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My $cientology Adventure

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by A.K. Myers, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Clear has had many definitions, very many, and the state has been muddied and screwed up.

    However, people have gone on to do OT levels. They have often had wonderful gains.

    You habitually say this is delusional or whatever.. Thats eval and inval.

    Why not rephrase your comments after the advice that one can be right.

    Would be a change if nothing else.
  2. Veda

    Veda Sponsor


    Is this addressed to me? If you quote the prior post it would be better for clarity's sake.

    Anyway, Leon, thanks for the Scientology cult cliches, tightly packed in one paragraph. They're always fun.
  3. exscnmem

    exscnmem New Member

    Hi AK,

    Thanks so much for posting your story! It's really amazing to me to read stories like this that happened "before my time" & see that there's so many people still in. But heartening to know that many, like you, got out.
    I was in the same area as you, but about 20 years later.
    The Silbers got divorced - were Jerry & Jan Ratcheff around at the time? They divorced too & swapped spouses. Penny was an incredible (read: horribly effective) reg until she left staff. Marc was Mountain View mission holder, then a C/S for a while when it became an org.
    The Feshbachs are all still involved & still (or recently did) live in Atherton - how do they keep the $$ they make, instead of giving it to Scn?!
    God, I can't believe they've used Les Dane for so long. I HATED that book.
    Was Teri Grant also Teri Williams at some point? The name seems familiar.
    Kathy Weaver is currently a C/S at MV - I really like her. I saw her picture in a recent org mag.

    Sarge was a name known only in whispers at the org. He had "terribly, terribly" altered the tech & was operating "in our back yard", so he was never mentioned out loud, unless to curse him. It's amazing what we believe when we're in.

    Any more stories you want to tell, I'd love to hear them.

  4. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    A.K. Myers,

    When you were at Palo Alto (Sarge) did you meet any of these people?:

    Joanie & Rodney Michaelson,
    Frank Walker,
    Roger Coy & Loretta Padilla,
    Diana and David Grenier,
    Susan and Bill Strickland.

    Just curious. :)
  5. beyond_horizons

    beyond_horizons Patron Meritorious

    About that 'clear' thing ... I tried to contact that birth engram for years but all I ended up running was a paragraph or so of something I later realized I'd read in DMSMH. That still didn't clear my life long allergy condition. Neither did the $o-called "allergy rundown" inten$ive.

    But I agree that it is extremely important not to eval or inval someone's wonderful OT gains while on the hubbo path to total knowledge.

    ....snip> I was in my office on the 11th floor of our building when I
    heard the Concord [sic] (jet) going over above. I looked out the window and saw
    the plane flying low to the north. The weather was warm and mildly
    cloudy. About five minutes later, while still in my office, I became
    aware of a mass one quarter mile up in the sky. I looked out but could
    see nothing.

    After I sat down again, my awareness of the mass continued so I put a
    beam up towards it. A thunderous explosion followed and I received a
    tremendous return flow along the beam, which lifted my body at least six
    inches out of the chair. My secretary came running through to tell me
    some fool must be dynamiting in the centre of the city and near our
    building at that.

    Later that same evening in the Foundation Org, someone mentioned that
    they had heard a crash like thunder and the time but on looking out the window
    could not see any rain clouds. They work on the other side of town and were
    still puzzled by the bang.

    No doubt some kind of ridge had built up, and on my poking a beam into it,
    it had become unbalanced and dramatically dispersed.

    Woke up the city nicely and caused me to chuckle no end.

    John Protheroe, OT

    [from Advance! magazine, issue 17]
    <snip ...


  6. Lee_from_phx

    Lee_from_phx Patron with Honors

    What I find interesting about the supposed state of clear is that the cognition that is supposed to signify it, namely that "I mock up my own reactive mind," is painfully obvious.

    I didn't have much money when I became involved, and so what money I did have I spent on books. It should be painfully obvious to anyone who has ever studied Hubbard's writings on "mock-ups" that the reactive mind is just another mock-up. This was something I realized pretty early on, and I have no doubt that I'm far from the only one who did.

    The conclusion that I reached at that point was that the purpose of auditing was to help the person find the point at which they mocked up their reactive mind so that they could "as-is" it.

    Of course the real purpose of auditing is the same as every other aspect of Scientology, to separate fools from their money and enslave as many as possible. :duh: But hey, I was young and painfully naive back then.

