun.
    Here is Michael Maurer in a recent photo

    You can read about him in this interview and also see an add for Jeffrey Scott here

    Here's his facebook
    And his linkedIn

    I wish both would leave. It was worth is to look up all this stuff because I'd wondered what happened to them both. Hope this clears up any confusions people has about who is who.
  2. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re the Maurerer's - I don't remember Michael. However I did meet Phoebe a couple of times when I was very young in East. Grinstead.

    She befriended my first step Mother. We went to tea, and I got introduced to green jelly with cucumber in it.

    Back then it was a real treat to have jelly, and kids loved it.All excited about having jelly and when it arrived it had cucumber in it. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and didn't want it.Funny thing to remember , I know, but she is the only person in my entire life I have known called Phoebe.
  3. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for clarifying this AnonyMary.

    Michael Mauerer's wife Carmen is from Mexico, she used to be one of my best friends, her father was the gobernor of Chiapas, she comes from a very prominent family and she is a very good person.

    Michael, her husband is a Class XII auditor.

    Michael Maurer's brother, Jeffrey Scott is the one who made and produced the film "The Married Couple" in 1988 which was used to promote Scientology Marriage Counselling. Jeffrey Scott's wife used to be my twin in the BC, she is also a very nice lady.