    Maybe I still am today ;)
  7. A.K. Myers

    A.K. Myers Patron with Honors

    Howdy again!

    Thanks for the kind welcome.

    Speaking of whatever happened to John Woodruff, this was posted today on alt.religion.scientology today:

    were Jerry & Jan Ratcheff around at the time?
    Afraid I didn't know them.. heck I hardly knew Marc and Penny. They were rich, upper class and somewhat removed from us peons. Same for the Feshbachs. I was twinned with Kurt when I first did the com course, but after that he was whisked into the HGC while us poor folk trained and co-audited. The Feshbachs were from "old Atherton money" and expanded their wealth short selling in the nineties.

    Also, keep in mind that the Spicklers introduced lots of wealthy people to $cientology. That is why it was such a shock to visit the S.F. Org. Going from a beautiful mansion, with the HGC upstairs and a beautiful carpeted courseroom that had french windows looking out into manicured gardens, to a couple of floors (not even ajacent floors) in a grungy old dump of a building. As I recall, the auditing rooms were made out of particle board and even then when I was doing my first Dianetic internship, there was a shortage of paying prelears. Also, at the Palo Alto Mission, the staff dressed well and was friendly and helpful. The staff at the Org look like they had slept in their clothes (I know some did) and screamed at each other.

    Was Teri Grant also Teri Williams at some point?
    Not that I know of. She worked as a receptionist at Stevens Creek for a while and married a fellow named Eric Strayer. They had a son named Donovan who was about ten when Teri and I took up. I am sad to say, Donovan overdosed on drugs during the mid 90's. Teri still lives in the bay area.

    Kathy Weaver is currently a C/S at MV - Any word abt Eric Weaver? I know he was a programmer for a computer game company at the time, like Atari or something.

    When you were at Palo Alto (Sarge) did you meet any of these people?:

    Joanie & Rodney Michaelson,
    Frank Walker,
    Roger Coy & Loretta Padilla,
    Diana and David Grenier,
    Susan and Bill Strickland.

    I believe I met the Stricklands, though I didn't know them . Keep in mind how truly isolated HGC auditors were. We hid in our little offices all day, seeing only the PCs that the DofP assigned to us. The rest of the time was spent doing admin or doing cramming/training in Qual. The only time I knew anything of what was going on outside in the mission, was when I was auditing staff members, and I was insulated from taking much of that seriously by the O/W tech. (That sounds like natter to me. What did you do to pull that in?)

  8. exscnmem

    exscnmem New Member

    In the early 90's Eric & Kathy were still married. I think he was still in software, but he only came around at certain events, so I didn't know him well.
  9. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    A.K. Myers,

    Does the Palo Alto Mission still exist?

    (It was reported to me that the Stricklands moved to the east coast after that.)
  10. exscnmem

    exscnmem New Member

    I'm not sure about the Stricklands - the name sounds familiar, but I don't recall meeting them.
    For a while, there was no PA mission - the Los Gatos mission took in all the "rich" folks. Then Kathy (I think) Feshback restarted the PA mission - in the early 90's. Los Gatos became an org, but moved & lost some of those folks to other missions/orgs.

  11. Karl, it took me a while to figure out who you were. We ran in the same circles but at slightly different times. I know many of the names you mentioned as I was on staff at Palo Alto mission and Stevens Creek org. I ended up teaching at Delphi when it came into the bay area and if I didn't know someone from the mission or org, I knew them from Delphi. You and I worked together at PA mission "when the pay was guaranteed to be good". I worked down in Div as public reg back then. You probably knew Dan, my ex better than me. I have been out since 2006 and he got out just before then. My knews is several years old but if you want to know what happened to __________, give me a holler.
  12. A.K. Myers

    A.K. Myers Patron with Honors

    Sent ya a PM.

  13. MWH

    MWH Patron

    Karl, I never knew all that about you. You were so mysterious. We lived with you & Terri until we were all evicted and we moved in with Sarkis. Hope all is well.
  14. Moosejewels

    Moosejewels Patron Meritorious

    Thanks for the story. Yep. That's a big WHEW ! Hope all's going your way these days. I, too entered the Realm of Hubbard about the same time you did. And left many years later with all the baggage and pain.